Saturday, November 01, 2008

O'Hart's - Irish Pedigrees

from my email and thanks to Pat Traynor:-

Everything you ever wanted to know about old Ireland !

I found that has John O'Hart's "Irish Pedigrees". vols I and II.

From the webpages below, you can read the books online, download it in PDF format, or view it in plain text, which allows you to cut and paste portions of text.

You can do word searches from the webpage. If you download the books, you will not be able to search for words as the pages are images of the original book pages and not in text format.
After downloading, you might use a PDF to TEXT program to convert it so you can do word searches.

If you have broadband speed it will take about 7 mins with a download speed of around 100kb/sec. to download a volume. Dialup speed would take hours.

VOL I. 44.6 mb size.
VOL II 44.7 MB size.

Cromwellian Devastation and English Invasion

Friday, October 31, 2008


BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | DNA legacy of ancient seafarers: "Scientists have used DNA to re-trace the migrations of a sea-faring civilisation which dominated the Mediterranean thousands of years ago.

The Phoenicians were an enterprising maritime people from the territory of modern-day Lebanon.
They established a trading empire throughout the Mediterranean Sea in the first millennium BC.

A new study by an international team has now revealed the genetic legacy they imparted to modern populations."

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

TNA and Jewishgen

The Generations Network - Press Releases: "NEW YORK and PROVO, Utah, Oct. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, part of The Generations Network, Inc., announced it has introduced the world's largest online collection of Jewish family history records. has partnered with two leading organizations committed to the preservation of Jewish heritage -- JewishGen, an affiliate of the Museum of Jewish Heritage -- A Living Memorial to the Holocaust in New York City that maintains the world's premier Jewish genealogy website, and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), an overseas humanitarian aid organization committed to providing relief for Jews in more than 70 countries. These partnerships will make millions of important Jewish historical documents available on, many of which are online for the first time ever and searchable for free. These unique records, including photographs, immigration records, Holocaust records and memorials, can now be searched alongside other records already accessible on, creating the largest collection of Jewish family history records on the Web with more than 26 million records documenting Jewish life. . . .

Many documents digitized as a part of this agreement have never before been available online, including two important JDC collections:

  -- Jewish Transmigration Bureau Deposit Cards, 1939-1954 (JDC), a
collection of records showing the amount of money paid by American
Jewish citizens to support the emigration of friends and relatives from
European countries during and after WWII.
-- Munich, Vienna and Barcelona Jewish Displaced Persons and Refugee
Cards, 1943-1959 (JDC), a collection containing records of displaced
Jews who were provided with food, medical care and clothing and
emigration assistance by the JDC.

"Since 1914, JDC has helped revitalize Jewish communities throughout the world and has helped save the lives of hundreds of thousands of Jews," said Steve Schwager, Chief Executive Officer for JDC. "We are excited to partner with, providing descendants access to rare new information about their families and themselves. JDC and are opening up a wealth of previously inaccessible information through the digitization and dissemination of 125,000 records of those who were helped and of those who helped provide relief to others during and directly after WWII."

More than 300 databases from JewishGen will also now be available on These JewishGen databases represent 14 different countries and contain more than 5 million records, such as:

  -- The JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry, an invaluable
collection with more than 1 million names of Jews represented in nearly
2,000 Jewish cemeteries around the world.
-- Yizkor Book Necrologies, a list of the names of those murdered in the
Holocaust which directs users back to the Yizkor Books themselves -
memorials which offer vivid, first-hand accounts of the Holocaust and
its aftermath.
-- The Given Names Database, which enables one to learn possible European,
Hebrew and Yiddish translations of an ancestor's given name.
-- A Holocaust Database of 2 million names such as Schindler's List, which
includes names of 1,980 inmates in Oscar Schindler's factories in
Plaszow, Poland and Brunnlitz, Czechoslovakia.
-- Jewish Records Indexing (JRI-PL) Poland and All Lithuania Database,
representing more than 2 million indexed names from databases in
Lithuania and Poland containing vital information on the regions.
"JewishGen began as a volunteer community devoted to gathering and sharing Jewish records," said David G. Marwell, Director of the Museum of Jewish Heritage. "

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The soc.genealogy.britain Frequently Asked Questions site

The soc.genealogy.britain Frequently Asked Questions site
"Maintainer: John Prentice

Once upon a time, Barry Ruck posted a regular set of FAQs (Frequently
Asked/Answered Questions) into soc.genealogy.britain ("s.g.b"),
once a month. These grew into very large articles, became difficult
to maintain, and eventually they were discontinued.

