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LDS to put microfilm in vaults on Internet "Ever wonder what's inside those secured vaults, owned by the LDS Church, positioned high inside the granite walls of Little Cottonwood Canyon?
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is working toward allowing anyone with Internet access to learn more than they've ever known before about the information contained on 2 million-plus rolls of microfilm housed there. Currently, the church is compiling searchable indexes to that information and will eventually make it available for free through an automated database on the Internet.
The church excavated the vaults containing those records on property it purchased in the 1960s, providing a safe repository during the height of the Cold War for birth, marriage, death and census information it considers essential for the salvation of mankind after death. Now church leaders seek to make the information more readily available to the world.
'The goal is to create (Internet-accessible) indexes to all the films we have in the vault. That's a long-term process and that's a lot of films,' according to Paul Nauta, manager of public affairs for church's Web site. 'We've not announced when people will begin to start seeing' the indexes.
Those attending the annual Federation of Genealogical Societies' conference this week at the Salt Palace will get a 'sneak preview' of the church's plans. As the project progresses over time, indexes to records from 110 nations previously stored on microfilm will become accessible to virtually anyone, anywhere, through the Internet via the touch of a few keystrokes."

a great new look - Family History and Genealogy Records

it looks like the promised update has arrived - or is it cosmetic?

Lady Login's Receipt 1856.

Haggis Recipe - The Foody: "1 cleaned Sheep or Lamb's Stomach Bag " is the only unusual thing

boil slowly for 4 to 5 hours.


I create a Word document each month, saved as "Internet July 2005,"
"Internet August 2005," etc.

When I'm ready to go online for research, I first open the current month's document and shrink it to the tool bar at the bottom of my screen.

Then, as my internet search turns up information of possible interest, I highlight the data, copy, and save it on my monthly word document.
Remember ALWAYS to note the source of the data in the word document!

At my leisure, I print the monthly "gleanings" to determine what is useful and make appropriate entries in my genealogy files.
We are often traveling in our motor home, away from a high speed internet link. During these times it is particularly nice to have a collection of materials stored away to work with.


Kansas USA

Thanks to Elaine for today's Quick Tip!
If you have a tip you would like to share with researchers, you can send it to

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Behind the News - A Real Bun Fight (17/05/2005)

Behind the News - A Real Bun Fight (17/05/2005):

Would you watch people climb a tower covered in buns? More than 20,000 people flocked to the Hong Kong Island of Cheung Chau to watch the unusual religious ritual.

The event commemorates islanders who died in a bubonic plague in the 19th century. The sweet buns were believed to cure all illnesses."

The General Register Office of Ireland

The General Register Office - History

1845 was the first year in which marriages (other than Roman Catholic marriages) w ere registered and a total of 6114 marriages were registered in the last nine months of that year. The majority of these (4118) were according to the rites of the Established Church, 1586 were in Presbyterian Meeting Houses and 348 marriages were before Registrars of Marriages.

1864 was the first year for the registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages (including Roman Catholic Marriages) and the totals for that year were as follows,
BIRTHS 136,643
DEATHS 94,095

1994 Statistics

BIRTHS 47,929
DEATHS 30,744

Ebbw Vale branch of Gwent FHS-September research

from my email:-

This Thursday (8th September) resumes our first research evening at
Ebbw Vale (Beaufort) since July as we had our usual August break.

Of course we represent Blaenau Gwent; Ebbw Vale, Tredegar, Nantyglo,
Blaina, Abertillery, Cwmtillery and lots of grey areas, Llanelly,
Llangattock (Llangattwg), Llangunider ( Llangynidr) as well.

All visitors and members are welcome. Great aunt Thurza Fettlebridge
('nee Brown), 97 next birthday still helps with the refreshments. She
loves all the gossip and since her husband died in 1947 has dedicated
herself to modern science. Has even donated her bodily organs to them.
What a lady!

In July we had Don Hughes, from Florida visit us at Ebbw Vale. His
interests were in Cwm, near Ebbw Vale. Don was touting for the Cwm Male
voice choir to appear at their recent Gymanfa Ganu at Orlando.

This is what Don wrote to me last week:-

I'm sure you felt a tingling happy feeling last night! (Saturday
September 3rd).

