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from my mail:-

The Society of Genealogists Lonon UK will feature on BBC1 Inside Out TV on Monday
September 13 at 7.30

This will be the result of the days filming here in the library with Patsie Burns and
Miriam Margoles along with Charles Mosley of Burkes Peerage and other

Else Churchill
Genealogy Officer

This is the best information we have, from the BBC. Inside Out is a
regional programme, so we are not sure which regions will be covered, of
course we hope that it will be all ! ~ Geoff

Friday, September 10, 2004

Bennett Family Genealogy: "If you are researching in UK you may find our Freeware Parish Locator Program useful. The current version is 2.5#008 - January 2004.
The database which was originally created by Gerald Lawson now contains over 15000 parishes and includes many corrections."
Morwyr Cymru - Welsh Mariners: "The core of the site is a database of (currently) over 20,000 Welsh Merchant Mariners - masters, mates and engineers. A more detailed explanation of who is on the index and who is not is available here."

compiled by Dr. Reg Davies.
Det nye Rigsarkiv
In the Summer of 2006 the new Danish National Archives should be opened.

300 places for researchers in one big room

Rigsarkivet project killed by politicians

Lundgaard og Tranberg Arkitekt

Maj 2002 vandt vi 1. præmie i åben international konkurrence om nyt skuespilhus på Kvæsthusbroen i København.

Google Search: rigsarkiv Kalvebod Brygge

fælles magasiner til Rigsarkivet og Landsarkivet for Sjælland

pork barrel or parish pump politics again - east versus west Denmark ?

Rigsarkivet - Bruger: "
Som en konsekvens af flytteplanerne har vi fået en særlig bevilling til at forberede flytningen. Som en del af flytteforberedelserne ompakkes arkivalierne og lægges i æsker. Ved udgangen af 2002 var der i alt blevet ompakket ca. 27 hyldekilometer. Samtidig foretager vi en edb-registrering af samlingerne; denne registrering danner grundlaget for, at vi senere kan give publikum adgang til at søge oplysninger om vore samlinger via Internettet. Det er målet, at det med udgangen af 2004 vil blive muligt at foretage simple søgninger i samtlige samlinger i Statens Arkivers enheder via den fælles data-base Daisy. En decideret emnesøgning vil dog ikke være klar til dette tidspunkt.

DAISY catalogue progress

the LDS uses an older standard spelling

Google Search: danish place names
Post-og Telegraf Adressebog for Kongeriget Danmark (Danish Postal
J. Jørgensen & Co., 1978.
(FHL book Scand. 948.9 E8g; film 069,185.)

The Danes another newer one
google search string

retskrivning stednavn

authorised place names by committee
Stednavneudvalget english

Stavemåden på danske stednavne bliver autoriseret af
Stednavneudvalget, et udvalg under Kulturministeriet.

I alt er ca. 25.000 danske stednavne autoriserede af
Stednavneudvalget. Oplysninger om dem er gratis og fås på
Stednavneudvalgets hjemmeside.

Stednavneudvalgets sekretariat:

Nordisk Forskningsinstitut
Afdeling for Navneforskning

Københavns Universitet
Njalsgade 136

2300 København S
Åbent mandag-fredag 9-15
telefon 35 32 85 61

Udgivet af Stednavneudvalget og autoriseret af Kulturministeriet

Ca. 25.000 danske stednavnes officielle stavemåde
og deres placering i sogn, kommune og amt.

Navnedata er sidst opdateret 16. februar 2004

Navnedata i PDF-format:
A-G, 574 Kb
H-L, 573 Kb
M-R, 394 Kb
S-Å, 713 Kb

Navnedata i MDB-format:
A-Å, 4.612 Kb

Forklaring til typer
Kommune- og amtskoder
Retskrivning af danske stednavne


The Rigsarkiv film room
has as a finding aid multiple xerox copies of Danish post office
directory from about 1900
Post-og Telegraf Adressebog for Kongeriget
Danmark (Danish Postal Guide).

