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Daughters of the American Revolution

DAR National Society

The DAR, founded in 1890, is a volunteer women's service organization dedicated to promoting patriotism, preserving American history, and securing America's future through better education for children.

As the most inclusive lineal society in the country, DAR boasts 168,000 members in 3,000 chapters across the United States and internationally.

DAR Library - GRC Online Index 880 LAPHAM - many of which are in mss of cemetery records

House & Building Histories

Cyndi's List

some researchers study a place rather than their own ancestors

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Work done in June 2005

I updated the front page and the map room

a new section Hugh's Rough Guide to danish maps on line
the Digital Reference Library

broken links fixed
Project Runeberg
used to come to you from LYSATOR at Linköping University in Sweden.


see also
RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: NORGAARD index

Karl Georg Nørgaard

Rasmus Madsen Lahn (his foster father)

I used

and after editing around line 186 it now works as it should
and we have a much improved google presence

result here
which google frequently checks for updates
needs mozilla or netscape to view

(4) search "hugh watkins" in google to see my other stuff
rootsweb lists, ancestry boards boards and usenet groups
not the professor etc

future plans

I want to see
Trap-Danmark digitised

det Kongelige Postbog from 1897 on line

(much used as a place name handbook danish in archive search rooms)
I am negotiating with
who have two copies (not in REX) but don't allow out of house scanning
because of the damage risk to book spines


Historical directories of Copenhagen and Denmark on line
about every 10 years

I visited the Lyngby headquarters of
their museum is closed to the general public

Historical Directories
Digital collection of eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth-century local
and trade directories from England and Wales. Provided by the University of ...

paid for by Lottery money

a volunteer effort

Samarbeidsavtale mellom Riksarkivaren og DIS-Norge

Samarbeidsavtale mellom Riksarkivaren og DIS-Norge om dataregistrering og formidling av norsk kirkeboksmateriale

More news on the 1911 Canadian Census

from my Bristol_and_Somerset Mailing List email by Pat Marshall:-

For the many who have asked about when the 1911 will be available, below isa note from the National Archives in Ottawa. We have waited this long so Iguess we can handle another couple of months!The good news is that the bill that passed will allow access to all censusrecords between 1911 & 2001, 92 years after each census took place.I guess all I can say is have patience, it's coming soon!Pat
"Library and Archives Canada has received the official transfer of the1911 census records from Statistics Canada. To facilitate access tothese records, a number of standard policies and procedures need to befollowed before the product is launched. We are working very hard torelease this information to researchers and the general public asquickly as possible. We hope to do this by early August."

my ancester WAS a hangover

RootsWeb Message Boards [ General ]:

"Looking at censuses and wondering what these things are.

I am assuming Hangovers are roofing?
I believe my relative was a carpenter.
Is Gaardmand a location or a job descirption?"

from the Danish connection

index: "Bodil & Arne Nielsen's
Homepage" Mine rødder er -

Thursday, June 30, 2005


Hej Anita

for Danish stuff another time you best best post to:- Boards > Localities > Scandinavian and Baltic States > Denmark > Counties > Nordjylland localities.scan-balt.denmark.counties.nordjylland

which includes Hjørring today

or the Danish Census board or Denmark general board

Localities not Surnames Denmark

county Aalborg district Kaerparish ULSTED (hint find the church books)village ULSTED

a house number 41 census in 1880
line 2 and 3
there are displayed the following fields (from the database)
Name, Age,Civil status, position in the household, occupation, place of birth

Ingeborg Kirstine LEVISDATTER, 48 years iold, Separated, housewife, does casual jobs on one day hire, enjoys poor relief, born in Ulsted parish

Jens NEILSEN, 24, single, her child, [no occupation shown], born in this parish ie ULSTED

Maren Petrea Larsine NEILSEN, 22, single her child, (born ) here in the parish

Lars Christian HANSEN 11 single, her child, here in the parish

Kristianne Margrethe HANSEN 11 single, her child, here in the parish

[*probably* her parents]
Levi CHISTENSEN 78 married, brushmaker
[could be blind, frail or with bad eyesight] receiving poor relief from the parish, born in DRONNINGLUND parish

