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this could be called an auto blog - it is my own site
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from my gmail:-

While doing research in another area, I happened onto your familytreemaker web page.................what a precious tribute to your mother! I just wanted you to know that it did my heart good to see a mother honored so nicely.

Bless you

On the 16th May my mother would have been 96 an age she vehemently did not wish to see. Her last 30 years were racked with pain, falls, broken hips osteoarthritis, not being able to walk long distances pained her - she loved country walks - on the downs from Brighton Training college and in Monmouthshire too, I remember clearly our first five mile walk together when I was about 7 years old..

Existentialism and Simone de Beauvoir after reading the Second Sex when it cam out in english paper back - Penguin ? - then I read OLD AGE which came out in 1970 and is excellent preparation and a warning - being old is not fun -- LOL
I gave it to my mother whose only comment was "Do you think I'm old?"

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Mystery laid to rest in Norfolk ( Online): "Members of the Sons of Norway lay flowers at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Norfolk on Monday, during a ceremony to mark the graves of Norwegians Ingvald Gjerstad and Arnfinn Siring, who were killed in Norfolk during World War II. "
Hamrick Software - U.S. Surname Distribution JENSEN

the most Danish headed for offrers of land I believe
Soc.genealogy.* Newsgroups: "About the Gateway Mailing lists"

dinosaurs but long from dead
I had a computer free day yesterday
I went to Wales by train through the spring flowers of the countryside with blooming apple orchards and past lambs and foals with their mothers to tne Monmouthshire AKA Gwent, County record office

Few of the Church books have been filmed let alone put on line, and . so I was allowed to handle a parchment from 1690. Magical.

I read the 1860 wages notebook from a paper mill - everyone worked for 12 hours 6 days a week - the women paid 9d a day the men up to 3/6d
(old english money)

and I found an uncatalogued marriage allegation issued by the bishop - today called a marriage licence, and a note to the vicar of the village.

"Good Sir
You are desired to publish the Banns of
marriage between Thomas Jones and
Winnfread Russell both of this parish."

With my whte beard and red shirt I was greeted as SANTA !
by children and adults on the street

Hugh W
from my email:-

Subject: Brofoged

Hi Hugh,

I have unsubscribe the Denmark list for private reasons, but someone sent me the stuff as a laugh. I then had a look in the archives this morning and note the silly argument about Brofoged incl. your posting.

As you know, I was born in Denmark ~ Bornholm ~ in 1934.

Let me assure you we had several Brofogeder and they were Brolæggerinspetører (as in cobblestone layers/installers supervisors) and their only job related to cobblestone roads and streets - I even knew on personally or rather my father did, as they had their tools mended in my father's shop! I even remember a cobblestone road being built from Ringeby (close to my home) right through Præsteskoven to Almindingen!
In Rønne they have kept the old brolagte streets in many of the old parts of town.

That a brofoged also could be an inspector/keeper of bridges is also a fact --- but a totally unrelated occupation!

In the very old days in Jylland they also used timber as brolægning of a road so the claim that brolæggning relates to building bridges over land does make sense ----------- but as related to late 19th and 20th century Denmark - a brolagt road or street was/is a cobblestone road or street - and the occupation of the man was strictly a supervisor of cobblestone layers ------and that is what was asked for in the first place.


an udlansk dansker
a Danish expat in Australie


I lived in Copenhagen for 20 years and am going back for the next 3 months

I know all this - I meet paviors at work on the steets of Copenhagen and talk with them - some of the contractors are not qualified as paviours only as gardeners, not brolæger, so the quality of work I see is variable.

I was trying to calm the group down

Forman pavior is the best translation of brofoged in this modern sense of leader of agroups of workers,
and toll bridge collector of tolls or manager if it was a bridge not a turnpike - but then these are words not found in school english learned by the Danes

Amateur etymology is the bane of genealogy and it gets repeated and repeated

I find old Danish easy to read because I learned Faeroese first so know a lot of alternative words that modern danes don't

How many years since you lived in Denmark?

I find I have to work hard at maintaining my english when over there
using BBC world service daily and newspapers

the New York Danes speak a quaint old fashioned Danish,
and the older Icelanders take pride in good Danish but the younger ones use english as the second language of choice
for them Danish is a school subject.
With english they have more choices of higher education and university education for example.

Have you come across a slavfoged ?

Which is a really old historical occupation - in the context of slægtsforskning - or a ghost story about Nyhavn?

The modern Danes are really bad at ghosts, luckily a bit survives in older books and in the Grundvigean Dansk Folkemindesamling but in UK we exploite our ghosts as a tourist attraction.


no time to make proper hypertext
had a computer free day yesterday
I took me to Wales to the Monmouthshire AKA Gwent county record office.

Today too many unread messages to count
123 in one in box
200+ usenet messages
only 3 in my private box
60 in my rootsweb administratieve mailbox
19 about mariners
and in gmail 140 about Danish genealogy
over a cople of days
and about 100 about Monmouthshire, Bristol and Somerset. wittgenstein and Post Popperian philosphy

pavior paviour in English

the word bro in Danish causes translation confusion meaning a bridge, a pier, a quay and - mostly in compound words - a paved or cobbled road -- which it justs occured to me goes back to Viking archeology where roads across wet and boggy places were causewayed and wood laid.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Alec Issigonis and links to famous brummies
Danish church books on open shelves

Fra 18. maj kan københavnske arkivbrugere for første gang selv hente og bruge originale kirkebøger fra 1892 og frem til de senest tilgængelige. Denne service bliver en realitet, når det nye selvbetjeningsmagasin åbnes i Landsarkivet på Jagtvej

NO chance of getting a seat !!!
One for Roy Stockdill . an open letter


Dear Roy !

