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Misbach Enterprises.

Genealogy Charts: "Try our world famous 15 generation pedigree wall chart. This chart has been selling all over the world for over 40 years. It is a well designed chart that is very efficient and easy to use. It holds 511 names on the front and 330 more on the back, with room to go back up to 20 generations."

Home of the World Famous Genealogy & Family Tree Charts!

old news again

Maritz Research - Employee Engagement:


Maritz Poll Suggests Increase in Popularity Over Last Five Years
May 2000
- The popularity of genealogy is on the rise, according to a recent Maritz Poll by Maritz Marketing Research Inc., one of the world's largest marketing research firms, and, a leading developer of software and Internet tools that enable people to learn about their genealogy. According to the poll, 60 percent of Americans said they are at least “somewhat interested” in tracing their family history.

This figure compares to a similar Maritz Poll that was conducted in 1995, in which 45 percent of Americans said they were at least “somewhat involved” with genealogy."

CIA - The World Factbook

CIA - The World Factbook: "updated as of 1 November 2007."

Forensic Genealogy

Lucy Mangan on last night's TV | Media | The Guardian:
"Thursday November 15 2007
Baddiel and the Missing Nazi Billions (BBC1) was a rare example of a successful spin-off programme. In the first series of Who Do You Think You Are? David Baddiel traced his maternal grandparents' story from Kristallnacht in Konisgburg, via his grandfather Ernst's internment in a penal camp, to their lives and deaths in Britain, the country to which they sailed in 1939 with their new baby, Baddiel's mother, hidden in a luggage rack.

They had been wealthy industrialists in their homeland, but had to relinquish their factories and money to the Nazis before they fled. Ernst ended his days here as a hotel porter in Oxford. In last night's documentary, Baddiel examined the question of restitution for his family and the thousands of other European Jews who lost everything to the people whose hatred for everything Jewish miraculously did not extend to their property.

Baddiel's grandparents themselves eventually received £700 in the 1960s as compensation for all that they had lost. They used it to furnish their daughter's flat. Baddiel is initially ambivalent about the idea of restitution for Holocaust victims, conscious of and concerned by its potential to fuel antisemitic prejudice. 'This voice inside me says that 'They' will say - 'See, the Jews - always trying to get money.'"

"Why care what antisemites think?" was his interviewer's response, and this became the central question for the rest of the documentary. Baddiel brought his substantial intelligence and honesty to bear on it.

He met Julius Fromm, whose family got their final slice of compensation - which altogether equalled about 10% of the stolen property's worth - in 2005. Frank Bright, who survived Auschwitz but whose parents did not, has spent years pursuing companies who owed him money from their life-insurance policies. He has the money now - or some of it - but is still hammering away at unyielding corporate doors because he wants the documents his parents signed, too. What he wants really, of course, is his parents, and it was perhaps at this point that Baddiel began to hear the call for symbolic justice above the antisemitic babble inside his head. , , , , , "

I missed this program even thoughI had marked it as a must see in my copy of the Radio Times .

This is of course FORENSIC GENEALOGY sometimes also referred to as Heir or Probate, Genealogy

more - - "FORENSIC GENEALOGY" - Google Search

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter: Forensic Genealogy:
"Serious genealogists usually conduct scholarly research.

After all, we use the same materials the scholars use, and many of us were trained by scholars. It is only natural that we would use the same techniques that scholars use to examine old documents, transcribed lists, and other sources.

However, author Colleen Fitzpatrick suggests that scholarly methodology alone is not enough. She suggests that we should also use the methods of detectives, crime scene investigators, geneticists, criminologists, and FBI laboratory technicians. Dr. Fitzpatrick shows how to further your genealogy investigations by using a mix of the methods used by Sherlock Holmes and by CSI: Miami. . . .

Another chapter in this book is devoted to DNA analysis in a manner I have not seen before. Colleen shows how to calculate a DNA network and how to generate Maximum Parsimony trees from a Reduced Median network."

"Forensic Genealogy" sells for $26.50 plus shipping. You can order it directly from the author's web site:

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Statsfængslet ved Vridsløelille

H 58 - Albertslund: "Hjemmeside for Birgit og Martin Henriksen"

much more than a home page with Danish Census transcriptions covering a town and a prison and submitted to Dansk Demografisk Database

In the Danish Demographic Database you can search for information in different sources. You can search for individuals when you have some information. Furthermore do the persons you are looking for have to be in the databases. The work of adding more records to the databases is a constantly on-going work done primarily by volunteers.

images here - Statens Arkivers Arkivalieronline - if only they allowed deep linking liike the National Archives of Canada

Censuses Emigrants Immigrants Other sources

Folketællinger til brug for KIP: "Disse csv-filer er uddrag fra de officielle folketællinger fra Herstedvester og indeholder fangerne på Statsfængslet ved Vridsløelille."

