Saturday, May 15, 2004

DDA - Method & Data:

The Danish National Archives have a departmant for preserving digital archives for the future

"In Danish Data Archives we do not design survey questionnaires. However, we work a lot with survey data. In particular much time is spent on processing the data which researchers and data collectors have deposited with the Danish Data Archives. The purpose of processing is to document the data according to the guidelines of Danish Data Archives and to secure durability of data in system independent formats.

The data processing procedures, as applied in the Danish Data Archives, are described in the second article 'Data Preservation - Data processing in Danish Data Archives' by Anne Sofie Fink Kjeldgaard et al. Conducting data analyses and processing social science data is one of two main activities in the Danish Data Archives. "

Statens Arkiver

Danish State Archives

Search your ancestors: "The Danish Demographic database is the obvious choice if you want to search for your ancestors on the Internet via the Danish State Archives.

You may search in a number of different sources within the Danish Demographic Database. In order to obtain a positive result, you will need some basic information to use as search criteria. Furthermore, it is an obvious requirement that data on the persons searched for have been entered. Several of the databases are being created by volunteers and are not yet complete.
English search page in DDD DDD Dansk Demografisk Database

Parish registers on the Internet

On a test basis, even scanned parish registers may be found on the Internet. They contain pages from parish registers published on CD-ROMs by the State Archives Filming Centre. More old parish registers and census lists will be scanned over the next years, so that eventually they will all be available on the World Wide Web.

The search page is in Danish and requires a tiff plug-in. You may search for parishes, ceremonies and years between 1814 and 1891. Danish search page "Statens Arkivers kirkebøger på Internettet


and census too Statens Arkivers folketælling på Internettet

Important words danish = english

Sogn = Parish

= Ceremony

Fødsel = Birth
F Fødte

= Confirmation
K Konfirmerede

Vielse = Marriage
V Viede

Begravelse = Death
D Døde

Til- og Afgang = Incoming and outgoing
A Afgangslister
T Tilgangslister

Årstal = Year

Links til relevante steder

very useful links to other Scandiavian and international sites


AHDS History: "AHDS History is one of the five Centres of the Arts and Humanities Data Service and collects, preserves, and promotes the use of digital resources, which result from or support historical research, learning and teaching."


gotta watch Terry Wogan on Eurovision Song contest

love his humour !!

Friday, May 14, 2004

watch th Royal Wedding on web tv news

and in quaint danglish

several hours behind the danish wedding page
Real Virtuality Kontraption

good old Arne has made an automated download thingy
for grabbing tif images from Danish census


a very nice way of displaying a small cemetery

and a charming sketch map CLINE CEMETERY MAP

the small town of Hartsville, New York HICK family
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Pages WATKINS and LAPHAM of Monmouthshire and Bristol UK

just updated
very much a work in progress
and on Wedensday going to

County Record Office
Cyngor Archifau Cymru Archives Council for Wales

going to read Llanarth parish registers

and Old Castle
a lovely cross country train ride
across Worcestershire and herefordhsire where the orchards should be rich with apple blossom

destined to be cider later on

a national park


hanging out in Family Tree House which is a 1000am UK chat room on AOL

mugs and hugs at 1400 UK time 900am NYT

Thursday, May 13, 2004

thanks to Steve

If you follow this link it will guide through the process of putting the
discs on to your hard drive

1881 census DS
"If you use the Resource File Viewer to read other LDS CD-ROMs such as UKVital Records you must install all these files onto the hard disk. You will not be able to use the viewer to access data on CD-ROMs once these changes have been made.

Installation of the UK Vital Records data is described below but a similar approach can be used for other Vital Records titles."

New Records Added - Online Now!

We have just uploaded the following surname searchable archive.

NEW Kelly's Handbook (To the Titled, Landed & Official Classes) 1901

The Archives

Estate Duty Office Indexes to Death Duty Registers 1796 to 1903
ONLINE NOW Index to English and Welsh Wills to 1847, Admons to 1857.

Registers of Births, Marriages and Deaths at Sea 1854 to 1890
ONLINE NOW 1854 to 1890

Index to Divorce and Matrimonial Causes 1858 to 1903
ONLINE NOW 1858 to 1903

Register of Names of Passport Applications 1851 to 1903

Harts Army List 1840

Harts Army List 1888

Official Army List 1798

Peninsular Medal Roll 1793 - 1814

Waterloo Roll Call 1815

Bengal Civil Service Graduation List 1869

Dental Surgeons Directory 1925

Grenadier Guards 1656 – 1874

Phillimore’s How to Write the History of a Family FREE TO VIEW

The Clergy List 1896

Kelly's Handbook (To the Titled, Landed & Official Classes) 1901


Harts Army List 1868
Parish Registers from 1538>
Index to Death Duty Registers Wills 1848 - 1857
The Indian Office List 1933
The East India Company’s Commercial Marine Service Pensions List
1797 - 1833
The Indian Army and Civil Service List July 1873

You can search the database for FREE, view images from as little as 20 UK
pence (approx 32 US cents) and save and print your copy. If you have
already paid to view an image you can view it again without any further

The National Archivist is part of Trusted Third Party Ltd, UK registered
company 3745789.