Else Kirstine Juul LARSDATTER, 75 married, his wife, born in LAESOE [= LÆSØ the island I think]

if you don't know about danish patronymics yet
I have a FAQ for you here
Danish personal names and naming FAQ

do explore the rest of the site
Danish Census and Church Books : Welcome
interpretation THERE ARE NO SURNAMES in use in this family

1 generationCHRISTEN
2 his son is LEVI
3 his daughter is INGEBORG KIRSTINE
who has had two or three relationships in ULSTED

who is the father of

and with
3 HANS who is the father of
and with another - or the same
who is the father of

3 PETREA LARSINE means there may be an ancestor of her fathercalled 1 PETER LARSENor PEDER or LARS

2 Else Kirstine Juul LARSDATTER
her father is LARS
and possibly his or her mother's father is JUUL
forget about surnames from here backwards

Niels may be a Neils Jensen
his father Jens Nielsen
and his father Neils Jensen
his father Jens Nielsen
and his father Neils Jensen
his father Jens Nielsen
and his father Neils Jensen
until the records run out

very careful research is needed with exact dates and occuaptions to avoid errors

later when she is buried
Ingeborg Kirstine LEVISDATTER
may be Ingeborg Kirstine NEISLEN
or Ingeborg Kirstine HANSEN
in the church bookss
or even Ingeborg Kirstine ULSTED

in answer too:-
attached to posting


Author: anita oliva
Date: 29 Jun 2005 11:20 PM GMT

Classification: Query
Post Reply Mark Unread Report Abuse
Print Message
I am in need for someone to interpret the attached file from Danish to English
Thank you

updates on dnkcen

MAPS of Denmark

my virtual library updated and broken links fixed

danish census on cd-rom

Folketællinger på cdrom
now FT1787 - FT1801 og FT1803 - FT1845 - DDD6

4 cd-rom available

Der kan tegnes abonnement på alle cd-rommer udgivet efter februar 2005.

De indtastede folketællinger udgives på cd-rom som semikolon-separerede filer og kan læses af alle systemer.
which means they may be run from the cd-rom installed to your own hard disk

immigrants Udvandrer: Kræver installation af fritekstsøgeprogram, der følger med cd-rommen. Fast pris: 210 kr.

Index of Counties (Amter), Districts (Herreder) and Parishes (Sogne) in Denmark

Index of Counties (Amter), Districts (Herreder) and Parishes (Sogne) in Denmark

This page is outdated. Please refer to
DIS-Danmark: Amt-Herred-Sogn

a rough guide to danish maps on line

been busy updating this as I write FAQ 246teaminifaq FAQ 246teaminifaq
fell over this

via Diverse kort 246korsholm

see the dangers of and Facts About Dihydrogen Monoxide
Part of the blame lies with the public and society at large. Many do not take the time to understand Dihydrogen Monoxide, and what it means to their lives and the lives of their families. ROTFL

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Canada Census Records 1911

Canada Census Records: "1835 - 1851 - 1861 - 1871 - 1881 - 1891 - 1901- 1906 - 1940 - 1918
1906 Census of Canada has been released! Join in the transcription efforts and let us know your plans. Don't duplicate the work of others. Read about the AFHS Census Challenge. 1911 Census Challenge underway."
from my email

Forgive the cross posting, but I just had to share my happiness!

There is great news for those searching for relatives who may have come to Canada.
It appears that the bill to have open access to the 1911 census has passed both the Senate & the House of Commons and we shall shortly have access to these records.

A time of great jubilation for all those who worked so tirelessly on this project nad my hat is off to them all!

It has been a long wait but worth it in the end
Break out the champagne!!!!!!!

Pat Marshall
Ontario, Canada

ShoeString Genealogy

new picture

What's New: 29-Jun-05

On Monday, 04-Jun-05, GENTREK will discuss "Researching 20th Century US Military - pt. 2." Make a note of the new chatroom: Genealogy Come join the discussion! 9pm-10pm EDT on AOL.