To make them easier to read and maintain, we now keep our FAQs on
the web, at

Before you post into s.g.b for the first time, PLEASE read the FAQs
first, particularly the "General FAQs" article that you should find
linked on the front page. It's quite likely that you'll find the
answer to your question there, or in the articles linked from there.

The members of s.g.b are very helpful, but some can be hostile to
new posters who haven't checked the FAQs first. You Have Been Warned!

If you have any corrections or additions to the FAQs, please either
post them directly to the newsgroup for its members to mull over, or
mail them directly to editor [at] "


if you go to news:soc.genealogy.britain AKA Genbrit list here and subscibe to get emails

or via

where some very experienced genealogists hang out

Canadia histotical directories

Canadian City and Area Directories, 1819-1899 - "This database contains Canadian city and area directories for various years from 1819-1899. City directories generally contain an alphabetical listing of its citizens, giving the names of the heads of households, their addresses, and occupations. In addition to the alphabetical portion, a city directory may also contain a business directory, street directory, governmental directory, and listings of town officers, schools, societies, churches, post offices, and other miscellaneous matters of general and local interest.

(Toronto, ON – October 28th, 2008) In a world-first, today launched online the fully indexed Canada City and Area Directories, 1819-1899, which feature the names and addresses of more than 5.2 million people who lived in Canada during the greater part of the 19th Century.

In total, 19,764 pages of directory pages were scanned and are now available to search online.

ABOUT ANCESTRY.CA was launched in January 2006 and has 410 million Canadian names in such collections as the 1851, 1891, 1901, 1906 and 1911 Censuses of Canada, Ontario and British Columbia vital records from as early as 1813, Quebec Vital Records (The Drouin Collection), 1621-1967, Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865 to 1935, and U.S. / Canada Border Crossings from 1895 to 1956.

* is part of the global network of Ancestry websites (wholly owned by The Generations Network, Inc.), which contains seven billion names in 26,000 historical record collections. To date more than 7.25 million family trees have been created and 700 million names and 11.5 million photographs uploaded. 5.8 million unique visitors logged on to an Ancestry website in August 2008.*

The Ancestry global network of family history websites - in Canada, in the UK, in Australia, in the US, in Germany, in Italy, in France, in Sweden and in China.


Monday, October 27, 2008

AOL Pictures closing

Pictures and Photos - AOL Pictures: "Important Service Announcement to all AOL Pictures Users:

In order to offer you more comprehensive online photo service, we will be closing down the AOL Pictures online photo service on 31 December 2008.

We have partnered with Pixum, one of Europe's leading and multi-award winning independent online photo service providers, to provide all AOL Pictures customers with an improved and fully integrated 'one-stop' online photo service."

Aiustria Vienna

Tracing your Ancestors in Vienna: "

How to find birth or marriage certificates

In Austria there is no central register where you can find persons by name.

Civil registration of birth, marriages and deaths was introduced in Austria in 1938. Before this year the registers were kept by the religious communities (parishes), which are still keeping these documents and data in their own archives. Generally you have to know your ancestors religious affiliation and - if your ancestors were of the catholic faith - the parish they came from.

For the period from 1858 to 1901, there is an integral register of male births.

