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Cyndi: "Wanted Dead, But Not Live (for the most part)

At what point did it become acceptable to pass off live people-finding search services as 'genealogy' and 'family tree' resources? I'm thinking it is mostly an Internet phenomenon. I'm talking about web sites on which you look for living people through searches in databases with things like phone books, reverse phone directories, address directories, directories of names of living people, criminal background checks, court records, utility records, property records, etc. . . . "

NEW FamilySearch

Welcome to new FamilySearch: "From the very beginning of this Church, its members have been under religious obligation to identify their ancestors.
-President Gordon B. Hinckley"

You may use it if you are a church member or a volunteer
FamilySearch Indexing: Preserving Our Heritage: "Volunteers extract family history information from digital images of historical documents to create searchable indexes that assist everyone in finding their ancestors."

see also
newFamilyHistory - Family History Consultant: "I hope these links help you as much as they have helped me. Gary Turner"


newFamilyHistory - Whats New In Family History: "newFamilySearch Slide Show Demonstrating how names are displayed in newFamilySearch and how the new Combine function works (new Update Released Nov 8, 2007) which allows combining family members without Detailed side by side comparisons of all the details."

you must watch this slide show Picasa Web Albums - GarysTurn - nFS Combining

Heir Hunters

Heir Hunters: "The BBC chose Fraser & Fraser as its main focus in a 15-part documentary about Probate Research which was broadcast from 4th-22nd June 2007. The series followed the firm to show how time consuming research positively impacted people's lives.

15-part BBC documentary shadowing international probate
researchers Fraser & Fraser, offering an in-depth insight into various
methods used to identify and locate closest living relatives to people
who have died intestate.

It follows in-house researchers through the
desk, microfiche and registrar certificate searches required before
personal telephone calls and house visits can be made, in a race against
time before the assets are handed over to the British Treasury. Often
the personal stories involved bring back painful memories for the
families torn apart by history and fate, whilst bringing hope for long
lost relatives put in touch with kin they thought long gone."

Forensic Genalogy UK style but from USA:-

Colon Cancer Risk In US Traced To Common Ancestor: "A married couple who sailed from England to America around 1630 may be the ancestors of hundreds of people alive today who are at risk for a hereditary form of colon cancer.

Researchers from Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) at The University of Utah have discovered a founder mutation--a mutation that has been traced from many individuals in the present-day population back to a common ancestor--which may contribute to a significant percentage of colon cancer cases in the United States.

The researchers studied two large families, one in Utah and one in New York, that both carry a specific genetic mutation responsible for increased risk of colorectal cancer. They discovered that the two families share common ancestors--a couple who came to America from England in the 1630s, about the time of the Pilgrims.

"The fact that this mutation can be traced so far back in time suggests that it could be carried by many more families in the United States than is currently known," says Deborah Neklason, Ph.D., a University of Utah research assistant professor and leader of the study. "In fact, this founder mutation might be related to many colon cancer cases in the United States."

The mutation causes a condition called attenuated familial adenomatous polyposis (AFAP). Without proper clinical care, people with the AFAP mutation have a greater than 2 in 3 risk of colon cancer by age 80, compared to about 1 in 24 for the general population. Yet the cancer can be prevented with proper screening and care.

"Knowing one has the condition can be life-saving," Neklason says. "Not only are affected individuals at greater risk then the general population as they grow older, but precancerous polyps are often found in mutation carriers in their late teens and colon cancer has been diagnosed in individuals in their 20s."

University Health Care"

The Catholic Guide

Main Page - The Catholic Guide: "The Catholic Guide is a resource about the Roman Catholics faith. To see what has been written about a topic, do a search in the box located on the left hand side of the page. If the topic doesn't have a page yet, you will be provided with a link to start a page on the intended subject matter.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software."

CATHWIKI - Google Search

CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Home: "The Catholic Encyclopedia, as its name implies, proposes to give its readers full and authoritative information on the entire cycle of Catholic interests, action and doctrine. What the Church teaches and has taught; what she has done and is still doing for the highest welfare of mankind; her methods, past and present; her struggles, her triumphs, and the achievements of her members, not only for her own immediate benefit, but for the broadening and deepening of all true science, literature and art -- all come within the scope of the Catholic Encyclopedia."