Jayne McCormick has contributed another Crossword Puzzle — a Nautical Theme, this time.

Site recommendation: Visit the newly created Genealogy Community website.
Genealogy Community

My Abridged Tiny Tafel is completed
. If you see a surname, timeframe, and location that matches your family, send me an email and we'll sort out our cousinry!

Dae Powell: Tiny Tafel

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Influence of Dramatic Climate Shifts on European Civilizations:

Determining the Climate Record - the Little Ice Age:
"The barometer and thermometer were invented by Torricelli and Galileo, respectively, in the first half of the seventeenth century.

Early rain gauges being used to record precipitation were sometimes exposed on roofs, which led to inaccurate readings due to splashing out and to loss of water via evaporation. (These problems led Englishman Richard Townley in 1676 to lead a pipe down through his house so he could accurately measure the rain from his own bedroom!)

Therefore, in order to determine earlier climate, investigators infer the climate record from physical and biological fossil data including, among others, oxygen isotope ratios detected in ice cores, tree-ring dating, ice flow and glacier data, and archeological discoveries, and also from records intended for other purposes such as weather diaries, shipping logs, tax records, crop production and pricing records, allusions to climate in art and literature, etc.
A careful examination of the climate record reveals that Europe experienced a prolonged warm period known as the Medieval Warm Period (hereafter referred to as MWP) between the years 600 and 1150,
cooling of the climate between the years 1150 and 1460,
a brief warming between the years 1460 and 1560,
followed by dramatic cooling known as the Little Ice Age (hereafter referred to as LIA) between the years 1560 and 1850. "

which means your ancestors starved, and had an incentive to move when wheat and rye prices peaked.
This also part of the background of social unrest leading to the franch Revolution

The romantic pictures of a frozen river Thames in London hide real suffering and starvation

Do read the whole of this fine site - relevant to global warming today too.

Possible Causes for Climate Change
Vikings During the Medieval Warm Period
The End of the Vikings in Greenland
Decline of the Vikings in Iceland
The Little Ice Age in Europe
Works Cited

Vital records 1 july 1837 to about 1911 for ENGLAND and WALES

FreeBMD : Coverage Chart BIRTHS : "The FreeBMD Database was last updated on Thu 16 Jun 2005 and currently contains 102,832,257 distinct records (124,244,074 total records). "

FreeBMD : Coverage Chart MARRIAGES

FreeBMD : Coverage Chart DEATHS

the percentages can be up to 3% out, for example a percentage of 60% could in reality be anything between 57% and 63%. However, most of the time the percentages are within 2%. :: ??????? ???????? :: ??????? ????????
I can't read russian
and the Blog This button in google toolbar
can't even do charset=utf-8

This came about like this
from my email :-

I need to verify some family records in the Festiniog area at the County Record office. Could someone refer me person or persons who do research on a fee basis.
Herschuel Howell, USA

my answer:-

Hi Herschuel

I would suggest you enquire on the rootsweb county list or the local FHS

local genealogy is very much on a county by county basis in UK
especially if before 1 July 1837 local knowledge is the key.

After that date civil registration and certifcates (official
copiescopies of bmd registry entries) dominates UK research
but before 1874 a percentage of births are not registered
1841 to 1901 census provide many short cuts and family groups

As you go back around our republican days and earlier
(Olive Cromwell - King Charles II)
only records related to land ownership, inheritance, courts,
nobility, heraldry and royalty tend to survive


Howell is a classic welsh patronymic name
so (without location and occupation data)

mostly not related to each other

Jones is the Smith of Wales
and so
the many John Jones marrying Mary Jones need meticulous attention to
detail to avoid errrors - basically avoid pedigree and exhaust the
full breadth of resources

Don't fall for the marketing ploys of the DNA test salesmen.


by coincidence I maintain Merionethshire WalesGenWeb

do read all the links in


and please let me know (here is OK) of errors that you find

Alwyn ap Huw was a great help to that site

- ap huw = son of Huw (HUGH) became Powell (or Howell?)

