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Americans' Fascination with Family History is Rapidly Growing, Inc. - Press Releases: "People are going to the Internet in record numbers in order to find, share and preserve their family history,' said David Moon, chairman and chief executive officer of, Inc. 'With more than 4 billion records online today and more becoming available everyday, MyFamily is making it easier for people to not only find their ancestors, but also discover the stories and details of their lives.'"

Heraldry of the Bowdler Family

various Bowdler Arms

the first decent family heraldry page I have come across
(excepting the royals and so on).


The United Grand Lodge of England

The Masonic Province of Monmouthshire

Succession of Provincial Grand Masters and Deputies

Provincial Grand Masters

1753 R. Cornwall, M.P.
1801 Col. H. Harnage
1831 Col. C.J. Kemys-Tynte, M.P.
1863 J.E.W. Rolls
1870 Col. C. Lyne
1901 H.M. Kennard
1912 F. Phillips
1937 R.H.B. Parnall
1942 Lt.Col. J.E. Bishop, O.B.E.
1952 Col. E.R. Hill, D.S.O., J.P., M.A.
1979 Col. M. Jones, O.B.E., T.D., D.L.
1992 D.C. Powell
1999 M.J. Hughes

Deputy Provincial Grand Masters

1818 Rev. J.A. Gabb
1845 C.W. de Barnaby
1850 J.E.W. Rolls
1863 Col. C. Lyne
1871 Capt. S.G. Homfray
1894 Lt.Col. C.R. Lyne
1903 F. Phillips
1912 L.H. Hornby
1929 J.E.G. Lawrence
1931 R.H.B. Parnall
1937 S.A. Meacock
1958 G.W. Bell
1974 W.J.H. Smith
1987 G. Rees
1991 A.J. Day
1996 M.J. Hughes
1999 G.J. Morgan
2003 A. Williams, J.P.

both my grandfathere were freemasons
Alfred Henry Watkins b: 13 AUG 1862 in Llanvair Kilgeddin, Monmouthshire AMW BB d: 2 JAN 1935 in Usk Mon

A Brief History of the Masonic Province of Monmouthshire: "The Province of Monmouthshire was first designated as such in 1753, 36 years after the formation of the United Grand Lodge of England in London from the disparate societies which had been meeting in hostelries prior to that date. The Provincial Grand Master, Sir Robert de Cornwall of Berrington, was then shared with the Provinces of Worcester, Salop, Gloucester and Hereford. Since then, the Provinces have grown and now have their own Provincial Grand Masters."

Regrettably we are unable to offer support in researching information about family members, either present or past.

Alfred Thomas Lapham b: 15 OCT 1872 in 15 Campbell Street Bristol BS2 8XE Clifton Dec 1872 6a 78 AMW BB "Daddy" d: 30 JUL 1961 in Sun 1830 Thornbury Hospital

Event: Freemason 5 DEC 1906 St Andrews Lodge 2541 Avonmouth
Event: Freemason 3 OCT 1906
Event: Freemason 25 JAN 1907 Alfreduno T Lapham 568
Event: Freemason 25 JAN 1907 recorded Grand Lodge London

The United Grand Lodge of England is the governing body of Freemasonry in England, Wales and the Channel Islands. Its headquarters are at:

Freemasons’ Hall
Great Queen Street
London WC2B 5AZ
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7831 9811
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7831 6021
The United Grand Lodge of England: "The Library and Archives are open for reference use. They contain a comprehensive collection of printed books and manuscripts on Freemasonry in England as well as material on Freemasonry elsewhere in the world and on subjects associated with Freemasonry or with mystical and esoteric traditions. "

on my todo list but low down

The Library and Museum of Freemasonry
Open to the Public, Free of Charge - Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm

