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Genealogy blog hqs very good links by
Valorie Zimmerman
Location: Black Diamond, Washington, United States

on-line encyclopedia i danish

Den Store Danske - Gyldendals åbne encyklopædi: "I februar 2009 slår Gyldendal portene op for Danmarks største online-leksikon, Den Store Danske – Gyldendals åbne encyklopædi. Og vi inviterer dig til at være med – for ud over at læse i de mere end 160.000 artikler kan du skrive nye artikler, redigere i eksisterende, uploade billeder og film, kommentere artikler og meget, meget mere. Læs mere om Den Store Danske her."

Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade: "took 10 million Africans for transport to the Americas between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries.

The database offers researchers, students and the general public a chance to rediscover the reality of one of the largest forced movements of peoples in world history.0

This new, free to access, database has been launched dealing with the slave trade from Africa to the New World. Called "Voyages, The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database," it provides a great deal of information not just about the poor souls caught up in this madness, but also some details about the people responsible, including the name of ship's captain and it's origin. This may be of some interest to Bristol people."
source Don Cameron on Bristol_and_District Rootsweb list

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Footnote - The place for original historical documents online

Footnote has images of over 47 million original historical documents and photos. With an Annual All-Access Membership, you can view, download, and print millions of premium content documents and images including,

  • Revolutionary War Pension Applications
  • Civil War Widows' Pension Files NEW
  • 1860 US Federal Census
  • WWI and WWII photos and documents
  • Union Civil War Soldier Service Records NEW
  • Naturalization Records
  • Texas Birth and Death Records
  • and much more!
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A Persevering Vagrant

from my email:-

Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick from the 9 December 1823 edition of
The Strabane Morning
Post newspaper, by permission of The British Library:

A Persevering Vagrant.

English Police.--In 1823, Mary Crawley, a native of Ireland, and her five children, became chargeable to the parish of Poplar, but having no legal settlement there, it was resolved to pass them over to their native place. They were accordidgly [sic] sent off, but at Coinbrook[,] Mother Mary escaped from the vagrant's cart, and leaving all her children to the kind attentions of the conductor, suddenly disappeared.

On their arrival at Bristol, the Mayor refused to pass them further without the mother, and they were all sent back to the work-house at Poplar.

In May of the present year Mary also found her way back to Poplar; but satisfied by her inquiries that her children were in good keeping, took no pains to see them. Still Poplar was her favourite residence, till she was discovered and taken up by the parish officers, who, determined once for all to get rid of Mary and her five cherubs, sent them off in the mail coach to Bristol, whence they were regularly shipped for Cork.

By what storm they were all blown back on the English coast, or how they reached, is not known; but, to the great surprise of every one, in the following month of July, the four Misses and the little Master Crawley were found safely deposited on the steps of Poplar workhouse. Mary herself was not seen till Tuesday week, when the officers discovered her in the neighbourhood of her old haunts, and took her up.

On Friday she was committed to prison, at the request of the parish officers, who mean to prosecute her. The young travellers, the eldest of whom is only 12 years old, and the youngest 16 months, are good-looking children, and seem to have thriven on parish fare.



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Inside the Box


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Danmark Ancestry Library Edition

Bibliotekernes licensguide - Ancestry Library Edition:
"Genealogisk database målrettet biblioteksbrugere med ca. 4 milliarder navne i mere end 4000 samlinger/databaser. Omfatter oplysninger fra amerikanske folketællinger, militære kilder, retslige dokumenter, kirkebøger, immigrationslister, passagerlister m.m. samt lignende kilder fra England og enkelte andre europæiske lande."

Bornholm, Frederiksberg, Gentofte, Herning, Randers, Århus

også mig derhjemme

County Antrim Ireland

Co. Antrim Main Website

from my email Discussions - soc.genealogy.ireland | Google Groups :-

Hi Don,

Please point out, where I am intending to - SCAM or DEFRAUD - anybody with my Forum. The Forum is a newbie friendly free site as is everything is that you will find connected to or as I refer to it as Irish Genealogy on the Net.

I run a free Co. Antrim Mailing List, a free Forum, I run 4 sub-domains connected with and it is all free. I do have a link on my main site that requests donations but since I started this site in 2002 I have never received a penny or Euro cent via that link.

You will find the complete 1851 Irish Census Remnants for Co. Antrim on the Forum.

-Contains the remnants of the 1851 Census of Ireland for Co. Antrim as they appear on the microfilm at the FHC of the LDS

-an index made by myself for the remnants of the 1851 Census of Ireland for Co. Antrim .

You will find the 1796 Irish Flax Growers List on the Forum.
-All the Irish Flax Growers records that I could find are posted here.

Griffiths Valuation 1861-62 of Co.Antrim-indexed by SURNAME( made by myself)
Griffiths Valuation 1861-62 of Co.Antrim--by Parish( made by myself)
Link to the rest of Griffiths Valuation 1861-62

Information on Parishes and Townlands of N. Ireland

Pigot Directory 1824( scanned and OCR'ed by myself and help from the Co. Antrim Mailing List)
Slater's directory of Ireland 1846( scanned and OCR'ed by myself and help from the Co. Antrim Mailing List)
Ballymena Directory 1891( scanned and OCR'ed by myself and help from the Co. Antrim Mailing List)

‘ALL IRELAND SOURCES’ NEWSLETTER(from Vol 1-1998 up to Vol 9 -2007(work in progress)
A Monthly Newsletter: Editor: Terry Eakin, E-mail address:
Converted by myself to plain text and posted with the Editors permission.

The site was longer offline than I had planned so I posted here on -soc.genealogy.ireland- to let guest users know that it was open again. The 1000 plus Register Users had already been informed.

You will find countless links to many other source of information posted by some of 1000 plus users and myself and much more.

Hope you will check your facts before trying to damage anybodies good name in the future..

Liam G. McFaul
Owner of
(I assume you know what to remove from the email address)

FamilySearch Pilot

FamilySearch Record Search
4 December 2008

The following records were added to the FamilySearch Record Search pilot. They can be searched for free at

1870 US Census - Four new indexed states added (GA, KS, NC, and TX)
Illinois Cook County Marriages - Currently includes years from 1900 to 1920.
Ohio, Diocese of Toledo, Catholic Parish Records 1796 to 2004 - Searchable digital images only.
Ohio Tax Records 1816 to 1838 - Includes records from Columbiana, Guernsey, Harrison, and Jefferson Counties

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UK Medical Registers

UK Medical Registers, 1859-1959 - "This database contains annually published books listing all of the names of doctors who were licensed to practise in the United Kingdom and abroad from 1859-1959. Also included are foreign doctors who qualified in Britain. Although these books were published annually, registers have only been digitised on 4 year intervals."