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'Gentofte Lige Nu', september 2005 "Lokalhistorien skal indsamles
Lokalhistorisk Arkiv starter en systematisk indsamling af materiale om Gentoftes spændende kulturarv.

Se flere artikler i indholdsfortegnelsen pdf>

from my email
Wherever did they get that idea from?

I found some junk on the street this summer
and a friend delivered it

An international tennis player's scrap book from the 1930ies

A pigeon fancier and his loft

Accounts of a wine dealer shop and wholesale

photographs of sabotage in WW2 against the nazi's

snaps: August 2005: "yesterday I set out at 3:00pm from Brumleby along Østerbrogade outwards from Copenhagen, and close to Jagtvej"

store skrald
big rubbish day - good for finding useful stuff free.

Later I found quite an archive from 1929 and a snapshot album of a tennis player Neils Kørner playing doubles in Berlin in he 1930ies amongst other - to be given to the local archive.

Lokalhistorisk Arkiv starter en systematisk
indsamling af materiale om Gentoftes
spændende kulturarv

Hvad lavede en skoledreng i 1930’erne, og hvordan
startede de første virksomheder i Gentofte?

Det er bare et par af de spørgsmål, som nysgerrige
borgere snart kan få besvaret ved et besøg
til Lokalhistorisk Arkivs lokaler på Hovedbiblioteket.

Hidtil har arkivets indsamling af materiale
udelukkende baseret sig på borgernes velvillige
indlevering, men fremover vil Lokalhistorisk Arkiv
gå langt mere systematisk til værks og lave
aktive kampagner med specifikke efterlysninger.
Ved at gennemføre en aktiv indsamlings- og
registreringspolitik håber arkivet at kunne
målrette sin formidling, således at borgerne kan
få en langt større indsigt i Gentoftes fortid.
Skoleeffekter og virksomhedshistorie
Lokalhistorisk Arkiv iværksætter i øjeblikket en
mindre indsamlingskampagne, som skal
dokumentere skoleliv i Gentofte gennem tiderne.

Udstillingen åbner d. 12. november, men allerede
nu er arkivet ved at indsamle skolemateriale.

Til foråret starter Lokalhistorisk Arkiv en
større kampagne for at indsamle materiale fra
mindre virksomheder og erhverv i Gentofte.
Målet er få samlet nok materiale til at belyse
erhvervslivets udvikling tilbage til de første små

Lokalhistorisk Arkiv er
herudover interesseret i papir og billeder, der
kan dokumentere foreningsarbejde og sportsklubber
eller materiale, der kan dokumentere
person- og familieforhold.

Aflevering af effekter

Ligger man inde med nogle af de efterlyste
effekter eller ønskes yderligere information, kan
man kontakte leder af Lokalhistorisk Arkiv, Mette
Henriksen på tlf. 39 48 75 81 eller e-mail:

Weather Underground: Coleshill, United Kingdom Forecast

6:56 am looking due East
Weather Underground: Coleshill, United Kingdom Forecast: "53 °F / 12 °C
Dew Point:51 °F / 11 °C
Wind:12 mph / 18 km/h from the South
Wind Gust:-
Pressure:29.82 in / 1010 hPa (Falling)
Visibility:2.0 miles / 2.5 kilometers
UV:0 out of 16
Clouds:Scattered Clouds 13780 ft / 4200 m
Mostly Cloudy 21654 ft / 6600 m (Above Ground Level)"
when I got up at about 5:35 am Astronomy
September 23, 2005 Rise Set
Actual Time 6:54 AM BST 7:02 PM BST
Civil Twilight 6:20 AM BST 7:36 PM BST
Nautical Twilight 5:39 AM BST 8:16 PM BST
Astronomical Twilight 4:57 AM BST 8:58 PM BST
Moon 8:59 PM BST 2:11 PM BST
Length Of Visible Light: 13h 17m
Length of Day 12h 08m
Tomorrow will be 4m 3s shorter.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

English Place Names


The Institute for Name-Studies is the focus for research and teaching in the field of name-studies at the University of Nottingham. The University has been the home of the English Place-Name Society for over 30 years; the Institute now houses the Survey of English Place-Names and several other research projects on both place- and personal names.

