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on Monday 11 May 2009, I visited the Faroese National Archives

Færøernes nationalarkiv opbevarer arkivalier fra fortrinsvis offentlige myndigheder som f.eks. lagtinget og rigsombudet, men har også arkivalier fra private. Teksten er på færøsk.

Debesartrøð FO-100 Tórshavn tel. +298 316677 fax +298 318677.


They have moved out of the old stone building into the cellar of a newer house

Starvsfólk - STAFF

Sámal Tróndur Finnsson Johansen - Landsskjalavørður

Lena Nolsøe - Savnvørður

John Kjær - Skjalavørður

Sunnrið Olsen - Savnshjálpari

Jóhan Herlon í Kálvalíð Jacobsen - Savnshjálpari

Hjørdis Trónd - Savnshjálpari

Sólbjørg Pedersen - Journalførari & skrivari

Gudny Rasmussen, KT-vørður


History: " er ein heimasíða við keldum, hagtølum og greinum um søgulig, føroysk viðurskifti"

Upprunakeldur has images of parish registers
these are danish style church books until 1948

Thorn - Missing Letter of the Alphabet

BBC - h2g2 - Thorn - Missing Letter of the Alphabet:
"The Font of Wisdom

The thorn was particularly popular as a sign for 'th' in Medieval English, but with the advent of printing came a problem. There was no thorn sign in the printing fonts, as they were usually cast outside of England. So, since the sign for thorn slightly resembled the lower-case 'y', that's what was substituted.

The thorn continued to be used, but printing caused its eventual demise from the English alphabet. As mentioned earlier, lingering proof of its existence hangs on in the outmoded 'Ye'.

Our Thorny Past

Is the perseverance of this 'Ye' a thorn in the flesh? Of course, it is a marvellous relic of a runic alphabet no longer used, and reiterates the richness of the English language by reminding us of its fascinating history and various sources. But as the thorn 's legacy, the contrived and archaic 'Ye' should come with a little reminder that it's pronounced as 'The'."

Denney/Denny Genealogy DNA Project

Denney/Denny Genealogy


On August 13, 2008, William Lynne "BILL" Denney died at age 63 in Champaign, IL after a long and courageous battle with pancreatic & liver cancer.

Bill's dreams & asperations were cut short with such an early death. He was very positive that one day he would take our line back to the early Denneys in England using the DNA program that he & I initiated & he wanted to write a book on his findings about the Denney families.

At the present time, the project is going to continue with Barbara Denny George as adimistrator of same.

Bill has left his mark on the Denney - Denny genealogy family, his name and discoveries are documented in many places and will be preserved for many generations

Denny Surname DNA Project: "Bill Denney is now deceased; we are going to continue his work with some new blood injected into the project. Barbara Denny George, the administrator of the Rootsweb Denney Surname Forum & Steven Denney have agreed to be co-administrators of the project. Richard Denney will continue to be responsible for the web pages content, Barbara will monitor and administrate the basic everyday operation of the project and Steven Denney will work with recruiting new members into the project and assist them through the process, and analyze test results."

New South Wales, Australia

Rylstone and District Historical Society Home Page: "the website for the Rylstone and District Historical Society.
The Society aims to encourage an interest in local history.
To achieve this the Society has established a museum and a permanent archive where documentary and material heritage relating to the local area are preserved and stored.

The Society's interests cover a wide area which includes: Bylong, Capertee, Charbon, Clandulla, Cudgegong, Dunn's Swamp, Glen Alice, Ilford, Kandos, Lue, Mount Vincent, Nullo Mountain, Olinda, Running Stream, and Rylstone."

Friday, July 10, 2009

Genealogy Wise

Genealogy Wise - The Genealogy & Family History Social Network

from AOL chatroom
Dae Tipper: Here's a HOT Tip: (Keyword to: new genealogy networking site that is spreading like butter on toast!

