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Welsh North American Chamber of Commerce

deeper into Karl Dane at LAK Copenhagen

nice comfortable chairs and broad desks
and I took my Sony HandiCam with me this time

click to see when and where he lived
from age 18 in 1904 to 1915

the census are at
so I will go there on Monday

Læsehjælp - forkortelser fra lægdsrullerne

click to see the whole entry
Rasmus Karl Therkelsen Gottlieb

the red lines mean those other young men were not fit and healthy enough to serve

click to see details of his miltary career
trade electrician [smith is crossed out]
First Artillery battalion 4 June 1907 to 3 July 1908
1. Artilleri Bataljon
and 2 June 1908 he was promoted to lance corporal

18 September 1909 to 4 October 1909

K. A. 6 August 1914 to 31 May 1915
and recalled for one day 1 November 1915 to be promoted to Corporal

unsolved mysteries K. A. ?
1909 blev I. Artilleribataljon til Kystartilleriregimentet

and E? K 2 - 3158 is maybe a link to another location
(the suggested 2 UK 31 B 58 and 315 B 8 point at villages where he is not named)

I have to go to
to go into this and Hærens Flyvekorps
and Kongens Artilleri Regiment too

waiting at the bus stop afterwards

the low sun means that dipped headlights are essential for safety.
The postmen are working late with extra bags on their bikes

The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners : index

STEP - index

The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) is a unique professional body providing members with a local, national and international learning and business network.

STEP provides education, training, representation and networking for its members, who are professionals specialising in trusts and estates, executorship, administration and related taxes. Members advise clients on the broad business of the management of personal finance.

Full members of STEP are the most experienced and senior practitioners in the field of trusts and estates.

and forensic genealogy or heir tracing

Museum of Funeral Customs

Friday, December 16, 2005

Rasmus Karl Therkelsen Gottlieb AKA Karl Dane

Christmas trees were for sale outside the LAK archives and
see "Rasmus Karl Therkelsen" Gottlieb - Google Groups for how this started

click to enlarge his birth and baptism record
which is also online at Statens Arkivers Arkivalieronline

Rasmus Karl Therkelsen Gottlieb was born on 12 October 1886 in a second floor apartment at Thüresensgade 23 in the parish of Skt Johannes sogn, Sokkerlund herred, Kjøbenhavn (København or Copenhagen, Denmark) and he was baptised on 10 April 1887 when
he was presented by his parents and Mrs Fru Petrine ?Rasmussen?

His father was glovemaker handskemager Rasmus Marius Gottlieb and his mother was Anne Kathrine Simonsen age 21, and they were married. gift

today Turesensgade 23 II, 1368 København K.

lægdsrullerne fra Staden København, står i Landsarkivets selvbetjeningsmagasin - are on the open shelves,
and there is an index register of all boys born in 1886 when they were 14 years old and registered in 1900 for conscription to defend Denmark

this gave me Rasmus Karl Therkelsen Gottlieb's number 1814 which led me to his military service record

snaps with my cell phone cam
names, date of birth

the tiny writing is changes of address

his father's occupation and name as above


Skt Joh.
which enabled me to find him in the church book

the abreviations show which units he served in

the red numbers show the dates that he was caught up in the general mobilisation for the defence of neutral Denmark in WW1
6 August 1914 to 31 May 1915

It should be possible to find him on a ships list between June 1915 and
his first film in 1917 or 1918

Actor - filmography Wikipedia

"karl dane" - Google Search

and note the missing "r" "Rasmus Karl Thekelsen" Gottlieb - Google Search a good example of how mistakes get mindlessly duplicated on the web.

He shot himself 15 April 1934

His parents in the 1885 danish census

All persons in the household
kbhv, København (Staden), Badstuestræde, Kjøbenhavn, ,

Badstuestræde 8, forhus 2den sal, 5, FT-1885

Following fields are shown: Name, Age, Marital status, Position in household, Occupation , Birth place
Rasmus Marius Gottlieb, 25, Gift, , handskemagersvend, Horsens
Anna Cathrine Gottlieb, 26, Gift, , , Aarhus

he is a journeyman glovemaker

so the search goes to Jutland . . .