======================================= the phone books

==================== designed for genealogists

then google too
but some transcriptions are by non danish speakers
Not everyone knows this.........[1]: "

This site is a hotchpotch of historical and topical submissions by listers to the Glamorgan and Dyfed Mailing Lists, past and current, supplemented by the site maintainer's mostly own 'source accredited ' material, not all of which has been posted to these lists."
Brother Jonathans Lament For Sister Caroline:

She has gone,-she has left us in passion and pride
Our stormy-browed sister, so long at our side!
She has torn her own star from our firmament's glow,
And turned on her brother the face of a foe! "
July the 14th: "The memories of the blissful moments I have spent with you come creeping over me, and I feel most gratified to God and to you that I have enjoyed them so long. And hard it is for me to give them up and burn to ashes the hopes of future years, when God willing, we might still have lived and loved together and seen our sons grow up to honorable manhood around us. I have, I know, but few and small claims upon Divine Providence, but something whispers to me -- perhaps it is the wafted prayer of my little Edgar -- that I shall return to my loved ones unharmed. If I do not, my dear Sarah, never forget how much I love you, and when my last breath escapes me on the battlefield, it will whisper your name."

one of Jayne's favourite letters

Sarah, do not mourn me dead; think I am gone and wait for thee, for we shall meet again.

As for my little boys, they will grow as I have done, and never know a father's love and care.

read all of it - and think of the US Civil war to stop slavery - and the IRAQ conflict

Letters mostly to home to their loved ones by soldiers in 1860ies USA

from Bits of Blue and Gray
Sygate - Enterprise Security Solutions, Personal Firewall Solutions, Professional Services

one of the greatest freebies for the silver-surfer - an industrial strengh firewall THANK YOU - YOU GUYS at Sygate

Google Search: sygate personal firewall

Sygate Personal Firewall - Download Freeware software from our Firewalls category:

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Sygate Personal Firewall 5.5 - Download: "To download Sygate Personal Firewall please select one of the download sites below. For best download speed you might consider selecting a mirror site close to your location."

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EVANS Suname DNA Project

I am a sceptic
there are two issues

organising a one name study of more than about 3000 living people is
impossible for one person to administer

you can expect to find about 12 000 recorded ancestors with BDM
making more than 50 000 records to organise in a data base
- since the start of parish registers in the 16th century.

read this carefully name statistics in UK

have you exhausted all traditional genealogical studies?

ships lists first

read in detail this site about one-name studies

THE SCOTTISH FISHERIES MUSEUM - ANSTRUTHER I am a suckker for rippling water in images

A Brief Tour needs a fast connection
looks best in Netscape 7.2 where it fills the screen

I was searching for pier end artists - a kind of naive painter of ships and ports

ended with Sam Kerson

Painter, Engraver, Muralist
Mesmorized by the St-Lawrence River pastel on sandpaper
Cycling, bicycle, Eurosport, live, tour de france, giro, vuelta, UCI, armstrong, virenque, Athenes 2004: "VUELTA A ESPANA" watching this on Eurosport TV for the first time
PictureAustralia: "Search for people, places and events in the collections of libraries, museums, galleries, archives, universities and other cultural agencies, in Australia and abroad - all at the same time.
View the originals on the member agency web sites and order quality prints at your leisure."
from my mail box:-
Could SKS please do a lookup for me. 1861 Census.

Albert Arthur Tucker b.c.1838 at Bedminster son of George.


1. Jane Barnes c.1860 at Bristol

1 son born 1862, Walter Edwin Tucker

any information will be greatly appreciated, thank you, from Belinda

Family Research
Free Look-ups

Town Centenary Book's. Australia.

