Saturday, August 13, 2005

Rootsweb Administration Team failed to contact me

I had a row with the team, but they seem to lack the christian quality of the duty to forgive their enemies.

LDS ideas about war and peace are complex.

They synthesize a number of basic values. First are the ideals of finding peace in Christ (John 14:27), turning the other cheek and loving one's enemies (Matt. 5:39, 44), repeatedly forgiving one's enemies (D&C 64:10; 98:23-27, 39-43), and renouncing war and proclaiming peace (D&C 98:16).>> read more on the web

I am a passive member of the Church of England but lost my father in 1942 to war and certainly have elarned that forgiveness of others as a key to personal (and world) happiness.

On the ADMIN centre page you write:-

"Welcome, Hugh Watkins

You are not currently registered as administrator for any message boards. If a message board does not have an administrator, you may request to become one by clicking on the "Become an Admin" link. The Message Board Administration Team will then review your request and contact you about their decision"

I have two complaints

if I apply to become an Admin
my application is not answered

a staffer has terminated my administration of about 12 groups,
several of which were created at my request, without notifying me or giving a reason.

I have done a good job here as a volunteer.

The 1000 odd groups which I have cleaned up were acknowledged by colleagues on this board as models of good administration.

So now I adminster groups on Yahoo:-

Monmouthshire Family History.

Welsh Families

and quietly on google

No doubt the usual reaction to this message will be to fail to deal with honest criticism from outside the "insiders" group, and to delete it

so I am putting this text in my blog first

I use and enjoy the services of MyFamily inc, of which this is now part, and wish to contribute in return:-)

Hugh W

War and Peace in USA - an example:-

War and Peace: "LDS ideas about war and peace are complex. but typical of USA

They synthesize a number of basic values. First are the ideals of finding peace in Christ (John 14:27), turning the other cheek and loving one's enemies (Matt. 5:39, 44), repeatedly forgiving one's enemies (D&C 64:10; 98:23-27, 39-43), and renouncing war and proclaiming peace (D&C 98:16).
I believe that these forgiving acts are one of the keys to personal happiness.
I was raised under an umbrella of english propaganda and the blitz to hate germans and Germany.
It took from 1942 to 1959 for me to learn to see the germans as people, not a stereotype, and forgive them for the loss of my father, who in fact was not killed by the torpedo which sank HMS Somali but by the arctic storm a few days later..

Next are the goals of establishing a perfect community of righteous, harmonious people (see Zion) and of welcoming the millennial reign of Jesus for a thousand years of peace.
Now we enter the more dangerous ground of a charismatic leader establishing a cult - or a heretical church as Rome might say - or a modern psycholgist might condemn as creating as many personal problems as it solved.

Third is a fundamental aversion to any use of force or violence that denies personal agency (D&C 121:41-44).
Next is the recognition that war was the tactic Satan used in the premortal existence (see War in Heaven) and that he continues to reign with violence on this earth (Moses 6:15).
Then there is acknowledgment that it is appropriate and sometimes required to take up arms in defense of one's family, religion, and freedom (Alma 43:45-47; 46:12).
Now we enter the world of ethics or metaphysics or appled philosphy - it's in the book - be it Koran or Bible. SEE It's In The Book: "It's In The Book a/k/a Grandma's Lye Soap by Johnny Standley' which was a popular comedy skit - and a hit record - in 1952"

Next are the ethical and legal distinctions between deliberate murder and the killing of opposing soldiers in the line of combat duty.
and what of the Ten Commandments? THOU SHALT NOT KILL makes no exeptions.

There is an obligation of all citizens to honor and obey the constitutional law of their land "
Which is where USA falls down, because countries are subject to International Law too, and their politicians must surrender some of their power and soveriegnity to the higher goal of universal human rights

Universal Declaration of Human Rights: "Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world,
Whereas disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind, and the advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the common people,
Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law,
Whereas it is essential to promote the development of friendly relations between nations, "

and it took UK England 50 years to agree to that - which even protects terrorists from cruel and unusual punishment - and just now limits our parliament's choices in creating emergency laws.

Friday, August 12, 2005

welcome back

Yahoo! Groups : monfh
harrah for the great genealogist MIKE and YAHOO too

Welcome to the Music of JON NIXEY

Thursday, August 11, 2005

origins of a name - Hingston of Penryn

Richard Hingston of Penryn: "The name of Hingston, often spelt Hingeston or Hengiston, is probably of territorial origin, as in The Close Rolls. Temp Edward I. Vol.2. f.625.A.D.1887 we find that a Hugh of Hingeston owed the Bishop of Bath and wells the sum of 20 marks, for land in Sussex.
It does not follow that Hugh had any connection with Holdeton (sic), it simply shows that he was the possessor of landed property at a period when surnames were unknown.
After an interval of almost two centuries, we find in The Inquisition Post Mortem, Henry VII. F.443, that a yeoman named Robert Hingston died on the 28th of January 1488. He was survived by his wife Margaret and succeeded by his son John, who at the time of his father's death was over twelve years of age. The land he inherited included '6 furlings' in Layston, worth 20/- held of Margaret Countess of Richmond, as of the manor of Holbeton, by fealty only for all services; a tenement in Kyngebrigge worth 3/4, held of the Abbot of Buckfast by fealty (???)
It is probable that the above mentioned John was the progenitor of the Hingston of Scotscombe who trace their descent from Andrew who died in 1623. "

Chinese Fire Drill

Owain F Carter : Chinese Fire Drill

Owain Carter's Humour Collection: "This site contains items to appeal to many different tastes. Some items may not appeal to you and some may not be suitable for the very easily "offended".
This site is not intended to be viewed by young children or sweet little old ladies"

Liberator | Volume 2, Issue 1: "The car pulls up to a red light; all the passengers leap out, and get back into the car in different seats."
and what would the Danish police say?

