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1849-1850: Mormons Arrive in Denmark

Freedom of religion was first granted in Denmark in the constitution of 1849. It was an exciting time in Denmark, the beginning of an enlightened age with many of Denmark's famous figures in religion, philosophy, music, and culture at their prime: Søren Kirkegaard, N.F.S. Grundvig, H.C. Andersen, Carl Nielsen, and others.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or as it is commonly referred to, the Mormon Church, was organized in 1830. The first missionaries for the church were sent to the United States and Canada. In 1837 missionaries were sent to England, however very little missionary work was done in other foreign countries until after the Mormons had reached the Salt Lake Valley (Utah, USA) and established themselves there.
coninues LDSEP: Denmark
[DageEng]: "DAYS is a program designed to assist genealogists in finding dates of named days and generally navigate in and between the Julian and Gregorian calendars. The original program was in Danish and intended for Danish/Norwegian genealogists.

The database contains close to 5,000 names of days etc. The major part of these names are in Latin, many are in Danish, some in Norwegian, a few in Swedish, and some in German. The duchies Slesvig (Schleswig) and Holstein were part of the Danish Monarchy until 1864 and the German language was not uncommon in Danish towns up through the first half of the 19th century. In general the names are as they appear in Danish/Norwegian sources and include some names and feasts not found outside these countries. However, as most of the names are international (European), the program may also be of use outside the Scandinavian language area. ."
National Archivist | Home

Online Now!
Estate Duty Office Indexes to Death Duty Records to 1882.

We have just uploaded the index for Wills and Administrations for The Court of Probate 1882 to the current online archive.
You can now view indexes of English and Welsh Wills and Administrations
from 1796 to 1882.



Now available to search at the National Archivist are a range of categories including;

. Births, Marriages and Deaths
. Military Records
. Emigration and Passports
. Wills, Administrations and Taxes
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. Index to Death Duty Registers 1883
. Harts Army List 1868
. Harts Army List 1909

Type a word or phrase that describes what you want to find.
Keywords can be from titles, places, authors, notes, series, and subjects.
Keyword search results (Keyword(s) = 'aarhus')
Keyword search results (Keyword(s) = 'copenhagen')


Do you use the online version of the Family History Library Catalog (FHLC)? For more than a year, the online version was without the keyword search option. It returned earlier this month--a reason for anyone doing British Isles research to cheer. Everyone else can cheer, too, and share in the advantages.


The keyword search option cuts across all types of searches, those by place, title, and subject, in particular; it looks at many data fields, including the notes describing individual rolls of film.

Suppose I have ancestors from Corsley in Wiltshire and want to know about records of the poor. I know they may be listed under the county or the parish and within two or three subjects such as church records or poorhouses.
Using a place search I need to examine any appropriate headings for the county and parish. Using a keyword search I type three words "wiltshire corsley poor" and read the results.
Details provide the subject or subjects under which any entry appears, and I can follow a link to other related items. Not only does keyword search shorten the work, it provides pointers to other likely sections of the FHLC.
Such flexibility is really valuable for British research because some classes of records fall within two or more levels of jurisdiction.


Deciding on good keywords for any library computer catalog takes some thought. The words can be many things: a person's name, a place name, a record type, an occupation, or religion.

It can also be the agency responsible for creating a record, a record office name, or a society.
What keyword(s) you select depends on the object of the search and how much you know. Be prepared to try different tactics and different words or combinations. Success also depends on what options are offered by the computer catalog and the data fields the keyword search tool scans.

I regularly search the catalog of the University of Victoria, which offers two keyword searches,
--- keyword anywhere (using quotes for two or more words)
--- relevancy keyword (joining words with a plus (+) sign).

They behave differently and produce different results. There are, for example, at least two ways to express the topic of the famine in Ireland. I tried "Irish famine" as a keyword anywhere search and Ireland + famine as a keyword relevancy search.

Results of the first were very specific and fourteen in number. Results of the second ran the gamut of perspectives on the famine and numbered over 9000--too many to read. The relevancy type of search demands more specifics.


The idea for this article sprang from two things, a message from a friend about the FHLC keyword search being on again, and the "Ancestry Daily News" Quick Tip of January 3. ( )
It did not actually say so, but the suggestion for name searching
-- to combine a full name in quotes with the surname of a spouse --
is a type of keyword search.

