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old danish photographs awaiting identification

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Jamaican Family Search genealogy research library

Jamaican Families
This Jamaica, West Indies, genealogy research site contains transcriptions from various seventeenth to twentieth century documents, including nineteenth century Jamaica Almanacs (which list property owners and civil and military officials), the complete text of "Monumental Inscriptions of the British West Indies" written in 1875 by J. H. Lawrence-Archer, Jamaica Directories for 1878, 1891 and 1910, extractions from Jamaican Church records, Civil Registration and Wills, and excerpts from newspapers, books, and other documents. It includes a Glossary, Historical Background, and other Utilities to aid in putting this information into focus. New information is added each month, thus creating a virtual genealogy library for those researching Jamaican families. Here you will come across people from all walks of life: large landowners and paupers, slave and free, knights, gentlemen, laborers, seamen, soldiers, lawmakers and lawbreakers. They all left their imprint in the Jamaican records. Facts come to light, and skeletons jangle in the closet. The colors of people mentioned in the Registers, and the variety of people found here, reflect our island motto, "Out of Many, One People."

Jamaica was a British colony until it gained its independence in 1962.

Almanacs that are currently available are listed below. They are available to Members only, unless identified as [F] open to all
membership prices range from one week at $4 US or to one year at $70 US

West Virginia USA online and RootsWeb review

West Virginia Division of Culture and History - Archives and History Index


Searching for those elusive West Virginia ancestors may now be just a
mouse click away.

You can now search and view scanned images of original birth, death,
and marriage records from six counties, as well as most statewide death
certificates from 1917-54 at
The free database consists of millions of West Virginia births, deaths,
and marriages--a goldmine for genealogists and historians.

FamilySearch Archive has scanned and indexed these records and the West
Virginia Division of Culture and History is hosting them online. The
database has more than 3.5 million names linked to 1.4 million original
images of birth, marriage, and death records from Calhoun, Gilmer,
Hardy, Harrison, Mineral, and Pendleton counties.

The record dates vary by county and type of record, but typically range
from 1816 to 1929. Birth records are for the period 1853-1930, county
death records for 1853-1969/1970, and county marriage records from the
creation of the county until the late 1960s -- all of which are
searchable by name, county, and date.

FamilySearch -- a nonprofit entity --
filmed, scanned, and created the automatic index at the heart of the
online database. The project required 2,500 volunteers and 64,000 hours
to complete. West Virginia plans to add records from additional counties
in the future.

and more hints from RootsWeb review 23 November 2005, Vol. 8, No. 47


New User-Contributed Databases at RootsWeb

The following databases have come online recently. They are searchable,
but not browseable.
Search: To look for specific data or occurrence of text in a file.
Browse: To view the entire contents of a file or a group of files.

U.S.A. Military Records: World War I Draft Registration
--Locklin surname-USA; 141 records; Sarah Locklin Taylor

ALASKA. Kenai Peninsula Borough.
Anchor Point. Anchor Point Area Memorials, 3 records;
Chinitna Bay. West Side of Cook Inlet Memorials; 2 records;
Cooper Landing. Cooper Landing Highway Memorials; 3 records;
Funny River. Funny River Memorial Garden; 25 records;
Homer. Homer Area Memorials; 3 records;
Homer. Memorial Facility at Hickerson Memorial Cemetery; 33 records;
Homer. Seafarer's Memorial Bricks; 126 records;
Homer. Seafarer's Memorial; 63 records;
Hope. Hope Area Memorials; 7 records;
Kasilof. Johansen Cemetery; 4 records;
Kasilof. Kasilof Area Memorials; 5 records;
Kasilof. Osmar's Dock Cemetery; 2 records;
Kenai. Kenai Area Memorials; 29 records;
Kenai. Leif Hansen Memorial Park; 174 records;
Nikiski. Nikiski Area Memorials; 27 records;
Nikiski. Nikiski Senior Center Memorial Wall, Nikiski; 17 records;
Ninilchik. American Legion Honor Wall; 38 records;
Ninilchik. Ninilchik Area Burials; 2 records;
Seldovia. Seldovia Area Memorials, 2 records;
Seward. Seward Area Memorials; 16 records;
Seward. Seward Tidal Wave Victims, 27 March 1964; 13 records;
Soldotna. Damon Memorial; 3 records;
Soldotna. Gaede Homestead Cemetery; 3 records
Soldotna. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church Cemetery;
4 records;
Soldotna. Soldotna Area Memorials, 3 records;
Sterling. Sterling Area Memorials, 19 records;
Totem Tracers Genealogical Society

