Friday, August 04, 2006


busy in archives

control B is about the new laptop My own MacBook Pro

I also have lots of new Copenhafgen pictures in my photo blogs
and I am doing danish genealogy and posting in

I feel a need for a danish census FAQ because I could not find some stuff on the net which I wanted.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Welcome to the official 1901 Census website

A new look with over 32 million people living in England and Wales in 1901 and images of the original census documents.

use Place Search to view the Descriptions of the Enumeration Districts which are still a frereebie useful to test your computer as a viewer before you buy credits
1901 Census of England and Wales Online

searching for a person

Search - results for lapham, born Kilmington 1860 - 1900 male
and still a useful freebie if you are ingeneous:-

Ernest Lapham 26 Wilts Kilmington Monmouth Ebbw Vale Miner Coal Hewer
Thomas Lapham 21 Wilts Kilmington Monmouth Ebbw Vale Miner Coal Hewer
Walter Lapham 24 Wilts Kilmington Monmouth Ebbw Vale Miner Coal Hewer

my own LAPHAM one-name study which is based on family groups, has not got those three because I ignored strays in setting up the first outline database. I will be attending to that in October when i plan to update

on 1901 this is the link to the new owners

Genes Reunited is the UK's largest family tree, genealogy and ancestry site with over 340 million people listed. It's easy to use, free to register free to search
Build your family tree

the links to ITV4 give a clue to the new owners identity
who link back to Build your family tree FREE

Search records completes the circle back but has limitations the competitors don't have
England and Wales BMD Index: 1 July 1837 - December 2004 is a major freebie

BMD in the Netherlands

Voorouders - GenLias: is a national Dutch database containing information for use in genealogical research. It is a joint initiative by the national archive services and the regional historical centres. This means that it is not a database of documents held by the Nationaal Archief.

GenLias holds data from the Civil Register. This is the official record of births, marriages and deaths in the Netherlands. It has existed in most of the country since 1811, but in the province of Limburg somewhat longer. Although GenLias contains a large proportion of this data, not all Dutch local authorities are yet included. Some provinces, such as Zuid-Holland, are still completely unrepresented.

The database also contains some details of baptisms, marriages and deaths maintained by church parishes prior to 1811, as well as memoranda of inheritance from the 19th century."

GENLIAS - Google Search

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

updates today

LAPHAM 3 one-name study

news from Bill Oxford

and I am working with Rasmus Karl Therkelsen Gottlieb screen name Karl Dane and have updated his tree


using Family Tree Maker 2006 on the Macintosh PowerBook Pro is going really well

4) Parallels Desktop for Mac is the key
obviuosly I have made some mistakes but I have two virtual machines running well enough to use for on line banking too.

the trick is to save all your work into the shared folders so you can use Mac OS and / or WinXP applications on your data

and if WinXP throws a disk error you lose no data (so far)

Monday, July 31, 2006

monks in wales

The Cistercian Way is more than a long-distance path: it is a walk into the heart of Wales. Explore the great abbeys of the Cistercian order, the little churches of the Welsh hills, the amazing geology of the Pembrokeshire coast, Stone Age burial mounds, medieval castles and sheep-farms, picturesque landscaped gardens and the industrial heritage of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Walk along Roman roads, medieval pilgrimage routes and nineteenth-century canal towpaths. Let the route take you to friendly villages, remote mountains and spectacular coastlines. Learn about Wales - land of song and legends, mines and chapels, rugby and holy wells.

more about this project...