Saturday, July 23, 2005

glowing 25 ton ingots of steel,

a wonderful description of work in a steel works fifty years ago

Technology News: Business : Microsoft Brands Longhorn as 'Windows Vista'

Microsoft Windows Vista

I like this name with W and V together
will cause some tongues in foriegn languages to say
Windows Wista - or Vindows Vista
and does "W" or "V" exist in chinese?
WV rhymes with WC more or less

Hugh Grant has enabled the whole world to pronounce my first name so people will manage.

about 1,720,000 hits for Windows Vista,
surely thats good about 131,000 for "Windows Vista".

an avenue to excel (c)

Friday, July 22, 2005

uk certificates - Ordering an replacement birth certificate - Copy UK Birth Certificates

uk certificates - Ordering an replacement birth certificate - Copy UK Birth Certificates DONT USE THESE PEOPLE - THE PRICES ARE EXCESSIVE

£25 OR £50 --- DO IT YOURSELF ordered online via the internet £7.00

Or pay Antony Lambert fo help - he has been reccomended in many newsgroups.

Certificates in 5 Days. Obviously I can't get them to your letter box in that time, but I can get them to the in box of your e mail address, so if speed of information appeals to you, then read on ! I'm so confident of my timescale that if I don't deliver in seven working days, I shall provide your next certificate free of charge.
The transactions are processed in sterling at GBP10.25 to include air mail despatch and an e mail transcript. Payment by cheque the cost is GBP 11
As a guideline, this price is: Australia: $26.50 Canada $25 Euro E15 NZ$ 29.00. US$19.00

DO IT YOURSELF look ups - so called St Cath's Index (years ago it was at St Catherine's House london)
The Family Records Centre,
1 Myddelton Street,

The original index books are quite heavy, large and the older ones hand-written so don't go smartly dressed! The other option is to consult a microfilm copy of the index.

The microfilm copies are held at a number of sites throughout the country, usually at libraries or local record offices, and at LDS Family History centres. However there is a normally a heavy demand to consult them, and you may have to book well in advance. Some sites not have a complete set of indexes but they normally cover the 19th century.
Or online

GRO INDEXES REGISTRATION DISTRICTS: "The three lists provide the reference numbers of the registration districts for births, marriages and deaths in England and Wales. These reference numbers also serve as the Volume identifier in the General Register Office's indexes (at the Family Records Centre in London and many other libraries and family history research centres)."

or online
FreeBMD Home Page - Search England and Wales, Civil Registration Index: 1837-1983 also a freebie

837onlinepay per view to see images
Family Relatives pay per view
Registration Services - Certificate Ordering Service
How to register a birth or death in England and Wales; how to go about getting
married; how to obtain a birth, marriage or death certificate.
General Register Office (GRO) - Births, Deaths and Marriages registration The GRO has a responsibility for England and Wales. There are equivalent offices for Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Full certificate of birth, marriage, death or adoption (with GRO reference supplied) ordered online via the internet £7.00

the original registers are held by local offices English and Welsh Register Offices
Civil Registration in England and Wales GENUKI help
Barbara Dixon has provided some useful England and Wales Birth, Marriage, and Death Certificate Information

Google Search: birth certificates don't get bitten by sharks

Society of Genealogists Homepage

Society of Genealogists Homepage: "Before travelling please telephone the Society (020 7251 8799) to check that it is open during any future transport disruptions in the London area. The automated 'closed' message will be received if the staff have left the building"

Chris Broomfield, Webmaster, Society of Genealogists, London
in my email:-
An irritating pop up - but we do need it as it sells lecture tickets and
currently is used to warn users to check by phone before travelling to the
Society. We hope to be able to use the pop-up to alert people to
unscheduled closures.

King's College, Cambridge

King's College, Cambridge:
"An artificial memory (unlike the natural memory of man) is neither personal nor mortal; if properly cared for it is undying, and can be transferred again and again from the dead to the living. Therefore when King's College assumed the archive-maker's responsibility in a score of institutions all over the country - manors, rectories and priories - it became, not only the compiler of an official memory in respect of each one of them, but as the legitimate successor to deceased lords, impropriated rectors and suppressed monks, legitimate inheritor of a score of institutional memories. As an educational institution at Cambridge our memory runs back to 1441; as English landlords, our inherited memories extend almost to the Norman Conquest."