The Histroy of Caboolture.
Beyond The Crossing. Dalby
Where Two Rivers Run. Kilkivan Shire.
Wambo Shire Centenary. 1879 - 1979.
Bundaberg & District Bi-Centenial Pictorial
The Discovery of Mt Morgan
Eidsvold Goldfields, 1887 - 1987.
History of Gattone Shire in the Lockyer Valley.
Magnetic Island, 1886.
Golden Qld.
Perry's Past. Mt Perry.
Clermont Centenary. 1862 - 1962
Bail-up, The Wild Scotchman, Gin Gin.
Bundaberg & District Pioneers to 1901.
Centenary od Shire of Kolan, 1879 - 1979.
Wilderness to Wealth. Nanango, Kingaroy, Wondi, Murgon etc.
Memory Lane, 100 years. of Samford , booklet
Spears & Muskets. Caboolture Centenary.
Meet The Pioneers. Milton Ulladulla.
Bundaberg History & People.
The Biggenden Story.
The Story of early Kingaroy. The first 100 years.
100 years of Mt Perry Hospital.
A History od Caring. The Mater Hospital. Bundaberg.
Days Gone BY. McIllwraith & Maroondan.
Singleton, 125 years. 1866 - 1991.
It's Fair Dinkum Mate. Eidsvold area.
History of Cooranga near Eidsvold.
Centenary. 1848 - 1948. Gayndah, Mundubbera, Eidsvold Monto etc.
A New Provine. Monto, Garndah, Mundubbera etc.
Bundaberg Sugar Company.
Recollections of Maroondan & McIllwraith.
Squatters & Selectors & Shopkeepers, Darling Downs.
Pioneers of the Taroom & Wandoan District.
Taming the Wildness, North Qld.
Thuringowa., Past & Present.
South Townsville, Inner City.
W.W.11.Polish Connections, notes only.
United States Fifth Air Force, booklet.
Caboolture Country, Pine Rivers Kilcoy, Marochy ect.
A Century of Progress, Woongarra Shire, Bundaberg.
Taming the Isis.
Burnett Country, Biggenden, Gayndah, Eidsvold, Monto etc.
100 years of Progress, Townsville Port, Pictorial.
North Qld,Mysteries.booklet
Fight back from the North,1942.booklet,army.
Gateway to Victory, 1941-2, booklet,army.
The Battle of the Coral Sea.booklet
Gooburrum Centenary Books.
Maroodan School
Musgrave Shire ' Coolgardie'
Memories of Mt Perry
Chinchilla, 1878-1978
Bauhinia, 100 years

Australian School Centenary Books.

Gin Gin State School. 1882 - 1982. Qld.
Booyal State School. 1916 - 1991.
Mundubberra School. 1913 - 1988.
Goomeri State School.
Monto High School, 25th Anniversary.
Gayndah High School.
Samford State School. 1872 - 1972.
Kallangur State School. 1930 - 1980.
Banana State Scholl. 1874 - 1974.
Bundaberg South State School. 1891 - 1991.
Avondale State School. 1895 - 1995.
Childers State School. 1889 - 1989.
Oakwood State School. 1924 - 1984.
Welcome Creek State School. 1931 - 1981.
Echoes from the Past. Tiaro. 125th Anniversary.
Boolboonda State School.
Rosedale State School.
Burrum Provisional - Howard State School.
Blayney District. N.S.W.
Eidsvold State School. 1889 - 1989.
Woodbine- Berrembea School.

Cemetery Records. Australia.

