Saturday, September 17, 2005

Bath Births Marriages & Deaths

Bath Births Marriages & Deaths

welcome back
after being
off line for a week or so


this picture turned up a day later

the belly dancer had just finished her show by the time I got my camera on

this is the centre of TOUCHWOOD with the info counter to the right.

camera shake

in Touchwood shopping mall
80 shops in 3 Arcades

Heart Foundation collector
and the belly dancer

out under the cinema, over this square with the foutain wall
and into the library and art's center with gallery and theatre

After logging on with my library card
and getting ready to do some genealogy,
this is the start screen,

with links to these web sites:-

PAF Family Tree file 5.2

A pleasant atmosphere
and there is also a search room with fiche and film

on this old PC I first experienced the thrill of finding my grandmother in Raglan on the 1881 census cd

the bridge was added when the shopping centre was completed, the library modernized and houses computer terminals.

about three hours later I emerged

Touchwood is almost a cathedral of shopping with its many curves and clerestory.

Opened in September 2001

The concept architects were Eric Kuhne Associates (with a nasty flashy web site)

and architects for the Touchwood arcades and leisure village were BDG McColl (flash 8 warning)

Tip o' the Dae

ShoeString Genealogy:

Help for Your Brick Walls

"When you encounter a brick wall in your research, write a letter or e-mail to a genealogy-minded friend. Write down all the background information and then thoroughly explain the problem and what you want to accomplish.
The act of explaining your brick wall to someone who is unfamiliar with it can cause you to look at the problem in a new light. You can make connections that you had not made afore and think of new avenues to pursue. You may find you don't even need to send the letter because of all the new ideas you've come up with. Of course it doesn't hurt to send the letter and get another point of view! "

Friday, September 16, 2005

Nelson funeral procession re-enaction

Top News Article | "A re-enactment of the elaborate waterborne procession that carried Britain's greatest naval hero Admiral Horatio Nelson to his funeral sails up the River Thames on Friday.

The flotilla of up to 40 rowing boats, many manned by crews in 18 century costume will mark the procession of two centuries ago when the dead admiral was transported along a river crowded with thousands of mourners.
The place of Nelson's funeral barge will be taken on Friday by the Royal Barge Jubliant.
The ceremony is part of a series of celebrations to mark the 200th anniversary of the epoch-making Battle of Trafalgar.
Nelson was given a state funeral on January 8-9, 1806 after being shot dead by a French sniper on the deck of his flagship HMS Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar on October 21, 1805.

Regarded as one of Britain's most important naval engagements the destruction of the French and Spanish fleets off Spain's Cape Trafalgar paved the way for the Royal Navy's dominance of the world's oceans for 100 years.
The celebrations in Britain which greeted the news of the victory were tempered by grief that Nelson, one of the country's most popular men, had died.

His body was shipped home in a cask of brandy to preserve it, and 30,000 people came to pay their respects as he lay in state at Greenwich from January 4-7, 1806.
just imagine the smell of lilies and brandy
He was then taken up the Thames with great pomp to the Admiralty in Whitehall where he lay overnight before being transferred to a ship-shaped funeral carriage and escorted by an equally impressive cortege to St Paul's Cathedral for burial.
On Friday the flotilla, which will include the Lord Mayor's ceremonial barge, a cutter (small rowing boat) from HMS Victory and barges from the city livery companies will start from"

Expedition to Wales next month

South Wales Hotel | The Commodore Hotel, Cwmbran

I am staying at the Commodore Thurs Fri 20 21 October 2005
then lunch at the Beaufort Arms Raglan and staying there 22 23 and
back to Brum from Newport on monday evening

Gwent archives 20 21 October St Cadocs registers

and St Cadocs memorials 23
and other Raglan photo session

The Beaufort Arms Raglan: "We welcome you to our 16th cenury Coaching Inn"

Raglan Castle

Raglan Village Monmouthshire, UK

Data Wales :: "Raglan Castle, near Usk in South Wales, was 'one of the last true castles ever to have been built in England and Wales'. It has been called one of the finest late-medieval buildings in the British Isles.