[John Saltmarsh "The muniments of King's College" Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society Vol. 33
(1931-1932), pp. 83 – 97

NEW Opening hours

Bristol City Record Office: "the office will be open from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm Tuesday to Friday every week and in addition until 7 pm on the first two Thursdays of the month and from 10am - 4pm on the first two Saturdays of the month (unless one of these clashes with a bank holiday). The office will be closed on a Monday. The new opening hours will begin the week commencing 1 August so that our first late Thursday will be on Thursday 4 August, and our first Saturday opening on 6 August.
For a full list of our late Thursday and all day Saturday openings please see 'New dates and times'."

Bristol Record Office,
'B' Bond Warehouse,
Smeaton Road,
Bristol, BS1 6XN

Tel: 0117 922 4224 Fax: 0117 922 4236

Thursday, July 21, 2005

obesity is big news

seen here Google Groups : by Hypnotherapist
writings of Andrew T. Austin
NLP Master Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and
Provocative Therapist.
23NLPeople, The Resource Page for Hypnosis, NLP and Neurology Training:

Googlism for: denmark


In Survival situation: ", taking it easy is the best policy.
Stopping frequently to catch your breath even sitting down for a
minute or 2 no more is enough to carry you on for a long time.

The key is to stop frequently when you do heavy exercises for
example carrying heavy burdens. Set yourself short goals to
reach, then stop and start over again." and when slimming

Time - web radio Originally aired November 9, 2004 on San Francisco's KALW (91.7 FM)

"What is it?
Time is the most familiar thing in the world, and yet philosophically one of the most puzzling.
Is the present what's left when you subtract what has already happened, and what is yet to happen?
Then it seems to vanish into a mere instant.
Are future events completely unreal?
Or are they just the things we can't know yet?
Is time unreal, as many philosophers have thought?

Columbia's Dave Albert joins John and Ken for a fascinating hour. "
another OOPS this should have gone over in my blog bloog 2 seriously
issues - applied philosophy - ethics

great stuff to listen to before breakfast

Wednesday, July 20, 2005



very nice update
Welcome to ScotlandsPeople, one of the largest online sources of original genealogical information.

With over 43 million records to access, we hope your visit will be enjoyable and that you are successful in connecting generations.

my new telephones


Butler 4200

IP telefoni er digital telefoni

Thanks to a friend who read the NETTO brochure and called me on my mobile.
Note my new phone number for the summer!

0045 8838 3291

from my email:-

Which mobile number is the correct one?

0045 + 2751 1936 my small Sony Ericsson T610 phone in pocket
0045 + 3124 1936 my big box A925 Motorola to talk with my daughter freely on
(it was used as a modem too )
BOTH work and as cameras too

Google Search: netscape

Google Search: netscape

Secunia - S�rbarhedsrapport - Netscape 8.x: "Netscape 8.x med alle producent patches og producent alternative l�sninger p�f�rt, er p� nuv�rende tidspunkt ber�rt af et eller flere Secunia advisories, der har en rating p� Meget kritisk"

Secunia - Multiple Browsers Dialog Origin Vulnerability Test: "Secunia Research has discovered a vulnerability in various browsers, which can be exploited by malicious web sites to spoof dialog boxes.

The problem is that JavaScript dialog boxes do not display or include their origin, which allows a new window to open e.g. a prompt dialog box, which appears to be from a trusted site.

Please use the test below, to see an example of how this vulnerability can be exploited, and also to determine whether or not your browser is vulnerable." on the web page

Secunia - Vulnerability and Virus Information

linking to Sophos: Removing infected executable files

Soundexing and Genealogy

Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex System: 1985-1997

Russell Soundex System" 1918 -1935

all the sort of general knowledge a needed by genealogists to undestand the tolls we use, and their limitations too.

British Origins - English genealogy search, England ancestor records and England maps has another system

NameX is vastly superior to Soundex
NameX is vastly superior to Soundex, which is really not well adapted for searching for name variants. For example, while NameX identifies 147 highly plausible variants for the surname Wilson, Soundex identifies 1185 "variants", of which nearly 90% are unlikely in the extreme (eg. Wahlgamath, Whilesmith, Willigenburg).

NameX uses a Last name thesaurus containg 75 million entries for 1.5 million distinct last names and a First name thesaurus containing over 3 million entries for 260,000 distinct first names.

