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Pub photos and Sheffield Genealogy

Sheffield Genealogy

Pub photo index page: "Sheffield Genealogy
Family & Social History
Public Houses of Sheffield"

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late night TV

Them! (1954): "A horror horde of crawl-and-crush giants clawing out of the earth from mile-deep catacombs! (more)

Plot Summary: Nuclear tests in the desert result in the growth of gigantic mutant ants who menace cities in the American"
perfection with lotta old cars THEM 1954 - Google Image Search

brilliant play list on the danish radio

V?rt : Alan Klitgaard
WOODY PHILLIPS: 'Jingle Bells'(A Toolbox Christmas)
WOODY PHILLIPS:'Ding Dong Merrily'
(A Toolbox Christmas)
ERIC BOGLE: 'Santa Bloody Claus'(Bah Humbug, Greentrax, 2002)

TOM LEHRER: 'A Chriostmas Carrol'(Bah Humbug, Greentrax, 2002)

TOM CLELLAND: 'The Present'(Bah Humbug, Greentrax, 2002)

ENOCH KENT: 'Christmas Comes But Once a Year'(Bah Humbug, Greentrax, 2002)

ROBIN LAING: 'The Man That Slits the Turkeys' Throats at Christmas'(Bah Humbug, Greentrax, 2002)

BILL BARCLAY:' The Twelve Days of Christmas'(Bah Humbug, Greentrax, 2002)

THE MC.CALMANS: 'The Birthday Boy'(Bah Humbug, Greentrax, 2002)

HIS WORSHIP & THE PIG: 'Mary Christmas'(Bah Humbug, Greentrax, 2002)

CYRIL TAWNEY: 'There Are No Lights on Our Christmas Tree'(Bah Humbug, Greentrax, 2002)

CYRIL TAWNEY: 'The Lone Shepherd'(Bah Humbug, Greentrax, 2002)

LOUDON WAINWRIGHT: 'Christmas Morning'(Bah Humbug, Greentrax, 2002)

THE GREENTRAX CHOIR: 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas'
(Bah Humbug, Greentrax, 2002) "

I actually enjoyed this Xmas music,
after many many carol concerts (too many both as a player and conductor)
I am normally allergic to yule melodies

There are 13 tracks if we count the mad intro track called "The Bells, The Bells." The older track is a fabulously funny Tom Lehrer view on the commercialism of Christmas in his "A Christmas Carol" for a modern age. It is still as relevant -- perhaps more so nearly a half century later. Eric Bogle gives us "Santa Bloody Claus," in which he has little good to say about the jolly man in red.

Claus gets his comeuppance in a track by the fabulously titled group His Worship & the Pig. They are from the Stoke-on-Trent area of England and apparently present a Christmas show each year. Their contribution, "Mary Christmas," has Santa losing his wife to the man from Toys R Us. (It has some minor adult content as the children ask for "Cindy dolls with busts and action men with willies" to give you a clue as to who should get this CD for at Christmas.)

My favourite track has to the one called "The Man Who Slits the Turkey's Throats at Christmas." Robin Laing sings the song written by John Ruddin. As the title suggests, it is not a track to play while you eat but it is very funny without a full stomach. It could become the Christmas vegetarian's anthem.

Like all good comedy the tracks on here resound with emotion and reality. "There are no lights on our Christmas tree" is a comment on the loss of Christmas feeling. Basically, the tree is without lights because the father reckons they interfere with the television. Who can empathize with that? READ ON various artists, Bah Humbug

USA Passport Records

Passport applications are often a valuable source of genealogical information. NARA has passport applications from October 1795-March 1925. The U. S. Department of State has passport applications from April 1925 to the present.
Some immigrants applied for passports to return home to visit family or friends. These records usually give a place of birth or at least the destination (which is often the home town)

The first passport issued in USA was dated July 1796. However until 1914 American citizens did not require a passport to travel abroad.

After 1888 there were separate passports for native citizens, naturalized citizens and derivative citizens.

Thanks goes to Olive Tree Genealogy volunteers for their
hard work on transcribing this database.

