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Scottish Genalogy

Friday, September 14, 2007

Irish aristocrat?

Farewell to my Irish aristocratic dream - Times Online: "John Hurt’s sense of himself has always been wrapped around a family myth and to prove – or disprove – its truth he agreed to take part in the genealogical TV series Who Do You Think You Are?

Like many of the celebrities who have agreed to a televised trawl through their family history, Hurt was in for a surprise. The resulting film is a detective yarn, a surprising psychological study of one of our greatest actors – star of The Naked Civil Servant and The Elephant Man – and a reminder, if one needed it, of how much sway class still holds over the British, even though we are supposedly all middle-class now."

It seems he was set up,
see the discussion:-

Who Do You Think You Are? - soc.genealogy.britain | Google Groups

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A History of RootsWeb

History of RootsWeb: "by Dr. Brian Leverich, Co-moderator, soc.genealogy.methods/GENMTD-L RootsWeb"

and by
by Karen Isaacson

This article first appeared in the National Genealogical Society Computer Interest Group's "NGS/CIG DIGEST," Volume 17 Number 4, July August 1998.

but what happened next?

soc.genealogy.methods/GENMTD-L RootsWeb - Google Search:

ClubSymantec Articles - Computing Tips - Getting Serious about Passwords

ClubSymantec Articles - Computing Tips - Getting Serious about Passwords: "Before we go any further with this issue, let’s take a few seconds to stop and think about it: how many passwords do you have? You’ll find you’ll need a username and password or PIN number just about everywhere online. If you've been active on the web for a while, the chances are you have dozens of them lying around.

Dealing with these can be a real hassle, naturally. Especially if the passwords you’ve chosen are really hard to guess. But on the other hand if hackers or scammers were to guess your passwords correctly, your personal information, like your finances, medical data, confidential documents and so on, would be at risk.
Identity thieves routinely exploit personal information to open credit card accounts or apply for a mortgage in their victim's name, or to pose as them in online transactions. You might need to improve your password security and management. Here are some techniques to help you create stronger passwords.

Strong means unguessable" . . .

read on

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Emerald Ancestors

Northern Ireland Genealogy & Ulster Ancestry: "We specialise in Northern Ireland genealogy and our extensive Ulster ancestry database contains birth, marriage, death, and census records for over 1 million Irish Ancestors in Counties Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh, Londonderry and Tyrone. Use our free search facility to trace that elusive Irish Ancestor, or browse our bookstore of historical documents for contemporary accounts of the people, places and ways of life over the last 200 years."

Scots transported to America

scottish_war_prisoners : Scottish War Prisoners: "This group focuses on finding our Scots Covenanter ancestors who were taken prisoner after the Battles of Dunbar (1650) and Worcester (1651), in which the Scots were defeated by the English under Oliver Cromwell.

They were later sent to the American Colonies. Our goal is to locate historical data, ships' lists, prisoner lists, and other information of genealogical value to descendents of the 'Scottish Rebels.'"

Tuesday, September 11, 2007 - Genealogiska och släkthistoriska dokument: "Träffa dina släktingar. Lär dig av vad de har att berätta. Med Ancestry är det lätt att börja släktforska. Med Sveriges främsta webbplats för släktforskning får du tillgång till miljontals dokument samt fantastiska funktioner för att bygga släktträd och få kännedom om din släkthistoria."

and again my thanks to DearMYRTLE:
Ancestry launches Swedish website: "Swedish family history enthusiasts can now become a part of the world’s leading online family community, joining Ancestry members who have already created over three million family trees containing 300 million names. On average, 60,000 family trees are created and 80,000 photographs uploaded onto the Ancestry global network every week."

copyright answers

The Generations Network: "Content which has been contributed to public areas of the, Inc. sites listed above by users remains the property of the submitter or the original creator and we are a licensed distributor of such content.

Occasionally, a person may feel that content submitted by another user is their property, or is covered by the copyright of someone other than the submitter. Please remember that we are only the distributor of user supplied content and the submitter, not, Inc., is the one who has violated copyright if such a violation has occurred."

sensible people

The Itawamba Historical Society: Society Unveils New Domain and Website: "The society will maintain its site on Rootsweb as a mirror site as well. Be sure to check the society's website and new material is being added on a regular basis. The address of the society's new web presence is located at"


BBC launches family history magazine | Press&publishing | "the BBC is to launch a magazine and web spin-off of its genealogy series Who Do You Think You Are?. BBC Magazines Bristol will launch the first issue of the glossy magazine with an exclusive interview with newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky, who appears in the first episode of the new BBC1 series on Thursday. The 100-page full-colour magazine, which will hit newsstands on September 25, will be published 13 times a year with an initial print run of 50,000 copies priced at £4.25. An accompanying website will launch on September 6 to coincide with the start of the new series."

see BBC Magazines Bristol
and "BBC Magazines Bristol" - Google Search

another bad idea

Coffee/Coffey Call: Personal Comments: "All links in blogs created before about May 2007 that refer to the Coffey Cousins' website became invalid when I moved the website from Rootsweb to its own domain. Clicking here will take you to the 'new' Coffey Cousins' website. From there, readers can search the site for items of interest."

own domain hides your data
if you must, you need to keep both sites up to date

and when you die or forget to pay ?