Applications should be sent to:

Fraktur Chart: "Cataloging at Yale - Language Tools"

Sunday, October 26, 2008

MSN Groups - More Useful Everyday

MSN Groups - More Useful Everyday
Important Announcement
The MSN Groups service will close in February 2009. You can move your group to Multiply, MSN's partner for online groups. Learn More
Multiply: "Corporate Info
Company Background
Multiply, Inc., based in Boca Raton, Florida, was founded in December 2003. The company launched its flagship web site, Multiply (, in March 2004, effectively defining the new field of social communications. While 'social-networking' sites were gaining popularity as an easier way to meet new people, Multiply's founders believed that the most valuable use of having your network of friends and family on-line is to enable communication on a broad scale with the people you already know, either directly or indirectly (through mutual friends, family, and business relationships).
" genealogy - Google Search: "about 36,900 hits from for genealogy"

Society of Genealogists London

Society of Genealogists - The National Library and Education Centre for Family History
There are still spaces on the following upcoming November events.
Booking forms and fuller information about each event can be found on our website

If you have any questions or would like to book by telephone, contact the events co-ordinator Lori Weinstein
Society of Genealogists
Events Co-ordinator
Tel: 020 7553 3290

November 2008 lectures and events:

1 November, 10:30am-1pm - Quarter Session Records

A look at the variety of administrative and judicial records that can be located using
examples from the lecturer’s extensive research. Warning these records can become addictive!
A half-day course with Richard Ratcliffe (15/12 GBP)

1 November, 2-5pm - School Records for Family Historians

We will concentrate on records of the 19th and early 20th centuries, especially Natural School
and British & Foreign school records using a variety of resources, particularly school log
books, pupil teacher training and inspector’s reports. The second half of the course will be
spent looking at university and reformatory records.
A half-day course with Richard Ratcliffe and Dr. Colin Chapman (15/12 GBP)

3 November, 10:30am-5pm Genealogy for Librarians & Archivists

The specific aim of this course is to work with staff in libraries and record offices to enhance
their knowledge and understanding of genealogy and family history.
A full-day course with Else Churchill and Doreen Hopwood (25/20 GBP)

5 November, 2-3pm - Society of Genealogists Collections: Wills

A lecture with Else Churchill (5/4 GBP)

8 November 10:30 Sex, Sin & Scandal: Bawdy Courts & Wicked Women

A half-day course with Graham Sutherland (£15/£12)

8 November, 2-5pm - The British Overseas

A half-day course with Else Churchill (15/12 GBP)

12 November, 2-5pm Weights, Money and other Measurements used by our Ancestors

A half-day course with Dr. Colin Chapman (15/12 GBP)

17 November, 2-3:30pm Scared of Mouse? A Tutorial for Absolute Beginners

A tutorial with Neville Taylor (10/8 GBP)

19 November, 2-3pm British Waterway Archive

This talk will explore the treasure trove of family history information that can be found in Waterways Archives. Discover the history of Britain’s inland waterways, the employees that worked on them and the communities that grew up around them.
A lecture with Teresa Wilmshurst (5/4 GBP)

26 November, 2-3pm The Victorian Child

Victorian Children we all have ancestors who were children during the Victorian period. This
short lecture looks at what it was like to be a child in the 19th century and charts the dramatic
changes brought about by Government intervention. Find out more about children at work and at play, what they wore and what games they played and how the 1870 Education Act affected their lives.
A lecture with Liz Carter (5/4 GBP)

29 November, 10:30am-1pm - Women in the 1800's: Birth & Baptism

We will look at how pregnancy was identified: the Monthly Nurse and Laying-in, childbirth &
midwives/Godsibs, the folklore of birth, dealing with weak babies, normal and private baptisms and traditions of naming the child as well as ‘upsitting and the ‘churching’ of women.
A half-day course with Tom Doig (15/12 GBP)

29 November, 2-5pm Off the Beaten Track: Tracing Ancestors in Suffolk

A half-day course with Vivienne Aldous (15/12 GBP)

If you have any questions or would like to book by telephone, contact the events co-ordinator Lori Weinstein
Society of Genealogists
Events Co-ordinator
Tel: 020 7553 3290

Booking forms and fuller information about each
event can be found on our website
Society of Genealogists - Calendar of Events:
"All are held at the Society of Genealogists, 14 Charterhouse Buildings, Goswell Road London EC1M 7BA, unless otherwise stated."