Predicting Social Security Numbers from Public Data in USA

SSN Study - FAQ: "We studied the assignment scheme of Social Security numbers (SSNs) and discovered that individual SSNs can be predicted entirely from public data. Specifically, we found that it is possible to combine information from government sources with simple demographic data (such as an individual's state and date of birth, widely available from commercial databases, voter registration lists, or online social networks) to predict narrow ranges of values wherein individual SSNs are likely to fall."

Alessandro Acquisti (Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University)

Ralph Gross (Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University)

Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, July 7, 2009

To be presented at BlackHat Las Vegas, July 29, 2009

Thursday, July 09, 2009


prosopography: Definition from

"As prosopographer Katherine Keats-Rohan puts it:

'Prosopography is about what the analysis of the sum of data about many individuals can tell us about the different types of connection between them, and hence about how they operated within and upon the institutions - social, political, legal, economic, intellectual - of their time.’. (Katharine Keats-Rohan, History and Computing 12.1, p. 2)

In this sense prosopography is clearly related to, but distinct from, both biography and genealogy.
Whilst biography and prosopography overlap, and prosopography is interested in the details of individuals' lives, a prosopography is more than the plural of biography.
A prosopography is not just any collection of biographies - the lives must have enough in common for relationships and connections to be uncovered.

Genealogy, as practiced by family historians, has as its goal the reconstruction of familial relationships, and as such, well-conducted genealogical research may form the basis of a prosopography, but the goals of prosopographical research are generally wider."

a new word for me which turned up in GENEALOGISTS' MAGAZINE volume 29 Number 10

Society of Genealogists - Genealogists Magazine

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A vision of Britain has a new url

A vision of Britain through time | Including maps, statistical trends and historical descriptions.

Place: Redmarley Dabitot Worcestershire

Historical description

In 1870-72, John Marius Wilson's Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales described Redmarley Dabitot like this:

REDMARLEY-D'ABITOT, a village, a parish, and a sub-district, in Newent district; the village and the parish in Worcestershire,
but most of the sub-district in Gloucestershire.

The village stands 1 mile N of the river Leadon, at the boundary with Gloucestershire, and 5¾ S W by S of Ledbury r. station; and has a post-office, of the name of Redmarley, under Gloucester. The parish comprises 3, 778 acres. Real property, £6, 442. 1851, 1, 192; in 1861, 1, 265. Houses, 268. The property is divided amo...

Irish Catholic registers

Society of Genealogists - Latest News: "Irish Catholic registers at the Society of Genealogists

On 16 June 2009, after two years of negotiation, the National Library of Ireland has granted permission for the Society of Genealogists to buy film copies of Catholic parish registers.

A full list of registers, arranged by Diocese, including NLI film reel numbers, is available from the National Library’s website. The cost is 100 Euros per reel.

Members of the SoG are invited to sponsor the purchase of registers which they would like to see in the Library. We are unable to loan the films to sponsors for use at home due to copyright restrictions and they are only to be used for private research. Nevertheless, we believe that this is extremely welcome news for all those of us with Irish Catholic ancestry.

Irish Parish Registers: "The main source for genealogical research in the National Library of Ireland is Roman Catholic Parish Registers. The Library holds microfilm copies of the registers of most Roman Catholic parishes in Ireland for the years up to 1880 and in some cases to 1900.

For further information on these registers, please read our Family History information leaflet entitled Parish Registers in the National Library of Ireland which can be downloaded there . . . ."

Members who are interested should contact the Librarian, Sue Gibbons."



"New publication by the National Federation of Cemetery Friends A revised and enlarged edition of Saving Cemeteries is now available. This book is designed to help:

• If you have a cemetery in your area that is under threat or may become so but are not sure what to do
• If you want to set up a cemetery friends group and need a list of procedures
• If your group is looking to develop with activities and fundraising

The book contains guidance on all the aspects of setting up a Friends Group (indeed, it would be of value to non-cemetery related groups too) as well as case studies, and is generously illustrated.

