Saturday, October 22, 2005

Genealogy and How

Genealogy and How New Content Affiliate Program Updates: "In the month of September Ancestry was the top ranked Genealogy site by ComScore with over 1.75 MILLION unique users, 1.1 Million of which were driven from the site.

A huge thank you to all the UK affiliates who have been driving this traffic to � let�s keep it going.

Other good news is that we now have the Christmas banners up and running so please sign in to and take a look (They can be found under Hot Products).

Christmas is a good time for sales and with the forthcoming release of the 1851 UK census (England & Wales) demand is going to be huge so it�s a great time to ensure you have your links up and running!!"

Friday, October 21, 2005

swindler warning

Stichting Genealogie Nederland - Google Search

William Price may be sent to jail in England

he has been convicted of fraud in Belgium and a court sentenced him to a year in jail and to compensate victims. He is appealing next month against the sentence and if he loses (which we must hope he does) he will go down.
from usenet

The crooks see a lucrative market, obviously, so BE WARNED!

Technology for Family History and Genealogical Research

FHT - Homepage

"6th Annual Workshop on Technology for
Family History and Genealogical Research
March 9, 2006
Brigham Young University"

FHT - Committee: "Program Committee:
David Ouimette, Information Architect, Family and Church History Department - Chair
Laryn Brown, Senior Product Manager,
Alan Mann, Information Services Coordinator, Family History Library
Dr. Doran Wilde, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Brigham Young University"

25 January 2006
-Abstracts due (1-2 pages)

8 February 2006
-Notification of Acceptance

1 March 2006
-Final paper due (3-4 pages recommended)

FHT - Presentations/Abstracts for 2005

semantic web and genealogy

Simplifying Family History Research for the Naive User: Building an Ontology and Expert Logic for Searching Danish Genealogical Primary Records by Charla Woodbury
the paper in pdf Charla Woodbury and David W. Embley
BYU Computer Science Department

Charla Woodbury - Google Search

Presentations: "These presentations are presented by members of the Data Extraction Research Group. You can view these presentations in your browser or download the original PowerPoint files."

Charla Jensen, 1982-1983My name is now Charla Woodbury. I am at BYU in Provo working on genealogical research for the next version of the Internet. I would love to hear from my former library and media students and co-workers.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

getting dusty and a stiff neck

Roots in Denmark

I had a great time at Rigsarkivet Rigsdagsgaarden 9 in Copenhagen yesterday
and was even allowed to look at the 1930, 1940 and 1950 census original documants Rigsarkivet - Folketællinger
I messed up and ordered the wrong boxes

in the lunch hour I visited Det Kongelige Bibliotek
to look at
Hübertz, Aarhus = Hübertz, J. R., Aktstykker vedkommende Staden og Stiftet Aarhus, samlede og udgivne ved... I-III. Kbh. 1845-46.
beautifully printed on quality paper and in very good order
and I am going to put some of it on the web so I wanted to look at format and layout before designing a css

then I went by bus to
Landsarkivet for Sjælland, Lolland-Falster og Bornholm

found some references to STRØMSHOLT and the creation of that surname
but not yet exhausted the sources

going back today NOW

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

researching Sami genealogy

the Sami culture of Northern Scandinavia, Finland, and the Kola Peninsula:

Sami Siida of North America

Substantial English language source of information about the Sami.
An array of links and resources on Sami culture, and a quarterly publication with online archives, news, and a blog. Links and resources for Sami genealogy as well as Sami family histories.

Varpelev Sogn


""Warpeløff Sogn, Annex til Strøbye. I Byen skal fordum have boet to Nonner, som eyede hele Byen, og lod gjøre en Broe over Aaen, som endnu kjendes, til det Sted, hvor de vilde have Kirken bygt; men hvad de om Dagen byggede, blev om Natten forflyttet hertil. Dens Teglovn sees endnu i en Bondes Have, Klokken er af 1613. Paa Marken er et Wad, kaldet Qvindevad, hvori en Kone skal være druknet, og en Høy, kaldet Lammehøy."

Lokalhistoriske arkiver i Storstrøms Amt - LASA
Stevns Lokalhistoriske Arkiv
Nørregade 15,
4660 Store Heddinge
Åbningstid: mandag 15-20

Område: Stevns kommune, samt nogle afleveringer fra Strøby-Varpelev (nu Vallø) og Spjellerup-Smerup (nu Fakse).