The castle site is still dominated by the ruins of the Great Tower, originally built by Sir William ap Thomas who had fought at the Battle of Agincourt. This massive tower was designed as a place of last resort in the first half of the 15th century and its gradual additions made it virtually impregnable. Much more of the original tower would be visible today were it not for the 'slighting' by the parliamentarian forces after the siege of Raglan Castle in 1646.

The Great Tower was partly destroyed by artillery during the siege, but when Raglan was surrendered near the end of the Civil War, a decision was made to demolish the Tower completely. Men were set to work with pickaxes in an attempt to destroy it from the top. This failed, however and two sides were undermined until these partially collapsed. The impressive remains still stand - testimony to the great building skills of the day. "

BBC South East Wales 11 search results for "raglan"

Raglan Monmouthshire Community Council Village, South Wales: "Having the A40 and M4 close by, many locals boast
how easy Raglan is to get to from anywhere
in the country by road.
Cardiff and Bristol in less than an hour,
Birmingham 2 hours and London 120 miles away in 3 hours! "

The Gwent Record Office was established in 1938 under the title of the Monmouthshire Record Office.

Authorities Served:

Monmouthshire County Council 1938-1974
Gwent County Council 1974-1996

From 1996 provides a joint service for the following local authorities:

Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council
Caerphilly County Borough Council
Monmouthshire County Council
Newport County Borough Council
Torfaen County Borough Council

a holiday on a welsh island "NB - If bad weather prevents you from getting to the island we will not charge you for accomodation but on the other hand if you are stuck on the island you will be charged.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

find your roots abroad

Danish family history with Hugh

stared updating this and I find NARA say:-

Our web site was redesigned, and many items have moved during the transition. But we have some ways of helping you locate the information you're looking for:

grrrr I HATE .GOV webmasters - now as well as webmasters
si I will be surfing NARA finding out where stuff is


My Family History

MONMOUTHSHIRE FAMILY HISTORY seems to be back on line

Yahoo! Groups : monfh: "This Group is for the discussion and research of Family History in the County of Monmouthshire where you can Post enquiries, upload and download Pics & files, There are Family History Website Links in Bookmarks, Place your F.H surnames in the Database section. We have a vast amount of Census indexes, Parish record transcripts, Monumental Inscriptions, Wills and many other records to help you.

My name is Mike John, I am the group moderator, I live in Monmouthshire and have 15 years solid experience of researching and collecting information about hundreds of Monmouthshire families."

and the daughter group Welsh Families

this morning

I went to Dollond & Aitchison Opticians for my 2 year check up and enjoyed the most thorough examination ever

A few drops of Tropicamide (Ophthalmic) into each eye meant when my pupils dilated I experienced an amazing light show

Fundus Exam oldstyle

Optometric Physician


eMedicine - Anterior Segment and Fundus Photography : Article by Lawrence M Merin, RBP, FIMI, FOPS, FBCA what the "doctor" saw scroll down

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The National Archives | Search the archives | Census records

The National Archives | Search the archives | Census records: "Census records are invaluable in helping you find your ancestors. Discover who was living at the same address as your ancestor in 1901, 1891, 1881, 1871and 1861 and start building your family tree.
These links will take you to the appropriate external co-branded website where the census records can be searched and for a small fee, downloaded."

a good example of cooperation between commercial and national institutions

The complete 'Silly Names List'

Cornwall Record Office

This final version of the list is made up of volumes 1-2 plus all the entries which were intended for volume 3.

We hope that some amusement is to be found from this little publication (and maybe a few ancestors). Thanks to all who have contributed names and to the volunteers of the Cornwall Family History Society.

The names illustrate how spelling, religion and family influence the population and what was a serious name now appears odd to the modern world

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Getting known on Guru net

Hugh Watkins: Information From GuruNet Reference Answer Engine

Did You Mean?

