Saturday, June 05, 2004

thomasps - Foto fra Brumleby - Photos from Brumleby

these pages survive

today we had a spring party FORÅRSFEST with two grilled sheep and hancock ale SALAD
to raise money for the residentrs association

Hancock Bryggeri __________HANCOCK BRYGGERIERNE A/S___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ web page under development but no the beer

So met many old aquaintances

Google Search: hancock ØL
German Genealogy: Tips for Researchers: "With this page we try to present general information and tips on how to go about finding out more about your German ancestors. The proliferation of the Internet in recent years including the participation of hundreds of researchers has made possible an entirely new technique, Internet genealogy, which is the emphasis of this particular web page."
Chinese languages dialects Cantonese Hakka Taiwanese

By Vaughan Savidge

Barefoot Cantonese. Useful expressions to be used in a taxi.

Please lower the volume of your radio and turn your walkie talkie off. My
ears are bleeding.

(same in Cantonese)

Ching jeung sam gay gan sing seng dee tung mai lay go mike. Gnor eejai lau


(same in Cantonese)

Joey Geen.

The Taxi


Friday, June 04, 2004

Watkins Family History Society - Welcome

Our steadfast pursuit is to assist in connecting as many Watkins people as possible world-wide.

We invite you to read, share and make new connections with other Watkins researchers with the help of the resources that we make available here.

new URL again !
Google Search: girafsproget

a new word for me in Danish in the newspaper today

Girafsprog - Empatisk Kommunikation
giraffe language - empathetic communication
ulvesprog wolves-language

Google Search: girafsproget
Places you could go without fear of saying NO

"When a group or a couple has transparency, a full disclosure of all the important elements of one’s inner and outer life, then individuals cannot be turned against each other through the spread of false rumors. This allows trust to grow strong. The commitment to stay open to each other even when someone does something out of integrity makes it much easier for everyone to keep telling the whole truth."

Strong female bonding is a hallmark of nonviolent communities. All of the strong nonviolent matrilineal cultures that I have studies were based on the strength of the women’s circle. At the Zegg Community the women meet together daily to clear the air between them and to strengthen, nurture and show affection for each other. This prevents divisive elements from growing, and creates a powerful spiritual force field that will not tolerate any form of violence. It establishes a basis of trust between the women, precluding the fear and distrust that dominator society women have when it comes to their men. There is a trust and even an encouragement that the husbands of these women would be loved by their sisters.

This kind of bonding is of course not allowed in totalitarian social systems like the fundamentalist Islamic societies like Afghanistan’s Taliban. There are several common cultural norms that keep the religious right’s stranglehold of power over their people:

In these societies they keep the sexes separate in their schools and churches.
Sex is punished if used for anything other than procreation.
The head male in the family is religiously empowered to have exclusive control over women, children and sexual expression.
In Alice Miller’s study of German family systems and culture she describes how the tyrannical family unit, headed by a single strict dominating male, were the building blocks that allowed a Nazi Government to do what it did. Wilhelm Reich, a refugee from Nazi Germany, said in his masterpiece book, The Mass Psychology of Fascism, that historically the best way for repressive governments to hold onto power was through the authoritarian family system, where it’s repressive ideology is indoctrinated into the next generation, and particularly through "sexual suppression". He says the "psychosexual roots" of tyranny have a deep and long history.

Kurodab, a Kyoto university primatologist suggests that another reason the Bonobos are ‘pacific, peaceful and gregarious’ is because they have made an evolutionary movement toward sex as a means of creating a peaceful culture based on the sharing of sensual and sexual pleasure rather than on coercion and fear.

Google Search: Patriarchal paradigm

Thursday, June 03, 2004

from my mailbag :-)

I rang gentofte kommune and they said I could see the candidates when I went to vote. Intelligent!

Kend Din Kandidat: "Velkommen til Kend din kandidat "

Kend Din Kandidat

Poul Nyrup Rasmussen

I have spoken with him a couple of times in the taxi

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Michael John Neill-Hiring A Professional Genealogist: "for the Ancestry Daily News
Summer 2001
In the summer of 2001, I hired a genealogist to work on one of my 'problems.' The following articles were written based upon my experience. If you are considering hiring a professional, the articles will provide food for thought. " - Before You Post: "
Provide Adequate Details"

too darn true - Ancestry Daily News, 2 June 2004

I subscribe to this newsletter
it keeps me up to date with THAT enormous SITE
Prodigies by James G. Mundie - A Pinhead for H.H.: "Several pinheads were featured as characters in director Tod Browning's infamous film Freaks (1932)."