I love ancestry and myfamilyinc

EG Where philpot Families lived in the US in 1920
a wonderful resource "Welcome
Find a fact, find a clue. We'll show you how.
The Family Facts archive, with its rich historical information, can tell you everything from the lifespan of your ancestors to the very meaning of your name. Every time you find a fact, we'll tell you what it means. We'll also tell you how to search for more information using the resources at Ancestry."

myfamilyinc - Google Search

The Complete Peerage

ABC Publications - 33931f: "'The Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain & the United Kingdom, Extant & Extinct or Dormant'
by G. E. Cokayne.
2nd edition
revised & enlarged by The Hon. Vicary Gibbs and others.

13 volumes in 14, which means that there is a Volume 12 Part 1 (the 12th book), a Volume 12 Part 2 (the 13th book) and a Volume 13 (the 14th book). Volume 13 (the 14th book) covers the period from 1901 to 1938.

The most comprehensive & accurate work on the British peerage. Encyclopaedia Britannica says of The Complete Peerage that it is 'recognized as the greatest British achievement in the field of genealogy'."

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Ranked search results are returned in order of relevance.

Needles, Haystacks, and Ranked Search at

Ranked Search automatically returns alternate spellings and abbreviations for your ancestor's name(s). An exact name match is the closest match, and therefore the most relevant, followed by name matches based on typographical, cultural, and phonetic closeness. Additionally, Ranked Search uses chronological closeness as a factor in determining the relevance of date matches.

What's Next?
Plans for subsequent versions of Ranked Search include allowing users to select which elements of their searches they?d like to make match exactly while the others are matched in descending order of relevance, adding an advanced search with more search fields that can be entered, and adding geographical closeness as a factor in determining the relevance of location matches.

using estimated dates is also recomended

Kendall Hulet is a product manager for, overseeing the Search user experience. He has written several articles for academic journals that relate to Internet business practices. President of



Seriously Darwin Awards honor those who remove themselves from the human genome.
Of necessity, this honor is generally bestowed posthumously.

Preußische Armee

Prussian Army During the Napoleonic Wars and at Waterloo.

In 1740s Prussia owned 85.000 troops which gave her the 4th largest army in Europe, even though her lands stood at 10th in order of size and only 13th in population ! Foreign generals and observers admired the Prussian military machine of 18th

and the Danes feared it

Frederick the Great imposed so spartan discipline that 400 officers "are said to have asked to resign".

According to Peter Hofschroer the army of 1813-14 was drawn almost entirely from the core provinces of the Kingdom of Prussia - whereas the army of 1815, consisted only in part of "old" Prussians. The Rhinelanders and to an extent the Westphalians were "new" Prussians of questionable loyalty. Also in 1815 a number of foreign, i.e. non-Prussian, formations had been amalgamated into the line and were, on paper at least, now considered regular formations, although it was really only after the Waterloo.

In March 1813 Landwehr (militia) was formed on the introduction of universal conscription

Schlesische Landwehr 1813 e.V.
1813 Landwehr militia - Google Search

1813 Landwehr site:de - Google Search

after 1864 ethnic danes fled north to avoid conscription and
if life and work was difficult in Copenhagen they went on to USA

prussian conscription - Google Search

BBC - History - The Western Front and the Birth of Total War: "The Prussian Army was a peacetime training organisation for a system of mass conscription controlled by a highly professional general staff. Soldiers returned to civilian life after two or three years, but could be recalled in the event of a war.
A well-developed bureaucracy and efficient railway system then mobilised and deployed the mass army, trained and ready to fight.

After 1871, the German system of mass peacetime conscription and a general staff to plan future wars based on railway deployment was copied throughout Europe.

The exception was Britain which, with the Royal Navy protecting it from invasion, relied on a long-service army of volunteers, supplemented by auxiliary forces from around its empire, including the Indian Army, the largest all-volunteer army in history."

