Saturday, August 30, 2003



home in an old army barracks near Copenhagen

and some clicks to film trailors
Google News

got a strange feedback loop

so had to pull the plug and do a hard reboot
with disk check

seems Ok now

but lost a short blog where I remarked on the strange evening

Chris Tarrant on TV and zapping to pittsburg Symphony who played like angels in th Royal Albert Hall teh a Danish Dogma film on BBC 4 so I enjoyed the language and ignored the subtitles.

very much Bergamanesk like "the Smiles of a Summer Night" we loved in the late fifties when it got to Oxford St London

Google Search: Mifunes sidste sang
some images
just click through
Direct Dogma: Film Manifestos and the fin de sircle

"Mifunes sidste sang (Mifune's Last Stand, Søren Kragh-Jacobsen, 1999) "
realy enjoyed that on TV just now.

Full of crazy passion.
Germany - Living in Germany or Moving to Germany:

"Danish Dogma filmmaker Thomas Vinterberg has set his first English-language production in New York.
Screening out of competition, It Is All About Love is a genre mix, combining a love story, thriller and science fiction. Joaquin Phoenix, Claire Danes and Sean Penn play the leading roles.

For her debut film Italian for Beginners, Danish director Lone Scherfig won the Silver Bear at the Berlinale 2001. In Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself at this year's festival, she evolves the tale of a man in Scotland who is weary of life into a subtle comedy. Jamie Sives, Adrian Rawlins and Shirley Henderson co-star in this film, which is running out of competition. "
News: "A new 'Department of Truth' headed by a top-ranking civil servant is to be set up in Whitehall after the departure of Tony Blair's leading spin-doctor, Alastair Campbell."

sounds dodgy to me
Curates Eggs at SoG on Thursday

which is a summary of my visit to London yesterday

today I have been mostly in bed , a bit feverish possibly a "chill" as a result of getting soaked on the way home from SoG

Tomorrow time to refill the fridge and on Monday back to school learning Excel

to practice for this exam test for Module 4, Spreadsheets

European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL)

my Granny and Miss Holcroft Jeaffreson

And this is part what I found out in the last few days research
in London and on the telephone today

Friday, August 29, 2003

BBC World Home Page: "For now, Andy Finney is rolling over the BBC Domesday Project onto a new format: Digibeta.

It's ironic because over 900 years after it was first written, the original Domesday Book can still be accessed, and its information read. Even paper doesn't last forever, and needs repairing, but as a long-term obsolescence-proof storage medium it takes some beating!"


Public Record Office | About the PRO | Preserving the Archives | Digital Preservation: "Sixteen months later the Community laserdisc data is alive and running on a PC."

from Public Record Office | About the PRO | Preserving the Archives | Digital Preservation
I often hang out here usenet group soc.genealogy.britain

I read a lot of genealogy on the net,
few stories are as dramatic as this.

>>> [21-8-03 22:30:38]
I'm searching the relatives of a British soldier who during WW II at
Christmas 1944, left some personel properties with a family in the
village Stramproy in the south of the Netherlands.

His name and the army-unit are unknown,
but his post-humous properties may be of such
importance for his relatives, that I try to do everything to find
them. Please surf to my website to
read the story and look at the pictures.

Jan Schonkeren

In Danish about the old Copenhagen bridges and how the saboteurs blocked the harbour
towards the end of WW2 by sinking ships across the channel

To get the tugs away they made a false SOS by the island of Hven
which took the SVITZER vessels into Swedish waters and neutrality.

Upon which it is reported Svitzer shares rose sharply on the Stockholm Stock Exchange



and they are still leading salvagers
pile line politics

Quite mad Bushery again !

USA is tweaking Turkey's nose and proposing a new target for terrorists.
änd putting Jordan on the horns of a dilemma.

Google Toolbar

I use this many times a day

now to BLOG as well
318 pop-ups blocked too
Arms And The Man: "'A key gripe among Iraqis has been the poor electricity grid and Yount said there was a 'renewed emphasis' on this, with more than a third of Bechtel's budget going on power."

they must be laughing at London now as well as New York

the schadenfreude article in the Guardian Unlimited is no longer accessible without a password.