The National Archivist
Your Source of Original Documents Online

the problem is you cannot browse the archives
All About Google Search

Searched All About Google pages for Googleplex
a new portmanteau word
Google Search: desperately boring blog

Mrs Google said:- Did you mean: desperately boring blog
Google Toolbar

blog this button stopped working

so install the update to
Version 2.0.111-big/en (GGLD)

google and MS and AOL ae the only sites to which I allow auto feed back

The enumeration of people
not in normal households on census night
Source ~ A Clearer Sense of the Census - Edward Higgs, HMSO ISBN 0 11 440257 4

Institutions Army Stationed in England & Wales Army Stationed Abroad
Royal Navy Merchant Navy Fishing Vessels
Vessels Engaged in Inland Navigation Itinerants and Travellers Night Workers

GenDocs Home Page

It is of importance that individuals should be encouraged to study the history of their own families; not in the boastful and snobbish spirit which produced such a spate of false pedigrees in the nineteenth century, but on the scientific lines of modern genealogical research which demands proof of every statement and the recording of every fact, whether pleasant or unpleasant, for whatever view may be held on the merits of such research, all will agree that unless it be conducted with accuracy it is entirely futile.' ~ Society of Genealogists 1937

GenDocs was established in 1992 and has had a presence on the Internet since 1994. We supply 100's of genealogical documents each week to clients world-wide - including many genealogical research agencies and genealogical societies.

GenDocs runs a daily courier service to the major London archives for English and Welsh birth, marriage and death certificates , probate documents , and census returns , and London parish register copies .

GenDocs researches English and Welsh ancestry, particularly ancestors in Victorian London , and we also undertake research at the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, and Warwickshire County Record Offices.

GenDocs also traces the whereabouts of missing beneficiaries or lost family and friends.
FAQ: International Genealogical Index

Barry Ruck is on e of the angels of UK genealogy
the FAQ maintainer

Barry Ruck's Genealogy Home Page

FAQ - GETTING STARTED – Soc.genealogy.britain How Do I Get Started ? FAQ

FAQ - CENSUS – Soc.genealogy.britain Census FAQ

FAQ - I.G.I.. – Soc.genealogy.britain IGI FAQ above

Downloadable Transcriptions – An Assortment of Downloadable Transcriptions Genealogy Free Downloads

FASTER LDS 1881 CENSUS – Install the LDS 1881 Census on your hard drive 1881

Barry's interests:-

Ruck,(Glos. & Lincs) Google Search: ruck genealogy

Gostelow, Google Search: Gostelow genealogy

Goddard Google Search: Goddard genealogy

Eley (Lincs) Google Search: Eley genealogy

Google Search: Eley genealogy lincolnshire

Aubergine-pastasalat - Kræftens Bekæmpelse

Aubergine på 2 måder i samme ret - en enkel og velsmagende pastasalat, der er lige så god som en selvstændig ret som på en buffet, eller som et tilbehør.

God fornøjelse! = enjoy

from my email - a pasta and aubergine recipe form Denmark and
their campaign against cancer

I only eat aubergine with friends
almost never buy them - except as a present :-)

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Google Search: "linking arms"

Alison Webster, Head of e-Access (Chair)

9.12 Alison Webster told the Panel that “Linking Arms” has a prototype named ANG, which is an example of this kind of approach of interoperability, which once further developed will act as a dynamic, middle tier database, and provide cross searching and cross linking.

9.13 John Addis-Smith said that genealogical sites sometimes have a one search across a multitude of sources approach already. He stated that for example it was sometimes possible to type in a single search term and then have the results listed by repository, as well as the individual catalogue descriptions relating to each item from each respective repository.

9.14 Alison Webster stated that there would be a two-stage approach, with A2A continuing to collaborate with local archives and “Linking Arms” taking forward cross searching and linking. She stated that The National Archives is working on a National Archives Network which is chaired by The National Archives’ Chief Executive, Sarah Tyacke, in parallel with Resource’s Archives Task Force.

9.15 Alison Webster thanked Dick Sargent for his presentation and the Panel members for their comments.

Google Search: "Alison Webster," "Head of e-Access"

Google Search: "Alison Webster" some name sisters

Your search - "linking arms" - did not match any documents
viewing facility
a new experience for me visited on yesterday in Perry Bar BRUM

Initiative Media London - Centres of Excellence

see the mirror to the speaker's left
behind the mirror

MrWeb - Viewing Facility Guide

Services Provided - Other
Audio recording with 2 copies per group, flexible briefing
and de briefing time, tea, coffee, juice, nibbles & biscuits for respondents and clients.

we were in a Discussion Room
and videoed and taped

the meeting was run by Richard Whitehouse of ABL cultural consulting
organisde by Leonard Latiff

project leader Mark Prescott for The National Archives

The National Archives | What's New?