Surnames H to Z (excluding L, M, N) have been added to the
existing surnames A to G in "Index to Special Passports
1829-1887" This is andIndex to names of those obtaining
passports in all states in USA

Other passport indexes online at

--Register of Passport Applications 1809-1817

--Index to Special Passports 1887-1894

--Register of Passports from 14 November 1834 to 1843

usenet post by Lorine of Olive Tree Genealogy - Search free genealogy databases for your ancestors

British War Memorial Project

About the Project: "This project exists to create a photo archive of the graves, in Denmark too, of British Servicemen who have fallen in service since the beginning of World War One to the present day." Volunters in Denmark - British War Memorial Project

PARLE - one-name study

Michael A Parle - Home Page and an idea for a good holiday in Devon

Fire is certainly the bane of genealogists

George G. Morgan - Genealogy Columnist and Speaker wrote:-

Fire is certainly the bane of genealogists. I often think about what research progress I could have made if the 1890 U.S. Federal Census had not been lost in the Commerce Department building fire on 10 January 1921 and to water damage. Courthouses destroyed by fire during the U.S. Civil War, either by troops or by citizens wishing to prevent opposing troops gaining access to records, also have stymied my research.

Another catastrophic fire occurred on 12 July 1973 in St. Louis, Missouri, at the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC). Between 16 and 18 million official military pension records were destroyed and many more were damaged. For many of us whose ancestors and relatives served in the United States Army and Air Force in the 20th century, the loss is horrendous. It is estimated that 80% of the records for Army personnel discharged from 1 November 1912 to 1 January 1960, and 75% of the Air Force personnel records for personnel discharged from 25 September 1947 to 1 January 1964 (with names alphabetically after Hubbard, James E.) were lost. continued - Alternative Service Records

burnt records site:uk - Google Search

'burnt records' W0363,
Unfortunately the Germans bombed the Great War records in the Blitz. Only 33% survived

more than half of their service records were destroyed in September 1940, when a German bombing raid struck the War Office repository in Arnside Street, London. However, an estimated 2.8 million service records survived the bombing or were reconstructed from the records of the Ministry of Pensions. This means that there is a roughly 40% chance of finding the service record of a soldier who was discharged at some time between 1914 and 1920.

The so-called 'Burnt Documents' - are located in the series WO 363. Due to fire and water damage, they are too delicate to be handled and are consequently only available to the public on microfilm
The National Archives | Exhibitions & Learning online | First World War | Service records

The service records in the series WO 364 - the 'Unburnt Documents' - were recovered by the War Office from the Ministry of Pensions and other government departments after the Second World War. They mainly concern men who were discharged (with pensions) from the army because of sickness or wounds received in battle between 1914 and 1920. Aside from the usual military forms, most of the individual files in WO 364 thus also contain detailed medical recor

in USA burnt records site:gov - Google Search

Indiana Commission On Public Records - Records Preservation: "A highly fragile document that is burnt (brown in color) or readily crumbles when handled is deacidified by spraying the document with a magnesium carbonate solution which neutralizes existing acids in the paper and leaves behind an alkaline buffer that can absorb surrounding acids"
NARA - National Personnel Records Center, St. Louis - National Personnel Records Center

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Simply put, Y-DNA and surnames go hand-in-hand. Because of this, when one man gets tested, he represents a number of others sporting the same surname. His father, brothers, paternal uncles, and paternal cousins (both living and back in time through the generations) all share the same Y-DNA.

the largest testing company's website indicated that their database contained 47,857 Y-DNA records. If Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak's father, with 62 male relatives known,is typical, then 47,857 x 62 people have been tested by proxy -- about 2,967,134 people by just one company.

Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak, co-author (with Ann Turner) of "Trace Your Roots with DNA: Using Genetic Tests to Explore Your Family Tree" (as well as "In Search of Our Ancestors," "Honoring Our Ancestors" and "They Came to America"),

read the rest of the article or print it out

Family Tree DNA - we do genetic tests for your genealogy questions!

letters from Moscow 1916 - 1919

Svend Ørums Breve fra Moskva in danish

I have been helping Hedvig Pitzner-Jørgensen publish these on the web

Her er en samling breve, som min far, Svend Ørum (1886-1975) sendte hjem til sine forældre i København fra Moskva, hvor han var udstationeret for sit firma, Simonsen og Nielsen.

De dækker perioden 1916-1919. I sommeren 1917 blev han gift med min mor, Olga Helene Schwallbach (1897-1988). De oplevede således revolutionen i Rusland i 1917. Først i foråret 1920 blev det muligt for dem at komme ud af Rusland og rejse til Danmark.

Sammenfaldende med revolutionen gik Rusland over fra den julianske til den gregorianske kalender. I en del af brevene er der anført to datoer, hvor den første angiver den gamle tidsregning og den anden viser den nye tidsregning, som er 12 dage senere.