Monmouthshire Yahoo Groups monfh2

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Monmouthshire genealogy

Yahoo! Groups : monfh2

For genealogy and help with family history in Gwent, Monmouthshire and South Wales

Usk Newport Pontypool Abergavenny Chepstow Monmouth
and even Cardiff

1911 Ontario Census 1911 Ontario Census: Indexing Project"

The 1911 census became available to the public in July 2005. is working on an every Surname indexing project. If you'd like to help with the 1911 census indexing project contact Lorine at Olive Tree Genealogy - Search free genealogy databases for your ancestors

Monmouthshire Methodist Archive

Wales on the Web:: "Collections Wales is an online directory of research collections in Wales, providing a gateway to physical and digital collections with a distinctly Welsh theme from the more traditional sphere of academic, national and public libraries and from other public and private sector agencies throughout Wales."

Access Conditions:
Enquiries accepted by phone, post or e-mail.

Location Address:
Richard Roynon
20 Benton Villas, The Woodlands,
Talywain, Pontypool,
UK E-Mail:

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British Ancestry

British Ancestry: "British Ancestry has been established to help all researchers from unique resources and international contacts.
Since the 1930's, I have built up one of the finest collections of books on heraldry and genealogy to be found in the UK. The bulk of this has been donated to the library of the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies (IHGS). Add to this hundreds of original manuscripts dating back to the thirteenth century that I have collected and the extensive catalogue of lectures, reports and papers that I have written and here is a resource to be made available to those needing assistance and advice based upon more than 60 years experience.
Please browse the article archive and the index to questions and answers. Please respect my copyright to these articles. The proceeds assist the IHGS.
If you still need advice please use the contact form.
You will receive an answer as time permits.
Advice is free" The Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies

Repairing a Damaged File

Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: Troubleshooting -- FTM for Windows: Repairing a Damaged File
I can never remember this when I need to !

Hold down the following 4 keys in succession (so at the end of this you will have 4 keys held down): Alt + Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow ( This is the arrow pointing to the "left" on your arrow keypad). These keystrokes will bring up a box that says "Family File Checker with File Fixer".

To start the File Fixer, click on the Start button

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Census UK help and FAQ

Census UK help and FAQ updated to day

Additional 1841 census records can now be searched on British Origins from the counties of Herefordshire, Monmouthshire and Worcestershire.

Over 482,000 names are available within these records and images of the original census records are also available online

Trafalgar Roll

Trafalgar Roll: "LAPHAM Felix Private R.M.Wilmerton, Somerset

LAPHAM William Private R.M.Kilmington, Somerset"

and now we are two

The National Archives | Trafalgar ancestors | About the database: "This database celebrates the 18,000 plus individuals who fought in the Battle of the Trafalgar on the side of the Royal Navy.
The victory over the combined fleets of France and Spain, as a result of the Battle of Trafalgar on 21 October 1805, is considered one of Britain's greatest and most significant military victories. It thwarted Napoleon's plans to invade Britain at the time, and it laid the foundation of Britain's undisputed mastery of the sea into the twentieth century."

Catalogue reference: ADM 37/52

Ship's pay book number: (ML 14)
12 April 1805 to 29 February 1812 (Was at Trafalgar)

William Lapthorn aged 15 born in Plymouth, Devon, England.
Ship: HMS Bellerophon
Rank/Rating: Boy

Service details
Comments: From: Salvador Del Mundo
HMS Bellerophon
Ship's pay book number: (B3C, no 29)
27 April 1805 (Was at Trafalgar)
Rank/rating: Boy

Sources used
Catalogue reference: ADM 36/16498

Norwich, Norfolk, England
Ordinary Seaman

The National Archives | Trafalgar ancestors

Tracing people : Enquiries : Collections & research : National Maritime Museum

Tracing people : Enquiries : Collections & research : National Maritime Museum: "The personnel records of the Royal Navy are deposited with the National Archives (formerly the Public Record Office), however the Caird Library can advise on the locations of records and we offer many printed sources such as the Navy List and naval biographies that can help you in your research. In particular, we may be able to help you find out more about the vessels on which the person served." The National Archives | Home Page

Tracing people : Enquiries : Collections & research : National Maritime Museum

Tracing people : Enquiries : Collections & research : National Maritime Museum: "The Caird Library holds many useful resources for those who are trying to trace people who were involved with either the Merchant Navy or the Royal Navy. If you are working on your family history, please see:
Research guide A3: Tracing family history from maritime records

Tracing merchant seamen
The following guides offer help and information in tracing merchant seamen:
Research guide C1: The Merchant Navy: Tracing people: Crew lists, agreements and official logs
Research guide C2: The Merchant Navy: Tracing people: Master mariners, mates and engineers
Research guide C13: The Merchant Navy: Tracing merchant seamen: Sources of information in the National Maritime Museum
The Museum holds substantial records relating to the personnel of the merchant navy. More information can be found on the following pages."

LAPHAM one-name