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Raglan Village

Raglan Village: "Notes and reflections on Raglan Village, Monmouthshire, Wales, UK"

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Raglan Village Monmouthshire, Wales, UK

Raglan Village Monmouthshire, Wales, UK

Raglan Village
(1254) exists in the shadow of Raglan Castle. The link between the Castle and Village was broken after the castle was destroyed in 1646. Subsequently, the Duke of Beaufort, owner of the ruins of Raglan Castle and the lands surrounding Raglan continued to be an important influence in Village life until 1920 when his lands were sold. During the Napoleonic Wars, travelers began to take an interest in the beauty of Wales and were drawn to Raglan Castle.


Today the Village has a lively and friendly reputation with three Church's, three pubs, two butchers, a primary school and health centre along with other assorted shops.... and, of course, the Castle
Established in 1955, the Raglan and Local District History Group entertains and informs local villagers of the history around us. . . . . .

For information please contact Cheryl Morgan, Raglan Local History Group: raglan_history@NO SPAM (remove NO SPAM before using email address)

RLGH - news article for Usk and Raglan News, November 2009

We enjoyed an excellent group of outings over the summer and were grateful for the hospitality we received from our hosts.

Raglan and District Local History group continued its tradition of summer outings to local houses, churches and other places of historical interest. The summer of 2009 was no exception. The outings were well attended and provided an opportunity to actually touch, feel and experience history around us.

As Autumn draws near we are now planning our winter series of lectures. We invite all members (and potential members) to attend our Annual General Meeting to be held on 29 October 2009 at 7pm in Raglan Primary School on Chepstow Road in Raglan. As usual the AGM will be followed by a lecture (details to be announced on our website). The Raglan and District Local History Group meets at 7:30pm on the 4th Thursday of every month and has a Winter programme of lectures, a spring Tea and a Summer programme of visits to places of historical interest.

Annual Lecture subscription is £7 per person.

New members are always welcome! Raglan Local History Group Website:

For information email:

Ireland Genealogy Archives

Ireland Genealogy Archives
from usenet mail:-

Here are some of the files added to the IGP Archives in September. There were numerous files about one person like obits and RIC records. I have left them out and have mainly listed files with more than one person named. There are several photos of churches. I mention them because we felt people would like to add a photo of their ancestor's church to their Genealogy Binders etc. One of my Irish volunteers told me she is keeping the camera in the car for when she sees a church.
To make a submission:

General Ireland Genealogy Archives Assorted Newspaper Tidbits - 1771
Cavan Census Substitutes Cavan Landowners 1870's A-Z

Donegal Genealogy Archives - Military & Constabulary RIC Enlistments, Native Cty Donegal, Sep 1852 - May 1853

Dublin Genealogy Archives - Headstones Rathmichael (Church of Ireland) Rathmichael Old Graveyard Whitechurch pt 2 Mount Jerome pg 7 Memorial for Capt. Noel LEMASS
Dublin Genealogy Archives - Photos Rathmichael Parish Church (Church Of Ireland), Co. Dublin. Tullow Church (CoI) Carrickmines, Dublin

Fermanagh Genealogy Archives - Church Assorted files added
Fermanagh Genealogy Archives - Headstones Clogh Parish Headstones, border of Fermanagh & Monaghan Turbid Church

Kildare Genealogy Archives Church At Kilcock (CoI) St. Mary's, Leixlip (CoI)

Mayo Genealogy Archives List of Landowners 1870's A-Z
Monaghan Genealogy Archives - Headstones. Clogh Parish Headstones, border of Fermanagh & Monaghan

Leitrim Genealogy Archives - Census Substitutes Leitrim Landowners 1870's A-Z

Derry Londonderry, Military & Constabulary Royal Irish Constabulary with native county of Londonderry Sep 1852-May 1853

Roscommon Genealogy Archives - Census Substitutes 1870's Landowners A-C
Roscommon Genealogy Archives - Military & Constabulary Royal Irish Constabulary with native county of Roscommon Sep 1852-May 1853

Tipperary Genealogy Archives - Census Substitutes List of Landowners 1870's A-Z
Tyrone Genealogy Archives - Census Substitutes Tyrone Landowners 1870's A-Z

Wexford Genealogy Archives Murdered Protestants from Ferns Parish - Rebellion of 1798
Wicklow Headstone Index Burgage Cemetery, Blessington Wicklow Parish Church, Wicklow - additions Redford Catholic Cemetery, Greystones, Part 6 Newcastle Parish Church Cemetery, Pt 2, (CoI) - additions
Wicklow Genealogy Archives - Photos Holy Rosary (R.C) Church, Greystones, Co.Wicklow

Wicklow Genealogy Archives - Church Baptisms from Parish Registers - Rathdrum (CoI) BOWEN, MILLS, REYNOLDS, WILLIAMS

Wicklow Genealogy Archives - Census Substitutes List of Landowners 1870's A-Z

Utah Valley PAF Users Group

Utah Valley PAF Users Group - Press Releases: [UVPAFUG] Press Release for meeting on 10 Oct 2009: "UTAH VALLEY PAF USERS GROUP MEETING

The next regular, second-Saturday-of-the-month meeting of the Utah Valley PAF (Personal Ancestral File) Users Group will be on Saturday, 10 Oct 2009, from 9 am until noon in the Edgewood/Riverside LDS Chapel, 3511 North 180 East, Provo, Utah. The chapel is in the Provo 'River Bottoms' behind the Jamestown shopping plaza on the east side of University Avenue. You get to it by turning east from University Avenue at 3700 North ('Will's Pit Stop') and then south on 180 East. There is a map showing the location on the group's website .