Institute for Name-Studies
School of English Studies
University of Nottingham
United Kingdom

Cotswolds & Surrounds and the Taylor Family


Cotswolds Census

"Included on my site by permission of my cousin, Gordon Beavington)
Copywrite material - for more information on other census transcriptions
Gordon's email address
Also census page links courtesy of Martin J Palmer"

man convicted of rape, murder granted bail | Ont. man convicted of rape, murder granted bail: "An Ontario man who has served 12 years of a life sentence for a crime he says he did not commit, and that may never have happened, has been granted a taste of freedom."

"The last 12 years has been nothing but hell for me and my family,'' he said, his voice wavering.

"What I went through was a sickening state of affairs,'' he said, adding that he felt "anger'' at the "utter humiliation'' to which he has been subjected.

With a $75,000 bond from his uncle, and another $50,000 from his mother, Mullins-Johnson will not return to the medium security Warkworth Institution northeast of Toronto where he's been serving a life sentence for rape and murder.

Instead, the Sault Ste. Marie native will live in Toronto pending a review of his case by federal Justice Minister Irwin Cotler

why civilised countires don't have capital punishment

thirty eight of the states of USA please note

It remains unclear whether the Crown will agree that Mullins-Johnson's name belongs on Canada's infamous list of wrongful murder convictions, alongside names like David Milgaard and Guy-Paul Morin.

But the fact that the list continues to grow is a clear indication that Canada needs a better system to deal with potential miscarriages of justice, lawyer David Bayliss told The Canadian Press.

"Essentially, you're dealing with the government that has prosecuted you, so you're in essence begging for your wallet back from the person who picked your pocket," he said.

In the United States Michigan was first state to abolish capital punishment
for murder in 1847.

European Union and the Death Penalty (Capital Punishment): "The European Union (EU) is opposed to the death penalty in all cases and has consistently espoused its universal abolition, working towards this goal. In countries that maintain the death penalty, the EU aims at the progressive restriction of its scope and respect for the strict conditions set forth in several international human rights instruments, under which the capital punishment may be used, as well as at the establishment of a moratorium on executions so as to eliminate the death penalty completely.

The EU is deeply concerned about the increasing number of executions in the United States of America (USA), all the more since the great majority of executions since reinstatement of the death penalty in 1976 have been carried out in the 1990s. Furthermore, in the US, young offenders who are under 18 years of age at the time of the commission of the crime may be sentenced to death and executed, in clear infringement of internationally recognized human rights norms. "

why the BUSH family is a disgrace
Texas Executions since 1976 349
Inmates on Death Row in Texas 414

when life imprisonment without parole and making restitution to the victim are offered as an alternative, a majority of the American public oppose the death penalty

Southern Baptist Convention
The Baptist Faith & Message

nowhere does it say killing people is wrong

That the sole authority for faith and practice among Baptists is the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. Confessions are only guides in interpretation, having no authority over the conscience.Each church is independent and autonomous so please reread the ten commandments

Hurricane is Bush's punishment

" Bush's punishment" -hurricane - Google Search

George W. Bush - A modern day Pontius Pilate. 150 executions in Texas. Statistics show that 7% of all death-row inmates are innocent.

Bush Kills - Bush's Record

Bush has been steadfast in his refusal to recognize the significance of international treaty law, specifically the right of foreign nationals facing the death penalty to receive notification of their right to consular assistance. Texas has the second-largest death row population of foreign citizens in the USA (after California). None of these individuals were informed upon arrest of their right to consular assistance, as guaranteed under the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. Even a personal intervention by the US Secretary of State (in the Faulder case) was ignored by Bush, undermining the viability of international law, outraging nations allied to the USA and endangering the human rights of detained foreigners everywhere, including American citizens arrested abroad.