well the freaks took their revenge
and achieved a celluloid imortallity with no special effects

I think they triumph in this film, surviving what most of us could never take. People doing their best.
Prodigies: Drawing of Anomalous Humans by James G. Mundie

in RootsWeb Review: RootsWeb's Weekly E-zine
Vol. 7, No. 22, 2 June 2004, Circulation: 838,


Circus Folks: Finding Genealogy in Unwonted Places
By James Mundie of Philadelphia Pennsylvania

For several years I have been working on and exhibiting a series of
portrait drawings called "Prodigies." The subjects of my portraits are
somewhat unusual individuals -- those once unkindly referred to as
circus freaks. The series has been exhibited widely and garnered much
critical acclaim.

Several years ago, I began to publish the works on a website as a sort of permanent
online exhibition that now includes a gallery of historical ephemera
related to sideshow performance I have collected. I try to include a
bit of biographical information about each of the performers to help
viewers understand the context of the portraits.

Through the website, I frequently receive e-mail inquiries and comments
about my work. Quite an unexpected development is that I have often
received letters from relatives of some of the performers I have
featured in my series. Usually these are people who have just
discovered a famous (or infamous, as the case may be) circus performer
in their lineage and are anxious to discover more information.
Occasionally, they are able to provide me with more information about
their ancestor, which I have used to further flesh out my brief
biographical sketches.

Through these messages, I have become a conduit for connecting various
branches of sideshow family trees. For instance, in just the last two
months I have reunited two branches of the family descended from
Francesco LENTINI, the three-legged man known as "King of the Freaks";
connected two descendants of Eli BOWEN, the Legless Acrobat; provided
contact points for relations of Myrtle CORBIN, the Four-legged Woman
from Texas; and started a flurry of e-mails back and forth between
several parties related to Dolletta BOYKIN, the World's Smallest Mother.

So quite unexpectedly, my artwork -- through the magic of the Internet
-- has served to bring together long lost cousins and further
genealogical inquiry and research. I never would have thought such a
thing was even possible; but now every time I post a new drawing to my
website, I wonder whether I might open my incoming e-mail the next
morning to find a message from some distant relation of the unusual
individual depicted.

Editor's Note: RootsWeb has a mailing list pertaining to circus folks.
Previously published in RootsWeb
Review: Vol. 7, No. 22, 2 June 2004.

and this is where I am staying

click on
Brumleby kan beskues fra Rigshospitalet

I was up on the seventh floor yesterday to get a replacement CPAP machine from Rigshospitalet's Respirations Centre
so admired the view as always

Rigshospitalet is the inspiration for and location for RIGET 1994
by Lars von Trier Movie Review: The Kingdom (Riget): "I'm not even going to attempt to explain the plot of The Kingdom, as it could fill several pages and still not make a lick of sense. I'll leave it at this: 'The Kingdom' is a giant Copenhagen hospital, and every single room in it (and most of the corridors, and the driveway, and the parking lot) contains at least one complete wacko.

The dearth of information about this 'film' belies its true beginnings as a serialized TV show in Denmark. The movie version of The Kingdomis nothing more than the first 4 episodes (of a planned 13) from this television show slapped back to back, converted to film, and played in all its grainy glory on the big screen."

a sort of Danish TWIN PEAKS

Google Search: "Lars Von Trier"

Lars von Trier - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Lars von Trier (born April 30, 1956 in Copenhagen, Denmark) is a Danish film director closely associated with the Dogme95 collective calling for a return to plausible stories in filmmaking and a move away from artifice and towards technical minimalism.

Von Trier also directed The Kingdom (Riget) and The Kingdom II, a pair of miniseries for Danish television about a haunted hospital. A projected third installment in the series has been derailed due to the death of Ernst-Hugo Järegård, who played Helmer, one of the major characters. A thirteen-episode American television series, based on The Kingdom, was written by Stephen King, under the title Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital, which was broadcast in 2004."

Weather Underground: Copenhagen, Denmark Forecast

I forgot the weather link
Always in the chat room as I am not in USA peeps ask about the weather

The World Time Server - correct, current, local New York six hours after Denmark
so their 900am genealogy chat is 300pm here
So I have arrived safely in Denmark via SAS BHX to CPH yesterday and phone and dsl are reconnected today

my address and telephone number is in the usual place on my FTM page
see side bar for a link

The weather is little cooler than UK
but sunshine and fresh sea air is great !

I am doing the ADMIN on Ancestry Message Boards [ Melungeon ]

so Historical Melungeons is a a really interesting site

A totally new topic for me.