Google Search: schadenfreude iraq electricity

"Allah sent that thunderbolt," said Kahdum Hassan, smiling as he sat outside his clothing shop. "He wanted to show the Americans what we suffer through every day because of their incompetence."

and London too ?
very big file
New York with a rising moon and the alignment of Mars showing the tiloted axis of the earth and the latitude of the City - or is it longitude ?

Oh dear
robot wisdom weblog from the blogger's blog
Color Theory Quiz: "Test how much you know about the basic principles of color mixing with this quiz."

Do you like quizzes ?

>> Correct!

You answered 10 items out of 11 correctly.

Your score is 91%. All the colors of the rainbow are yours!

>> That answer was not correct:

What do you get when you mix two secondary colors together?
Proverbs 30. The Holy Bible: King James Version.: "18 There be three things which are too wonderful for me,
yea, four which I know not:

19 the way of an eagle in the air;
the way of a serpent upon a rock;
the way of a ship in the midst of the sea;
and the way of a man with a maid."

my sense of wonder is undiminished

Had a great day in London at SoG
studying Parish Register Copies: Bristol, GLOUCESTERSHIRE

but got caught up in News Story - network: "the power outage Thursday night, which trapped thousands of people in subway trains for up to 90 minutes, could have had 'horrifying consequences' if it had occurred during a recent heat wave, instead of on a chilly, wet evening. "

so took a bus, walked got wet and eventually found a taxi putting a passenger down

My body retaliated with a leg cramp on the train just before Leamington Spa so I had to pace up and down to restore the circulation of the muscle behind my left thig.

So I had to finish this book this morning The Pratchett Quote File v5.1 - Sourcery: "'It's going to look pretty good, then, isn't it,' said War testily, 'the One Horseman and Three Pedestrians of the Apocralypse.'
-- The Four Horsemen of the Apocralypse encounter unexpected difficulties (Terry Pratchett, Sourcery)"

was where I had got to, Terry's writing always raises my spirits.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Hyde Park FHC London - What it holds: "WHAT IT HOLDS"

and above all good air conditioning and friendly volunteers
who all seemd to be matronly USAians.
The First World War: Station Staff

>> Porters at Marylebone c.1915
The Suffragette May 1915

"The female porters are drawn from occupations where they have been
well-trained in rather heavy work, and they are well able to tackle
the luggage-moving work that comes their way".
Westminster Gazette, 24 February 1916<<

Hyde Park Family History Centre London England

What a day !

bus - then train Chiltern Trains to Marylebone

the old Great Central Railway Station

got a zone 1 and 2 travel pass out of the machine (paid by credit card)

and blithely went through the "turn stile "

ticket gate
is the proper term

shock horror only the up escalator worked

down escalaotor to the left

has been broken more than two years

So in connection with my diet the day before I had begun "stair training" where I live, walked down 7 flights up ten and three back down there to my flat . . that's my apartment in USA speak.

So rather than turn back I did it !

well it took nearly an hour to get to South Ken.
and a long walk through the "tunnel of knowledge"

to the science musuem : "There's even a long pedestrian tunnel to trudge along if it's raining"

then over the road and up the only elevator on this journey to the second floor of 54-68 Exhibition Road

Color spell-checker

I was looking for a Danishword for adjacent colours

eg >> Adjacent color schemes (also known as analogous or related
schemes) employ colors that are next to, or near, each other on the color wheel <<

and just fell over this url
Color spell-checker

neat new conceptI can see many futrue applications

Google Search: faeroe islands

Did the last blog post fail ?

starting to copy paste to avoid lost blogs
Google Image Search: faeroe islands

In a message dated 27/08/2003 09:28:56 GMT Standard Time, writes:


How is your daughter?

I like your genealogy log.

thank you my first fan mail :-)

it is an answer to inexpensive self publishing

OK it would be nice to make money out of my writing
but as long as I keep my expenditure under my (small) income thts is not really necesary

so I am able to live my life as a perpetual student, researcher and writer.

My daughter is still groggy and out of school her mother tells me.

woke up laughing today,
because I had idea for a film script based on a fat man who sits on things which break,
- part of the story of my life . . never lean back in a white plastic garden chair.