* Vernon Watkins (English poet)
* Watkins (MN)
* Watkins (IA)
* Watkins (CO)
* Carleton Watkins (American photographer)
* Hugh Watkins (Blogger)

Other Options:

* Watkins, George (baseball)
looks like a sort of blue book

Monday, September 12, 2005

UK Genealogy-Links

Baedeker's Old Guide Books

Baedeker's Old Guide Books
" thanks to Martina Bohringer of the Publishing House Verlag Karl Baedeker Gmbh for allowing reproduction of plans and maps from various Baedeker's Guidebooks on this website.
It is intended for the images to be use by historians and genealogists for non-commercial research purposes.

Granny Smith

Granny Smith and her Apples

This year, the Sydney suburb of Eastwood will hold its 20th annual Granny
Smith Festival to celebrate its former resident, in whose orchard the first
seedling was grown in 1868.
Her name annually passes the lips of billions the world over with a
certain hugely popular green, crisp, tartish apple.
sept 4 extract from 'The Sunday Times' WA .

granny smith - Google Image Search

Terry Smith’s Site


My name is Terry Smith (as if you hadn't guessed) and I'm over 50, by quite a bit, and (used to, until today, the 19th. August 2005!) work in the Engineering Department of a Local Authority in the South East of England. I’m married to Edna (nee Killick, there are a lot of those on the family tree). I’m not going to give a clue as to her age but she worked as a buyer for a local Electronics Company and she retired in 2003!

We live quietly (except when the CD player is on) in our bungalow in Buckinghamshire (the Government made our part of the Country Berkshire in 1974, but it's still Bucks. really). Children, we have none. This is why we can afford to indulge our passion for foreign holidays

an excellent amateur site

Australian War Memorial

Welcome The Memorial is a unique Australian national institution that combines a shrine, a world-class museum and an extensive archive. Research and Family History

The Australian War Memorial Online Encyclopedia: "The Australian War Memorial receives many public inquiries covering a wide range of topics from A to Z. The Encyclopedia features answers to frequently asked questions about Australians at war. The Encyclopedia will allow you to search the contents of the Memorial's databases, and provides links to other resources."

Sunday, September 11, 2005

The 100+ club

The World's Oldest Person

The World's Oldest Person

Jeanne Louise Calment (February 21 1875 - August 4 1997) had the longest (reliably reported) lifespan for any human being in history. Her lifespan has been thoroughly documented by scientific study. She married her second cousin Fernand Calment in 1896, and survived her only child and only grandchild.
She died at the age of 122 years 164 days in Arles, France; the same town she was born in.

She said that in her younger years, she met Vincent van Gogh, later describing him as "dirty, badly dressed and disagreeable."

Human Body/Age & Youth/Oldest Woman Ever

Family Tree Maker 2006

Family Tree Maker 2006: "For more that 15 years Family Tree Maker has been America's no. 1 - selling family tree program. Family Tree Maker 2006, the latest version of the world's best-selling family tree software, gives you an easy way to build and share your family tree - and preserve your precious family history. "

I find small but signifiicant changes,
for example:- MENU >> Edit Individual

opens more quickly ALT + P + I
and has the Burial field very usefully added to the first window

I also got the 14 day freebie Annual OneWorldTreeSM Trial

You are here: My Account Options > Subscription Information
Subscription Information
Subscription: OneWorldTreeSM 14-Day Trial
Billing Cycle: Annual
Started: 05/09/2005
Ends On: 19/09/2005
Credit Card: Visa/Delta/Electron
Credit Card #: ************xxxx
Card Expiration: 10/

Ancestry World Tree, build your family tree using our pedigree files: "The Ancestry World Tree contains more than 200 million names worldwide (including 25 million UK & Ireland names) in family trees submitted by our users. The Ancestry World Tree is the largest collection of its kind on the Internet. "

The Ancestry World Tree was created to bring family historians together. When you upload your family tree, you are sharing your discoveries with other researchers and helping others to find success in their family history work. You may even find lost relatives who have information on your family.

You can change, update or remove your work from the Ancestry World Tree at any time.

the jury is out for another week but I will probably unsubscribe

My shingle

Family History Research
I have just updated this with a few tiny changes and broken links fixed.

It is aimed at newbies and helping them join the wider online communities.