FTM 2008 - Planned Improvements

Family Tree Maker 2008 - Planned Improvements: "he release of Family Tree Maker 2008 last month left a lot of FTM users very disappointed (see comments) as the new program has performance issues, lacks vital report publishing, and offers no desktop book building/publishing tool. Thankfully, the Generations Network is listening and working to address many of these issues, and has already released a patch to fix some of the performance issues. A second patch plus reports and other improvements are due out later this year. The following email was sent out to all purchasers of Family Tree Maker 2008 to outline the company's plans."

"Service Pack 1: We just released a program update that resolves some performance issues that have been brought to our attention. If you have registered your Family Tree Maker software, the next time you open the program you will automatically receive a message prompting you to install the program update (you must be connected to the Internet to receive the automatic notification). The installation process is quick and secure. We urge you to take advantage of this program update, which will improve your experience using the software.

Service Pack 2: In mid-October we will enhance the program’s Publish capabilities. In particular, this release reintroduces several popular reports from previous versions of Family Tree Maker. Again, if you have registered your software, you will be automatically notified when the program update becomes available. You can also access up-to-date information about program enhancements by visiting the Program Updates page on the Family Tree Maker website."

Family Tree Maker 2008 by - is broken mine is version number is ad reports "up to date "

If the update was successful the version number will be

to install the service pack do the following:

  1. Connect to the Internet.
  2. Start Family Tree Maker 2008.
  3. You will receive a notification that an update is available. Click the "Update" button.
  4. The service pack will be applied and your program updated.

If you do not receive a notification that an update is available when you start Family Tree Maker:

  1. Open Family Tree Maker.
  2. Click the "Help" menu item at the top of the program.
  3. Click "Check for Updates…"
  4. The program will check for an update and notify you if one is available.

World Vital Raises

World Vital Raises Series A: "World Vital Records Inc., a Provo, Utah based online aggregator of genealogy information, has raised around $1.2 million in Series A funding, according to a regulatory filing. Backers include vSpring Capital, Provo Labs and TTP Capital Advisors (Japan)."

Dick Eastman

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter: Rules of Posting Genealogy Information Online: "OK, here are 'Eastman's Rules of Posting Genealogy Information Online,' a new set of rules invented today: 1. If you don't want everyone to know about something and use that something as they wish, don't post it online! There are no secrets after you post information online. You can claim copyrights or legal protection, but the fact remains that information placed on the web quickly becomes common knowledge. You may be correct in thinking that nobody else should ever reuse your information, but not everyone will agree with you. Regardless of your intentions, some people will re-use your data elsewhere. Getting the data removed later will be difficult and frustrating. Think before you post!" . . .

and that even includes "private" email

Facts are not copyrighted, at least not under U.S. law. If your web page contains only names and dates and locations of life events (birth, marriage, death, census entries, military service, etc.), you do not own that information. It is public domain. . . .

Dick Eastman: "kept his first genealogy database on 80-column punch cards."

blogging my own blog is bad taste

new genealogy: "The Family Tree Maker team is looking for a SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER -"

I wonder why?

Appalachian History

Appalachian History: He brought the deer back to North Georgia: "Arthur “Kingfish” Woody (1884-1946), served the U.S. Forestry Service from 1911 to 1945, starting out as a surveyor. In 1918 the Federal Government combined various local land holdings into the Cherokee National Forest, part of which extended into North Georgia. A short time later additional land the government purchased was consolidated with portions of the Cherokee into the Georgia National Forest (later renamed the Chattahoochee National Forest) and Woody became the Blue Ridge District’s first Forest Ranger. The district was the first wildlife management area in the South."

Monday, September 10, 2007

Jim Parsons

Our West Country Family

Who would really appreciate contact if you find any links.

Each page is searchable for NAME, LOCATION OF BIRTH and LOCATION OF

Over 13,000 names in the forest
Have now found the WOODS
Also have BIRDs in the tree
Along with KINGs and PRINCEs
but mostly Ag Labs.

a member of the YAHOO
Bristol and Somerset List

Sunday, September 09, 2007

new address Køge Byhistoriske Arkiv

Køge arkiv - Køge Byhistoriske
Vestergade 26
4600 Køge
Tlf: 56 64 15 92"