Do realise that getting enough sleep is critical for mental as well as physical health,
so alarm clocks are banned here unless there is an early plane to catch (usually because it's the cheapest fare).

The Faeroese have the right idea about time, about 15 minutes late for everything.

A musician should meet up at least 15 minutes before the performance, in the opera houses of the world you get dismissed if you don't.

But conducting the band GHM in the barracks, wooden classrooms, at Kommuneskolen Torshavn I used to arrive about 645pm and unlock the room and rearrange the furniture but the majority of band members came in after 700pm. At first I worried because I was paid from 700pm to 1000pm as a teacher in further education, but then I accepted the local unwritten rules and we always stareted exactly at 715pm.
They used to leave their homes at 700pm. Life on the Faeroes is dominated by the sea and the weather and sometimes you may be stuck on a small island delayed for weeks because of adverse conditions.

The Jamaicans are even better with time I am told, the London funeral directors know they often come to the funeral 30 minutes late, and over run 45, making delays enough to cause a queue of funerals stretching outside the crem. gates and blocking the main roads.
Probably a myth but the invitations might give a time 30 minutes early . . .

Yesterday I met two researchers doing Caribean genealogy at the Family History Centre in South Ken. and I had a great day in London yesterday, but I have not finished my second cup, (glass!) of breakfast tea 1133am UK time yet.

So more more about that in the next blogs.

Monday, August 25, 2003

The musicians' musician, the writers' writer and the bloggers' BLOG
Hyde Park Family History Centre London England

Im going to be there at about 100pm tomorrow
so updated all the web site

for a quick reference and made two printouts as well

6 sheets of A4 each trimmed and pasted together
and my mother's too
mostly Bristol Gloucestershire England

rumoured Irish g g granny but not found one yet
my fathers ancesters

still learning this BLOGGER
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Pages: Watkins and Lapham Family Pages, UK

well the link to Standard Pedigree Tree of Alfred Henry (David) Watkins (PDF Format) did not work

and this is my father's ancestors

very much Monmouthshire in Wales


GMT 0729

the best smileys around

real tears
robot wisdom weblog

AKA the bloggers' BLOG

RPO -- John Keats : To Autumn

the view from my seventh floor kitchen window

What is worse than a teenager ?


a SICK teenager

both child and teen all mixed together


cold drinks

warm tea with lemon and lots of sugar

MY much loved Granny Blanche Watkins swore by gargling with PORT WINE

she was a nurse and a wanna be opera singer but "nice girls" did not go on the stage in 1890ies England.

In Denmark she would have been a church singer without doubt
but in England, and Wales church choirs were still all male

So she was a leader in the Mothers Union and often arranged the flowers on the altar and her husband was a church warden.

Instant message says:
hej far er fucking syg igen mor har ringet til skolen og de siger at jeg bare skal blive frisk igen før jeg kommer. der er nemelig rigtigt mange der er syge på min skole

Hugh says:
oh Im so sorry to hear that
Hugh says:
typical with a school start a new virus comes to Denmark from holidays and then goes around says:
mine mandler er totalt hævede og jeg har rigtigt ondt i halsen og 37,9 i feber
Hugh says:
ow oo wo


we speak Danglish + in brief

Dad Im ill again

got swollen tonsils and fever

Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting

froim my mail

----- Original Message -----
From: "espencer"
Sent: Monday, August 25, 2003 1:36 AM
Subject: Re: Mystery solved!

> Hi Maggie
> Your story reminded me that a few years ago,
> I read in the newspaper that a couple were marrying
> and he was taking her name as he had brothers to
> carry on his name but his wifes name was the end
> of her line. We may, as yet, see many things.
> Lorraine Ottawa, Canada
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "David & Maggie Mattock"
> To:
> Sent: 24 August, 2003 3:41
> Subject: Mystery solved!
> > I've answered my own question which I posed in the email below! And it's
> such a simple answer! I now find that Mr. Wohlschlager married Miss Tadd,
> in 1917, and so all he did was to change his name to his wife's maiden name!