De med * mærkede folketællinger er nu tilgængelige på Dansk Demografisk Database

Folketælling Herstedvester 1901 *
Korrekturlæsning: Ingelise Jacobsen.

Folketælling Herstedøster 1901
Korrekturlæsning: Ingelise Jacobsen.

NY Folketælling Herstedvester 1906
Korrekturlæsning: Ingelise Jacobsen.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

detective of death

Ann McFadden is a detective of death - 11/12/2007 - "Looking for details about your great-grandfather's death 45 years ago? Searching for survivors of the friendly neighbor who died without a will? Can't find your long-lost cousin's grave?

Ann Josberger McFadden is the woman for you. She is a sleuth, a sort of detective of death, a woman who has read and indexed thousands of published obituaries and researched the unusual history of a handful of South Florida cemeteries."

IAP Script Tutorial

IAP Script Tutorial: "Online Instruction for Reading Old Documents (ca. 1800 to 1920) This website offers guidance in the deciphering of manuscripts and other old documents that were printed in old typefaces or written in old handwriting styles. Languages covered here include German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. The content of this website may be useful for genealogical, historical, and literary research."

This collection of online tutorials and resources is provided by the Immigrant Ancestors Project, which also maintains an online database of European immigrant/emigrant records. The Immigrant Ancestors Project is sponsored by the Center for Family History and Genealogy at Brigham Young University.

230 Widney Lane

My Memories
the third phase in the life of this house which was my childhood home

more of My Memories: 10/01/2005 - 11/01/2005: "230 Widney Lane Solihull"


I am about 4 years old and the pedal car was second hand and repainted black and yellow by my father. and the gate was that kind of maroon / red which oxidises to blueish.

The drive had yellow pebbles

This is scanned from a negative

I think my father may have had the snapshot in his pocket when he died at sea when HMS Somali sank in 1942

230 Widney Lane Solihull - Google Maps

Family Bible Restoration

Family Bible Restoration at Leonard's Book Restoration Station: "The words 'Family Bible' often bring to mind the large, deeply-recessed and highly decorative Bibles of the 19th century. These Bibles were once very beautiful, and a common adornment in American homes. However beautiful, most were so big and heavy that they eventually tore themselves apart and now, then challenge is to get them back into a condition where they can be displayed and even used in a Christian home. Our goal in restoring your family Bible is to do all that is possible to get it back into a functional displayable condition and at the same time do as little as possible so as to Decorative antique family Bible in need of restoration preserve and restore the antiquity and hidden beauty of the original binding. We can replace spines, which are often missing, with new leather, antiqued and color matched to the boards, but we prefer not to attempt imprinting on these. The printing type available to us does not match the period or the size needed. Our goal is to draw attention to the beauty of the original boards."

"Family Bible Restoration" - Google Search

take care when shipping irreplacable documents to photograph all the data, and publish it on the web, before sending them

FOSTER FAMILY BIBLE: "This is a picture of page 679 of the Foster family Bible. This Bible was once owned by Joel Lewis Foster (1766 - 1834), my great-great grandfather. The other two pages have not been restored yet, but we are currently working on this project and expect to have it finished soon." NB MUSIC WARNING FOR THAT URL !!!

DocumentsOnline UK

The National Archives Kew UK | DocumentsOnline | Royal Navy Service Records

Royal Naval Seamen (1873 - 1923)

You can now search and download the service registers of more than 500,000 seamen who joined the Royal Navy between 1873 and 1923.

and lots more including:-

Certificates of service from 1802 to 1894

For men who served before 1894, it may be worth checking the certificates of service (for example, if they went on to apply for a pension). These certificates of service are held at The National Archives, Kew, in the series ADM 29.


Having discovered which ship(s) your ancestor served on you will be able to look up specific ship logs. Captains' Logs, 1669-1852, are informative and sometimes include crew lists. These logs are held in the series ADM 51, available at The National Archives.

Another possible source of information is in the series ADM 101, Surgeons' Logs, 1785-1963. Again, these records can be seen at The National Archives.