The search was done using Google, and if you read their Basic and Advanced Searching advice you pick up useful advice.
A basic search assumes entered words are linked by "and."

It helps to think about names/words that are likely to appear on a Web page. Quotes mean the words must appear together and a + sign tells the engine to be sure and watch for a particular common word or character.

The Quick Tip example wanted Google to find two words together (first and last name) and another word (another surname) close by.

So I leave you with two things to consider: The value of the keyword search feature for the FHLC--be sure to use it--and the necessity of thinking carefully about the type of keyword options available.

Searching is more productive when you know your tools and appreciate the ways in which keyword searches may behave. Don't be afraid to experiment, and be sure to read tips and help columns.


Sherry Irvine, CGRS, FSA (Scot) is an author, teacher, and lecturer specializing in English and Scottish family history. She is the author of "Your English Ancestry" (2d ed, 1998) and "Your Scottish Ancestry" (1997), and she is a regular contributor to several journals including "Genealogical Computing." Since 1996, she has been a study tour leader, course coordinator, and instructor for the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research at Samford University. She teaches online for the family history program of Vermont College and has lectured at conferences in Canada, the United States, and Australia. She is past president of the Association of Professional Genealogists.

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Your Daily Dose of Genealogy for 20 January 2005**

You can view this issue of the "Ancestry Daily News" online **

my own digital Library

the Digital Reference Library
the books are mostly in Danish or Swedish

NEW links:-

Salmonsens konversationsleksikon / Anden Udgave second edition (1915-1930)
Bind VII: Elektriske Sporveje - Fiesole

Digitale Bøger på Statsbiblioteket AARHUS:
DjVu plugin

Danske Gårde 1. samling starting with Aarhus Kommune and much more in 5 volumes

Danske Gårde 2. samling starts with Hasle herred in 4 volumes

Danske Gårde 3. samling continues with Onsild Herred in 5 volumes

Vort sogns historie - Indholdsfortegnelse Contents - published as a series 1950-58

Vort sogns historie

Project Runeberg: Recently Published Titles

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at the time of the Roskilde festival summer 2004
I got a guitar for my daughter.
and 4 weeks ago for myself - so now we are a 4 guitar family

read more about it in my new blog.-
Academy of English and Music

Gary Horlacher, doktorstudent og slægtsforsker,
Valley City, Utah - his danish research aids and other stuif has been moved to here

This wonderful Denmark web site was originally developed by Gary Horlacher. He has since handed it over to ProGenealogists's care. Mr. Horlacher is still working on a project cataloguing information on LDS Emigration for Danish and other nationalities.

Professional Genealogists at the Family History Library!
Expert professional genealogists with experience, knowledge and access to millions of records are ready to assist you in United States, Canadian and European research!
Our team conducts family history and genealogy research at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City and in archives across the world.

We are specialists engaged in genealogical research who work with other well-skilled genealogists located at several major archives and libraries. We are well versed in using the resident record collections and we have a solid understanding about genealogy records that are readily available and best for meeting your research goals.

Members of our group specialize in researching and documenting family histories; including all aspects of United States research, immigration, European, Canadian, lineage societies, colonial research, and Medieval British research.
ProGenealogists can also help with detailed and thorough genealogy record searches.
If you are having difficulty with any aspect of your family history, please feel free to contact us. There are many professional genealogists and family historians available. If we cannot help you directly, we can offer you suggestions about what to do next.

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- Other maritime links: "Mynegai Morwyr Cymru

Welsh Mariners Index"
WIRKSWORTH-Parish Records 1608-1899-1901 Enumerator:
A 1901 Enumerator

"During the past week one of our representatives has had a chat with several of the gentlemen who have been engaged as enumerators in the borough of Chesterfield, and there appeared to be almost an unanimous opinion that they had seen quite enough of the census for the ten years, and moreover if they lived for another decade they would not undertake the work again. " continues

from one of the best One-Place studies
WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900, Frontpage: "The Genealogy and Local History of the Wirksworth Area, Derbyshire, England from 1600 to 1900 listing 420,000+ original records "

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Haunstrup - en landsby i Vækstjylland

Igi Batch søg form: "Find IGI / VRI Batch-numre for Skandinavien"

Databasen indeholder 8.010 danske, 5.596 svenske og 2.501 norske poster.