The hundreds of Welsh at the Gymanfa Ganu here in Orlando met around a
grand piano in the lobby of the Contemporary and started to
schedule, no agenda, just raised their voices, the sound was glorious
and so powerful not only did the hotel rock but I'm sure seismographs in
this part of FLORIDA reported the event.

My heart also reported the event, such a reminder of the music and love
that has touched me and our family thru song and music thru our WELSH
HERITAGE...Sanctus, Diadem, Cwm Rhonda...all of the music with such
powerful voices..high sopranos,deep basses ....glorious altos and of
course the MIGHTY BARITONES for which I contributed my all!.

So much so
that this morning I have little or no voice...and we have the official
Gymanfa Ganu singing all afternoon!...if you feel the ground moving this
afternoon...that's just the WELSH celebrating in Florida.


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

1891 Census Pembrokeshire Wales a free search for People and Places with Welsh roots ancestry or family history

1891 Census Pembrokeshire Wales a free search for People and Places with Welsh roots ancestry or family history
The 1891 Census of Pembrokeshire (including parts of Cardiganshire and Carmarthenshire) is complete and contains over 100,000 individuals.

The 1881 Pembrokeshire census has been started and 6000 records have been uploaded.

The 1871 census is almost complete with 70,000 individuals already in place (adjoining parts of Cardiganshire and Carmarthenshire will be included in the next upload).

The 1841 census has also been started with 1500 records uploaded.



In order to claim an ancestor's medal, a claimant must submit his or her line of descent from the veteran along with documentation to support this line of descent. To establish line of descent, claimants must include copies of primary sources, including birth, death, marriage, will, deed, military, census, Bible records, etc. Old letters, diaries, marriage announcements, or obituaries may also prove helpful in verifying a descendant's claim. Please note that a family chart submitted without further documentation is not sufficient. "

West Virginia Civil War Medals
Civil War Medal List A-L

Fort Delaware Society

Welcome to the Official Fort Delaware Society Webpage:
"Fort Delaware, a mosquito-infested prison camp on a marshy piece of ground called Pea Patch Island in the middle of the river separating Delaware from New Jersey.

Now known as Fort Delaware State Park, the fort not only still exists, it is very much as it was when it held thousands of Confederate, Federal, and civilian political prisoners.

Its dark and damp corridors still echo to the sounds of prisoners and guards as military and civilian living historians re-live the life and pathos of this famous island prison. "

I am really impressd by the restoration of this gun carriage - but I cannot see the cordage used to absorb the recoil.

Artillery Encyclopedia - Seacoast Howitzers and Columbiads

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Hierarchy of the Church of England

GENUKI: Hierarchy of the Church of England in the 1820 period and later.

Historically only Bishops and members of some religious communities were addressed as Father, but it became common for RC priests in Ireland to be called Father, from whence the custom spread to the RC Church in England only as late as the 1880s, and gradually gained favour amongst High Anglicans as well.

In some churches, again of the broadly Catholic tradition, deacons are known as either Brother Smith or Brother John; in America however, where the permanent diaconate is more common, they are usually known and addressed as Deacon Smith.

Only priests in a Monastic Order (RC or Anglican) are properly addressed on an envelope as The Reverend Father Smith.
In conversation, most bishops will cope with being called Father

by (Revd) Roger Quick, generally addressed as Hey You!

happy day FTM 6 is here !!!

TWR Computing - software and data CDs for family historians and genealogists

I have used it for 5 years with all updates - The #1 Selling Family Tree Program

Family Tree Maker Help Center
Getting Started Tutorial
Books Tutorial
Technical Support
Online Classes
FTM User Forums
Family History Web Sites
MyFamily PeopleFinder

So far I have found much improved Edit Menu dialogue box for Edit Master Sources
and a quicker opening People Menu dialogue box Edit Individual

I am experimenting with the built in web search but it still is slow to find stuff I know exists
the algorithms need much improvement

Electoral Reform Services Voter Registration Service

Online Registration
Please continue only if ALL the names on your voter registration form are correct.

