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revising a list of useful links for the FAQ - soc.genealogy.britain | Google Groups

reviisng a list of useful links for the FAQ - soc.genealogy.britain | Google Groups: "The following links are among those discussed in greater detail within the pages of Google Your Family Tree.

Useful Links for Genealogy & Family History Research

As new and useful sites are found, this page will be updated with direct links enabling you to use it as a jumping off point to the most useful sites anywhere in the world focused on genealogy and family history research."


What about Scotlands People?
Lesley Robertson
. . . .
Great list Hugh,

More to add for your section:

* Top Free Genealogy Sites Genealogy & Family History (BBC Family History site) (Free help & Advice
for your Family History community forum) (Civil Registration index of births,
marriages and deaths for England and Wales) (free Internet searches of baptism,
marriage, and burial records) (Project aims to provide a "free-to-
view" online searchable database of the 19th century UK census

All the best,

Wales - FamilySearch Wiki

Portal:Wales - FamilySearchWiki: "From the earliest times the social order in Wales, as elsewhere, was bound up with the division and occupation of the land. The laws of the medieval king Hywel Dda depict a semi-nomadic people with strong tribal affinities, practicing a pastoral economy. From the eleventh century the numerous Welsh princes attempted to Read more..."

very important comment on IGI and WALES

In 1813, the Established Church in Wales started using a standard, printed form for their parish registers, which included a column for surname. This made it relatively easy to determine if the family was using patronymics. Before that date, there wasn’t a surname column, so there was no way to determine if "William the son of John Thomas" would grow up to be "William John," "William Jones," "William Thomas," or by another name.

Main Page - FamilySearchWiki: "Free Research Advice from the Family History Community; by the Family History Community"

How to author an article in the Wiki - FamilySearchWiki: "How to Create, Edit or Add to an Article in FamilySearch Wiki"

Friday, October 17, 2008

Google Your Family Tree — Unlock the Hidden Power of Google for Family History Research

Google Your Family Tree — Unlock the Hidden Power of Google for Family History Research: "Are You Harnessing the Full Power of Google?

Unlock the Hidden Power of Google for Genealogy & Family History Research
Google is the most powerful tool available for online genealogy research. With more than 20 billion pages included in Google's index of the Web, it's likely that some of these pages contain clues about your ancestors, but finding these pages requires an understanding of filtering and other techniques to realize the full value of this free online service!"

A New Game of Tag

A new game of tag is in progress, Randy seems to have started it and now I've joined in.
How fast will this one fly around the geneablogs? A fun way to learn a little more about each other.

10 Years Ago I...

1. .. drove night taxi in Copenhagen.
2. .. travelled to Solihull, England to visit my mother for her ninetieth birthday.
3. .. learned to use a Macintosh SE computer
4. .. social networking BBS Politiken on Line
5. .. studied English Literature and philosophy at Copenhagen University (Open University) to prepare for my old age and retirement

5 Things on Today's To-Do List...

1. get a blood test done at Solihull Hospital
2. get fresh fruit at St Martins markets
3. blog
4. snapshots
5. email and GenBrit list

this Saturday probably a quiet day indoors listen to BBC Radio 3 opera in the evening
BBC - BBC Radio 3 Programmes - Opera on 3, Stravinsky: The Rake's Progress which is one of my favourites

5 Snacks I Enjoy...

1. grapes
2. dark chocolate 70% cocoa solids
3. apple with a slice of rye bread
4. chunks of cheese
5. lotta fruits

5 Places I Have Lived...

1. Solihull, England
2. Aldershot England (Twickenham and Farnborough Hants - Mytchett)
3. Bristol England by the Zoo (Tutshill Chepstow over the water)
4. Faeroe Islands - Klaksvik - Torshavn
5. Copenhagen, Denmark

5 Jobs I Have Had...

1. Sapper, Field engineer recruit in the Royal Engineers
2. Musician in Royal Engineers Staff Band Aldershot
3. Peripatetic music teacher of all winds Oxfordshire, Belfast, Wolverhampton . . Faeroes . Denmark
4. bassoonist - opera. ballet, Halle, BBC Radio . . as a deputy
5. brass band conductor and adjudicator - concert band - and symphony orchestras too

Here are 5 Genea-Bloggers I'm tagging:

* RootsWeb Newsroom five authors RootsWeb Newsroom » About the Authors
* Blog
* DearMYRTLE's Genealogy Blog
* WorldVitalRecords Blog » Paul Allen and Dan Lynch Featured on KSL NewsRadio Genealogy Show: "Whitney Ransom"
* Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter: Google Your Family Tree: "Dick Eastman - last but definitely NOT least :-)"

Pass it on!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

De Ruvigny's Roll of Honour 1914-1918

Search De Ruvigny's Roll of Honour 1914-1918

Originally published in five volumes, Marquis De Ruvigny's Roll Of Honour 1914-1924 features biographies of over 26,000 Army, Navy and Air Force men (both officers and other ranks) killed in the Great War. 7,000 of these include photographs.