Jørgen (født Pedersen i 1911 købt) Strømsholt

Birth: 20 JUL 1869 in Varpelev
Death: 1952 in Store Heddinge Stevns Præstø (købt Strømsholt 23/12/1911 )
Event: Name change 23 DEC 1911 Pedersen to Strømsholt ministri breve
Event: Tjenestekarl 1894 Storehedinge
Event: Tilsyning 20 OCT 1893
Event: Tilysning 22 OCT 1893 and the 29th and November 5th
Event: Vielsen 10 NOV 1893 forsigtes akte fra Varpelev
Baptism: 24 OCT 1869 Varpelev Kirke
Event: Lived BEF 1902 Bjalkerup
Event: Lived AFT 1902 Østergade matr 9v ejer Store Hedinge
Census: 1 FEB 1906 Østergade matr 9v ejer Store Hedinge
Event: Job 1 FEB 1911 Gaardkarl Agent Richter

I am researching him and looking for his second marriage in LAK too

Statens Arkivers Arkivalieronline is working really well today
Statens Arkivers Arkivalieronline
but no news since August 2005
Alle kirkebøger ældre end 1892 bliver tilgængelige. De indscannes fra mikrokort.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hauru no ugoku shiro - I am going to the cinema

Google Press Center: Press Release

Google Press Center: Press Release: "The Libraries of Harvard, Stanford, the University of Michigan, the University of Oxford, and The New York Public Library Join with Google to Digitally Scan Library Books and Make Them Searchable Online "
this newspaper clipping from Søndagsavisen has been on my desk since 19 Dec 2004

Google Print beta

Advanced Print Search

Publisher Program
People will only be able to see a few pages related to their search and copy, save and print are disabled. And you can remove a book from Google Print at any time.

Google Print program sues - Google Search

The Other Shoe Drops: Google Print Sued for Copyright Violation: "Rather than duplicate Suber�s work, let me merely add what information I gathered while following this story. According to Fred von Lohmann, senior intellectual property lawyer for the Electronic Frontier Foundation and a Google Print proponent, the defense by Google will turn to a 2003 case entitled Kelly v. Arriba Soft Corp. In this case, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal found in favor of a search engine that copied images from a photographer but displayed them only in thumbnail form. The decision held that the commercial purpose of copying the material was not exploitative and constituted fair use. Google Print�s displays of snippets of text from full-text copies of books, according to von Lohmann, would seem similar.
However, another legal expert advised me that the Kelly v. Arriba Soft Corp. case holds as mandatory precedent only within the Ninth Circuit�s jurisdiction, rather than nationally as do cases decided by the Supreme Court. The appellate court with the largest body of intellectual property cases and the highest reputation in that area is the Second Circuit Court of Appeal, which is the jurisdiction to which the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York belongs. In fact, among the cases citing Kelly v. Arriba Soft Corp., the only one citing it with disfavor was from New York, the jurisdiction in which the Authors Guild suit is filed. Ultimately, however, both legal advisors with whom I spoke assured me that any case that elicits split rulings from these appellate courts would virtually assure an appearance before the Supreme Court. "

over one thousand hits

over one thousand hits in three days to all my blogs for the first time.

WELCOME folks and thank you for visiting

You are online with Hugh W, the full time genealogist, who has 16 blogs running and thousands of pages of websites, family trees and usenet messages and I have been on the web since 1996

is basically a true web log (BLOG) recording pages of general interest to family historians visited by me on my daily round.

A librarian might also classify this as a collection of abstracts from genealogical sites

Hugh Watkins: update of Information From

Expensive UK Birth Certificates

UK Birth Certificates

THEIR England and Wales Certificate Prices:-
For a Birth, Marriage or Death certificate issued in England or Wales:

Standard Service - Up to 15 working days before despatch - £25.00

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Certificates in 5 Days: 52 The Ladysmith,
Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire England OL6 9AR:
E Mail:
Fax Number: +44 161 367 8092


UKBMD - Births, Marriages, Deaths Indexes for the UK, On-Line

these are the indexes created from the original registration entries held by the local registrars. Civil registration from its start is covered. More and more counties are putting their indexes on-line, so it is advisable to start looking here first.

FreeBMD Home Page
if you need more images
And order

Ordering Birth Registration Certificates from England and Wales

Family Records Centre - Homepage

Registration Services - Certificate Ordering Service
Registration Services - Certificate Ordering Service - Fees
Full Certificate of birth marriage and death (standard service): £7.00 each

Monday, October 17, 2005

storm in news soc.genealogy.britain

Google Groups : soc.genealogy.britain

Hi folks!

Could anyone please advise me where the best place to purchase census cds is?
Preferably on the internet.

Thanks for your help,


to which I gave a dusty answer
because an FAQ had been posted 7 hours before
FAQ-CENSUS is the staic version

now running to a very silly thread of 70 postings so far (should that be toasting? )

barry ruck faq - Google Search

all sorts of emtions coming to the boil and the poor newbie quite shocked