Friday, September 19, 2008

The Gillman Familey

The Gillman Familey: "At the outbreak of World War 1 George Fredrick Gillman and his wife Emma Jemima
resided with their three children at 27, Cronin Road, Peckham, S.E.15."
from my email SGB:-
My son a medal collector recently purchased a group of medals at auction by
telephone. The medals related to two brothers killed in WW1.

When the package arrived from the auction house it not only contained the
medals but also an amazing number of documents and photographs, a virtual
time capsule that portrays the terrible impact WW1 had on family's.

I have made a website containing the contents of medal package,

You may find it interesting.

Go to

Peter T


FamilySearch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "this family history website is provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It provides its resources free of charge to the public and is one of the most heavily used genealogy sites on the Internet.[citation needed]"

History of the website

  • May 1999: Website first opened to the public. It almost immediately went off-line; overloaded due to extreme popularity.
  • October 1999: Surpassed 1.5 billion hits.
  • November 1999: 240 million names added, bringing the total number of entries to 640 million.[1]
  • November 2005: New enters first Beta test.
  • February 2007: New enters Beta 2 testing.
  • June 2007: New is now live for some areas.
  • November 2007: limited rollout and access to
  • November 2007: Current public site is still

The Family History Library (FHL) is in the process of digitizing its entire microfilm collection using ScanStone, a hardware and software system developed by the LDS Church to rapidly create digital images of genealogical records contained on microfilm. When fully implemented, the FHL will be able to convert 370,000 rolls of microfilm per year into digital images. It is estimated that the digitizing project will be completed about 2012.[3]

An online index to the digitized records is also being created using FamilySearch Indexing software developed by the LDS Church. The church hopes to recruit hundreds of thousands of volunteers to complete the indexing project. Volunteers can participate by going to the Church's FamilySearch Indexing web site. Some of the databases containing the digital images and indexes can be viewed at, and will eventually be added to the FamilySearch website. - News: "Official news releases from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints"

RootsMagic Blog » RootsMagic 4 Unwrapped - New FamilySearch: "Currently New FamilySearch is being released in phases to members of the LDS Church, but eventually free access will also be available to the general public. RootsMagic is a FamilySearch Affiliate, and RootsMagic 4 will be a FamilySearch Certified application when it is released later this year.

RootsMagic 4 will let you easily match up individuals in your database with the matching person out on New FamilySearch. This way RootsMagic can notify you when someone else changes information on that person out on New FamilySearch. It also makes it easy to copy information back and forth between RootsMagic and New FamilySearch."

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Court of Sewers

Archives Network Wales - Monmouthshire Court of Sewers and the Monmouthshire Drainage Board records: "Caldicot & Wentloog Levels Internal Drainage Board was an autonomous Statutory Land Drainage Authority designated under the Land Drainage Act of 1991 & (1994).
The Board was established on 15th November 1942 replacing the Monmouthshire Commissioners of Sewers which were established in 1884,
and the Monmouthshire Court of Sewers in 1531."

Caldicot & Wentloog Levels Internal Drainage Board was an autonomous Statutory Land Drainage Authority designated under the Land Drainage Act of 1991 & (1994). The Board was established on 15th November 1942 replacing the Monmouthshire Commissioners of Sewers which were established in 1884, and the Monmouthshire Court of Sewers in 1531.

lots more in Engand too "Court of Sewers" - Google Search
all about land drainage and land owners

book of reference to maps, surveys and valuation, 1830-1887;
minute books, 1946-1950;
ledgers, 1927-1944;
cash books, 1936-1943; account statements, 1922-1938; collection books, 1931-1947.

Petition to Court of Sewers: an image from the Manuscripts and Special Collections Section: "Petition from the occupiers of cottages at Burringham 1811. Brigg Court of Lincolnshire Commissioners of Sewers Br P 83."

Petition to Court of Sewers

Transcript of Petition to Court of Sewers: "Gentlemen Commissioners of the Court of Sewers.


That your pertitioners, are Inhabitants of Burringham

Poor men, that has only a House to Sleep in. and long ago,

when the Common was open, that there is Sewer into
the River Trent. and it was laid on to ? this Sewer by Lots.

and every Common Right House, did as much as the

Largest Farm. now the Common is got Inclosed and cultivated

into Tillage. now they want their Land Dreaning, the Sewer

Enlarging, and these poor men are obledge to do it in terror

of the Abstract. there is about 106 Roods of this Sewer . . . continues Transcript of Petition to Court of Sewers

the Expence of Cleansing at the Midsummer was half a Crown

a House."

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1935

(Toronto, ON – 16th of September 2008) In a world first,, Canada’s leading family history website, today launched online the Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1935, which contains more than 7.2 million names, including 5.6 million of those who travelled from around the world to start a new life in Canada.

Digitizing and indexing the collection took approximately 83,000 man hours, or the equivalent of a person working 24 hours a day, seven days a week for almost 10 years.

Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1935 -
Source Information: Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1935 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2008.

Original data: Library and Archives Canada. Passenger Lists, 1865-1935. Ottawa, Canada: Library and Archives Canada. RG76, T-479 to T-520, T-4689 to T-4874, T-14700 to T-14939, C-4511 to C-4542.
About Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1935
This database contains passenger lists of ships arriving in various Canadian ports, as well as a few eastern U.S. ports, from 1865-1935. Information listed in these records includes: name of passenger, age, gender, marital status, birth country, nationality, occuaption, and religious affiliation.