see also
for his email address

BTW many welsh patronymics in IGI are invented and do not exist in the records
after all it is an INDEX so use it to find and look up original
records or images)

UK county boundaries get redrawn from time to time
use GENUKI as the standard for this purpose

Gwynedd Family History Society
(their site is down today)


Gwynedd FHS

which as a the search string
works well in google

you may have problenms with

extra-parochial places

and / or
Extraparochial or "Extra parochial"
extra-parochial liberty
extra-parochial district

Midloe was extra-parochial, and it still is for ecclesiastical purposes.
The civil parish of Midloe was abolished in 1935 to help create the
Southoe and Midloe civil parish.

The parish of Midloe occupied some 881 acres.
The parish of Midloe was in the St Neots Union for Poor Law administration.

Population in 1801 - 30
Population in 1851 - 49
Population in 1901 - 35
Population in 1951 - 33
The population figures from 1961 were included in those of Southoe.

to find the data for such a place will need extensive searches
one parish I know of is in 4 counties, of which one, Staffordshire, has 3 record offices

"No Mans Heath"

also written as Normans Neath and "No Man's Heath"

Yorkshire has 18 regional FHS by the way

so take things slowly and never give up
the Federation of Family History Societies.

(dark glasses needed)
HamcanFfurfiwyd y Gymdeithas yn 1981 yn uniad o'r Cymdeithasau HanesTeuluoedd a oedd yn bodoli yng Nghymru.

-- The Association was formed in 1981 as a grouping of the FamilyHistory Societies which then existed within Wales

google . . .Cymdeithasau+Hanes+Teuluoedd
how is your welsh?

Eglwys Gatholig Blaenau Ffestiniog. caught my eye
Church Catholic Blaenau Ffestiniog
Eglwys is a loan word from french

eg Eglise catholique

Welsh is an ancient language like greek or sanscrit and well worth learning.

Archifau Gwynedd, Archifdy Meirion English & Cymraeg
Gwynedd Archives, Meirionnydd Record Office

"All Unitary Authorities in Wales maintain collections of archives and records relating to their areas, either individually or through a joint Record Office or Archive Services maintained by a group of Authorities. Each particular arrangement is largely the result of historical administrative patterns, dating back to pre-1974 county boundaries. Changes followed local government reorganisation in Wales in 1974 and again, in more radical fashion, in 1996.

While Record Offices and Archive Services all hold a valuable range of original archival material, some have much more extensive collections than others, depending on how long ago the service was established and the subsequent changes to, or continuity of administrative boundaries andstructures.

It is usual for a Record Office to hold material relating to county councils, parish councils, chapels, churches, organisations, business and industry, societies, families, companies and people, but the precise range and extent will vary for the reasons explained above.

It is therefore recommended that in each case searchers should locate the Record Office in question by using the ARCHON electronic gateway (the principal archival gateway in the UK) to identify the information page for the Record Office in question within the 'Wales'region.

This will provide key information on public services andcollections, usually with a link to the relevant home page, while further searchable information on the collections can be obtained from the National Register of Archives on the same website"

Meirionnydd Record Office holds significant slate quarrying collections, and the Tryweryn Collection.

Broken link

I HATE webmasters

Location Address:Meirionnydd Record OfficeCae PenarlâgDolgellau
LL40 2YB

Telephone Number:+44(0)1341 424444
Fax Number:+44(0)1341 424505
Archivist, Meirionnydd Record

the best person to ask about a researcherhe or she will know who uses the archives daily for example.
so I started googling in welsh as a joke and ended up with exactly what you need

BTW I don't speak or know welsh but I am bilingual English / danish

and enjoy playing with languages

(just try googling in russian or polish LOL site:pl genealogia or site:ru genealogia is the trick )

the common latin or greek words in european languages spread by the christian missionaries

and time for a bath and breakfast on a grey morning in Copenhagen

Monday, June 27, 2005

Cyndi's List - England

[SoG-NEWS] Events around the country - world actually

Geoffrey wrote:-

The Society regularly gets posters and flyers from other organisations anda volunteer has kindly summarised these for members' interest.

