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Census of Ireland 1911

National Archives: Census of Ireland 1911: "All thirty-two counties for 1911 are now available on this site . We have decided to make the material immediately available, in the knowledge that the vast majority of our users will be able to find what they want. Corrections and improvements will be ongoing, and we are very grateful to all users who have submitted corrections to us."

descendants of Captain James Hardig

Times & Star | Opinion | Your view | Who do you think you are?: "Last updated 10:19, Thursday, 27 August 2009

I WONDER if any readers can help me.

In the grounds of St Michael's Church in Workington is a rather grand tombstone to Capt James Harding and his extensive family, one of whom emigrated to New Zealand and died there in 1873.

He was my great grandfather.

In October I will be in England to carry out my own 'Who do you think you are?' research, and would love to make contact with any living relatives of that Harding family who may still live in the Workington area.

I can be contacted by email at

New Zealand"

Friday, August 28, 2009

Acme People Searches

Acme People Searches
a freebie or too good to be true?

Marinehistorisk Selskab Denmark

Marinehistorisk Selskab

Nyhedsbrev nr. 9/2009 fra Marinens Bibliotek. August 2009

Håndbog for Søværnet

Fra 1835 og frem til 1971 udgav Søværnet hvert år den såkaldte Håndbog for Søværnet (fra 1835 - 1869 udgivet under navnet Calender over den kongelige danske søetat, derefter Haandbog for Søværnet og fra 1949 under navnet Håndbog for Søværnet). Bøgerne indeholdt en oversigt over alle ansatte i søværnet - fra den siddende marineminister over flådens officerskorps og til Holmens politikorps.

Dertil kom en meget detaljeret gennemgang af flådens udrustninger i de pågældende år
- hvilket skibe havde været til søs, hvornår samt hvilke havne de havde anløbet.

Marinens Bibliotek har indskannet en lang række eksemplarer af denne publikation, og har i samarbejde med Marinehistorisk Selskab / Orlogsmuseets venner lagt de indskannede bøger på Internettet. De kan således frit downloades via hjemmesiden

Årgangene efter 1968 indeholder CPR-numre, og vil derfor ikke blive lagt online.

Filerne er i pdf-format og fylder mellem 10 og 55 mb.

Chinese Surnames moved from AOL to ROOTSWEB

Chinese Surnames:

"Technical Details
Note that characters in brackets [百 家 姓 ] are Chinese characters in Big5 format. If you have a Macintosh, Mac OS 8.5 or later supports reading Chinese fonts, but for inputting Chinese characters, or if you have a system earlier than OS 8.5, I suggest you install the Chinese Language Kit. If you are running Windows I suggest you install the Big5 Chinese fonts from the Microsoft website and a recent browser.

Look up Big5 characters using the Chinese Character Genealogy Search

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UK Census Collection -

UK Census Collection - "The web site will undergo scheduled maintenance and be temporarily unavailable beginning on Thursday, 27 August, at 8 a.m. (BST). Thank you for your patience."

FamilySearch Wiki

Main Page - FamilySearch Wiki:

"Get research guidance and Share your knowledge

FamilySearch Wiki is a large, on-line library where you can find thousands of articles and how-to instructions about doing family history. To learn more about the Wiki, read Getting Started.

FamilySearch Wiki is written by the community. You can edit an existing page or create your own! For more details on using the editing tool, see the Edit and Contribute page."

Portal:Denmark - FamilySearch Wiki: "You can help build the Danish content on the FamilySearch Wiki by participating with a FamilySearch Wikiproject.

* FamilySearch Wikiproject: Danish Articles Needing Revision
* FamilySearch Wikiproject: Danish Directories
* FamilySearch Wikiproject: Danish Jurisdictions
* FamilySearch Wikiproject: Danish Lægd Numbers after 1869
* FamilySearch Wikiproject: Danish Newspapers
* FamilySearch Wikiproject: Danish Orphanages"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Citing Ancestral File or The International Genealogical Index - IGI

How to Use and Cite Ancestral File and The International Genealogical Index | "probably, the most widely used genealogical reference sources.

Unfortunately, they are also two of the most common sources of erroneous information. Both are products of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and are widely used by church members and non-members alike. So many researchers use these sources that any errors (and there are a great many) get propagated far and wide.