Apple's Tree: A New Game of Tag

Apple's Tree: A New Game of Tag: "A new game of tag is in progress, Randy seems to have started it and now I've been tagged by both Jasia & Thomas. How fast will this one fly around the geneablogs? A fun way to learn a little more about each other."

make some lists of 5 things -- later

Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE | Roots Map

Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE | Roots Map: "The event will take place at Olympia from 27th Feb - 1st March 2009 and will feature the Society of Genealogists Family History Show which takes place for the 17th consecutive year."

Where does your surname come from? | Roots Map: "Welcome to RootsMap, the website to help find the origin of your surname. RootsMap create unique Surname Distribution Maps for Great Britain (England, Scotland & Wales) and Ireland.

Surname Distribution Map show, in an interesting and visual way, where a surname originated - and makes a colourful addition to your family history files."

California Genealogical Society and Library blog: CGS Computer Committee

California Genealogical Society and Library blog: CGS Computer Committee: "Some of the most important volunteer work done at the California Genealogical Society is carried out behind-the-scenes by the members of the Computer Committee: Al Clark, Kathy Watson and Gary Willcuts.

In June of this year the committee conducted a survey of member volunteers to identify problems. Responses were logged and priorities set. The committee created a project work list and assigned one member to oversee each issue.

The committee's first priority is to create consistency among all the computers. The intent is to set up all of the computer desktops in the same way so that a volunteer can sit down at any computer and find things in the same place. Icons have been set up in a specific order."

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cyndi's List

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet: "264,400+ links for family history!
255,450 in
180+ categories, 8,900+ new and uncategorized"
and still going strong

autumnal Maine

Cemetery Burials and Remembrances: "The Trustees of First Parish Cemetery have recently surveyed the existing records of burials in our cemetery. Over the years there have been at least two stone to stone studies.

We have identified over 6,150 burials. Click on Full Burial List to see them all. If a record is incomplete it is because the information is not available to us. The abbreviation 'EGNK' means exact grave not known'.

Most cemetery records include just names, dates, and locations. Sometimes we also know the relationship of the person such as 'daughter of', 'wife of', 'father of'. Information about WHO the person was and what is remembered about that person becomes lost to the ages and exists only in memories.

This website provides an individual page for each person."

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Google Your Family Tree

WorldVitalRecords Blog », Inc. Announces New Guidebook for Free Online Genealogy— Google Your Family Tree: "PROVO, UT, October 8, 2008 —, Inc. announced today the availability of Google Your Family Tree, a new book that teaches family historians how to unlock the hidden power of the Internet’s most popular search engine. Written by Daniel M. Lynch, the book received an enthusiastic reception in Philadelphia last month when it was unveiled at the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) annual conference. Pre-orders for the book have been brisk, and it is expected to ship within two weeks.

“This book is well positioned to become the best-selling genealogy book of all time,” said Paul Allen, chief executive officer of “It is the right content, by the right author, at the right time. We couldn’t be more pleased to be releasing this book this month as millions of people in the United States celebrate Family History Month.”, Inc. and Lynch agreed to the deal in March of this year. “Dan has done an exceptional job documenting the hidden power Google offers to family history enthusiasts worldwide,” Allen said. “It is the first such book written specifically for genealogists by an accomplished genealogist and technology expert.”"

FTM 2009

FTM 2009: " A comparison - The new and improved FTM 2009 has arrived and is supposed to have a lot of improvements over FTM 2008. Lets do some tests and see what the improvements are:"

FTM 2009 also has several new reports which were missing in FTM 2008 and
in some cases FTM 16.
* Horizontal Hourglass Chart
* Bow Tie Chart
* 180 Fan Chart
* Family Tree Chart
* FTM 2008 style Register and Ahnentafel as well as FTM 16 versions
(called Simplified versions)
* Data Errors Report
* Improved Outline Descendant Report

The map work area can now show all of the places where an individual has
lived so you can trace that individual's migration path.

Whether FTM 2009 is the program for your main data base - really up to

How do you use FTM 16?