The main presentation for this meeting will be THE GENEALOGY GAME SHOW by Robert Raymond. Think you can read a census record? Properly interpret old documents? Do online records have special pitfalls? Come and quiz yourself. This presentation provides a fun way for beginners to learn, experienced genealogists to review, and advanced genealogists to challenge their knowledge of interpreting records and genealogical skills. Robert Raymond is a genealogical technologist. He's a 40 year veteran of genealogy and a 30+ year veteran of computers. Robert works for FamilySearch International and previously worked for The Generations Network ( He holds over a dozen patents and received a Masters Degree in Electrical (Computer) Engineering from BYU where he was a Kimball Scholar. Robert is a popular presenter and a shadow writer for one of the most popular genealogical blogs on the web.

Following the main presentation there will be several classes taught concerning technology and family history. As usual, there will be something for everyone at all levels of expertise . . . . "

UpFront with NGS

UpFront with NGS:

"27 September 2009
NGS Launched UpFront Blog 1 September

by Jan Alpert, NGS President

In case you missed UpFront last month, the National Genealogical Society announced the launch of UpFront in blog format. “Blog” is short for “web log,” an Internet communications tool that has been growing rapidly in recent years. This format will extend all the conveniences of a blog to UpFront readers. You can find it online at

Here are some of the major advantages of a blog:" . . .

bad design - you have to click on "Read More" below each article to read it -

"October 2009 is the last issue of UpFront in this e-newsletter format" - too bad, I am not that interested in NGS

Thursday, October 01, 2009 ‘Find Us’ advert - Advertising Showcase | UTalkMarketing ‘Find Us’ advert - Advertising Showcase | UTalkMarketing: ", ranked the UK’s Number One Lifestyle-Family website by Hitwise, has launched its first television advertising campaign..

Earlier this year, Ancestry selected Hurrell, Moseley, Dawson & Grimmer (HMDG) to overhaul the brands online and offline campaigns, including all TV advertising."

Spanish Genealogy Glossary

Family Tree Magazine - Spanish Genealogy Glossary: "9/28/2009
To better research your Spanish-speaking ancestors, learn these common terms en Español.

Español glossary genealogy - Google Search - Portal:Spain - FamilySearch Wiki

ARMY LIST at Birmingham Central Library

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Bristol, England

Bristol Cathedral, Bristol, England, information and photographs: "The origins of Bristol Cathedral lie in the abbey founded in 1140 by Robert FitzHarding, a wealthy merchant, Provost of Bristol and Lord of Berkeley. FitzHarding brought Augustinian monks, known as Black Canons, to serve God and the community at this spot across the river from the walled city. Their abbey church was dedicated to St Augustine the Great.

The Chapter House is Norman with fine arcading and dog-tooth mouldings, typical of the period. The Choir is mediaeval and features many interesting carvings on the wooden misericords, including the Romance of Reynard Fox.

In 1540, at the time of the Reformation, the Abbot was forced to surrender the abbey to the King. Bristol had been part of the diocese of Worcester up until this time, but two years later was made a city. So the abbey church became the Cathedral of the new see of Bristol, with the dedication changed to The Holy and Undivided Trinity."

and Edna from Canada recommends this site :-)

Chinese Surnames

Chinese Surnames
Note: Due to the imminent closing of on October 26, 2009, this GeoCities site will no longer appear on the Web, and you will no longer be able to access this GeoCities account and files. The information on this site can now be found at Chinese Surnames

"Technical Details
Note that characters in brackets [百 家 姓 ] are Chinese characters in Big5 format. If you have a Macintosh, Mac OS 8.5 or later supports reading Chinese fonts, but for inputting Chinese characters, or if you have a system earlier than OS 8.5, I suggest you install the Chinese Language Kit. If you are running Windows I suggest you install the Big5 Chinese fonts from the Microsoft website and a recent browser."

Professional Genealogists Utah USA

Professional Genealogists Utah | ProGenealogists:

"A team of professional genealogists with experience, knowledge and access to billions of records is ready to assist you in United States, Canadian and European research!
We conduct family history and genealogy research in archives across the world, including the famous Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Our staff of full-time specialists are well-versed in the record collections of archives around the world. We know which records are readily available and which will best meet your research goals. ProGenealogists specializes in researching and documenting family histories, including: immigration, European origins, Canadian origins, lineage societies, United States colonial research, and Medieval British research. We can also help with detailed and thorough genealogy record searches, too.