Texas' criminal justice system as a whole is undoubtedly one of the worst in the nation. This is pointed out so clearly in the September 1999 issue of Harper's, in the Index:

"Number of death sentences upheld by Texas courts since 1990 for men whose lawyers slept during their trials: 3" endless

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

soc.genealogy.german or de.sci.genealogie

soc.genealogy.german Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) was written to help genealogists who are interested in German and German-American genealogy.

It is oriented to those who are getting started, either with genealogy or with the Internet.

"German" here means the German language, so this list should be useful for researchers of German, German-American, Austrian, Swiss, Alsatian, Luxembourger, Liechtensteiner, and Eastern European German genealogy. The latest version of this FAQ is available

a really good FAQ
Subject: 19. I don't know German. What should I do?

The best overall solution is to learn German.

Subject: 33. How can I possibly repay you for all your help?

Please repay help freely given by helping other genealogical researchers to the best of your ability. Publishing your results, perhaps by submitting them to the FHL, is an excellent way of helping others. A thank you would also be nice.

Subject: 11. What about the German census?

I must memorize this 1939 - only 1939 is useful

The German central government conducted censuses in 1871, every five years from 1875 to 1910, 1919, 1925, 1933, 1935 (Saar), and 1939. West Germany had censuses in 1946, 1950, 1961, 1970, and 1987. East Germany had censuses in 1945, 1946, 1964, 1971, and 1981. Except for the 1939 census, these censuses are not useful for genealogical purposes; available data are of a statistical nature only. Each of the states conducted their own censuses at other times. Some of these censuses are available via your local LDS FHC and are quite useful genealogically. The central German census authority can tell you if certain censuses exist and where they can be found:

Statistisches Bundesamt
Gustav Stresemann Ring 11
Postfach 5528
65189 Wiesbaden

Subject: 13. What does my German surname mean?

The meaning of a German surname can often be found in a German- English dictionary (e.g., Schmidt means smith, Müller means miller). Sometimes spelling modifications, pronunciation shifts, or dialectal origins hide the original meaning. In such cases, a general or specifically German name lexicon can be useful. Three standard German works are

Deutsche Namenkunde by Max Gottschald,
Deutsches Namenlexikon by Hans Bahlow, also available in English as Dictionary of German Names,
Das grosse Buch der Familiennamen by Horst Naumann, and
dtv-Atlas Namenkunde (Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag).

Please note that name interpretation is often speculative.

see also - FAQs

Google Groups : soc.genealogy.german

Google Groups : de.sci.genealogie

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Moray Burial Ground Research Group

MBGRG - Home Page:

"Our voluntary group was formed in 2003 with the task of surveying every burial ground in Moray, which also includes part of the old county of Banff. This is indeed a monumental task as there are in the region of 140 cemeteries, both public and private to be studied! We are in consultation with the Council for Scottish Archaeology (CSA), Historic Scotland (HS), Moray Council, the Royal Commission on the Ancient & Historic Monuments of Scotland (RCAMS), and in association with Aberdeen and North East Scotland Family History Society (ANESFHS) and the Scottish Association of Family History Societies (SAFHS).
The published results of our research will, it is hoped, benefit genealogists, family, local and social historians, as well as archaeologists, those involved in the conservation of burial grounds and other disciplines. Financial support has so far been provided by the Carved Stones Advisor Project, the National Lottery 'Awards for All' scheme, and Moray Council.

Although much computer and other related work is carried on behind the scenes, including historical research in various archival centres, most of our research takes place in churchyards or cemeteries. Here we plot every tombstone onto a plan of each site. We then write out the full inscription from each memorial, at the same time taking suitable photographs and making appropriate scale drawings, which are taken for accuracy checks, as well as archival and illustration purposes. By using a specific methodology, created largely by our group, we search for buried tombstones up to approximately 6' (15cms) below the grass surface. After full recording, these stones are then covered up again for safety and preservation purposes.