In 1960 I encouraged my first bride to to continue to use her own name professionally. Judith Thomas oboist and life tme principal cor anghlais with Sadlers Wells and then under its new name The English National Opera
Sometimes strangers would addres me as Mr Thomas.

my second wife's second husband became a Watkins for a period, and when I was married the third time, at Copenhagrn Town Hall,I appended the name Kristoffersen to my Danish documentation and driving license which meant the police addressed me as Herr Kristoffersen rathe than sas anotjher d****d foreigner.

I did it out of a sense of loyalty with the feminists. Why *should* a woman change her name ?

Watkins Kristoffersen was never used and if I had become Watkins-Kritoffersen the Church Ministry (which is the organ of CIVIL registration in DK ) would have reputedly charged me a fee of 4000 Danish kroners ie about £350 for the hyphen.

I remained Watkins on my passport and in UK:and it is one of our remaining rights in the UK to call ourselves what we will without any permissions or documentation.

Hugh W

Sunday, August 24, 2003

----- Original Message -----
From: "Hugh Watkins"
To: SOG-UK-L @>
Sent: Sunday, August 24, 2003 2:34 PM
Subject: Re: [SoG] re: LDS Catalogue

> old film on TV the "Hound" from 1939

Well I am getting ready for my expeditions to LONDON by Chiltern Trains

Tuesday Exhibition Road FHC

and Thursday to SoG for census
if I am neither too exhausted nor too broke.

So the quaint figure of Sherlock Holmes prancing amongst the plaster of paris rocks on "Dartmoor" made good background to clipping and pasting togehter two 6 page "Standard Pedigree Tree " printed out from FTM10.

I will use them as research outlines in the archives
and it took hours to drag the boxes to fit no more than 6 A4 pages

Once printed out I could see a few surviving idiocies from my beginner days to edit out and then I saved them both as .pdf

Just updated what I call my "Quick and Nasty" web pages

deleting : -

Family Tree Maker Reports and Trees
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Alison Mary Lapham

All-in-One Tree of Alison Mary Lapham (PDF Format)
replaced with

now it reads

Family Tree Maker Reports and Trees

InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Alison Mary Lapham

Standard Pedigree Tree of Alfred Henry (David) Watkins (PDF Format)

Standard Pedigree Tree of Alison Mary Lapham (PDF Format)

Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Christen Rasmus Hansen
I am proud of that one as it is a one name study of Strømsholt Denamrk
(USA Strumsholt - Ellis Island and Stromsholt - 1930 NY Census )

FTM have returend to the old format AS WELL as InterneTree java app viewer for gedcoms

It would be great if we could get google to crawl all those gedcom too.

My Family History
Surname List

complete with embarrassing junk
" Wrenford, Xxxx, xxxx, Xxxx, xxxx, Yes, Yesatwice, Yyy, Yyyyyyy, Zzzzzz "

but the links are dead so *who* was "Wrenford, H St. John S?"

Index of Individuals


ouch looks like ancient uploads from 1999

soon going to watch the end of the BBC thriller murder in the seminary
sort of "I wish it was Oxford but John Nettles owns that"

If you do notice the night sky cloudscape is constant in the landscape shot of the cliffs in stormy weather - not likely ;-(

I get more than 200 email a day so better do a bit more

amd onn AOL a gong sounds when a genealogist friend logs on

so we chat there too
135 Genealogy chat hosts in USA have been fired.
so there is a bit of fluttering in the dovecotes od AOL and which has been sold by its presaident.

Another group of volunteer caht hosts, who get free AOL services, are suing AOL
because they have not been paid the same as the full timers.

"Beautiful, Beautiful Am-e-ri-ka !"

now I have a paper copy in hand and the online vesion is also available from archives. A new A4 bound notebook with new pencils and a sharpener and I'm ready to rumble.

Oh and to


Hugh W


PS why are they my "Quick and Nasty" web pages ?
because they are GUI produced by filling in forms and not hand edited

has a much nicer java editor from AOL

very cheap domain names from


>> Your URL ( has been successfully added to our list of URLs to crawl. Please note that we do not add all submitted URLs to our index, and we cannot make any predictions or guarantees about when or if they will appear.

did well last time hypertext is sexy to google

Coffee and banana (on diet )

later kippers on toast and MURDER