For more information about this database, click here.
Please choose a port:
To browse passenger list information, click on a port.
Subsequent screens will allow you to select additional date information.
Eastern US Ports
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Montreal, Quebec
New York, New York, USA
North Sydney, Nova Scotia
Quebec, Quebec
Saint John, New Brunswick
Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia and Pacific Ports

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

NSW Free Settlers - "NSW, Unassisted Immigrants, Passenger Lists - 1826-1922
'Unassisted immigrants' were migrants whose journey was not subsidized and was paid for solely by themselves. These passenger lists are a record of their entry into New South Wales between 1826 and 1922 and contain details such as the name of the passenger and their occupation, their port of departure, the date they arrived and the name of ship they arrived on, and even possibly a bill of health.

NSW, Assisted Immigrants, Passenger Lists - 1828-1896
These are the records of individuals whose journeys were subsidized or paid for by another person or through another agency. The database is made up of 3 different types of record; Returns of convicts' applications for wives and families, Persons on bounty ships (Agents Immigrant Lists) and Persons on early migrant ships, and so contains an abundance of information.

The majority of the ships in these records sailed from British ports to
Sydney, however a few went to Moreton Bay (Brisbane), which was part
of New South Wales until 1859, and Newcastle. A few ships also
sailed from some non-British ports such as Hamburg, Madras and
New York"

there is some discussion of a new two level price structure for Blog not much help on this topic

Monday, September 15, 2008

London Times online archive

Scottish Genealogy News and Events (SGNE): Free public access to the Times online archive to end this week

"Public access to the Times Online news archive, which makes available all past issues from 1785 to 1985, was launched in May at the Who Do You Think You Are Live event in London through a new website. Prior to this, it had been available through an academic version by subscription only.

Located at, the site had initially been offered for free to the public for a limited period. That period unfortunately ends on Thursday September 18th, so if you have not yet signed up, or have mountains of articles to look up, now's the time!

From Thursday, the site will implement a pay-to-access structure, starting at £4.95 for a day pass, £14.95 for a monthly pass, or £74.95 for an annual membership.

Scottish Genealogy News and Events (SGNE): Free public access to the Times online archive to end this week

Scottish Genealogy News and Events (SGNE): Free public access to the Times online archive to end this week

RootsWeb OLD NEWS Home Page

New Additions to RootsWeb!
August 22nd, 2008 by Anna

Over the past few weeks you may have noticed a few glitches while you were
searching and browsing the site. The main reason for the interruptions is
the addition of 18 new servers - yes 18! We are very excited for this
addition to the site as it means a more stable environment, a little
increase in overall site speed, the ability to add additional features, and
overall a lot more flexibility.

We are about three quarters of the way through the move so you will likely
notice a few delays over the next coming weeks. As we work on more major
areas we will post notices up on the Help page. We appreciate your patience
and support as we continue to move data to the new servers.

The RootsWeb team is very excited for the new additions and want to say a
special THANK YOU to our developers for all the work they have done to get
the servers up, running and the data moved.

The World Archives Project

September 4th, 2008 by Anna

Today and FGS announced the Public Beta for the World Archives Project. This project is a community keying initiative that will allow participants to contribute to the effort of indexing genealogical and historical records. You can read about the project on the main Blog here.

If you are interested in participating to help preserve the world’s records, please download the software and let us know what you think. The URL for the main World Archives Project page on is; we invite you to share it with anyone interested. If you are a society leader or member and are interested in learning more about how your society can be involved in the World Archives Project please send an email to

I think the World Archives Project fits right in with what RootsWeb stands for - not only will the indexes we assist in keying be free for everyone but the community is assisting each other in bringing new records online and preserving valuable information.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

TGN history

The Generations Network - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In 1996, Infobases invested in Ancestry, a print publishing company founded in 1983, later purchasing the company outright from founder John Sittner. Paul Allen (not the Microsoft co-founder) and Dan Taggart began running Ancestry independently from Infobases in July 1997, and began creating one of the largest online subscription-based genealogy database services.[6] The company changed its name to "" in November 1999 since its mission included both genealogy and connecting families to each other.

The website launched in December 1998 with free sites beginning in March 1999,[7] obtaining 1 million registered users within its first 140 days.[6] The company raised more than US$90 million in venture capital from investors including Intel, CMGI, AOL, Kodak, Compaq, Sorenson, Esnet, Vspring and Tango Partners.[6] Sales for 2002 were about US$62 million, and those for 2003 were US$99 million.[8]

In March 2004, the company opened a new call center in Provo due to outgrowing their old call center in Orem. The new call center can accommodate approximately 700 agents at one time.[9] Heritage Makers was acquired in September 2005,[10] and sold a year later in August 2006.[citation needed] The website was opened on January 24, 2006.[11] In March 2006, MyFamily opened a new office in Bellevue, Washington as part of the MyFamily business unit.[12] Encounter Technologies was acquired in April 2006.[13]

The company changed its name to "The Generations Network" on December 19, 2006.[14] While the company formerly offered access to free at any LDS Family History Center, that service was terminated on March 17, 2007 because of the inability to reach a mutually-agreeable licensing agreement between TGN and the LDS Church. Recently, however, service was reinstated at several of the larger Family History Centers.[15]

my thanks to

FreeBMD passes 200 million records

FreeBMD Home Page:
"The FreeBMD Database was last updated on Sun 14 Sep 2008
and currently contains 155,358,184 distinct records (200,070,401 total records).

On Sat 13 Sep 2008 FreeBMD users did 223,583 searches."