Norwegian American history

NAHA // Genealogy Resources: "The NAHA Archives can be a rich resource of information for family historians and genealogists. Although the focus of NAHA is the Norwegians after they arrived in America, and is historical in nature rather than strictly geneaolgical, you may find its resources helpful in your research."

Welcome to NAHA!: "The Norwegian-American Historical Association was organized October 6, 1925, by a group of far-sighted Norwegian Americans who sought to establish a national center for the collection and preservation of historical material.

Theirs was a practical as well as thoroughly professional endeavor to provide funds for the publication of interesting books by talented scholars, who by careful research and interpretation would describe the American experience of an immigrant people then firmly rooted in the New World.

The Association has enjoyed success and gained the recognition and respect of an international scholarly community. In fulfillment of its purpose, the Association has published nearly one hundred books of scholarly merit; promoted Norwegian-American historical research and literary work; and helped maintain and develop archives of Norwegian-American historical material located on the St. Olaf College campus. This rich program has attracted to the Association a membership of 2,000 citizens from all walks of life. "


The 1930 Census began on 1 April 1930, except in Alaska where it began on 1 October 1929 because of harsh weather conditions expected in April. For the first time in 1930 the U.S. Census Bureau enumerated merchant seamen serving on U.S. flag merchant vessels on a special Merchant Seamen schedule. Seamen who were to be enumerated on this special schedule were all persons aboard ship, except officers who had regular or fixed places of abode ashore. Information for these officers with fixed places of abode was to be obtained at their homes. Seamen and other persons claiming to be married or those who gave the names of their next of kin on the crew lists were to be included in the enumeration of the vessels on which they were employed or had secured employment on 1 April 1930, even though they may have maintained fixed places of abode on shore in the intervals between employment on different vessels.
more in - Ancestry Daily News, 14 December 20051930 Federal Population Census: Catalog of National Archives Microfilm, National Archives Trust Fund Board (Washington, DC, 2002).

Source Information: "1930 Census of Merchant Seamen" [database on-line]. Provo, Utah:, Inc., 2005.
Original data: National Archives and Records Administration. "1930 Census of Merchant Seamen." M1932, RG 029, 3 rolls.
National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C. - What I Wish I had Known

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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900, Portal

WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900, Portal: "The Genealogy and Local History of the Wirksworth Area, Derbyshire, England from 1600 to 1900 listing 450,000+ original records
The Wirksworth website is believed to be the largest and most detailed study of an English Parish on the Internet "

What's a One-Place-Study?
An OPS is an intense and very detailed study of a comparatively small area, for example a parish or a town or even just a village. All surnames are studied, and as many original vital records and history listed as possible. Unlike a book, a website OPS can be continuously expanded and edited, and related data connected by hyperlinks. See the list of other WIRKSWORTH-Parish Records 1608-1899-One-Place-Studies with 158 entries
missing Bitton Families Genealogy & Local History - Home Page

The Genealogist of co dot uk

The Genealogist: Search Online Census, Birth, Marriage, Death & Parish Record Indexes and Directories

UK Indexer - Home

The Genealogist: Search Online Census, Birth, Marriage, Death & Parish Record Indexes and Directories

We have 1841 and 1851 census indexes and transcripts covering around 70% the population (including the big three counties: London, Lancashire and Yorkshire) and we're still adding more. Get all the current counties as part of an all-inclusive subscription and as we add more you'll have instant access to them for no extra charge.

We also have a completed transcript with linked online images of the original census pages for Yorkshire 1851.

The Genealogist: News & Articles

Sponsored by: and


search 1861 census

looks good with occupations and addresses

DAA-register 1884-2002

DAA-register 1884-2002: Danmarks Adels Aarbog
Register 1884-2002
Fortegnelse over de i 1. - 96. �rgang meddelte stamtavler og tilf�jelser.
* foran navnet betegner sl�gten som endnu levende. �rstal med halvfede typer angiver stamtavlens plads, de �vrige henvisninger g�lder tilf�jelserne.

a very useful index to the noble families of Denmark

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Vampyroteuthis infernalis, from a paper by Robison et al. (2003).