Old Miriamvale.
Bundaberg Catholic. M.I.
Mt Perry Deaths and Births
Eidsvold plus surrounding areas
Degilbo, Dallarnil,Paridise,Coalston Lakes,Chowy ' Shamrock'M.I.
Rosedale-Tottenham. M.I.
Isis, Appletree Creek,Cordalba,Childers Lawn South Isis,Booyal,M.I.
Kolan Shire, Gin Gin.M.I.
Gayndah Byrnestown.M.I.
Monto, old and new, Cania. M.I.
South Kolan.M.I.
Bundaberg Crematorium.M.I.
Bundaberg Lanw.M.I.
Bundaberg General.
Death Index 'WALKER.' 1856-1872 & 1873-1893,Brisbane
Death Index 'Walker' 1856-1894, Country.
Mt Isa

Shipping Records

S.S.Roscommon arr.Nov.1915
Managerton arr. aug 1861
Persia arr jun 1856
Indus arr jul 1870 & Land Selections
Shakespeare arr aug 1871
Dilharree arr 1876
1st 2nd 3rd Convict Fleet
Ireland to America early 1800's
Index to Assisted Immigrants, Qld, 1860-1869.
Assisted Immigrants from Kent to Sydney, 1844-1849
Chyebassa arr oct 1885
Susanne Godeffroy arr 1864
Glamis arr 1878
Great Qld. 1874

Malabar.18th Jan 1930,Qld.


Collections and Recollections, 7 editions
Newspaper reference for Shoalhaven, N.S.W. 1856-1860
B.D. & M in Bundaberg MtPerry area, 1862 - 1900
Bundaberg Newspaper, B.D. & M 1900-1925
Obituaries, death notices etc.
Some early Isis papers


Letters from Emigrants to Qld, 1863-1885
Gin Gin Rates
Some Mt Perry Rates
Bundaberg Rates
Ravenswood Electrol Roll, early 1900's
Original Births and Deaths in Mt Perry from Police register
The Fatal Shore, Convicts to Australia, 1787-1868
Index to Convicts, Sydney and Moreton Bay, 1846-1850.
Picton Lockup, 1845-1861
Picton Bench Books, 1829-1883.7 volumes
Historic Picton
Picton Catholic Records Index
1901 Census,Enniskillen. GUNN. DONNELLY. COSGROVE.
Maryborough Heritage Reg. vol.v.Early Land Sales
The Yongala Mysteries
The Pervian and James Morril
North Qld W.W.11. 1942-1945,booklet
Persons employed in the Railway Service,Qld. 1892
Edwardian Index,Vic.1902-1913
Federation Index,Vic 1889-1901
Death Index Vic. 1921-1985
Vic. Pioneers Index, 1837-1888
Hatches Matches and Dispatchers
1851 British Census, Devon,Warwick,Norfolk.
Australian Vitals Records Index
Vital Records Index British Isles,1 st edition and 2nd Edition
Cornwall, Owners of Land in 1873.
Discharged & Diserted Seamen Qld. vol 1-2, 1882-1913.
Irish and Cornish Immigration Moreton Bay, 1848-1859.
Enniskillen History, 1913.
Queensland Electral Rolls

Queensland Post Office Directory

1881 Census

There is more material to be added later.

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Census look-up,please. by Belinda Engstrom

Society of Genealogists Homepage

Monday 20 September, 11am - 4pm.
Open Day
The Society will be opening its doors to members and non-members alike.
Staff and volunteers will be offering a full guided tour of the Library's
floors throughout the day.
The last tour will be at 3.30pm. If you wish to
bring a large party of people, please let the Society know in advance,
otherwise notice of your intended visit is not required.

Wednesday 22 September, 2pm - 3.15pm.
Fighting Talk: My Ancestor was a Royal Marine.
A lecture by Ken Divall (£5/£4).

The last of the Society's current successful lecture series about military
matters. The lecturer will talk about his forthcoming book on the subject,
including a brief history of the Royal Marines and its forerunners from 1664
up to the Falklands War. He explains where to find the records for Royal
Marine research and what you are likely to find at the main repositories
including The National Archives, the National Army, Royal Marines and
National Maritime Museums. The lecturer uses a case study of a Royal Marine
to illustrate these resources.

Saturday 25 September, 10.30am - 1.30pm.
Huguenot Ancestry.
A half-day course with Michael Gandy (£15/£12).