Events around the country

Society of Genealogists, London

The Society is always looking for new volunteers to work at home or in theSociety's premises, to be involved in library service, helping new membersand visitors and in project work.
Volunteers can work on a regular basis,project work or occasionally.

Anyone interested in assisting in the
running of the Society should contact the Society.
By post: Society of Genealogists, 14 Charterhouse Buildings, Goswell Road, London. EC1M 7BATel: 020 7251 8799email:
Wellcome Library for the History & Understanding of Medicine

Annual Closed week from 13.00 on Saturday 27 June until 09.30 on Monday 4 July
210 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BE; tel: 020 7611 8722email: website:
Suffolk Records Society

Invitation to the 43rd AGM and the launch of volume 48
"Stutter's Casebook: A Junior Hospital Doctor, 1839-1841"
Date: Thursday 30 June 2005 at 7.30 pm
Venue: Memorial Social Centre, Thorns Corner, Wickhambrook
After the brief business meeting the editors, Dr E. Cockayne and Mr N. Stowwill introduce the volume.
Information; Gwyn Thomas (Hon Secretary), Suffolk Record Office, 77Raingate St. Bury St Edmunds IP33 2AR
Havering Branch of the East of London FHS

Talk " Call the Midwife" Jennifer Worth
Date: Saturday 2 July 2005 from 2 pm to 4 pmVenue: The Trinity Church Hall, Upminster (entrance in Gaynes Road)Bookstall, Library, Help, Advice, RefresmentsVisitors welcome - £1.50 donationComputer Group meeting starts at 11 am with a "Q &A" session until 12.00and from 12.00 until 1.15 pm
Royal College of PhysiciansPublic Open Day

Date: Saturday 9 July 2005 from 11 am - 4 pm
Venue: 11 St Andrews Place, Regents Park, London, NW1 4LE

There will be opportunities to participate in debates on health issues, hands-on activities, interactive talks.
Information sessions:
"Medical education & Training - from student to consultant",
"history of the College & the role of physicians through the years"

Displays & exhibits
More information: tel: 020 7935 1174 ext 560
The Jewish Museum

"Closing the Door to Immigrants? Immigrants to Britain 1905 - 2005"

An Exhibition to mark the centenary of the 1905 Aliens Act
Date: 23 March - 21 August 2005 Mon-Thurs 10am-5pm
Venue: Raymond Burton House, 129-131 Albert Street,
Camden Town, London NW1
Cost: Adults £3.50, Senior Citizens £2.50, Children/Students £1.50, FamilyTicket £8, Museum friends freeTel: 020 7284 1997
Jewish Genealogy Workshops

on Sunday 10th July & Sunday 16 Oct 4pm-6pm
Venue: The Jewish Museum,
The Sternberg Centre, 80 East End Road, Finchley N3 2SY
Tel: 020 8349 1143
Cost: Adults £2, concessions £1, Museum friends free
Bring your family tree with you; The Society's basic reference books are available for consultation.
Library & Museum of Freemasonry

Exhibition "Elegance & Splendour of Freemason's Hall"
Date: 19 -29 July 2005
Venue: Dragon Hall, Stukely Street, Covent Garden
Date: 22 Aug - 16 Dec 2005
Venue: Library & Museum, Freemason's Hall, Great Queen St, London WC2B 5AZ
A catalogue of material available at the museum can be found on the searchable website
Surrey Record Society
Annual General Meeting

Date: 27 july 2005 at 7.00 pm
Venue: Surrey History Centre, Goldsworth Road, Woking
From 6.30 pm refreshments will be available in the foyer
R.S.V.P. to the Hon Secretary c/o Surrey History Centre, Goldsworth Road,Woking GU21 6ND tel: 01483 518754
Powys FHS Local and Family History Fair