Kingston Bagpuize..a Village Snapshot

Kingston Bagpuize..a Village Snapshot: "with Southmoor

Kingston Bagpuize in Oxfordshire, England is best known for the fruit it once grew, its hops, its pigs, the old A420 which once roared its way through our village, and the nick-name Kingston Bagpipes which seems to have arisen from the time of the 2nd World War when we had a base camp for and RAF and then USAF airmen." I love one-place studies

Family Old Photos

Big Springs Cornet Band OHIO | Family Old Photos: "Frnt. Row: Ed Brugler, Art Barber, Minton Bush, George Brugler
Mid. Row: Alfred Brugler, Harry Brugler, Will. Oglesbee, Marshall Brugler
Back Row: John Quick Brugler Bass Drummer, William Mayhaffy Snare Drum"

and over 19000 more old photos

Acadian Roots

Acadian Roots: "ACADIAN CENSUS RECORDS and marriages and old photographs . .

If you do not want sound please right click on the little square in the upper left corner and click stop or pause"


Monmouthshire Cemeteries
data includes:-

dates from and location of Burial Registers
and contact details for the administrators

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Dansk demokratisk database

Slægtsforskning på nettet:
"På Internettet findes utrolig mange steder, hvor vi som slægtsforskere kan finde forskellige former for oplysninger. Er det arkivlovgivningen så går vi ind i Statens arkiver under publikationer, eller vil vi se noget om navneforskning så er det under Institut for navneforskning på Københavns universitet vi skal klikke på. Værre er det, hvis vi vil søge efter vore egne aner eller en anetavle, så skal der gang i fantasien og en portion held skal der også til. Men det er nok værd at prøve sig lidt frem og se, hvad der er af muligheder.

Man kan komme langt med nogle enkelte adresser, og så derfra springe rundt imellem alle de forskellige interessante hjemmesider, ved at gå ind i de pågældende siders afdelinger for Links. Når man har fundet en hjemmeside, der indeholder oplysninger, som kan hjælpe os nu og senere, kan man gemme adressen på Pc'en under det, der hedder 'foretrukne'.

Slægtsforskerens 10 bud . . .

Gode råd er altid værd at samle på, men nettets muligheder skal bruges med omtanke, og du bør altid slå efter i de originale kilder, når du har fundet oplysninger på nettet. - I det efterfølgende en del Internet adresser som springbræt . . . ."

Dansk demokratisk Database is copyright Leif Bach-Petersen, 4262 Sandved

OK you meany Dansk Demografisk Database
(omfatter 4 forskellige databaser med demografisk/genealogisk indhold.)

and -
an educational exatblishment who are employing teachers or typists who don't know the difference between

Demography - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Demography is the statistical study of all populations. It can be a very general science that can be applied to any kind of dynamic population
demography - Google Search


Democracy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Democracy describes a small number of related forms of government and also a political philosophy.
democracy - Google Search

democracy: Definition and Much More from "Greek, ‘rule by the people’. Since the people are rarely unanimous, democracy as a descriptive term is synonymous with majority rule. In ancient Greece, and when the word was revived in the eighteenth century, most writers were opposed to what they called democracy."

I had quite a laugh when I saw the mistake in a notice from FOF on the public notice board at thw Rigsarkiv in Copenhagen

"dansk demokratisk database" - Google Search
there were 10 hits and this makes it eleven:-)

Dansk Demografisk Database: "Søg i databaser med historiske kilder"

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California Death Records

California Death Records: "9,366,786 records from 1940 thru 1997"

AnceStories: The Stories of My Ancestors: The California Death Index on RootsWeb: "A couple of things I noticed of which other researchers should also be aware. The first is that the Soundex feature doesn't apply to either the mother's maiden name or father's last name when running a search; only the surname of the deceased that you are searching for will have their name Soundexed. That may be true of the Metaphone feature as well (I haven't checked). So searching for children whose mother's maiden name is Midkiff, and using the Soundex feature will only bring up the exact Midkiff spelling under the category 'Mother's Maiden Name,' and not Medkiff, Medkeff, Metkeff and other strange varieties that I often see."