The Task Force proposes the creation of a new Archives Gateway to bring about a step change in the accessibility of services and collections.

One of the core priorities identified by the Archives Task Force is the Linking Arms programme. The National Archives - based in Kew, west London - is leading this programme in partnership with other national archival organisations in the UK (The National Archives of Scotland, the National Library of Wales and the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland) and with regional and local organisations and community-based archives.

Linking Arms - recognised by the Archives Task Force to be the Archives Gateway - will bring together and develop all the existing networked information about archives in the UK. Linking Arms is currently investigating the infrastructure for this network and overseeing the development of new content, based on exciting initiatives in community archives and in response to user needs.

But why should we taxpayers pay twice for our archives?

Australia, Denmark, Arizona State all provided better service on line free to the whole world.

pay per view appeals to Empire building civil servants - but makes browsing prohibatively expensive.

Parkinson's Law, by Prof. Cyril Northcote Parkinson should be read by that lot !

Expenditures rise to meet income.
C. Northcote Parkinson

A committee is organic rather than mechanical in its nature: it is not a structure but a plant. It takes root and grows, it flowers, wilts, and dies, scattering the seed from which other committees will bloom in their turn.
C. Northcote Parkinson

another camel is about to be created

Google Search: writing "children's books" course -" of course"

writing "children's books" course -"+of course"

definitely tricky to google for a friend
of course
usage got in the way

Blogger Knowledge: "In 1999, Blogger was launched as a side project to help make it easy for a few Web geeks to update their homepages. That side project soon became the real deal and Google acquired us in 2003. "


a big update
new user interface
Blogger: Dashboard
an optional profile and more

Blogger News

Pop The Bubbly!
- - and more !
a boring web cam
the new TV house watching paint dry
DR BYEN the new TV "village" being built by the Danish State Radio

dodgy creative financing - by a conservative government - a sort of lease back by the state

the old radio house will be taken over by the Music Conservatory in Copenhagen - actually just in Frederiksberg . . . . . at least they will get a good concert hall with a very fine organ

Monday, May 10, 2004

Gale - About Gale - Locations - Home

Thomson Learning (EMEA)
High Holborn House
50/51 Bedford Row
London WC1R 4LR
United Kingdom
+44 207 607 2500
+44 207 067 2600 (fax)

50 Milford Road
United Kingdom
+44 118 956 8844
+44 118 939 4334 (fax)

ask a librarian
to get it in house
cyberLibrary - Online subscription services - Reference is the leading resource for pursuing family history research online. connects Internet users to the most comprehensive online genealogical resources available. Users have access to hundreds of millions of fully searchable individual records, including all available US Census records (1790 – 1930) and the England, Wales and Channel Islands Census record from 1871 and 1891. Users can search by record type, locality, or simply view scanned images of original historical documents.

You can use AncestryPlus from a Plymouth library.

and HANLEY in Stoke on Trent

cyberLibrary - Online subscription services - Reference is the leading resource for pursuing family history research online. connects Internet users to the most comprehensive online genealogical resources available. Users have access to hundreds of millions of fully searchable individual records, including all available US Census records (1790 – 1930) and the England, Wales and Channel Islands Census record from 1871 and 1891. Users can search by record type, locality, or simply view scanned images of original historical documents.

You can use AncestryPlus from a Plymouth library.

and HANLEY in Stoke on Trent

Sunday, May 09, 2004

John Dando Sedding 1838 - 1891

John Dando Sedding: "Llanfair Cilgedin Church, Gwent
d:1876 (pl. 1873)"

where my ancestors worshiped and tour WATKINS family grave is

22 hits Google Search: Llanfair Cilgedin

5 hits Google Search: Llanfair Kilgedin

Mrs. Google says, Did you mean to search for: Llanfair Kilgeddin

691 hits Google Search: Llanfair Kilgeddin
pictures Google Search: Llanfair Kilgeddin

578 hits
Google Search: Llanvair Kilgeddin
my male ancestors Descendants of Thomas Watkins

and my father and mother
ALFRED HENRY (DAVID) WATKINS, b. 17.08.1907, Usk Monmouthshire (AHW BB); d. 24.09.1942, HMS Somali; m. ALISON MARY LAPHAM, Abt. 1933, Parish Church, Berkswell, Warwickshire; b. 16.05.1908, Filton, Gloucestershire UK; d. 22.12.1999, Heartlands Hospital, Bordesley Green, Birmingham, West Midlands UK.

THOMAS2 WATKINS (ANOTHER1) was born Abt. 1783 in Abergavenny ???, and died 20.08.1857 in age 74 of Highmead. He married REBECCA WATKINS 10.01.1821 in Abergavenny by license. She was born Abt. 1786, and died 06.05.1859 in Age 73.

needs to be verified - 1891 Wales Census
new to me but my WATKINS were in Pontypool Usk and Trostrey by then