If the Opted Out of Edited Register option is 'Yes', that name will be excluded from the Edited Register.
Apply for a Postal Vote
no thanks Privacy, Security and Copyright Statement

none of this in Denmark

because they have a properly organised system

the FOLKEREGISTER with CPR numbers

When you are born in Denmark or register at the national registration office, you get a 10 digit CPRnumber. The first 6 digits are your date of birth (dd,mm,yy 3 digits and a check number even for women odd for men) this is used for all records from tax to bank statements and voting rights.

The Danish Civil Registration System

CPR-kontoret is an administrative section of the Indenrigs- og Sundhedsministeriet,
which is a central provider of basic personal date to official and private bodies.

Statistics in Denmark : "Since the CPR register and the local register have rationalised and improved the reporting procedure, events have been reported faster to the CPR register since the beginning of 1971.
The statistics have at the same time become more complete without anything being changed.
With a view to faster publication, the period of waiting for the late reporting from the CPR register was shortened in the 4th quarter of 1992 from 40 days to 30 days. "

Personal Ancestral File

Online Catalog - Software Downloads - Free

These Lessons. are for Personal Ancestral File version 5.0. The lessons cover:
Getting Started: Typing in Your Family
Getting Started: Making Changes
Notes and Sources
Printing Forms and Reports
Sharing Files
Advanced Focus/Filter

Typos for GOD

Mega site of Bible studies and information: "A mega-site of Bible, Christian and religious information & studies; including audio & written KJV Bible, churches, doctrine, links, news,
prayer, prophecy, sermons, spiritual warfare, statistics, and tracts. Features the Chronological 4 Gospels, Prayer Book, Prophecy Bible, and a
photo tour of Israel. By God's mercy, one of the largest Bible-centered sites on the web (app 6000 pgs). If it's in the Bible, it should be on this site."

they have ghosted my subdomains

for for

What about the German census?

German census?

The central German census authority can tell you if certain
censuses exist and where they can be found:
Statistisches Bundesamt
Gustav Stresemann Ring 11
Postfach 5528
65189 Wiesbaden
Statistisches Bundesamt Deutschland -

1939 is the only useful on for genealogy

but what are the access terms, or closure?

1939 Zählung - Google Search

Familienforschung - Google Search

Ahnenforschung - Google Search

genealogie site:de - Google Search

and a bit more international too
genealogie - Google Search

Katrina disaster help volunteered

from my email:-

Hugh, I write this with a touch of sadness.

The US south coast took a damn good pounding.
There are of course the red cross, salvation army plus all our armed military [myself vietnam 1969] After all that Mike and you have helped me locate family in the UK Wales, I want to offer some help. I have 2 week vacation plus a 3000+ ft house.

If there is anyone in distress that you know let me know, phone 419 xxx xxxx .
I live in Ohio and it gets cold,but we have a fireplace generator. and lot" of friends.
I just mean to offer aid

you may contact Jxxxxx through me

British Consulate-General Houston Routine: (713) 659 6270Fax: (713) 659 7094
Emergency: (713) 659 6270

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Hurricane Katrina Message Board:

RootsWeb Message Boards [ Hurricane Katrina - August 2005 ]

The aftereffects of Hurricane Katrina, which hit several U.S. states recently, will be felt for some time. A message board has been created to enable you to post inquiries about your loved ones, friends, neighbors, and 'genie friends' who may have been in harm's way. Hopefully, when they are able to get online, they will post here to let us know they are OK and to share their stories of survival.

Queries and news about archives, libraries, repositories, cemeteries, and other items of genealogical interest are also appropriate for this board. Offers to help the victims of the hurricane should be directed the appropriate agencies, such as the Red Cross, Salvation Army, religious groups, et

picture bloggging again

snaps with my Sony Ericsson K600i and learning to use my new cell phone / camera

from Mars Rover 'Spirit'

Image, 3000x1400 pixels

from my email
This is one of the best & latest images to come from Mars Rover 'Spirit'
after it climbed to the top of 'Husband Hill' seen for the first time
this weekend
(approx 350 ') look at the vista and the great expanse toward the
horizon, not unlike parts of Central Australia,
Did people walk these slopes in ancient times? The sand has been whipped
up by the Martian winds and have been quite beneficial, clearing dust
from the rover's solar panels and increasing the solar energy available
for driving to new places and conducting scientific experiments.
use the 'slider' along the bottom to see the full Panarama