I wish I could get you to make a quick and nasty web page using Family Tree Maker 11
and its auto publish function by filling in forms

Self publishing is the way to go

and it is so easy to do on the web
it will cost your £29 for a single CD in a flat pack
from the usual suppliers
and about one hours work assuming you have a gedcom to import

I have just done a stint as a transcriber with FreeBMD
and I call it learning how the other people live.
increasing my knowledge of genealogy today by doing these things
as a volunteer

It will all give you something else for you to polemicize about - with authority based on knowledge not hear say




I think you should join the blogworld
I find I am upt o 150 000 words - with very much quoted text
and over 3000 links

Several books have turned up as spin off from bloggs and the latest news is a film contract based on
Hooray for Bloggywood

my own blog
has in the side bar links to the web pages I manage

my policy in blogging was to force myself to write every day
I am also creating a corpus - a body of text - which I can mine for a book or two in the future

as you could your own reportings to build your 3 volume autobiography

early years of a Watford Yorky
cheque book journalist - doing the Liberace
All at sea in genealogy

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and for Roy in the thunder box


the message board web space could also do with your acid pen

sniping at ancestry where they never read it is a waste of time

ancestry staffers read

Boards > Topics > > United Kingdom and Ireland

about the dot co uk site (a)

and about the dot com site (b)

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the more senior staff have a my family inc email address


Welcome to the United Kingdom and Ireland Board

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Roy - I'm covering my ears !

what do you think about this :-

' ====================================================================

YORKSHIRE: ADEL PARISH REGISTER, 1606-1812 (Images online)

This database contains a transcription of the parish registers of
Adel in Yorkshire from 1606 to 1812. Parish registers are comprised
of baptismal, marriage, and burial records. Baptismal records
generally list the date of the baptism, the name of the child being
baptized, and the name of the father. Marriage records generally
include the date of the marriage and the names of the bride and
groom. Burial records generally list the date of the burial and the
name of the deceased individual. Occasionally burial records will
include other bits of information such as where the individual was
from or if they were widowed. Parish records can be wonderful sources
of genealogical information. They become increasingly valuable when
civil vital records are either inaccessible or nonexistent.

Source Information: "Yorkshire: Adel Parish Register,
1606-1812" [database online]. Provo, Utah:, Inc., 2004.
Original data: Lumb, George Denison, ed. "The Registers of the Parish
Church of Adel, in the County of York, from 1606 to 1812; and
Monumental Inscriptions." Leeds: Thoresby Society, 1895. subscribers with access to the U.K. and Ireland Records
Collection can search this database at:

have a good summer !


Blogger: User Profile: Hugh Watkins

not certain about this URL - still very much a beta
needs to be in the side bar

can any of you see it ?

my picture and blog statistics
with subject links to other bloggers
please email me - Daily News Articles Archive

which was what I was trying to blog below

Sunday, May 16, 2004 - føroyski portalurin

the Faeroe Islands portal and hanging out here Home Page and RootsWeb Message Boards

led to a new message board Boards > Localities > Scandinavian and Baltic States > Faroe Islands > General

so i had to people the board and needed some URL

GOMERY/GOMMERY/GOMRY and GUMERY/GUMMERY/GUMRY Genealogy and Family History: " website for
people interested in the surname
and its variants:-

from my email

Hi Hugh,

Just read your message on the Monmouth mailing list and felt moved to write
and say hello, how are you? I've just re-subbed onto the MON list and
reading your message brought back memories of you, and you being on the
GOONS list, then you disappeared.

I've just taken out an subscription and think it's bloody
marvellous (as my father would say). Now I can't imagine ever doing without
it. Forget buying CDs etc.

Hope all is well with you. Are you still in Denmark, the country of my
husbands ancestors, or living back in the UK?

going back in June

Genealogy, Family Tree, London History, Geneology, England, UK: "Data for Genealogy and Local History in Greater London and the UK, containing extracts and transcripts from newspapers, manuscripts, directories, and other out of print material, excluding census, mostly pre 1880. Free, unrestricted access, for researchers and genealogists"

Map of England, Maps, English, Borough, County, Political

the maps cover the whole of UK
I forget them too easily
Boundary Commission Maps, 1885.

Source: Report of the Boundary Commissioners for England and Wales.
Printed by Eyre and Spottiswoode, London, 1885.

A really important resource
USIGS - United States Internet Genealoogical Society HOME

The people of the USIGS are genealogists who want to see the maximum number of primary source documents online and accessible to family and other historians on the web FREE OF CHARGE.

Visit Our Online Research Library

Books Online

More than 100 books have been scanned and page images posted online. With the help of volunteers, all of these scanned images are now being transcribed and posted as web pages for easier viewing and searching. This collection is organized by state, with a separate section for Family Histories.

Archive CD Books: "The Archive CD Books Project exists to make reproductions of old books, documents and maps available on CD to genealogists and historians, and to co-operate with libraries, museums and record offices in providing money to renovate old books in their collection, and to donate books to their collections, where they will be preserved for future generations.
The project began in March 2000, and has now started to develop world-wide, with each country scanning and producing its own books on CD."

British Genealogy - Home Page: " is dedicated to assisting people with their British family history research.
Not just to find ancestors and build a family tree, but to put meat on the bones with information about where they lived, how they lived their lives, information about their occupations, and what influenced their thinking and decision making. "