NB some errors in social security numbers or dates
so an index NOT an answer

Who Do You Think You Are?

Who Do You Think You Are? - TV Reviews - TV & Radio - Entertainment - "Only SBS would come up with a program devoted to the seemingly dry topic of genealogy and then contrive to pull it off. This series aims to chronicle the evolution of national identities through the personal family histories of prominent types and it is provocative television.

Tonight's episode features Gurinder Chadha, the writer and director of Bend It Like Beckham, exploring her family roots and revealing many skeletons in her closet."

Genealogist Held Prisoner

Arlene H Eakle » Blog Archive » American Genealogist Held Prisoner by NEW Technology: "I have a new internet server–more efficient than the last, a sharper image than the last, and evidently more complicated than the last to get hooked up. And stay hooked up. Every little breeze or snowflake interrupts me.

I have a new phone service–more efficient than the last, more reliable than the last, and less costly than the last. Also more complicated than the last. So bear with me while I learn what I need to know to make it work–consistently."

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Happy 2008


from my cousin Anthony Conroy in Melbourne Australia

his mother and mine were sisters
1 Alfred Thomas Lapham b: 15 OCT 1872 d: 30 JUL 1961
+ Florence Caroline Evans b: 13 JUN 1877 d: 1 FEB 1956

2 Norman Reginald Lapham b: 21 NOV 1898 d: JUL 1978

2 Howard Bartley Lapham b: 12 SEP 1900 d: 30 AUG 1972
+ Thërêse (Ter) Schrenk b: 22 FEB 1906 d: APR 1993
3 Heather Marion (Heidi) Lapham b: 15 DEC 1939 d: 5 APR 1990
+ Living Lyons
3 Living Lapham
+ Living Williams
4 Living Williams
4 Living Williams
+ Living Pearce
5 Living Pearce
5 Living Pearce
4 Living Williams

2 Alison Mary Lapham b: 16 MAY 1908 d: 22 DEC 1999
+ Alfred Henry (David) Watkins b: 17 AUG 1907 d: 24 SEP 1942
3 Living Watkins
+ Judith Gwladys Thomas b: 24 FEB 1938 d: JAN 1997
+ Living Riley
4 Living Watkins
+ Living Kristoffersen
4 Living Kristoffersen
+ Living Lauridsen
5 Living Kristoffersen
5 Living Kristoffersen
4 Living Kristoffersen

2 Alfred George (Dick) Lapham b: 19 OCT 1912 d: 1 JUL 1945

2 Sheila Lapham b: 2 APR 1915 d: 5 DEC 1973
+ Albert Edward Conroy b: 1 FEB 1889 d: 1966
3 Living Conroy

our shared pedigree on RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: WATKINS LAPHAM updated 2007

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Wholly Genes

New features in TMG v7: "The newest version of The Master Genealogist includes more than 50 new features, most of which were suggested by users. TMG v7 now includes even more tools to help you manage your research project, search and navigate the program, and produce professional reports."ª


Glosgen: "*
* Articles
* Parish Records
* War Memorials
* Families
* External Links
o Gloucestershire
o Glos. Neighbours
o Glos. Families
o General Genealogy

Text only Index

If you are interested in Gloucestershire, or Family History, or both, then this site is for you.

Select from the menu and browse the site or use the search facility.

Parish records, the FLIGHT database and much more are all available to you"

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Bristol Marriage Cross Reference

Bristol Marriage Cross Reference: "Above are links to registration district cross references for some of the districts in and around Bristol. (web based html format)

The pages were last updated 29 December 2007 10:25

Th registration district cross references for some of the districts in and around Bristol.
(CSV downloadable format)"

this is an application of patterns in GRO indexing seen in FreeBMD and enables users togo directly to film of parish registers

spinsters and widows

The official website of New Forest Tourism

The Crown Hotel Lyndhurst, a New Forest Hotel

you well ask what on earth has this to do with genealogy ?

so read on:-

the only way an intelligent woman could have a career was by remaining
a spinster or being a long term widow

I have a couple of spinster Watkins sisters (after the elder was a
governess) opening their own school in Bridge Street Usk