Since 1861, officer and crew details were listed in special naval schedules, recording servicemen and any passengers. Vessels were enumerated in home and foreign waters. The schedules note the name, rank or rating, marital status, age, and birthplace, as well as location at the time of the census. In the later schedules of 1891 and 1901 name, relation to vessel (whether a member of the crew, etc.), marital status, age last birthday, occupation, birthplace, and "whether blind, deaf or dumb" were noted, along with the location. You can search the census returns by going to Census records and following the links. If you are visiting The National Archives, Kew, or the Family Records Centre, Islington, you can view the census 1861 - 1891 free of charge.

The Battle of Trafalgar

If you are researching the Battle of Trafalgar you might be interested in The National Archives Trafalgar online exhibition, the Trafalgar ancestors database and the DocumentsOnline French Muster Rolls collection.

World War One

If your rating was awarded any campaign medals in the First World War you will find his entitlement in the medal rolls held in ADM 171, pieces 94 to 119. You can view these records at The National Archives.

Monday, November 12, 2007 "Forrest Anderson
Forrestdale Research Military Researcher and Local History Photographer

I was connected with the military for almost 30 years, and if your ancestor was ever in the British armed forces, I have collected together a wealth of information which may allow me to give you an answer immediately, and at no cost. If you have a query about Edinburgh, I have lived here for over 40 years, and have a good knowledge of the city and its history.
If I can't give you an immediate answer, then I can go to one of the archives above to see if the answer is there, or take photographs of the road, building or grave that interests you.

As a service to family historians and genealogists, I have provided information on this website to help you with military terminology and to make known some of the sources which can used for military genealogical research.

My fees are very reasonable, starting at just a few pounds, and the service is friendly, so if you have a query relating to Edinburgh or armed forces research, please do not hesitate to e-mail me. If I cannot solve your problem there and then, I may well be able to supply an answer from one of the sources mentioned above, and will supply a no-obligation quotation before I undertake any paid research. Much of my work is done on a "no find, no fee" basis, to guarantee that you get value for money."

National Archives Kew UK

News | The National Archives won am award for digital preservation

The National Archives is celebrating its victory at the Conservation Awards 2007, winning the award for digital preservation. The award, presented on 27 September, recognises leadership and practical advancement in the new and challenging field of digital preservation. The prize was given to The National Archives for its work on active preservation through the development of two tools: the PRONOM Technical Registry and Digital Record Object Identification (DROID) file format identification.

Almost all the records created in government and an increasing number of those arriving at The National Archives, are now electronic. As technologies change and inevitably become obsolete, the information in these documents risks becoming inaccessible, providing one of the most fundamental challenges of digital preservation. A major challenge for The National Archives has been to develop the capability to preserve digital records in accessible form, across time and evolving technology.

The National Archives' PRONOM Technical Registry answers this challenge. PRONOM is an online knowledge base providing a simple interface to allow users to query a database of technical information on over 600 file formats and 250 software tools. In conjunction with this tool, The National Archives has also developed a standalone format identification tool called DROID, which identifies and reports the specific file format versions of digital files. Freely available to download under an Open Source licence and written in platform-independent Java, DROID supports batch processing of large numbers of files.

Natalie Ceeney, Chief Executive at The National Archives, said:

"I am thrilled that The National Archives has won this award. The digital revolution has drastically changed the nature of the information we need to safeguard and digital preservation is now fundamental to preserving our heritage. The National Archives seeks to ensure the survival of today´s information for tomorrow, constantly developing new tools to ensure that we continue to have access to the information government creates."

Ronald Milne, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Digital Preservation Coalition, which sponsors the Award, said,

"The National Archives fully deserves the recognition which accompanies this award."

"Digital Preservation Coalition" - Google Search

Digital Preservation Coalition - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

this is apparently going well at the national level, but what about the administrative and financial records at a local city, town and county level?

Or of the police?

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Documentary ?

Media Monkey at the Sheffield Documentary Festival | Organgrinder | Guardian Unlimited: "Alex Graham also proved to be very touchy when asked whether his ratings busting BBC1 geanealogy show Who Do You Think You Are? could be classified as a documentary. He didn't think it should, but said he baulked at what he called the 'nauseating' notion that 'there is this thing called documentary and everything else is a bit shit'. Molly Dineen then cut through the froideur and mild gasps by gently suggesting that he might be a bit more careful about what he says as 'this is a documentary festival'."