The first session looks at records for Huguenot Ancestry in England.
There follows a lecture on 'Getting back to France'.
Michael Gandy is research officer for the Huguenot Society, Editor of
Huguenot Families and of the Genealogists' Magazine.

Wednesday 29 September, 2pm - 3.15pm.
Using the Society's Library.
A lecture by the Society's Librarian, Sue Gibbons (free).

The Society's Librarian details major sources in the Library's collection of
100,000 items and how to find them.
This is an illustrated lecture and does not include a tour of the Library.
Tours of the Library are fortnightly are may be booked by telephone, 020
7251 8799.
Highly recommended - Sue is a brillaint lecturer
Friday 1 October to Friday 3 December, 1pm - 3pm.
What's in it for me?
A ten-week course with various lecturers (£55/£44)

Sections of the Library, such as Apprenticeships and County and Military
Sources are introduced in two-hourly sessions. Ideal for those who are
looking to make fuller use of the Library.

David Walsh
Events and Publications
Tel: 020 7553 3290

Society of Genealogists
14 Charterhouse Buildings
Goswell Road
Glossary to the census and marriage: "Welcome to five older census of the county of Aarhus in Denmark and marriage in the municipal of Aarhus. Here historical information from these sources are stored in databases which can be reached through search forms. As the content of the databases is naturally written in Danish following glossary of the most commonly occurring words in the census and marriage will offer you a key to your effort to understand the content."
WGW- Displaced Person (Refugee/Resettlement) Camps
from : "RootsWeb Review: RootsWeb's Weekly E-zine
8 September 2004, Vol. 7, No. 36, Circulation: 828,926+"

RootsWeb Review Archives
MyFamily Weekly Update : "Friday the Thirteenth
I was fascinated to read the origin of the superstition involving Friday
the 13th. And I have found an instance in my family, too. My
grandmother's birthday was always celebrated on May 12. Her parents were Norwegian immigrants. When I found her baptismal record in a Norwegian Lutheran church in a small town in Wisconsin, written in Norwegian, it showed she was born on May 13. The pastor said that in his experience, baptismal records were more to be trusted than family records. I looked up the day of the week of her first birthday, and sure enough, it was a Friday! Probably reason enough for her large family to 'remember' that she was born on the 12th. I'd bet that to the end of her 92 years she never knew any different.
Submitted by Doris Waggoner from Seattle, Washington

Old Certificates
On certificates from 1855, don't take anything for granted. I found a certificate which had the wrong mother's name and the father's name had been scored out and re-written. There were a few certificates on the same page and the Registrar had written the names of the one before for my guy.
Submitted by Morag Walker"

I often get iritated by the endles recipes in this newsletter, but today two pearls of wisdom

Priests are sometimes are drunks and their church books may be chaotic too.

Google Image Search: POTTEMAGER one way of getting an instant translation of a foreign word

look at some pictures

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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

First Families 2001
The First Families 2001 pilot program funded by the State Library of Victoria, was designed to draw together stories of Australian families to celebrate the Centenary of Federation in 2001. This pilot program, with content contributed by the public, became a significant and innovative program marking the Centenary of Federation.

In acknowledgement of the contribution of the public to the First Families 2001 program, the State Library of Victoria has provided access to the database via the Web in read-only format for an additional three years from the conclusion of data entry on 31 December 2001.

This three year extension ends on 31 December 2004 and following recent changes to privacy legislation and associated implications for First Families 2001, the State Library will cease to provide access to the database after this date.

oh dear
no Wiliam Rees transported 1838 Van Diemens Land (Tasmania)

born March 23, 1804 Bettws Newydd Monmouthshire
The Denmark List FAQ
To subscribe to the Denmark List, send a message to that contains (in the body of the message) the command "subscribe" (without the quotes) and no additional text.

