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FamilySearch Indexing needs volunteers for Ireland

FamilySearch Indexing: Preserving Our Heritage - Current Projects

# Irish Birth Indexes 1864-1883
# Irish Death Indexes 1864-1884

FTM 2008 offline book building Blog:

"Ancestry Press is not, nor was it intended to be, a replacement to the old book building capability available in previous versions of Family Tree Maker.

The development team is working hard on an offline book building option that will be available for free to all Family Tree Maker 2008 customers.
This offline book building option will be similar to what users were used to in previous versions of Family Tree Maker. It will not, however, support legacy Family Tree Maker books."

New features FTM 2008 publishing Blog - » New features and a few clarifications:

"If you have four generations in your online tree, AncestryPress will auto-generate a book that is about 24 pages long. To be precise, if you have four generations of names with no records attached, AncestryPress will generate 23 pages if you choose the Standard Family Tree format or 22 pages if you choose the Combination Family Tree format.

If you have records attached to those ancestors, AncestryPress will also create a page for each record. So the length of the auto-generated portion of your book will vary depending on how much data you have in your tree.
Of course, if you don’t want to include 15 timelines because your information is sparse for some of those ancestors, you can delete some of the auto-generated pages.
If you have more than four generations in your tree, AncestryPress will include only four generations when it auto-generates the book.
You can pull in data for the other generations by adding pages using the Family Tree, Family Group Sheet and Timeline templates.
You can add as many pages as you’d like, but keep in mind that if your book has more than 100 pages, you’ll have to break it into two volumes before you print it."

Web Site Search Engine, Free and Pro Versions -

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Irish Research and Dennis J. Ahern

Using the Internet for Irish Research

"In different hours a man represents each of several ancestors, as if there were seven or eight of us rolled up in each man's skin -- seven or eight ancestors, at least; and they constitute the variety of notes for that new piece of music that life is."

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Dennis J. Ahern" - Google Search

irish newspapers historical "Dennis J. Ahern" - Google Search

"Dennis J. Ahern" - Google Groups

Dennis Ahern | Ireland Newspaper Abstracts
Acton, Massachusetts |

Ireland Old News

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Historical cemeteries buried by neglect | Rhode Island news | Rhode Island news | | The Providence Journal

There’s one ritual that can be performed in cemeteries without drawing Wheeler’s disapproval. It involves a mirror, and it’s performed not at midnight but in the bright of day.

If a mirror is used to direct sunshine directly onto a gravestone, Wheeler said, lettering that was once indistinct becomes more readable. That’s when to take a photo or copy the inscription.

For information on how you can help, plus safety advice for cleaning a historical cemetery, visit the commission’s Web site at For more on Rhode Island genealogy and cemeteries, visit

You can help

Do you want to join the historical cemetery cleanup brigade? Here are just some of the 3,500 historical cemeteries in need of attention:

•The Wightman-Sweet Cemetery, number 32, across from Carpenter Jenks Funeral Home, East Greenwich Avenue, West Warwick.

•Burial ground of the Beriah Brown family, number 96, behind Gregg’s Restaurant, Scrabbletown Road, North Kingstown.

• North Burial Ground, off North Main Street, Warren.

•St. James Cemetery, north of Logee Street, Woonsocket.

•Thomas Cornell Cemetery, number 36, behind the Valley Inn Restaurant, West Main Road, Portsmouth

Historical cemeteries buried by neglect | Rhode Island news | Rhode Island news | | The Providence Journal

Rhode Island’s historical cemeteries are in danger of vanishing.

Evelyn Wheeler doesn’t know why, but something coming from those cemeteries is speaking to her. Something compelling.

It could be the weeds and poison ivy. Or maybe it’s that when cemeteries are forgotten, a part of history is lost.

Many of Rhode Island’s historical cemeteries are overgrown, disintegrating and often a gathering spot for evil spirits, or at least underage drinkers.

Wheeler, who with her husband, Frank, volunteered in national parks for 20 years after he retired the first time in 1983, lives in Narragansett and wondered who was in charge of taking care of the historical cemeteries.

It turned out to be her.

She started calling around last year to see about getting attention for a cemetery she’d noticed. The historical cemeteries, she found, have no clear owner. They had no one to care for them. The closest thing to a government agency looking after them was the Advisory Commission on Historical Cemeteries, and it was nearly dead itself.

She undertook her own cemetery cleanup, then took steps to get the commission revived and was elected its chairman. In April, the commission organized 150 volunteers to clean 53 cemeteries in 29 towns.On Saturday, she is hoping more volunteers will join the brigade of souls looking after the souls who walked the ground before them.