Freemasons' Hall
60 Great Queen Street

020 7395 9257

020 7404 7418

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DNA Dig Begins Next Week

Gosnold DNA Dig Begins Next Week--Historic Jamestowne: "The first ever excavation to retrieve DNA from remains in a church in the UK for a scientific project begins next week (Monday 13th June). Archaeologists from Suffolk and the United States will begin a careful operation to recover a small fragment of the skeleton of Elizabeth Gosnold Tilney, the sister of Captain Bartholomew Gosnold, the Suffolk entrepreneur who led the expedition to establish the first permanent English-speaking colony in the New World and the birthplace of the United States of America.
In 1607, Gosnold's group landed at Jamestown in what is now Virginia, but died a few months later. He is considered the most overlooked of the country's founders.
The remains of a 17th century captain were uncovered in 2003 by the APVA Preservation Virginia at Historic Jamestowne on Jamestown Island. Backed by the National Geographic Society, the unique project starting at Shelley church next week, aims to prove that the captain in Virginia is the USA's Founding Father."

Software & Computerslinks

new version

Normanton on Soar Notts. England One Place Study

well done Nottinghamshire England

This website also contains photographs and material submitted by other researchers who have an interest in Normanton on Soar. (See acknowledgement below).

Do you have any photos, information or stray Normanton on Soar people? If so please feel free to forward me the details for inclusion on this website. Any little piece of information would be most welcome and in turn could possibly help someone with their family research or locate a missing ancestor.

selecting the right genealogical software

Genealogy Software Review 2005
but like all a bit out of date

some errors FTM 2005 does havea pedigree view
Family Tree Maker Software vesion 11

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des familles canadiennes depuis la fondation de la colonie jusqu'à nos jours

Dictionnaire généalogique

Dictionnaire généalogique des familles canadiennes depuis la fondation de la colonie jusqu'à nos jours
par l'abbé C. Tanguay,...
Province de Québec (Montréal) : E. Sénécal, Imprimeur-éditeur, 1871-1890.
7 v.

Sujet(s): * Canadiens français -- Généalogies -- Dictionnaires * Québec (Province) -- Généalogies -- Dictionnaires * Nouvelle-France -- Généalogies -- Dictionnaires * Louisiane -- Généalogies -- Dictionnaires*

Bibliothèque nationale du Québec - Accueil

Our West Country Family

Jim and Gina's Family

Lotus FastSite made these home pages, but the pages are missing a head with a title and meta tags.

Jim's maternal ancestors first appear in Owermoigne in mid 18th Century. They gradually move out over Dorset to Osmington, Winfrith, Poole, Bere Regis and Bryantspuddle. In the 20th Century the family start moving around the country, Somerset, Wiltshire, Lancashire and Buckinghamshire.

Gina's family originate? In Devon, Somerset and Gloucester, with branches in Wiltshire and South Wales..

So far as we can tell, with the exception of ourselves and our sons, we have removed all living persons from our trees.

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Thomas Elkington His Book 1758

Thomas Elkington His Book 1758: "Notes from the pocket book of a Warwickshire bailiff. Farnborough, 1758."

The distance from Farnborough to Banbury is about 6 miles (10 Km.)
which is why I didn't know that village.
I was born in the extreme north of old Warwickshire

Lolland-Falster's slægtsdatabase

Lolland-Falster's slægtsdatabase

En scannet udgave af Danske i Amerika af P.S.Vig mfl., udgivet i ca 1916 af
C. Rasmussen Publishing Company i Minneapolis & Chicago

Nu er første del af Bind I ( ca 460 sider )også lagt ud på hjemmesiden
sammen med hele Bind II

some technique means i cannot link to it directly
so play with the left sidebar menu

Military History Online - Civil War Genealogy Database

Military History Online - Civil War Genealogy Database:
"In the long history of the British Army, the Battle of the Somme was its bloodiest encounter.

Between July 1 and mid-November 1916, 432,000 of its soldiers became casualties - about 3,600 for every day of battle.

German casualties were far fewer despite British superiority in the air and in lethal artillery. What went wrong for the British, and who was responsible? Robin Prior and Trevor Wilson have examined... "

Russian genealogy

Russian genealogy: "
Digging up your Russian roots
If you have family roots in Russia, you are in good company. Between 1820 and 1992, according to data from the US Immigration and Naturalization Service, some 3,512,332 individuals emigrated from Russia to the United States, most of them around the turn of the century (2.5 million between 1897 and World War I)."