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family history India

genealogy, family history, India, Duncan, Dinwiddie, McKennie, Frend, Farrington, Pritchard: "My family had strong links to India. I'm the 7th generation to live and work there, and my daughter is the 8th generation to visit India. My 4th great-grandparents (the 1st generation) Thomas PRITCHARD and Catherine (n?e DOYLE) arrived in Madras in 1808. I was born in India in 1934, and left in 1946 for school in England. I've visited India several times, and worked there five times in 1999-2001. "

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snaps: Danish Emigration Archives

snaps my last expediton

research guides for Zealand Denmark

Hent og print vejledingsfoldere og hjælpehæfter fra Landsarkivet for Sjælland

Her kan du hente og printe alle Landsarkivets foldere,
hjælpehæfter og emneark i pdf

OBS: pdf-dokumenterne er beregnede til print, og ikke til at læse på skærmen. Derfor vises og printes de i opslagsorden og ikke i "læseorden". Tomme sider er fjernet.
Landsarkivet for Sjælland, Lolland-Falster og Bornholm

Genealogy Newsgroups

Home Page: "Our home page shows you all newsgroup and group discussions mixed together. To see just one newsgroup or group discussion just click on the newsgroup name below or select from our list of newsgroups and groups."

yet another bid at creating advertising revenue by replaying old messages


Following up on Pat Smith's Lead from November 16th 2005
there are others we can help while helping ourselves too. School kids are not the only ones that do smaller versions of family trees.

The Boy Scouts earn Merit Badges in many subjects, including genealogy! Using the knowledge and expertise we build while researching our own families is a wonderful skill that we can donate to others. To volunteer as a Merit Badge Counselor, simply contact your local office and tell them you would like to help out.

This is what happened to me. While helping one young boy, I decided to use all of the sites I normally check before going to our local Family History Library. It's a good thing that I did because while doing a Google search for his names, I suddenly was dumbstruck as if hit by lightning. There were names I knew I had seen before. I asked the boy more about his family and all the places they had lived. As it turns out his family had moved quite a bit, but we had lived within twenty-five miles of each other at some point. We discovered that we had common ancestors even though we both were over 600 miles away from that area. Further inquiry produced some family documents from the boy's mother that had been given to her by her great-grandmother--my great-grand-aunt!

Sometimes it is the act of helping others that will break your own walls.

Jeff Miller

Ancestry Daily News
" sign-up box

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National Archive of Memorial Inscriptions

National Archive of Memorial Inscriptions: "This new site enables you to check whether or not there are any memorial inscriptions which are relevant to your researches. If there are none, then you pay nothing. If you find what you want, then you can download, and print out if you wish, not only the inscriptions themselves, but also a brief description of the memorial, a photograph of the church or chapel, a plan of the burial ground, and usually some historical information as well. For this, you pay a fee of between �4 and �7, depending on how much information you choose to retrieve from what is available.

At present, the site contains only a relatively small amount of information - some 200 burial grounds in Norfolk (click here for a list). They comprise about 70,000 inscriptions, or some 100,000 names."

Norfolk Family History Society

Britain, UK news from The Times and The Sunday Times - Times Online: "Richard Smart, the project leader, said that the internet had transformed the task of the family historian. He said: "You can now access all censuses, most wills and nearly full records of births, marriages and deaths on the web, often free. This was the missing bit."

Norfolk Family History Society: "The Norfolk Contiguous Parish web site provides cross-referenced links between adjacent Norfolk parishes. We know of no other similar design for listing the contiguous parishes of other counties. The Norfolk Family History Society would be delighted to assist other societies or individuals who would like to emulate this design. Here are some other options for finding contiguous parishes. "

Sunday, November 20, 2005 is brilliant

Dictionary of American Family Names,
Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4

Last Name Meaning and Origin of: "To see name meaning and origin for your ancestors:

Enter required information into the field(s) above.
Click Update."