Samtlige danske IGI og VRI Batch-numre i C, M, J og K serierne fra 200.000 til 226.500
Samtlige svenske IGI og VRI Batch-numre i C, M, J og K serierne fra 400.000 til 420.000
Samtlige norske IGI og VRI Batch-numre i C, M, J og K serierne fra 420.000 til 430.000
Samtlige svenske IGI og VRI Batch-numre i C, M, J og K serierne fra 430.000 til 440.000
Et mindre antal norske "special extractions" fra Rogalands Län i 7440000 serien.

Hugh Wallis was the pionerer
IGI Batch Numbers - British Isles and North America

[Research Guidance: Denmark - Research Outline] Research Guidance Version Of Data : 6/8/2001
from my email:-

re Danish Archives FAQ

This is a mammoth project and well-done!
Thanks for sharing.

Your reference to Ancestral File at needs to be updated
and a description of the new database, Pedigree Resource File, should be

I quote the following:

a.. Ancestral File.
This file contains family history information linked in
family groups and pedigrees that has been contributed since 1979. There are
millions of names in this file. You are invited to contribute your family
history information to Ancestral File. For more information, see the
publication Contributing Information to Ancestral File, available at the
Family History Library and at Family History Centers. >>>

The Ancestral File database is still available for use at the above website
and any FHC with Internet capability but corrections and additions are no
longer being accepted; thus, the publication referred to is no longer in
print. If the pamphlet is available at an FHC, it is no longer useful. The
replacement for this database is Pedigree Resource File - a growing
collection of individually submitted genealogies.

Ancestral File had its problems of duplications and incorrect data. This
was a submitter problem that escalated when the contributed records from
various members of a common family were merged and their data did not agree.
Families grew with extra children and marriages increased with extra
spouses! Neither the Family History Library nor any other compiler that I
know of corrects or verifies any submitted data. This would be a physically
impossible task for any organization. Accuracy and proof are the
submitter's and user's dual responsibilities. Nevertheless, Anc. File is
still a great source to use as a starter. As you analyze the collective
data for a family line, you will learn research techniques and get
acquainted with your ancestors plus an occasional family member that is
still alive and well.

Ped. Res. File is organized on a totally different system. Anyone may
submit records along with notes and sources, if desired. Records are
submitted only online at . A submitter may include
their contact address to permit a two-way interaction between themselves and
interested researchers. Each set of submitted records is kept intact. Only
the submitter may correct or add to their own records. If I have additions
or objections to data submitted by someone else, I can submit my own data
and include a reason for the noted change, deletion, or addition. All
submitted records for a common person are posted as separate searchable
entities when a person initiates a search for a name. Researchers may do
their own selection of data from the posted sets.

Each Family History Center probably has a complete set of PRF discs which
any patron may use free of charge. These also are sold in sets of five and
an updated master index is included with the set. The collection is now up
to about 100 discs with approximately one million names per disk. The
system seems to be working great.

Thanks much to all of you for your contributions.


from my email:-
Kære webklubbere

Godt nytår til jer alle. Her de seneste nyheder på arkivfronten:

Introduktionskurser på Landsarkivet
Så er der igen åbent for tilmeldinger for introduktionerne på landsarkivet. Se mere på

Foredrag på Landsarkivet

Programmet for forårets foredrag på landsarkivet er på gaden.

Se mere på

HUSK at hovedlæsesalen lukkes kl. 15.00 de dage, hvor der er foredrag. Det drejer sig i denne sæson om 2. februar, 23. februar og 20. april.

Brugermøde på Landsarkivet
Sæt kryds i kalenderen. Landsarkivets årlige brugermøde afholdes i 2005 onsdag den 9. marts kl. 15. Dette års taler vil være Jytte Skåning, der fortæller om de to forskningsprojekter, som hun arbejder med. Nærmere detaljer følger, enten på landsarkivets hjemmeside eller i webklubben.

At bruge arkivet på Rigsarkivets hjemmeside
Hele området At bruge arkivet på Rigsarkivets hjemmeside har undergået en omfattende revision. Af de mest afgørende ændringer kan nævnes.

• En helt ny indgang til siderne, se

• Nye sider som fortæller, hvilke arkivalier vi har på Rigsarkivet, og hvilke hjælpemidler vi har til at finde netop de arkivalier, som I gerne vil have fat i, se

• Udvidet vejledning til bestillingen af arkivalier, se

• Helt nye sider om vores publikumsfaciliteter, se

• Alfabetisk indgang til sider om mange forskellige arkivrelevante emner, se

(Oplysninger om udvalgte emner).