It's not about Tookie

Los Angeles Times: "GOV. ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER should have granted clemency to Donald Beardslee, the convicted murderer executed in January.
Beardslee didn't have celebrity advocates making his case, like Stanley Tookie Williams did.

But if Schwarzenegger had commuted Beardslee's sentence to life in prison without parole, he would have made clear that no one would be put to death on his watch. And he could have explained that a civilized society doesn't kill for retribution and should certainly not continue doing so when it's become clear that the judicial system's margin of error is unacceptably high.

Alas, Schwarzenegger failed to stake out that principled position. So Williams, who was scheduled to be executed shortly after midnight, always faced an uphill battle in seeking clemency.

The governor turned him down because he does not consider capital punishment to be about our values as a society, but about the merits of the convicted supplicant."

BUSH failed too in this

The population of California's death row now stands at 647, with the next execution, of Clarence Ray Allen, scheduled for Jan. 17. Allen, who is 75 years old, blind and confined to a wheelchair, is unlikely to attract the kind of attention that accompanied the debate about Williams.

If the governor feels compelled to issue a treatise explaining his decision in that case, he should take the opportunity to address the larger injustice of capital punishment.

2006 courses

Salt Lake City Institute of Genealogy

Course 1: American Records & Research: Focus on Families
Course 2: Mid-Atlantic States
Course 3: Scottish Research
Course 4: Eastern Europe
Course 5: Tracing Immigrant Origins
Course 6: Power Tools for Internet Genealogy
Course 7: Advanced Methodology
Course 8: Land & Court Records
Course 9: Beyond the Family History Library
Course 10: Research Methodology: Genealogical Problem Solving

Coordinator Descriptions
Optional Evening Class Schedule
Tuesday?s Featured Speaker
Jay Verkler is currently responsible for the family history functions of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These include the Family History Library; family history centers; support services; worldwide film, image, and information collection; and family history products and tools, such as and Internet services.
Previously Mr. Verkler served in various executive positions within innovative Silicon Valley companies, such as Oracle Corporation, inCommon Inc., TIBCO Software, Vitria Technology, Inc. and

Mr. Verkler studied electrical engineering, computer science, and chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as well as Japanese and Asian studies at Harvard University.

Wiring the family tree: Technology allows family historians to find old records on the Internet and search through millions of names (May 18, 2005): "It's not exactly a small undertaking. Founded in 1894, the church's Family History Library is part of a library system that includes 4,400 branches around the world.
The five-floor headquarters building is 142,000 square feet, with some 2.4 million rolls of genealogical records on microfilm, 310,000 books and many other resources, according to the library's Web site. " - Education: "FGS 2005 Keynote (pdf file - 819kb)
Jay L. Verkler
Who Begat You?: General Information Archives

Tookie terminated

BBC NEWS | Americas | Time runs out for US ex-gangster: "Stanley 'Tookie' Williams on Death Row in 2003.
'You see that light there on the roof? That light goes on to signal an execution has taken place.'

Williams' fate has sparked debate
Writer Barbara Becnel pointed out the simple red light on top of San Quentin prison overlooking San Francisco Bay"

Quietly spoken, his speech was sprinkled with evidence of his self-taught vocabulary.

"I spend my time praying, exercising, reading books and studying the dictionary," he explained.
Governor Schwarzenegger has until midnight (0800 GMT Tuesday) to make his decision

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Click Online can be seen on BBC World TV

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from usenet:-
I`ve discribed both public cemitaries of Hoogezand-Sappemeer on the
internet. The last is "Het Stille Hof" with in total of 3283 persons. I hope
that you can find what you`re looking for. For this moment it is the last
job of this size from me. You do me a big favour to link my homepage at

Kind regards,

Jan Brugge
Explorer Holland and Germany (northern region)

jan be careful of cemetery and cemeteries even native speakers of english often get the spelling wrong

I often write cemetary 3 x "e" I have to say to myself

google needs good spelling smith - Google Search Begraafplaatsen - Google Search NEW URL and search multiple databases with one entry

EXCEPT THE DANISH CENSUS who continue to fail to be cooperative.