Date: Saturday 6 August 2005 10.00 am - 4 pm
Venue: The Flash Leisure Centre, Welshpool, Montgomeryshire
More information: Phil Bufton, Fairs Co-ordinator, Powys FHS, 3 Cagebrook Ave, Hunderton, Hereford HR2 7AS
Tel: 01432 355 723 email:
Bridport Salutes the Home Front

60th Anniversary of V-FOR-VICTORY - The 1940s House Special Event
Date: 14th August 2005 10.00 am - 5.00 pm Military vehicle display in SouthStreet
11.00 am Veterans' Parade & Service in St Mary's Church
Dig for Victory Garden,
The British Restaurant,
Make Do & Mend

At Bridport Town Hall 30 July - 14 August 2005
More information tel: 01308 458061
Ruskin College, Oxford
International inter-disciplinary Public History Conference

Date: Friday - Saturday 16/17 September 2005
The first international public history conference to be held in Britain bringing together public and community historians, museum curators, archivists, artists and activists.Over 50 workshop presentations including family history.

Enquiries to: Melanie Reynolds Ruskin College, Walton Street, Oxford OX1 2HE
International Society for British Genealogy & Family History
5th Annual British Institute
Date: 9 - 14 October 2005 Venue: Salt Lake City

Courses offered:
Welsh Research - Intermediate 1858 back to the early 1600s;
Darris Williams

British Isles Research: Solving Problems & Research Strategies; Instructor
Sherry Irvine

Genevolve: Organisation & Analysis of Your Genealogical Research -Beginning to intermediate;
Instructors James K. Jeffrey & Ann Lisa Pearson

On line registration form can be found at

A brochure on the institute can be requested by writing to:The British Institute, P.O. Box 350459, Westminster, CO 80035-0459, USA
Cranfield University School of Management -

"Women as Leaders Workshop"

Designed to help women manager to fulfil significant leadership roles in their organisations.
Date: 24-26 October 2005
Venue: Cranfield Management Development Ltd,
Cranfield, Bedford, MK 43 0AL
More information: tel 01234 751122
West Surrey FHS Open Day

Date: Saturday 5 November 2005-06-17
Venue: Woking Leisure Centre,
Kingfield Rd, Woking 10 am to 4.30 pm
Free parking, refreshments, free admission
Ruskin College, Oxford
MA in Public History - Unique in Britain

A 2 year part time or full time course involving one late afternoon/evening a week.
Themes cover different approaches to Public History using the visual in History, Oral History, Time & Memory.
Topics include heritage, family history and collecting
Ruskin College, Walton Street, Oxford OX1 2HEEnquiries: email: Website:; 01865 310 713
"A Place in the Sun"

People Places Businesses Occupations in Regency London"

More than 50,000 early 19th century insurance policies issued by the Sun Fire Office are indexed on Access to Archives website

The policy registers can be consulted in Guildhall Library Manuscript Section, Aldermanbury, London EC2P 2EJ
For further information about the
Place in the Sun indexing project visit
Please contact the numbers shown, not the Society ~ G

On-line retail shopping?
Before going else where go to

Search for products or select your favourite or usual on-line sites. Going via earns commission for us at no cost to you.
Please support the Society this way.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Google Help : Advanced Search

Google Help : Advanced Search just found a new trick 1750..1850 seaches between those two numbers
two dots no spaces

Symantec Security Response - PWSteal.ABCHlp

Symantec Security Response - PWSteal.ABCHlp
Norton just blocked a port 1027 attack
alleged Microsoft Ireland

I don't believe it

time for a full system virus scan
before I log onto my bank

NSW Cemetery Transcriptions - New South Wales Cemeteries - geneology

Family Tree Maker 2005

Family View FTM 2005
view full screen
4 parents, the couple, their marriage and 8 children

easy data entry once you get used to it
keyboard shortcuts need to be learned

from Family Tree Maker 2005

Publish your tree on the Internet
Share your findings on a FREE User Home Page on A home page wizard makes the process a snap - just choose which individuals you want to include and the page will be created in minutes.
(2000 persons limit recommended)

which is why I am exporting a gedcom and uploading to
RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: LAPHAM one-name study
for example on