Vi håber, at I tager godt imod siderne, som gerne skulle være mere brugervenlige end de gamle.

Vi modtager gerne ris og ros - se rubrikken på Rigsarkivets forside

Udsætterprotokollerne fra Fødselsstiftelsen
Der går rygter ude i byen om, at Rigsarkivet skulle have modtaget nye udsætterprotokoller.

Dette er IKKE rigtigt, men vi skulle gerne modtage en del udsætterprotokoller i 2. kvartal 2005.

Spørgsmålet om adgang til protokollerne er under behandling.

Kopier af nord-tyske kirkebøger på Rigsarkivet
I forlængelse af et TV-program har vi fået mange henvendelser som går på, at vi skulle have modtaget nord-tyske kirkebøger i kopi. Dette er desværre heller IKKE rigtigt. Statens Arkiver har indgået aftale om at modtage mikrofilm, efterhånden som kirkebøgerne bliver filmet. Der er derimod ikke taget stilling til, hvor mange kopier Statens Arkiver vil anskaffe, og hvor disse kopier bliver opstillet. I vil naturligvis få besked, når der foreligger en afklaring.

Historier fra Kongehusets arkiv
Rigsarkivet har i år etableret et samarbejde med Folkeuniversitetet om en foredragsrække med 'Historier fra Kongehusets arkiv'. Det betyder, at deltagelse i foredragsrækken er mod betaling og tilmelding skal ske via Folkeuniversitetet. Der er så stor interesse for foredragsrækken, at den faktisk er blevet overtegnet på kun en uge. Det er derfor ikke længere muligt at tilmelde sig.

Vi beklager meget, at tilbuddet ikke gik ud til webklubben noget tidligere, men den store interesse kom noget bag på os. For at råde bod på skaden, arbejder vi på at kunne gentage foredragsrækken til efteråret - og her vil webklubben være DE FØRSTE, der for besked.

Læs mere om indholdet af foredragsrækken på

Nye webmoduler på Statens Arkivers hjemmeside
Vi har i forlængelse af serien 'Slavernes Slægt' på DR2 (søndag aften) udarbejdet et webmodul om vestindisk genealogi, se

Der er desuden i forlængelse af efterårets foredrag om herregårde og herregårdsliv lavet et webmodul om herregårde og godsarkiver, se

God fornøjelse

Med venlig hilsen

Webklubben ved Landsarkivet for Sjælland mm

Google Search: Maria Koutousova: "Countess Maria Koutousova"

Mrs Google asked:-Did you mean to search for: Maria Katsova
Google Search: Maria Katsova NO !!
Danish Archives FAQ updated today and every link checked
==== DENMARK Mailing List ====
ATTN NEWCOMERS! MANY of your questions are answered on the FAQ page.

The Denmark List FAQ page of the Denmark List. Here you will find answers to many of your questions and links to the many resources available on the net.
The Danish List Links Page updated

Online Parish Churchbooks
The Danish Archives have started scanning parish churchbooks, and making them available online! So far 23 books are online with scans that can be viewed for each page. The interface is in Danish but very easy to figure out. Imagine the convenience of not having to depend on the delivery of microfilm to family history centers. Bravo to the Danish Archives!!

Statens Arkivers Arkivalieronline

changes at DNKCEN

Site History dnkcen updated January 1 2004 Hugh Watkins AND FROZEN

Danish Census welcome updated April 3 2004 Hugh Watkins AND FROZEN

Danish parish registers and census online helpupdated December 1 2004 Hugh Watkins FROZEN

useful sites
På Sporet af Slægten!

Paula Goodfellow to DENMARK-L
replying to Are things like Danish census' on the Internet? How access?

There is a partial transcription online at

That site is free.

There are also scanned images, with no index, organized by parish, for
much of the census at .
You'll need to register for a user name and password.
When you have that, you can look at those images.

You'll also need to download a TIFF viewer if you don't have

Here's instructions to using the site, which someone else posted
earlier today:
"Go to the main page;, and type in
your email and password in the upper right and click login.

When the page refreshes,
click on Søg i kirkebøger (for church books) or
Søg i folketællinger (for census records).