Other resources, like Ancestry World Tree, family history books, family web sites, and individual researchers' files often include incorrect data from AF and IGI without citing them as the source. So, how can we make use of these databases while minimizing the chance of spreading the errors? We can be choosy about the data we use from them and, we can warn our readers of the imprecise nature of these sources."

Monday, August 24, 2009

One Thing Done Two Ways

One Thing Done Two Ways: Elijah Gowin and James Luckett on Making a Book | the space in between: "Elijah Gowin, touched base with me to let me know about his latest photographic endeavor, the self-publication of the monograph Maggie, a joint-project between himself and his father Emmet. Elijah had just recently been awarded a Guggenheim fellowship, and has subsequently founded tin roof press, of which Maggie is the first publication."

LensWork Magazine

LensWork Magazine - Black and White Fine Art Photography and the Creative Process: "Based on our 2008 live workshops held here in Anacortes, these 'workshops on a disc' offer a one-on-one learning experience.
PDF Publishing Now Shipping!

In this workshop on a disc, you’ll learn the process of building and publishing your photography project as an Acrobat PDF publication. From a pile of prints or digital files, to a complete, ready to distribute, media-rich, publication. Complete curriculum and sample videos."

High Cost of Genealogy in Scotland

Concern Over High Costs For Scots Tracing Ancestors Online (from The Herald ): "The cost of using online genealogy websites has come under scrutiny after it emerged that a website is charging Scots more than three times as much as English users to trace their family history.

While television shows, including the BBC's Who Do You Think You Are?, have encouraged more people to discover their roots, questions are being asked over the fees charged for carrying out census searches on the internet.

The cost of looking up records in Scotland on is £1.20 minimum, compared with 35p on the England version of the site, despite the fact both are owned by the same company.
300 x 250 Envirowise Scotland

Both the Scottish database and the English site - - are hosted by Dundee-based IT firm brightsolid, which is owned by media group DC Thomson.

James Kelly, the Labour MSP for Rutherglen, said: 'More and more people are now trying to trace their family history, whether it is out of curiosity or for medical reasons, and it is simply not fair that it costs more in Scotland.

'It is vastly more expensive to look up the equivalent online Scottish database than the one in England, yet the websites are hosted by the same company. I have written to Mike Russell culture minister seeking an explanation why there is such a notable difference in cost.'"

Sunday, August 23, 2009


The Genealogy Corner… GEDCOM & NFS | Senior Sampler: "In a previous New FamilySearch (NFS) article I mentioned adding GEDCOM files to NFS and said it was an article for another day. A GEDCOM (GEnealogical Data COMmunications) is a computer format that lets computer users transfer genealogical data from one computer program to another. GEDCOM was created by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (This standard format is used by many family history computer programs.) You can recognize a GEDCOM file on your computer because it has a .ged suffix on its file name. A GEDCOM allows one genealogy program to talk to another one.

For years we used GEDCOM files to download from Ancestral File or other data and then we would import these files into our own personal genealogy program, make changes and then upload it back. We would share information with other family members via GEDCOM.

In the New FamilySearch program there is a big red warning that comes up if you try to add a GEDCOM file. It says GEDCOM files can introduce duplication into the system. GEDCOM files cannot be deleted once you contribute them. The information in your GEDCOM file is likely already in FamilySearch.

Before you contribute a GEDCOM file, they recommend that you compare the information in your GEDCOM file with the information that FamilySearch already has about you and your ancestors. If you then decide to contribute a GEDCOM file, please contribute one or two small files first. Then you can see how FamilySearch will handle your information, and figure out if GEDCOM really is the best way. A GEDCOM file would include any sources or notes but not any multimedia files, pictures or video clips.

I can tell you that the most time consuming aspect of NFS is the combining of duplicate records so the last thing we want to do is add more. This is especially true if you have ancestry that comes from long time LDS members or pioneers.
Even if you think you are the only descendant working on your family tree, it is best to check first because you might be surprised to find your ancestors already in the file. Usually the only time I find individuals who are not in the NFS program already are the people whom I have found doing original research and even then I find some of them have been added because of extracted records or because they link into another previously researched family. So, be careful with those GEDCOMs!"

finding USA Social Security Numbers

How to Find Someone's Social Security Number | "Think social security numbers are well-kept secrets? Sometimes they are, and sometimes they aren't. Fact is, there are sites on the internet posting millions of perfectly valid social security numbers. Here are some resources you can use to find someone's social security number, or to verify that a number someone gives you is the real deal."