Friday, October 22, 2004

Hunters Rest Inn Menu going to eat lunch tomorrow out

The Hunter's Rest
Clutton. Tel: (01761) 452303.
Directions: from junction of A37 and A368, head to Bath on A368 and take first right up narrow lane. Follow signs!
Family-friendly pub featuring a beer garden with a miniature train that chugs around the grounds. The imaginative menu in the non-smoking restaurant includes lots of eclectic and exotic delights as well as standard favourites. A non-smoking room complete with toy chest means that families can relax in comfort. Accommodation available for those who can't bring themselves to leave.

bristol_and_somerset-L bunfight

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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Hamburg Emigration Lists: "Hamburg Emigration Lists

a database of 5 million people
(Russian, German, Jewish, Austrian)
who emigrated via Hamburg, Germany
from 1850 to 1934;
80% of whom were travelling to the United States.
initial search is free, following fee structure for more details

1-3 names - 20 EUROS " etc etc
NZSG Hamilton Branch Home Page: of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists

New Zealand Society of Genealogists Inc. : Home

NZSG Interest Groups: "New Zealand Society of Genealogists Special Interest Groups"

Channel Islands
East Anglia
East India
Genealogical Computing Group
GCG home page: "to foster and encourage the use of computers as a tool for genealogical research, "

Greater London
Isle of Man
Midlands & North West England
North American
North East England
Pacific Islands
Southern England
What Passenger Lists Are Online?: "What Passenger Lists Are Online?
Internet Sources for Transcribed Passenger Records & Indexes
Opening note: If you don't find your ancestor's passenger list online (many have not been indexed or transcribed yet), you can still search offline using the available indexes and microfilmed records. The Finding Passenger Lists Guide is a good starting point for locating US arrivals from European ports.

This webpage is divided into three main sections: US Arrival Records, International Arrivals & Departures, and General Sites"
Convictions Australian Shipping: "This site contains shipping and passenger information for Australia and, to a lesser extent, New Zealand. As well as arrival and departure details, where possible, background information is also provided."

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Avoid guesswork

from my email ==== GLAMORGAN Mailing List ====

I have a copy of a Birth Certificate for my Grandmother in the "When and
where born" field the entry reads;

- Nineteenth April 1889 ,Bow Street,Broncastellan,R.S.D -

What does R.S.D stand for - if its a silly question - apologies

one answer :-
I think it is something like 'Rural Sanitary District'. Broncastellan is
just near Plas Gogerddan, Penrhyncoch, I believe, south east of Bow Street.

One source tells me:

'Rural Sanitary Districts existed nationally from 1875 to 1894. Their
purpose was to maintain and improve public health services in rural areas,
although they had less powers than Urban Sanitary Districts. See this URL
from The Great Britain Historical GIS

my answer:-
go fishing in
the Catalogue (formerly PROCAT)

>> You ran a search on "Broncastellan"
There are 11 results within The Catalogue. Hits 1 to 11 are shown
below sorted by catalogue reference.

<< style="font-weight: bold;">Registration Sub-District: 2
you better learn to beware of incautious guesswork by the willing souls on the net :-)

Why search The National Archives' new website?

Because Wales was administered from London for hundreds of years
and the hierarchical structure of the archives reflects that of the

time for breakfast NO BRUNCH by now
on a grey rainy day typical of my holidays in Wales brings happy memories

better do some blogging next

Hugh W

I was a bit hard on the other guy - but what does a birth have to do with better sewers?

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


The accused was undergoing a 3mths sentence at Birmingham gaol, when both women going to see “their” husband, the bigamistic marriage was discovered.

The prisoner feigned madness, and, by eating soap, foamed at the mouth.

The electric battery was applied, but it was only after several “shocks” that the result was satisfactory.

At the time of him feigning madness the prisoner sent a letter to his second wife beseeching her, when he was before the judge, not to do more hurt to him than what was compulsory.

Sunday, October 17, 2004