We are unique among family history companies. At ProGenealogists, an expert professional genealogist on staff will work one-on-one with you.

Our researchers have accumulated over 120 years of genealogical research experience. Well-respected genealogists - including published authors, heir and estate researchers, translators, military researchers, and lineage specialists - are at your fingertips. We offer solutions to even your most difficult research in the U.S. or abroad.

At ProGenealogists, you have finally found the skilled and knowledgeable help you've been seeking!"

Holocaust - Footnote

Holocaust Collection -

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and ( today announced the release of the internet's largest Interactive Holocaust Collection. For the first time ever, over one million Holocaust-related records - including millions of names and 26,000 photos from the National Archives- will be available online. The collection can be viewed at:

"We cannot afford to forget this period in our history," said Dr. Michael Kurtz, Assistant Archivist of the United States and author of America and the Return of Nazi Contraband: The Recovery of Europe's Cultural Treasures. "Working with Footnote, these records will become more widely accessible, and will help people now and in the future learn more about the events and impact of the Holocaust."

Included among the National Archives records available online at are:

  • Concentration camp registers and documents from Dachau, Mauthausen, Auschwitz, and Flossenburg.
  • The "Ardelia Hall Collection" of records relating to the Nazi looting of Jewish possessions, including looted art.
  • Captured German records including deportation and death lists from concentration camps.
  • Nuremberg War Crimes Trial proceedings.

Access to the collection will be available for free on through the month of October.

The collection also includes nearly 600 interactive personal accounts of those who survived or perished in the Holocaust provided by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. The project incorporates social networking tools that enable visitors to search for names and add photos, comments and stories, share their insights, and create pages to highlight their discoveries. There will be no charge to access and contribute to these personal pages.

The Holocaust collection is the latest in a continuing partnership between and the National Archives to scan, digitize, and make historical records available online. The goal is to give more people access to these and other historical records that have previously only been available through the research room of the National Archives. This partnership brings these priceless resources to an even greater number of people and enables the National Archives to provide ever-greater access to these critical holdings.

About is a subscription website that features searchable original documents, providing users with an unaltered view of the events, places and people that shaped the American nation and the world. At, all are invited to come share, discuss, and collaborate on their discoveries with friends, family, and colleagues. For more information, visit

About the U.S. National Archives

The National Archives alone is the archives of the Government of the United States, responsible for safeguarding records of all three branches of the Federal Government. The records held by the National Archives belong to the public - and it is the mission of the National Archives to ensure the public can discover, use, and learn from the records of their government.

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Genealogy's Star Blog

Genealogy's Star: New FamilySearch after almost two years, a commentary: "Almost two years ago, we were introduced to the New FamilySearch program. Since that time, I have spent a considerable time working with and teaching about, this interesting program. Although, it is still not available to those who do not belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), and not even to all the members yet, the program has had a huge impact on the LDS community.

This post is intended to be multipart and comments are welcome and solicited. Nothing in this blog is in anyway officially sanctioned by the LDS Church and contrary to other bloggers who claim inside information, my sources of information come through official channels and my experience with the program is the same as many other users.

One of the more obvious changes, is the dramatic change in family history activity in our area. As I have mentioned before, I volunteer at the Mesa Regional Family History Center. Over this past two year period, the number of people visiting the Center has increased and the ratio of LDS to non-LDS visitors has reversed. During the past years, about 60% of the visitors to the Center were not LDS members. That number has now changed to about 60% LDS to 40% non-LDS. We have also seen an increase in Spanish speaking visitors. I have heard numbers quoted that indicate that family history activity has increased throughout the Church . . . . . ."

and click through to read all of Genealogy's Star: New FamilySearch after almost two years, a commentary

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Glamorgan Research Publications

Welcome to Glamorgan Research Publications:

"Lynn John and Jennie Newman formed L & J Research Services in 1999 to provide research services in the County of Glamorgan.
Between us we have over 45 years of experience in family history.

Some years ago, we realised how much family and community historians appreciated indexes. Since that time, our project has been the indexing as many records as we can, and publishing them in CD format. At present, we have indexed nearly all the Parish registers of Marriage deposited with Glamorgan Archives (1837-1900). This is an ongoing project, as our aim is to reach the years leading up to 1935.

As any genealogist or local historian will appreciate, these indexes are an invaluable aid to tracing family history in Glamorgan, where because of the early patronymics, giving rise to the many named Thomas, Williams and Jones, and the non-conformity in Wales, searching ancestors can be slightly more difficult than in England. A Welsh family historian needs all the help he or she can get, and our indexes have proved very helpful to very many.

Currently we are transcribing the Marriages and Births registers in Cardiff; Merthyr Tydfil; Pontypridd and Caerphilly Registry Offices."