Do you use any of the following often and are they important to the way
you work?
* Books?
* Custom Report for special types of searches?
* Timeline Report?
* Label/Cards report?
* All-in-one Tree?
* Upload trees to FTM User Home Pages?

None of these features are in FTM 2009 as yet. When will they be
included? No indications as yet.

Now if you use to search for information and records AND
merge the information into your data base, FTM 2009 is outstanding in
this area.

by BJ on FTM-TECH Rootsweb list

MS Found in a Shoebox

MS Found in a Shoebox - Guest blogs and language geekdom: "Last night we watched Who Do You Think You Are, that British genealogy series, because it had David Tennant in it. Tim and I both went into little flights of glee when the voiceover guy pronounced 'genealogy' correctly. (See that 'a' in there people??? See it?? PRONOUNCE IT AS AN 'A' AND NOT AS AN 'O'. That is all.)

It very nearly made up for the announcer saying that Tennant plays 'Doctor Who'. (Sigh. He plays The Doctor. The *show* is called 'Dr Who', not the character. Go and look at the credits if you don't believe me.)"

Computergenealogie/2008/10 − GenWiki

Computergenealogie/2008/10 − GenWiki: "Family Tree Maker 2009

In den USA erschien im September die neue Version 2009 von Family Tree Maker. Nach der Kritik an der im letzten Jahr neu entwickelten Version 2008 waren die Anwender besonders gespannt auf die Weiterentwicklung. In der Folgezeit hat man sich bereits des Öfteren gewünscht, Anwender der US-Version zu sein: Mehrere Patches mit Nachbesserungen wurden an die US-Kunden im Laufe des letzten Jahres kostenfrei weitergegeben. Wer seine amerikanische Version 2008 hat registrieren lassen, bekam von jetzt eine E-Mail mit Kennziffer. Mit dieser konnte man auch die Version 2009 kostenfrei bestellen. Doch damit noch nicht genug, denn wer nun die Version 2009 registriert, bekommt im Laufe des Jahres erneut weitere Funktionen nachgereicht. Die deutschen Anwender dagegen werden noch warten müssen. Es gab weder Patches mit Nachbesserungen, noch ist in Erfahrung zu bringen, ob es überhaupt eine deutsche Version 2009 geben wird. Die sehr offene und kundenorientierte Geschäftspolitik in den USA kann den deutschen Anwender also zu Recht neidisch machen.

Ein Blick auf die offiziellen Webseiten von Family Tree Maker 2009 überzeugt den Anwender schnell, dass sich an diesem Programm einiges tut. So gibt es nun fünf neue Ansichten aus den Bereichen Sanduhr-, Fächer- und Familientafeln. Endlich kann man auch die Geschwister wieder anzeigen lassen. Der aus früheren Versionen bekannte Datenfehlerbericht wurde wieder integriert und die Genealogieberichte erweitert. Einige große und kleine Verbesserungen erleichtern die Arbeit mit dem Programm. So gibt es nun beispielsweise wieder die Funktion "Suchen und Ersetzen". Insgesamt wurde und wird an allen Kritikpunkten intensiv gearbeitet und die Aussichten für die Anwender sind sehr positiv - zumindest für die US-Version. (Doris Reuter)"

Google Translate: "Translation: German » English
Family Tree Maker 2009
In the United States appeared in September 2009 the new version of Family Tree Maker. Following the criticism of last year, the newly developed version 2008 users were particularly excited about the development. In the subsequent period, it has already repeatedly requested, users of the U.S. version to be: Several patches with the modifications were made to U.S. customers over the last year free of charge passed on. Who's American version of 2008 to register, from now got an e-mail with a code. With this could be the 2009 version free of charge order. But that was not enough, because who is now the registered version 2009, gets during the year once other functions later. The German users on the other hand, are still waiting. There were no patches with modifications, nor is to know whether there is a German version will be 2009. The very open and customer-oriented business policy in the U.S., the German users can therefore rightly jealous make.

A glance at the official web site of Family Tree Maker 2009 users quickly convinced that this program is doing something. There are now five new views from the hourglass, fans and family boards. Finally, you can also display siblings again. The earlier versions of known data error report has been re-integrated and expanded genealogy reports. Some large and small improvements make it easier to work with the program. There are, for example, now returns to the "Search and Replace." Overall, there was and is to all criticisms worked intensively and the prospects for the users are very positive - at least for the U.S. version. (Doris Reuter)

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GIGBETH 6 to 8 November 2008
I am going to volunteer

Dool Family Homepage