Danish: habitational name from any of several places called �rum, named as a compound of �r ?gravel beach? + hem ?dwelling?. This name is also found in Norway, of Danish origin.

English: variant of Orme 1.

Northern English: from the Old Norse personal name Ormr, originally a byname meaning ?snake?, ?serpent?, ?dragon?.

French: topographic name for someone who lived near a conspicuous elm tree, from Old French orme (Latin ulmus).

Where Orum Families lived in the US in 1840: "Distribution of Orum Families in the US in 1840"


THE HOUSE MARKS IN NORWAY: "Our thousands and thousands of house marks represent a rich cultural treasure. Many house marks look like the runes (our eldest script) others are international and wide spread symbols like the pentagram and the Venus sign. The house marks were used in connection with farming and hunting, craft and trade, religion and magic. Some are very simple and others are elaborate and complicated. "


The Sandinavian Journal of Heraldry is Heraldisk Tidsskrift:

"Welcome to Societas Heraldica Scandinavica (SHS), the heraldry society, which since 1959 has united heraldry enthusiasts in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway och Sweden.
Items on this homepage might come in either of the Nordic languages or in English.
The society journal Heraldisk Tidsskrift is published twice a year(march & october) with articles in either of the Nordic languages and summaries in either English, French or German. In addition, the society publishes an occational series, Heraldiske Studier, with larger studies in heraldry.

Honorary Secretary
Societas Heraldica Scandinavica
Steen Clemmensen
Byb�kpark 36
Dk-3520 Farum

SHS arranges konferences, excursions and lectures.

In cooperation with the Academie Internationale de l'h�raldique it has hosted international conferences in Stockholm (5th, 1960), Copenhagen (14th, 1980), Helsinki (16th, 1984), and Uppsala (20th, 1992).
Nordic heraldic conferences have recently been introduced in �bo/Turku (2003) and in Kalmar (2001). The next will be held in Oslo 2005.

Coming events in the Nordic area

Heraldisk Selskab
Heraldinen Seura
Skjaldfr�daf�lagid Heraldisk Selskap
Heraldiska S�llskapet

founded 27. maj 1959

The Most Frequently Asked Question on rec.heraldry is:

"My name is Smith, what are my arms?"

Google Directory - Society > Genealogy > Heraldry

SCANDINAVIAN-NOBILITY. A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical, cultural or historical interest in the Scandinavian nobility (Denmark, Norway and Sweden). To subscribe send "subscribe" to (mail mode) or (digest mode).

Cyndi's List - Royalty & Nobility
Genealogy Resources on the Internet - Nobility/Heads of State/Heraldry Mailing Lists

RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists: Royalty and Nobility

RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists: SCANDINAVIAN-NOBILITY


looks dead to me

Om heraldik

ARS HERALDICA - heraldisk rådgivning og design ved Ronny Andersen: "Heraldikken opererer med et helt eget æstetisk normsæt, der er grundlagt i middelalderen hvor heraldikken opstod"

Danmark om heraldik

Societas Heraldica Scandinavica ( Heraldisk Selskab) er på vej med ny hjemmeside for hele Norden. Ronny Andersen, der er medredaktør af hjemmesiden, tegner et billede af selskabet

Ny hjemmeside til Heraldisk Selskab:


heraldik "Ronny Andersen" - Google Search

ARS HERALDICA - heraldisk rådgivning og design ved Ronny Andersen

Simply brilliant pages and designs

Læs videre (mini-bibliografi)

Tidsskrifter og periodica:
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Vapenbilden 1976-, udgives af Svenska Heraldiska Föreningen
The Coat of Arms 1950-, udgives af The Heraldry Society
The Double Tressure 1979-, udgives af The Heraldry Society of Scotland
Genealogica & Heraldica, kongresrapporter fra de genealogiske og heraldiske kongresser, diverse år.
Clemmensen, Steen, Ole Rostock & Sven Tito Achen 2002: Dansk heraldisk bibliografi 1569-1999. Odense: Syddansk Universitetsforlag
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AND A BIG THANK YOU TO ARS HERALDICA - heraldisk rådgivning og design ved Ronny Andersen

Heraldisk Tidsskrift