About NameX

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hyde Park Family History Centre London England

Hyde Park Family History Centre London England is the largest LDS Family History Centre outside North America. Apart from a good collection of finding aids, it has a significant collection of primary records, chiefly on microform (over 40,000 films at April 2003).

Hyde Park Family History Centre,
54-68 Exhibition Road,
SW7 2PA.

Telephone 020 7589 8561.

The Centre is open 6 days per week:-

Monday 10:00-17:00
Tuesday 10:00-21:00
Wednesday 10:00-19:00
Thursday 10:00-21:00
Friday 10:00-19:00
Saturday 10:00-17:00

Outlaws & Criminals

Outlaws & Criminals:

"Search for Blacksheep Ancestors in Free Prison and Convict Records, Court Records, Executions, Famous Outlaws, Criminals & Bandits in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada"

Google Google site Search: murder

Google about 100 prisoners called smith no LAPHAM yet

RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: LAPHAM one-name study

Lapham, Hanah Mrs b: ABT 1830 in Ireland
Event: Census 1871 1871 RG10/5368 f116 p 7 Prisoner , Brothel Keeper Glamorganshire County Gaol Cardiff

Every living human being is related to every other "Every person in our database has a documented relationship�whether through birth, marriage, or adoption, to every other. And researchers seek daily to expand the number of ancestors in our files.

What distinguishes us from other genealogy websites that post family data is that we publish information only after it has been approved by a peer-review board. A four-step process (submit, review, approve, publish) is used to help assure accuracy."

2648 Individuals, 953 Families, 68 Sources, 291 Other Records
powered by PhpGedView

PhpGedView News - Online genealogy at its best:
"PhpGedView is a revolutionary genealogy program which allows you to view and edit your genealogy on your website. PhpGedView has full editing capabilities, full privacy functions, can import from GEDCOM files, and supports multimedia like photos and document images. PhpGedView also simplifies the process of collaborating with others working on your family tree. Your latest genealogy information is always on your website and available for others to see.

PhpGedView is an Open Source project created by people from around the world freely donating their time to work on the project. "

PGV Version 3.3

PhpGedView Theme Style Guide- Online genealogy at its best: "PhpGedView uses CSS stylesheets extensively throughout the site. All stylesheets are controlled by the file style.css. These stylesheets give you a great deal of flexibility over the graphical layout, colors, fonts, borders, etc of the site. Play around and see what you can make it do. If you come up with something creative, then share it with the rest of the community. The following sections describe what each style class defined in style.css graphically corresponds to on the pages."

Google Search: PhPgedview

Degen Richard Jensen Pedigree Tree - - PhpGedView linking to Utah


Colin Jensen Pedigree Tree - - PhpGedView some funny spellings for HJØRRING

does PhpGedView support a full european character set?


Monday, July 18, 2005

Finding CANADIAN Descendants

Finding Descendants: "More than 620,000 Canadians were mobilized during THE GREAT WAR. Soldiers, nurses, paramedics, foresters, miners, railway men were all critical in the battles against Germany and her allies.
You may not have thought about what your great grandfathers, great grandmothers or great great uncles went through during the years of 1914- 1918. Ask your parents if they have any letters or journals from them as part of your family history. Perhaps there are artifacts from those war years, hidden in the attic or a box in the basement.
If you are curious and find no souvenirs from your ancestors, you can start your research by doing a couple of quick searches on the internet. It would be a good idea to do these searches before you fill out your application."


by Lisa A. Alzo

Your Daily Dose of Genealogy for 18 July 2005
You can view this issue of the "Ancestry Daily News" online







In summary, if you're an Eastern European genealogist today, you should feel optimistic. The common myths that once stood as roadblocks to your research no longer need hold you back. With patience, persistence, and creative web sleuthing, you can demystify the process of finding your ancestors.

read her answers and print out the whole here

Lisa Alzo is the author of
"Three Slovak Women" (Gateway Press),
"Baba's Kitchen: Slovak & Rusyn Family Recipes and Traditions" (Gateway Press),
and the recently published
"Finding Your Slovak Ancestors" (Heritage Books), as well as numerous articles for genealogy magazines.
She is an instructor of Eastern European, Slovak and Great Lakes Region genealogy classes for, and is a frequent speaker at national conferences, genealogical and historical societies.

My Family File may be damaged or corrupted. Can you give me any steps to repair the file?

Answer in the context of Family Tree Maker2005