Saving Cemeteries – a Handbook for Cemetery Friends. 112 pp.
ISBN 978-0-9529780-1-5
Price: £5.00 + £1 p&p (£3.00 + £1 p&p to members)"

Strumpets home

Strumpets home: "Notorious Strumpets and Dangerous Girls is the story of each of the 1600 convict women sent to Van Diemen’s Land (now known as Tasmania) in the first three decades of European settlement. The title comes from the description given to convict Julia Mullins by Surgeon Matthew Burnside. At the end of the voyage from England to Hobart, a clearly exasperated Burnside wrote:"

North Irish Horse military history

North Irish Horse: "This site explores the experiences of troops of the North Irish Horse during the First World War. It covers the five Squadrons sent to France from 1914 to 1916, as well as the 6th Inniskilling Dragoons (Service Squadron), which became part of the 2nd Regiment North Irish Horse in 1916, the V Corps Cyclist Regiment formed when the 1st Regiment was dismounted in early 1918, and the 9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion, Royal Irish Fusiliers, formed when the 2nd Regiment was dismounted and merged with the 9th Battalion in September 1917.

The site draws on official records, contemporary references and later recollections, together with as many images as I have been able to gather"

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bye bye TGN

Genealogy, Family Trees and Family History Records online - "Part of the Generations Network© 2009, The Generations Network, Inc."

and another re-branding


PROVO, UTAH - July 6, 2009 - The Generations Network, the world's leading online family history resource, today announced that it is changing its name to effective immediately.

"Our company has a long and fascinating history, and we've been through several name changes over the years. But we started with, and it now feels completely natural to let our company once again share the brand with our flagship product," said Tim Sullivan, CEO,

"We're proud that has developed as the defining online brand associated with family history. Alongside, we will continue to support our other brands, including Family Tree Maker,, MyCanvas, Rootsweb,, and of course, our international Ancestry sites

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Book cheap flight tickets on scheduled international flights! - Scandinavian Airlines: "Scandinavian Airlines, the biggest airline company in Scandinavia"

just checked into SAS from home
arriving 2200 Copenhagen today

so may be off line a couple of days

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Languages of Denmark

Ethnologue report for Denmark: "Kingdom of Denmark, Kongeriget Danmark. 5,413,392. Population includes 43,000 on Faroe Islands (1998 UN). National or official languages: Danish, Standard German (regional).
Also see Greenland. Greenland and Faroe Islands both have home rule. Literacy rate: 99%.

Also includes English (10,000), Iu Mien (200), Kirmanjki, Northern Kurdish (8,000), Turkish (30,000), Western Farsi (9,000), Romani (3,000), from the former Yugoslavia (10,000), from India or Pakistan (4,000). Information mainly from M. Stephens 1976; B. Comrie 1987; I. Hancock 1991. Blind population: 9,350. Deaf population: 3,500 to 314,548 (1998). Deaf institutions: 20. The number of languages listed for Denmark is 8. Of those, all are living languages."

New FamilySearch Implementation

Genealogy's Star: Where are with New FamilySearch Implementation?: "the following Temple Districts are now completely on the program:

* Twin Falls Idaho
* Monticello Utah
* Rexburg Idaho
* Manti Utah
* Vernal Utah
* Logan Utah"

. . . . and the official Church Website has the following list of Stakes whose consultants can begin using the program:
  • St. George Utah
  • Mount Timpanogos Utah
  • Bountiful Utah
  • Salt Lake Utah
  • Ogden Utah
  • Draper Utah
  • Idaho Falls Idaho
  • Jordan River Utah
  • Provo Utah
Well, if you think about it for a moment and compare this list with list of the Temples, you can see that this is just about it. The only Temple missing from the list is the Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple which is, of course, not open yet.

Tour de France

Tour de France | Live - Yahoo! Eurosport UK: "Hello and welcome to stage two of the 2009 Tour de France, an undulating 187 kilometre ride through Provence from Monaco to Brignoles."

Remembering his duty

Remembering his duty: "The whole war was a waste of time,' he said. 'We lost 20 million people in World War II, and what did it solve? Nothing. Everybody's still fighting one another. They're so greedy, so self-centered. That's the problem with mankind - they need to listen to the Lord.'"