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ABWMP - Survey: "
A Survey of Memorials to the Second Anglo-Boer War in the United Kingdom and Eire"

Many men are missing from the 1901 UK census because they were at war.
Anglo Boer War Centenary: "The Boer forces had a potential of 54 000 men but never more than 40 000 were empIoyed at once, whilst the British forces grew to 450 000 at the height of hostilities.

Casualties were as follows:
British soldiers: 7 792 (killed) 13 250 (deaths from disease)
Boers: 6 000
Women and children in Concentration Camps: 26 370
Blacks in Concentration Camps: 20 000+ (Official British figure: 14 154)

Of special importance is the final phase of the war, after the capitals Bloemfontein and Pretoria were captured and the Boer forces resorted to guerrilla warfare. In an effort to contain the guerillas the British adopted a two pronged strategy: the so-called scorched earth policy and the removal of the Boer women and children to concentration camps.

It was during this phase of the war that the suffering of the Black people intensified. Since the farms were destroyed, livestock killed and crops burnt, the farm labourers and their families were taken to refugee camps Since there was also fear amongst the British that those Biack farmers who farmed independently may supply the Boer commandos with victuals or that their livestock might be commandeered, these farmers were taken to concentration camps.

As the main reason for the war was the British desire to gain control of the gold mines in the Witwatersrand,
there was a need to build a Iabour force with which to reopen the mines as soon as the state of hostilities allowed it. Forced labour camps were introduced and Black labourers were concentrated therein.

The condition in these camps were appalling, Epidemic diseases, malnutrition, insufficient medical care and dreadful sanitary arrangements resulted in the high death rate. In the white camps the death toll rose to 26 370 of the approximately 100 000 inmates.

In the Black camps the official British figure was just over 14 000, but rrecent research proves that a figure in excess of 20 000 deaths among the 120 000 inmates of these camps is acceptable.
" Gold then - and oil in Iraq now ?
Ancestry Message Boards - Message [ Census of United Kingdom 1901 ]: " Re: Persons missing from 1901 Census???"

one of my pieces - probaly turn it into a FAQ
Finding Missing Manifests in One Step: "The links in the Ellis Island database to many of the scanned images of the original manifests are either broken or missing (see the 400-series questions on faq page). However Alex Calzareth has discovered that the images are in the Ellis Island database even though the links to them aren't, and he has figured out a way to access those images directly.

Furthermore, Michael Tobias has done an outstanding job of cataloging the manifest locations to greatly simplify accessing the manifest images, and Yves Goulnik has figured how to dynamically compute the start and end frame of each microfilm roll on which the manifest images are located.

The following is my adaptation of Calzareth's and Tobias' work, combined with Goulnik's dynamic updating going on in the background. Thanks to Zev Griner for catching some of my errors and teaching me how to change the magnification, and to Tony Hansen for his numerous improvements to the page layout.

� Stephen P. Morse, 2002 "


after several hours looking in vain for this little chap:-
0020. Larsen, Carl M 9y S Denmark, Scand. Laso, Denmark Laso = L�s� a small island in the Kattagat
which means "cats passage" which is nasty water in bad winds.

S.S. Hellig Olav May 05, 1909
the Ellis Island index was OK

using this tool for the first time
and surfing the 1069 images I got lucky

now this is the kind of tool I will have to develope for the Danish census site
and it is much quicker the the ellis Island server too
Google Search: Læsø images

note well:
they have a special breed of
brown honey bees on the island.

from Danmarks Biavlerforenings pressefoto's

Bee-breeders-association's press-photographs

Big words are all joined up in Danish, like German, Bi-avler-forening's and never a possessive apostrophe to be seen.
ARCHIPELAGOES  -  Denmark  -  Læsø: "Læsö
11.01 E 57.16 N at the center of the island

LÆSØ please

This 114 square kilometer island is situated in the middle of the Cattegat and is thus only accessible by sea or by air. The island is, however, well worth a visit as it consists of beautiful areas of nature; the sky is clear, the air is refreshing and the quiet of the night is only broken by the sounds of nature. "

and they went to California

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Busy day today

RootsWeb Message Boards [ Braham ]: "john BRAHAM liverpool england : john senior "

got involved in searching on the RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists: England : ENG-LIVERPOOL: "the City of Liverpool, England, and surrounding areas."
I am hanging out there looking for an ALLINGHAM who went to Denmark

Boards > Surnames > Braham

clicked on a button Be an admim
and got a very quick answer

You are a Board Administrator on this board.

an interesting name not without talent

John Braham, Augustus Braham, Opera singers, London, UK.

so cranked up

Taliesin Arlein - ONS Names List: "1 record was found that matched your request
Surname Count Ranking
BRAHAM 1176 =5820"

Not too many from the >> extract of an Office of National Statistics database, and contains a list of surnames in use in England, Wales and the Isle of Mann in September 2002. <<

Google Search: BRAHAM: "Welcome to Braham.Com
Braham, Minnesota USA! The Homemade Pie Capital of Minnesota.
Braham is a small friendly town with lots to offer. ... "

lots of pages some a typo for BRAHAN castle in Scotland

Google Image Search: Brahan

and Google has trouble with ABRAHAM
because it must ignores the A BRAHAM

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parks place: "But when I picked up the receiver, the phone was dead. 'Hmm,' I thought, 'phone lines must be down too.' Then I noticed the plug in the wall and remembered that cordless phones don't work when the power goes out. "

Now that's a thought !

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Google Search: "DNKCEN
new today Hugh W -- Danish archives FAQ
dk.videnskab.historie.genealogi - 9 Nov 2003 by Hugh Watkins "

DenMarK CENsus

joining the big boys on rootsweb

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Nance's Genealogy & History: "'When I had taken a Chinese boy for 4 weeks in 1996, he enjoyed being with Bob and I so much, he asked his parents to bring us over there to their home.

There were 16 Chinese students that came to Holland Ohio to our church for classes in American cultures and stayed with American families during this time.

I think it was because we treated Wang Meng (Jon, his American name that we gave him) like a member of our family instead of as a guest.
We took him everywhere, a graduation party, up to my parents lake, to my uncles funeral (my dad's brother). I received a letter in October of that year asking us to come.' "

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Danish Archives FAQ

well made it
this is the start of some serious genealogy specialising in Denmark
saving face still: "Political sensitive issues
1) There is only ONE China in the world. Taiwan is part of China.
2) Taiwan is not regarded as a 'Country' by both UN and localization industry.
When 'Taiwan' is listed with other countries and area together, it is appropriate to translate the word 'Country' into 'Area' or 'Region' (??), in case of that you wish to sell that localized product in P. R. of China.
Above is applied in Microsoft and IBM localization standard. "
China : "Basically a CHS project should be assigned to a native Chinese translator living in China, a CHT project should be sent to a native translator in Taiwan (or Hong Kong), this is so-called 'native translator only' principle."

I wish the others would use native speakers of english at least to check the handbooks