Rhode Island has at least 3,500 historical cemeteries. They are listed and numbered, and the number is posted on a metal sign in each cemetery. Volunteers are trying to document each one, pinpoint its location with a global positioning device, photograph the stones, transcribe what is written there and what is known about the graves, and make everything searchable for genealogy enthusiasts online.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Census BIBLE for England and Wales

we are all in debt to Guy Etchells who made this copy of directions or instructions to the enumerators

Respecting the manner in which Entries may be made in the Enumeration Schedule.

"Guy Etchells" - Google Search

Group: soc.genealogy.britain

"Guy Etchells" - Google Groups

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

John Cardinal

John Cardinal's Home Page

What's New

I've expanded the Nova Scotia place information to encompass most of Canada. The lists now contain more than 10,000 places with links to online mapping services. See Places in Canada.

Recent News

TMG Utility

TMG Utility is not going to be donorware anymore. Read why in my blog entry. Don't worry; TMG Utility will still be available, probably as freeware, and I'll continue to maintain it, support it, and add to it. In addition to my blog entry, you might want to read Sarah's Story by Sarah's mother.

TMG Companion Programs

If you use The Master Genealogist (TMG) from Wholly Genes, you should check out my TMG companion programs. They are listed under the heading "Genealogy Programs"

PhD in biological anthropology

Stourton, Kilmington and Mere Genealogies - A research project of the Australian National University '- Main Page:
"As part of research for my PhD in biological anthropology, I am compiling genealogies of all people who were married in the Wiltshire parishes of Stourton, Kilmington and Mere in the period 1775-1924. I am using an extensive array of source material, including parish registers of all local denominations, census records, civil registration such as birth certificates, Poor Law records, published works and input from descendants.

As of 30 Oct 2007 I have completed all marriages in Stourton (Anglican and Catholic), as well as Anglican marriages in Kilmington from 1800 to 1882. I am likely to commence full-time work on Mere in January 2008. The project should be complete by September 2008. On these webpages you will find extracts from the database of about 13,000 individuals. They show information about all people in the database who were born prior to 1907. In some cases it is very extensive, in others it is no more than a name and an estimate of a birth date. These pages were last updated on 30 Oct 2007.

If you have questions about any of the people on this website, would like further information, or would like to contribute information for this project, then I am interested in hearing from you. Due to the high volume of enquiries received, I generally reply within two weeks. Cathy Day, Australian National University "

a one place study as a work in progress - google to find the final URL when completed

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


FamilyTreeFactory Home page:
"The FamilyTreeFactory program imports the structure from personal data, which has to be given in a Gedcom File or in a FamilyTreeFactory Family File.

The configuration of the graphics can be done in many ways according to your own ideas. Additionally you can use so called Free Placeable Text, Image and Geometric Objects to design your tree.

With the program FamilyTreeFactory you will print graphics of any format using standard office printers or large format printers available in copyshops and printshops. And you will export your graphics inside the program directly into PDF files to order a printout in a copyshop or printshop."

Dr.-Ing. Ekkehart H. v. Renesse, Berlin, Germany is the creator of Windows program FamilyTreeFactory (Version 5.7.0) and accessory
FamilyTreeFactory Download:
"This setup installs a full version of the FamilyTreeFactory which can be tested for an unlimited period with all functions. However, as long as no license has been bought and no licensing information has been entered, the program works as a demo version; the demo version displays the word DEMO in some places."

the website is run by

Engineering Consultant Dr.-Ing. Ekkehart H. v. Renesse
Forststraße 8
12163 Berlin

Monday, October 29, 2007

Dick Eastman and TGN

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter: A Talk with the CEO of The Generations Network: "In mid-day, I had a chance to talk at length on the phone with Tim Sullivan, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Generations Network. He gave a lot of details about the acquisition and shared his vision for the future. I am indebted to Tim for taking the time to talk with me on what must have been a very busy day for him. Of course, any time you talk with a CEO of a multi-million dollar firm a few hours after an acquisition has been announced, you can expect that CEO will use all sorts of words and phrases, such as 'full value for the stockholders,' a 'great opportunity for the employees' and all that. Indeed, Tim did use many of those words. However, I was also struck by his bluntness and sincerity. . . . " well worth reading the whole of Eastman's Talk with the CEO

Family historians aghast in England and Wales

Family historians aghast as paper records locked away before online version ready | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited:
"For years, genealogists and family historians have pored over the massive green and maroon ledgers at the Family Records Centre in London, searching for details of more than 150 years of births, marriages and deaths. But there was anger or outright incredulity this weekend as professional and amateur researchers arrived to find most of the shelves bare.