Russian archives: "It is very difficult for modern genealogists to understand the types of archival records created in the Russian Empire prior to 1917, which may serve specifically as sources for genealogical information today.
The most important factor for understanding lies in the existence of a class structure of the population formulated by Russian law. The population of the empire was divided into these several class groups:"

1. The Nobility
2. The Clergy

3. The Merchants. The right to belong to this class was limited to the most affluent and was determined by the size of their fortunes.

4. The Remaining Population. Comprising the basic majority of the population, this included two basic groups:

a.) townsmen, petty bourgeois merchants, craftsmen, and workers in urban areas, small towns and villages; and

b.) peasants in the rural areas of Russian Empire, representing more than 90% of the total population.

Each class had its own representative body such as the Noble Assembly and the Merchants and Tradesmen Councils, or a corresponding government institutions such as those for peasant affairs. In accordance with these classes, groups of records were also created by various state and class institutions.

The Pedigree Resource File FAQ

The Pedigree Resource File FAQ (for mailing list and for the CDs also).

The Pedigree Resource File is a new lineage-linked pedigree file containing genealogical data. Like the well-known Ancestral File, it contains pedigrees and family group sheet data in electronic form. Unlike the Ancestral File it (1) contains notes and source documentation, which varies in thoroughness, etc., and (2) only contains the data as of that moment. Data is not updated from CD to CD unless the submitter resubmits it for inclusion on anther CD

Some may assume that because the LDS Church publishes the CDs that the lions share of the data would come from LDS members. In fact it's exactly the opposite. Current information indicates that about 75 percent of the data is not from LDS member sources and submissions but from other non-LDS people who have submitted their ancestors' data. It has never at any time mattered whether a person was LDS or not when it came to accepting data.

U.S. Gazetteer

U.S. Census Bureau

This gazetteer is used to identify places to view with the Tiger Map Server and obtain census data from the 1990 Census Lookup server. You can search for places, counties or MCDs by entering the name and state abbreviation (optional), or 5-digit zip code.
Note: ZIP code boundaries do not necessarily match place boundries.

Born 1806 London - died 1857 Adelaide.

Boykett Family Welcome Page

and a member of this WebRing: hub for the Gum Tree Genealogy Ring targeting Australian genealogy sites.

Are there any tips for repairing a damaged file?


My Family File may be damaged or corrupted. Can you give me any steps to repair the file?


Cause:A damaged family file or data corruption can often result in the occurrence of a number of program errors. Most often the "bad" data is brought into a family file through merging unchecked files, improper shut-downs of Family Tree Maker or Windows, a virus or through other existing damaged files.
The easiest way to recover from file damage is always to restore a backup of your data from the time prior to when the damage occurred. We recommend that our members protect themselves against data loss by maintaining a good backup system. For tips on backing up your data, click here.

If you do not have any backups of your data, you can try to remove the damage from your current file. Not all types of file damage can be recovered. However, we have had some success in recovering many damaged files using the steps below.


and thanks to drDan on this list GENCMP-L at

RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists: GENCMP: "Topic: Gatewayed with the soc.genealogy.computing' newsgroup for the discussion of genealogical computing and net resources."

like Google Groups : soc.genealogy.computing

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Normanton on Soar One-Place-Study

Normanton on Soar One-Place-Study
I love one place studies
this one near Loughborough where I spent 3 years studying

from my email.-
On 6/11/05, Barry Carlson NZ wrote:

Your Normanton on Soar-one-place-study link is broken on your Blog page. Change the Index to index.html

Tthat is the webmaster's fault
when you change an URL
ALWAYS put a redirect in the place of the old

This time I fixed it but normally, I would not bother
he better put a rediect in NOW to help other copies of the post in the archives where

I hate webmasters who are also equally inconsiderate :-(

what is convenient site mangement in the back office
is often dumb on the web