In my mail from the list today:-
written by Rockne Johnson

Hi Carol,

The archives of this list are replete with discussion of the surname
notion. Your achievements in Danish genealogy will be enhanced if you,
temporarily, wipe the word from your vocabulary. In 1666 rural Denmark,
Rasmus had no surname. He had a name: Rasmus. He had a patronym derived
from his father's name: Christen. For the convenience of the community,
which may have contained several Rasmus Christensens, another name may have
been added to distinguish among them. This added name was descriptive in
some way and its entry into a record was at the discretion of the
writer. The added name could change (or be omitted) at the discretion of
the writer. It had no legal (or religious) significance. It may or may
not have been used for more than one member of a family.

Elsewhere in genealogy, where surname recognition is an important tool,
surnames are often written with all capitals. That practice has no
efficacy in the genealogy of us descendants of Danish peasants.

Skov = woods and mand=man. Shoe = sko.


Sunday, September 05, 2004

from the Monmouthshire list:-
Hello, please could anyone on the list be able to tell me regarding the IGI,

my reply:-

The I.G.I. (International Genealogical Index) was created for use by members of the Church of Jesus Christ the Latter-day Saints.

The "Temple Ready" trees are prepared and submitted as a spiritual exercise and may only be altered by the contributor.

Some of the transcriptions are old and not up to modern standards

Barry Ruck maintains some FAQs including

"There are TWO sources for the entries in the I.G.I., and they are not equally accurate.

These are as follows:

(1) Extracted Records.
The church has extracted records from various registers to produce indices to those registers, and used to process these indices through the temples and onto the I.G.I. as a result.
The policy here was to only index registers for which no entry was dated later than 31st December 1865, although this wasn't always strictly followed. As a result, entries from this source (which currently account for about 83% of the entries in the I.G.I.) primarily relate to events occurring on or before this date.

Records in this category can be identified by the fact that in the entry on the CD-ROM version of the I.G.I., the source is described as "Extracted..." and these records are generally accurate, although there are still errors therein.

(2) Personal Submission.
Members of the church who are researching their ancestry have submitted entries arising from their own research, using the best information they have at the time. As a result, such records frequently contain errors of many forms, and the records can relate to any time period.

Records in this category can be identified by the fact that in the entry on the CD-ROM version of the I.G.I., the source is described as "Submitted..." and these records should be treated with suspicion until proven correct from more reliable sources.

The church has now discontinued the practice of submitting extracted records through the temples and onto the I.G.I., so no new extractions will appear on the I.G.I. as such.
However, some extracted (and other) records that were submitted through the temples prior to 1970 are not currently included on the I.G.I., so future releases of the I.G.I. may still contain extracted records from that time period.

The coverage of parishes in the IGI is not complete, both because some parishes have not allowed their records to be filmed,

[including the Church in Wales as a whole - so only some bishop's transcripts held at - Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru - National Library of Wales are included in the IGI]

and because not all parishes whose records have been filmed were extracted.

It should also be remembered that the I.G.I. is only an Index and is neither complete nor totally accurate.
Anything that you find in it should be checked against the original register, and the absence of an entry does not mean that it did not take place."

One of the Gwent archivists told me that permission for Family History Library to film has been granted at last

The Family History Library
was founded in 1894 to gather genealogical records and assist members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with their family history and genealogical research
- Largest library of its kind in the world
- Open to the general public at no charge
- Visited by an estimated 2,000 patrons or more each day

I hardly ever use the IGI but concentrate on census and parish registers
and I have got to go to Glamorgan county record office looking for a Swansea birth next

My work with Gwent parish registers has hardly begun but studying a village is well worth while and not too big a job

The Society of Genealogists library in London has many indexes to Monmouthshire PRs but the details are only in the Gwent archives and are unlikely to be on line for many years

Denmark's national Archive is putting TIF images on line of all their PRs up to 1891
but that is another story

Danish Census and Church Books : Welcome

Danish family history with Hugh: "How to find your Danish roots,
or your cousins abroad"