There will never again be public access to the paper records, the index to where in the country all the births, marriages and deaths were registered, but - as so often with government IT projects - the timetable for the online version intended to replace them has collapsed. According to a spokesman for the Office for National Statistics, which is responsible for the General Records Office, 'the present target is to have the online index available by mid-2009'. . . . . "

an absolutely stupid and under researched article in today's GUARDiAN newspaper

"Interim microfiche system unusable, say researchers of births, marriages and deaths "

I bookmark England and Wales BMD Index: 1837-1983 and
because both are far better and user friendly than the microfiche system used world wide AKA St Cath's index

"The FreeBMD Database was last updated on Sat 13 Oct 2007 and currently contains 140,193,689 distinct records (179,976,793 total records).

On Sun 28 Oct 2007 FreeBMD users did 236,324 searches. "
and all run as a charity by volunteeers

Sunday, October 28, 2007

CHARTIST ANCESTORS – pioneers of democracy in Wales

Saturday November 3rd 11am to 5pm

Free Admission
at St. Mary’s Institute, Stow Hill (next door to Westgate Hotel)

168th Anniversary of the Chartist Rising in November 1839

ENJOY A DAY of local stories – step into early Victorian Newport Monmouthshire

DISCOVER how descendants have found their Chartist roots
Guarantee your seat! Contact _pat.drewett@ntlworld.com_
( or tel 01633 677783

11.00 Introduction Coffee available from 10.45

11.10 The Chartist Story - Pat Drewett & Kim
11.40 Newport in 1839 - Colin Gibson & Les James
12.00 - 12.45 Chartist walk - Westgate to Chartist mural

LUNCH (Either bring a packed lunch or obtain from retailers in vicinity)

13.30 Keynote speaker: Paul Flynn, MP for Newport West
13.45 Our Chartist Ancestors -- descendants reveal their family
William Ferriday, one of the Chartists killed at the Westgate.
John Lovell, of Newport, wounded at the Westgate, charged with high
John Frost, transported to Tasmania for high treason
James Horner, shoemaker, publican and Chartist organiser in Newport
Wright Beatty, Newport coal trimmer, 3 years hard labour for firing at the
John Partridge, Chartist printer in Newport, six months hard labour
Thomas Phillips, Mayor of Newport in 1839, knighted for his action on the

15.15 Tea break

15.45 'Brain's Trust' - Experts answer questions about how to
find out about the people of the Chartist era
Rachael Anderton (Newport Museum),
Peter Brown (University of Wales, Newport),
Colin Gibson (Gwent Record Office),
John Humphries (author of ‘The Man from the Alamo’)
Alun Prescott (Newport City Library)

16. 45 Conclusion – film (courtesy of Glyn Walters) showing 1988
unveiling of the memorial stone at St. Woolos Cathedral by Alexander Cordell.

‘Chartist Ancestors’ is hosted by Accent Newport Trust, which is promoting
development of a Chartist Heritage Centre in St. Mary’s Institute, and the
event is supported by HERIAN (Heritage in Action); the University of Wales,
Newport; the Newport Chamber of Trade; the Newport Museum & Art Gallery;
Newport City Library; Gwent Record Office; Gwent Local History Council.

Sunday November 4th 2007 – Guided Coach tour around Chartism sites across SE Wales

Depart St Woolos Cathedral, Newport Mon at 10am

Tour to include sites such as
Malpas Court (the home of Thomas Prothero),
Pontypool Park (the Hanbury estate),
various sites in Blaina and Nantyglo, the
Shire Hall in Monmouth (where the chartists were found guilty of treason in
and river front in Chepstow from where John Frost, Zephaniah Williams
and William Jones left on their journey to Australia.

Arrive back to St Woolos Cathedral, Newport at 4pm in time for the ceremony
to the unknown Chartists that will take place in the Cathedral grounds at

Places are limited – booking is essential. Tickets are £7 per person –
covering the coach and specialist guides. Bring your own lunch.

To book complete the form below and send to
Heritage in Action,
Ynysfach Engine House,
Ynysfach Road,
Merthyr Tydfil CF48 1AG.
Phone 01685 723968
from overseas
+44 1685 723968
or e mail _info@herian.org_ ( for more information.

Name: ______________________________
Number of Tickets for the Chartist Coach Tour: __________
Address: ___________________________________________________
Phone Number: ______________________________________________
Make cheques payable to HERIAN