The sites we have researched either in whole or in part, so far include Alves, Bellie, Birnie, Burghead"

Monday, September 19, 2005

Registers of Seamen's Services

The National Archives | DocumentsOnline | Welcome: "When complete, this DocumentsOnline collection will allow you to search more than 500,000 names of those who joined the Royal Navy between 1853 and 1923. Keep up-to-date with latest developments and current availability of records."

More than 5 million First World War medal index cards for the British Army and Royal Flying Corps are now online

The Prerogative Court of Canterbury, the most important of these courts, dealt with the relatively wealthy individuals living mainly in the south of England and most of Wales (what was originally the ecclesiastical province of Canterbury).

The complete collection of more than 1 million PCC wills is available

All PCC Wills held by The National Archives (grouped in the series PROB 11), which are available on DocumentsOnline, cover the period from 1384 to 1858. Until that date, all wills had to be proved (formally approved) by church and other cour

See colour images of the original wills of selected famous people, including William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Sir Francis Drake, Byron, Samuel Pepys and Christopher Wren. Browse the famous wills or read more

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Why Apple picked Intel over AMD

Macworld UK

"This is a practical, pragmatic Steve Jobs decision," says Shane Rau, programme manager, PC semiconductors for IDC. Intel serves up the most complete line of low-power chips for mobile and small form factor computers, and a good-looking future roadmap for it. Also, Intel's mammoth production capacity erases any supply worries.

Official registers

Official registers

surpising url

why not
'is the local authority

anyway an excellent site

Researching your Family Tree - Bath & North East Somerset Council

You can make an appointment to search the indexes at local Register Offices. It will cost £18.00 for six hours searching. This does not have to done in one session. We can check any number of entries for you.

We are in the process of computerising our indexes. So far we are only dealing with the marriages. If you are looking for a marriage in Bath and North East Somerset it is worth checking the website first,

Bath Births Marriages & Deaths

Ancestry Library Edition

MSU Libraries - Electronic Resources - Ancestry Library Edition: "Effective August 1, 2005, ProQuest's Ancestry Library Edition will be available on MeL. This will be replacing Gale's AncestryPlus. Ancestry Library Edition has a new, simplified search screen and contains the following enhancements not previously available in MeL: Passenger lists from all major U.S. ports including New York, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and New Orleans; Naturalization records ranging from 1700 to 1900; Immigration records for more than 100 countries; Increase of more than 10 million names; Improved viewer for documents. Ancestry Library Edition will not contain the following content which had been available in Gale's AncestryPlus: Biography and Genealogy Master Index (will be available on MeL); PILI Passenger and Immigration Index; 315 city directories. Ancestry Library Edition will only be available for in-library use. No remote access is permitted. "

ProQuest Information and Learning :: ProQuest - access to thousands of current full-text periodicals and newspapers - Family History Centers all have free access too - Family History and Genealogy Records

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
55,000 people — 63 million words — 10,000 contributors — 10,000 images — 60 volumes and online

Published 23 September 2004 — latest online update 26 May 2005 — next online update 6 October 2005
Free online access 23–25 September

* The Oxford DNB is celebrating its first birthday with three days free online access from 23 to 25 September 2005. Read more about free access and found out how to win your own Oxford DNB.> Find out more

What is the Oxford DNB?

* 'The greatest reference work on earth.' (Daily Telegraph)
* An illustrated collection of more than 50,000 specially written biographies of the men and women from around the world who shaped all aspects of Britain's past.

Who gets a biography in the Oxford DNB?

* Remarkable people in any walk of life who were connected with the British Isles.

Free access weekend

How can I take advantage of the free access period?

  • All you need to do is visit between 23 and 25 September. On those days you will be able to register for free access. Once you have registered, you will be able to sign in as many times as you like throughout the free access period for access to the Oxford DNB.
freebie competition details,
please visit The Times online at during the free access period.

The Genealogy Guys Podcast

The Genealogy Guys Podcast looks like a blog with audio
RSS feed available
no time to listen just now