J.R.R Tolkein - Google Search

J.R.R Tolkein - Google Search: "Home Page - The Tolkien Society

This site has information about JRR Tolkien (not, as often stated, JRR Tolkein), the books he wrote, his life, books others have written about him, ... - 20k - 2 Sep 2005"

The 1901 Census UK Online - Records for England and Wales: "J.R.R Tolkein " SIC OOPS

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (1892-1973)

Certainly his father, Arthur Reuel Tolkien, considered himself nothing if not English. Arthur was a bank clerk, and went to South Africa in the 1890s for better prospects of promotion. There he was joined by his bride, Mabel Suffield, whose family were not only English through and through, but West Midlands since time immemorial. So John Ronald ("Ronald" to family and early friends) was born in Bloemfontein, S.A., on 3 January 1892. His memories of Africa were slight but vivid, including a scary encounter with a large hairy spider, and influenced his later writing to some extent; slight, because on 15 February 1896 his father died, and he, his mother and his younger brother Hilary returned to England - or more particularly, the West Midlands.

John R R Tonkien abt 1892 Orange Free, South Africa Son Kings Norton Worcestershire
error made in 1901 INCORRECT ORIGINAL IN 1901

Mabel Tonkien abt 1870 Moseley, Worcestershire, England Head
Helaiy HILARY A R Tonkien abt 1894 Orange Free, South Africa Son

Arthur Reuel Tolkien
part of My Thompson Family Genealogy try Search Results
an excellent web site

1901 Census of England and Wales

The complete 1901 UK Census index is now available to you at no charge for the entire month of September.

"Discover if you are related to royalty or someone famous.
The 1901 Census contains names including Queen Victoria, Charlie Chaplin, J.R.R Tolkein and many more. "

Some years ago I naively spent hours looking for her
in 1891 she is in the south of France

and in 1901 at Frogmore
The Funeral of Queen Victoria
2nd February 1901

The Frogmore Mausoleumwith its green copper roof, is situated just to the east of the Long Walk, not far from Windsor Castle.

BUT The 1901 Census for England was taken on the night of 31 March 1901.
Charles Spencer Chaplin was born in London, England, on April 16th 1889

Charlie Chaplin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "He was born in Walworth, London, England to Charles Chaplin, Sr. and Hannah Harriette Hill, both Music Hall entertainers.
His parents separated soon after his birth, leaving him in the care of his increasingly unstable mother.
In 1896, she was unable to find work; Charlie and his older half-brother Sydney had to be left in the workhouse at Lambeth, moving after several weeks to Hanwell School for Orphans and Destitute Children.
His father died an alcoholic when Charlie was 12, and his mother suffered a mental breakdown, and was eventually admitted to the Cane Hill Asylum at Coulsdon, near Croydon. She died in 1928.

Charlie first took to the stage when, aged 5, he performed in Music Hall in 1894, standing in for his mother. As a child, he was confined to a bed for weeks due to a serious illness, and, at night, his mother would sit at the window and act out what was going on outside. In 1900, aged 11, his brother helped get him the role of a comic cat in the pantomime Cinderella at the London Hippodrome."

Charles Chaplin abt 1889 London, Surrey, England Servant Lambeth London

Source information: RG13/425
Registration district: Lambeth
Sub-registration district: Brixton
ED, institution, or vessel: 10
Folio: 97
Page: 41 (click to see others on page)
Household schedule number: 293

part of a music hall troupe run by
John W Jackson abt 1882 Golbourn, Lancashire, England Head
Rose Jackson abt 1889 Golbourn, Lancashire, England Sister
Stephen Jackson abt 1893 Golbourn, Lancashire, England Brother
Willie Jackson abt 1899 Manchester, Lancashire, England Brother
image for subscribers

and in 1891
Chaplin, Charles abt 1889 Walworth, Surrey, England Son Newington St Mary London

image for subscribers

Chaplin, Hannah abt 1867 Walworth, Surrey, England Head
Chaplin, Sydney J H abt 1885 Walworth, Surrey, England Son

RootsWeb's Guide to Tracing Family Trees No. 28

Ethnic Roots Tracing English and Welsh ancestors
another hiddentreasure on Rootsweb