If you choose kirkebøger,
you will get a new page that allows you to choose the Amt/Herred/Sogn,
then you will get a list of time periods for the church records of that parish
so click on one of those.

A new page will appear with an Opslag dropdown menu,
and since it's impossible to tell which of the XXX
opslag is the one that has what you're looking for, you will have to
guess, view it, choose another, view that, etc.

Keep in mind that births of males are grouped together, followed by births of females,
and the same is true for confirmations and deaths.

When you're done looking at church books and want to look at the census,
click on Søg i folketællinger in the upper left of any page,
choose the year and location from the dropdown menus,
and click Hent Oplysninger.
When the page refreshes, you'll get the familiar Opslag dropdown menu, and
again, you'll have to guess, look, guess again."

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Danish sea captains, mates and able seamen, 1707-1839

from my email:-
Eric Boysen has just put on his web site a database
of 13800 Danish sea captains, mates and able seamen who took the
navigation examination between 1707-1839 and made it searchable by name
and birthplace. Search results give name, birthplace, age, date of
examination, and sometimes other details. Patronymics that are used as
middle names are found in the surname (efternavn) field. There is also
a searchable database of ships for about the same time period, giving
the name, type and size, year and place build, notes and links to the
captains who sailed on them. Eric has done a lot of work, and I hope
people on this list find some useful data.

=== from DENMARK Mailing List ====
ATTN NEWCOMERS! Meet the DDD, the DEA and more on the FAQ page.
Click here.

HeritageQuest - Heritage Finder Genealogy Research Tool

Indexed Digital Microfilm Products with surname lapham:

Year Results Product
1790 35
First Census of the United States, 1790
1800 46
Second Census of the United States, 1800
1810 57
Third Census of the United States, 1810
1870 379
Ninth Census of the United States, 1870
1910 602
Thirteenth Census of the United States, 1910

Other Index Products with surname lapham:

Year Result Product
Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Index
1800-1941 7
Indiana Vital Records Death Index, 1800-1941
1691-1850 6
United States Marriage Index, 1691-1850
1870 8
Canadians in the 1870 Census
1870 8
Irish in the 1870 Census

Heritage Finder reflects the most current master database of HeritageQuest extractions to date.

HeritageQuest - About Us: "

Founded in 1983 by Bradley and Raeone Steuart, HeritageQuest is the largest genealogical data provider in the United States and a leading purveyor of data, products, supplies and equipment to consumers and institutions.

On August 15, 2001 ProQuest Company purchased HeritageQuest from Sierra On-Line, Inc., a division of Vivendi Universal Publishing. Combined with ProQuest resources, HeritageQuest represents the most comprehensive collection of genealogical information available anywhere.

HeritageQuest employs over 85 people and its source document holdings have soared to over 250,000 titles strong, making it America's largest genealogical information provider. The company is dedicated to producing high-use data, landmark publications, general reference books and timely, informative periodicals for genealogy enthusiasts at every level."

ProQuest Information and Learning - ProQuest, UMI, Chadwyck-Healey, and XanEdu

HeritageQuest - Genealogy 101: "Don't know how to begin piecing together your own family history? Take a quick course in genealogy with this easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorial."
Statens Arkivers Arkivalieronline
census - folketælling
1787 Er på nettet -is on line
1801 Er på nettet
1834 Er på nettet
1840 Er på nettet
1850 Er på nettet
1855 Er på nettet
1860 Er på nettet

which means Danish parish registers and census online help badly needs updating
Jens V. Olsens Genealogi-side

Min egen slægtsforskning
Det første besøg på Rigsarkivet skete 18. oktober 1954, hvor jeg fandt et par aner i nogle folketællinger.
Fra 1960 haves samtlige arkivoptegnelser i 24 kvartprotokoller.
Mit første store forskningsområde (i 1960-erne) var Nordby sogn på Fanø.
Hovedforskningsområdet nu er Limfjordsøen Fur.
Har etableret Fuur Samlingen, en lokal- og personalhistorisk kildesamling m.m.
Vore aner . . .

The Fuur Collection

The Fuur Collection is a private collection of local-history and genalogical information. The collection is concentrated around one single parish, the island Fur (older form: Fuur) in Denmark. The island is located in the fjord Limfjorden in the northern part of Jutland.

The collection cover the period from the 16th century until today.
Jens V. Olsens GEDHTanc projekt

from Gedcom to website