Kelly's 1901 USK MON

Watkins Eleanor & Isabell, (Misses), ladies' high school, Bridge street

Jones Edward, grocer, draper & wine & spirit merchant, & agent for the
Phoenix & Railway Passengers' Insurance Companies, Bridge street; & at
his son Vincent Edward Jones now has it in 1901

the shop was run by his widowed sister as agrocer and draper
until she bought and ran the Crown Hhotel in Lyndhurst, New Forest Hampshire
in 1901
Name: Mary Jones nee Jones
widow of James Jones 1837 Llanarth to between 1871 and 1881
Age: 62
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1839
Relation: Head
Gender: Female
Where born: Raglan, Monmouthshire, Wales

The Crown Hotel
High Street, Lyndhurst, Hampshire, SO43 7NF
Our beautiful listed facade is unchanged since 1897.
with a brickmaker and builder - chemist and grocer John Jones - father
in Raglan I suspect she did the place up

another ended up an unmarried Post Mistress in Monmouthshire
her will showed she loved her cousins, Bliss Jones from Raglan , and
nephews and neices as her children (including £20 to me in about 1942
- which I never saw :-)
My father Alfred Henry Watkins of National Provincial bank Horsefair Birmingham then Solihull
was the executor of her will

In Bristol a letter kept by my maternal uncle Howard Bartley Lapham in
the possesion of my cousin Sue from his grandfather has finally
positively identified the Court Dressmaker in the family Ann Phipps Ball
born circa 5 Pitchcombe Glos near Stroud

but only 4 miles to walk to Gloucester where her brother Wiliam Thomas Stevens Ball born c 1831 started as an engine cleaner with the Vale of
Neath railway,
which was bought by the GWR and ended in Swindon driving the royal train
He died there Sept quarter 1901

in 1871 she is in Kensington working as a dressmaker
in 1881 she is listed as Ann Phipps Bale living at North Side 62
Lancaster Road as in her nephew Thomas Lapham's letter who
remembered visiitng her as a child
in 1891 in 2 Egerton Road Horfield lodger and needle woman not too far
from her sister Fanny Bartley Ball who married my g grandfather Alfred Lapham

(He married s Maud ?? when he was widowed after Oct 1920
palce and date ???
and I don't know the date of his death or where he was buried - yet)

His mother was the Waistcoat maker who lived long as a widow after her
Cutler Thomas Lapham * 1798 Bath, died young Jun quarter 1846 in

which is why my Alfred LAPHAM and Alfred Thomas Lapham were in the rag trade
1851 1861 in Narrow Wine Street Bristol
1871 with two daughters all Vest Maker
1881 the three 2 Wilson Street Seamstress
1891 maintained by her two tailoress daughters at 5 Heron Road
who until a couple of months ago I thought was the court dressmaker
my LAPHAM grandfather told me about
when I asked him in about 1950 when I was a school boy boarding at Clifton College
"Any famous people in the family?"

the others were the engine driver "Gentleman" Ball

and "Pilot" Philip Evans who was a mariner like his father from
Swansea, but no record of his qualification as a pilot has been found -
the mariners list suggests he wasa a "Dock Pilot" moving vessels
around tthe Bristol docks and floating harbour near the pub he kept later.

In the LAPHAM one-name study a contribution from Josephine off list
sorted the career of Patience Lapham born c1823 in Bitton to a talented family
she worked as a servant and house keeper finally becoming a farmers
wife in 1865 by marrying widowed Jospeh Pruett 1816 - 1902
she died dec querter 1896

a "farmers wife" was a job:-
catering for the crew of "Ag Labs" cowmen ploughmen shepherds hedgers
and ditchers
engine drivers
running the dairy making and selling cheese and cream
manging poultry and eggs selling those at the weekly markets
the kitchen garden
managing, recruiting and training the female "Farm Servants"
training and putiing the children to work

see the discussion on:-
RootsWeb: BRISTOL_AND_DISTRICT-L [B&D] spinsters and bachelors
Browse the BRISTOL_AND_DISTRICT archives
to subscribe
RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists: England : BRISTOL_AND_DISTRICT