Før sin ansættelse hos Simonsen og Nielsen havde Svend Ørum været ansat på forskellige kontorer i større virksomheder i Tyskland, og brevene indledes med en ansøgning på tysk (her også i dansk oversættelse), som han har sendt til forskellige firmaer i Tyskland med henblik på at skabe sig en fast beskæftigelse.

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Photoshop Elements 4 fixed it

before and after

RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: all LAPHAM
Annie Lapham

from my other blog

note how the second cycle shows up in the background

click for BIGGER
LAPHAM 1 BLOG : Annie Lapham born 18 Jul 1862

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hurricane damaged village as Xmas model - News - Blue Roof Christmas Coming Back To Lakeside Mall: " The outcry was so intense after the Lakeside Shopping Center in Metairie USA removed a Christmas display of a miniature hurricane-ravaged town earlier this week that the exhibit is going back up.

Frank Evans, who designed the tiny blue-tarped roofs and little toppled fences, said he will have them re-installed for the weekend at the mall's request.

Some of the satire will be toned down a bit. Evans said mall management didn't want doorways marked with big orange X's indicating the building was searched for bodies, and Evans readily agreed

Evans, a landscape architect from nearby Gretna, has been building Christmas displays for 13 years.

This year's setup, a full 60 feet long with blue-roofed houses, pumping stations and tiny piles of hurricane debris, is circled by a miniature train that children ride after sitting in Santa's lap.

Basics on Australian civil registration of births, deaths & marriages

Society of Australian Genealogists: "Civil registration in Australia and New Zealand did not commence until some time after Great Britain. However, before that time many baptisms, christenings, marriages and burials were recorded in Church registers.
Many of these registers have been incorporated into the indexes now available, but the coverage is not complete."

Society of Australian Genealogists - Home page

danish batch numbers for IGI "IGI og VRI Batch-numre for Danmark, Norge og Sverige"

Ordbog over det danske sprog

ODS på nettet ON LINE AT LAST !!!the great dictionary in 28 volumes of the danish language from 1700 to 1950

Ordbog over det danske sprog - Wikipedia

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Ofte Stillede Spørgsmål om slægtsforskning og genealogi

OSS-1 - slægtsforskning - FAQ just updated

Arne Feldborg - lister over IGI / VRI Batch-numre for Danmark. has gone missing

Databasen indeholder 8.007 danske, 5.596 svenske og 5.260 norske poster

spelling variations and old postings don't help the search

"Arne Feldborg" batch numbers - Google Search

"Arne Feldborg" batchnummer - Google Search

"Arne Feldborg" Batch-numre - Google Search

I prefer this kind of site
IGI Batch Numbers for Norway or IGI Batch Numbers - British Isles and North America
Copyright 2002, Hugh Wallis.

Jens Rasmussen Hübertz, 1794-1855, medical doctor and historian

Dr J. R. Hübertz was an amateur historian who published in 1845-46 documents (of mss now lost) important to Aarhus, Denmark history and the philology of the danish language.

Hübertz also made important studies related to public health and more humane treatment of disabled children

eg IDIOTS in the old medical sense -
A person of profound mental retardation having a mental age below three years and generally being unable to learn connected speech or guard against common dangers. The term belongs to a classification system no longer in use and is now considered offensive.

biographical notes

Hübertz contents documents contributed by Henning H. Jacobsen, Risskov, Denmark HHJ in newsgroups
for example
1636.- 1675 Udtog af Aarhus Bythings Justitsprotocollen

portrait 0f Hübertz, Jens Rasmussen
Født 5.9 1794
Død 1.12 1855
Titel/Erhverv læge
thanks to Danske portrætter


Færøsk (sprog) - Wikipedia

I am very fond of this language which was the first scandinavian language I learned to use as a music teacher in Klaksvik and Tórshavn
færøsk - Google Search

Faeroese English Dictionary
Faroese language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
and I was just using google as a spell checker for the danish word færøsk
(an example of how my blogs happen)

FamilyTrackers, Inc

Free Genealogy Search and Family History
Gene Hall is an avid genealogist with over 25 years of family-search experience and the CEO of FamilyTrackers, Inc. a World-Wide Genealogy Exchange located at

"Gene Hall " genealogy - Google Search
Blogger: User Profile: Gene Hall

Essentials of Genealogy

Get organized:
I started working on my family tree almost 30 years ago by writing down names on a brown paper bag. Now there are 20,000 people in my tree ? about 3,000 proven to my satisfaction. Your tree may not grow . . .
Author: Gene Hall genealogy is my hobby, my profession, and my passion, and read on Getting Started with Your FamilyTree

from 1860 family genealogy ireland somers Resources