Saturday, January 28, 2006

Kents Moat

Kents Moat then local history brickyards and farms

Kents Moat Library from about 1960 with a really good atmosphere

55-57 Pool Way Birmingham B33 8NF

Libraries main menu
Ancestry library edition is now available FREE on computers in Birmingham Libraries.

so I renewed my library card and got a new pin, borrowed two Terry Pratchett novels and can log onto some of the Galedatabases from home.

Viewpoint Server

Netscape 7 and Novell system

which demanded I install some computer id stuff
before I could access the library catalogue when I got home.

phunny photographs of dogs

site was hijacked for a phishing scam which I reported to abuse@ . . .


and much more on :-
Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer is a compilation of available sources concerning Settlement Examinations, Settlement Certificates, Removal Orders, Bastardy and Apprenticeship Indentures, documents that reveal our ancestors brush with Officialdom. It will be added to over the months.

These documents can add flesh to bones, but more importantly give clues to where ancestors were "hiding" between known details. Some are more informative than others, but all will add substance to your family tree.

The details listed are the bare bones in many cases, with Settlement Examinations and Certificates usually giving additional material such as ages of children and occupation.
It would be almost impossible to record every detail.

Now big with child, came to Ashford eight days ago. 1 Aug 1788.
This is listed as Hannah WHIPPEY, aged 30 born Wardlow(about 1858). examined in 1788
read more Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

BASTARDY PAPERS record the efforts the Overseers made in ensuring fathers of illegitimate children paid for the upkeep of the child.
It will record name of mother, the child, usually described as male or female, and not necessarily by name and the putative father.
Occupation sometimes given of the father and place of abode. Also may name those who stood surety.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Kely's Directory of Monmouthshire 1934

Index of /kellymon1934

about 320 images

Watkins Family Tree Program Welcome

Watkins Family Tree Program Welcome: "This is a Free Genealogy Service where you can view and search WATKINS family tree data which has been supplied by other WATKINS Researchers.

You can add to the project simply by submitting your own genealogy data in GEDCOM format to the WATKINS Family History Society. Your family tree then becomes part of the continually growing global database of WATKINS families. Also, you can update your Gedcom file at any time by uploading a new one.

The mission of the WATKINS Family Tree Project is to provide a resource which can connect all the family trees of WATKINS people in the world and at the same time creating a model for other One-Name Societies to emulate." . . .

Taliesin Arlein - ONS Names List: "THIS DATABASE is an extract of an Office of National Statistics database, and contains a list of surnames in use in England, Wales and the Isle of Mann in September 2002."

Surname --- Count -- Ranking WATKINS -- 32401 -- 199

Thursday, January 26, 2006

BBC - Radio WM

BBC - Radio WM

local radio station no classic music today

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

RE Band Aldershot

were I was in September 1957 with the names of the band members and a group photograph

Musician Watkins fourth trombone

West of England Families

I have started this group because of the Rootsweb and AOL email protocol conflict made it difficult to use the excellent Bristol_and_Somerset list

This new list and notice board also enables a broader view not restricted by county boundaries

West of England Families: - "For genealogy and help with family history in the West of England, sometimes known as the Southwestern Region, and including Bristol, Bath, the Isles of Scilly, the counties of Avon, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire.

Bristol people traded and migrated all over the world and the Royal Navy has used the river mouths as achorages for many centuries and we discuss South West Maritime History from the point of view of the families left at home by the mariners and pilots.

The miners of Cornwall and Somerset migrated when the local tin or coal mines were exhausted and many Bristolians have welsh or irish roots.

Black history includes the slave trade and the US soldiers of World War II who are thought to have hundreds, if not thousands, of descendants.
The area is rich in transport history from phoencian traiders sailing the sea, and roman roads connecting with London and later the Avon, the Kennet and the Thames rivers and canals.

The Great Western Railway linked London and Bristol, and even sold tickets to USA by steamship. " - CANADA

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

News - Lavasoft

News - Lavasoft: "Lavasoft AB, the world leader in antispyware solutions has teamed with Google Inc. to include Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition in the Google Pack. Lavasoft is one of seven companies working with Google for the pack of free software utilities."

Google Pack is only available for Windows XP

some of my WWII memories

snaps: moving boxes
and what was in them

news Canada Genealogy - Canada Genealogy

the first fully-indexed online version of the 1911 Census of Canada, and more than 150 million names in Canadian records.

Monday, January 23, 2006

OED freebie

BBC Balderdash and Piffle

Any time until 13 February you can look up any words beginning with this week's letter, or with any of the previous letters of the week.

For 48 hours after each programme (from 21:30 GMT on Mondays to 21:30 GMT on Wednesdays) you can look up any words, beginning with any letter, in the whole of the Oxford English Dictionary.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Cyndi's List

Census Related Sites Worldwide:

some gaps because it is dependant on submissions by users


About a new online index of people named in two nineteenth century books about the Danish wars from 1848 to 1864

1864: "et register til Exam. juris. Vilhelm Cohen's bøger om krigene 1848-1864 og de faldnes Minde, udgivet på Gads Forlag i 1865, men disse er opstillet i orden efter militære enheder, hvilket gør det meget svært at finde en person, når man kun kender efternavnet.
Dette register er opstillet i alfabetisk rækkefølge, så klik på første bogstav i efternavnet og blad ned genem siden, eller brug rediger/søg-funktionen.
Det er altså KUN et register til bøgerne som anfører de militære data. Der er således IKKE andre slægtsforskningsmæssige data at finde."

Slægtsforskning: "Jeg arbejder med at finde min families rødder og er kommet tilbage til 1784 i Magdeburg i Brandenburg, hvor den første Frisenette kendes. Han hed Johan Christian Frisenette, blev født den 31. oktober 1784, konfirmeret i påsken 1798 og han blev udlært som gartner i Braunschweig. Mellem 1804 og 1810 flygtede han til Danmark, efter sigende for ikke at blive taget til soldat af Napoleon. Nu søger jeg efter hans forældre og er stødt på navnet FRAISSINET, som kunne være fortysket til Frisenette.
På nuværende tidspunkt har jeg omkring 200 navne, som alle kan have forbindelse med mig og jeg tror det er Huguenotter, som er flygtet fra sydfrankrig gennem Schweiz og Tyskland og er havnet i Brandenburg som såkaldte "réfugies"."