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Attorney General Alberto Gonzales had subpoenaed Google
see MSN News

FEDERAL JUDGE "Ware ruled that the 50,000 Web addresses, or URLs, were a relevant request by the government, which wants the data for a statistical study it is doing to show the effectiveness of filtering software at issue in a separate case -- ACLU v. Gonzales -- that concerns a federal law on online child pornography.

'The expectation of privacy by some Google users may not be reasonable, but may nonetheless have an appreciable impact on the way in which Google is perceived, and consequently the frequency with which users use Google,' Ware wrote.

'This concern, combined with the prevalence of Internet searches for sexually explicit material ... gives this court pause as to whether the search queries themselves may constitute potentially sensitive information,' he said.
In his decision, Judge Ware wrote of the 'three vital interests' that needed to be weighed in the case: national interest, proprietary business information and privacy concerns.

'This Court is particularly concerned any time enforcement of a subpoena imposes an economic burden on a non-party,' he wrote in a filing made at the close of business of Friday."

Friday, March 17, 2006

England & Wales, BMD Index (Beta) - England and Wales BMD Indexes: 1837-1983 (Beta)

I think it is quicker and easier to just browse this collection,




from my email:-

Hello Hugh.

Thanks very much for the information you put out on soc.genealogy.britain regarding searching the 'births/marriages/deaths' on Ancestry last Friday.

I only picked it up last night and tried it out, and yes it is very much quickerand easier to browse.

Still didn't find what I was after, but that's another story.

Thanks again.


Dave Field

Norfolk UK

Please be helpful, with any freebie beta test it is up to us to report errors

I use the missing image dialogue for this purpose
personally I surf those images
just as if manually searching fiche

think it is quicker and easier to just browse this collection,



once you get in


just change the year by typing a new one in between 1837 and 1983


here are the 1837 sep Benson mrriages

modify the url by typing

1837. <<>

.Jul-Aug-Sep. other quarters Apr-May-Jun or Jan-Feb-Mar or Oct-Nov-Dec .B. <>

.14 <<>

so I would try around page 42 if 100 then straddle eg plus 10 back 5 until you find the right image

you will find "your" surname will always be statistically in about the same percentage position

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Australia by email

The following are a few of the links I very quickly did for Mary.
Some may be of interest to you depending where your research is. You may already be aware of the big ones but thought I'd send just in case.

NSW BDM Registry index online.

Aussie lists

I recommend the following Perth list (very friendly & similar to Bristol &
Somerset list):

Perth Dead Persons Society (which is for Perth & surrounding areas mainly
but can include all of Western Australia).
This is their website
Their list is on RootsWeb & is called DPS-CHAT. You can subscribe from a
link on their website above or at RootsWeb.

WA doesn't have BDM online (last I checked) & I don't have CDs as all my
families are recent to WA & I haven't needed to get any certificates but
someone on list I mentioned above should help.

Western Australian Gen. Soc.

National Archives of Australia
Click on record search & some
digital copies online.

Australian Cemteries - some have data online.

The Ryerson Index (death notices)


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

from Rob Kuijsten


There has been a major update for the Surname Navigator, a simple one
input-form mega search engine for surnames and "cross-border"
emigration research. There is a global version and separate versions
for 45 countries. It's a good starting point to search for a name.
Researchers can save many hours using mega search engines such as
these. Some have reported excellent results

my guest's genealogy

Visiting a genealogist means you risk getting your family history done

Poul Hanmann is Charlotte's father from Kendtes gravsted
the stone is due to be removed in October 2006 unless the family pays

Poul Frederik Hanmann - Google Search
shows the family has a unique name and Inger is her mother.

Charlotte gave me two additional key facts last night, her grandfather was born in 1878 and her family came from Altona when it was danish. Today it is a suburb of Hamburg in Germany

googling onwards gave me:-

Nachkommen von Bethemann

Ignaz Kaspar Anton von Hanmann wurde am 6. Januar 1747 in Braunsberg geboren. Er starb am 12. März 1813.
married Er heiratete Maria Josephine Therse Dorothea Hyacine von Mathy am 21. Juli 1777 in Frauenburg / Ostpreußen .

Wappen adeliger Familien aus Ostpreußen
Arms of noble families of East Prussia

Warmia (Polish: Warmia, German: Ermland, Latin: Varmia, also historically known as Ermeland) is a region between Pomerania and Masuria in northeastern Poland.

Bürgermeisters Anton Hanmann. den Obristen beim Bürgermeister Klemens Hanmann einzuquartieren. . . . .

Der Kaufherr Anton Hanmann, der Sohn des 1729 verstorbenen Thomas, nahm i. J. 1739 als Kämmerer der Stadt den Bau in Angriff. . . . .

Zugleich verlieh er vier anderen Familien, den drei Bürgermeistern Karl Kising, Heinrich Schorn mit seinem Bruder Michael und Klemens Hanmann nebst seinem Bruder Mathias und beider Neffen Anton und dem Stadtnotar Franz Oestreich für sich und ihre Nachkommen eine gleiche Standeserhöhung und Wappen. . . . .

1758 russische Truppen Ostpreußen erobert hatten, . . .

Dreimal war er verheiratet, zunächst mit Magdalena Dromler aus der Mehlsacker Bürgermeisterfamilie, dann mit Maria Elisabeth von Mathy, der Tochter eines Danziger Finanzrats und Witwe des Braunsberger Kaufmanns Thomas Hanmann, und seit 1752 mit Magdalena von Hertzberg aus Kirschdorf. . . .

ermländischen Familie von Hanmann

Die katholischen Kirchenbücher im Ermländischen Diözesanarchiv
Standesamtsregister - [ Translate this page ] - Familienforschung in der Provinz Westpreußen. ... Reinhold Heling, Die katholischen Kirchenbücher im Ermländischen Diözesanarchiv in

ermländischen Kirchspielchronik

machine translated
The registers of the register offices, in east and west Prussia led starting point of the research starting from 1874, are and the church books, the end 16. Jhdts., often however only in 17. Jhdt. use.
From these sources result the names and the basic data to the individual family members and the family connections. View Original Web Page

Ermland, or Ermeland (Varmiensis, Warmia), a district of East Prussia and an exempt bishopric

During the Partitions of Poland Warmia was annexed by the Kingdom of Prussia in 1772, while the property of the bishop was confiscated by the Prussian state. Ignacy Krasicki, the last prince-bishop as well as a Polish writer, was nominated to the Archbishopric of Gniezno. The Prussian census in 1772 showed a total population of 96,547 including an urban population of 24,612 in 12 towns. 17,749 houses were listed and the biggest city was Braunsberg (Braniewo).
From 1772-1945 Warmia was part of
Lutheran East Prussia, with the exception that the people of Warmia remained Catholic. The population of northern Warmia spoke standard German (as opposed to Low German used in the rest of East Prussia), while the south was populated by Polish-speaking Warmiaks. In 1873 the Polish language was forbidden in all schools in Warmia, including Polish schools founded in the 16th century. In 1900 Warmia's population was 240,000.
see Warmia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ostpreussen, Ermland Family Roots

Ostpreußen - Ermland 1755 - [ Translate this page ]
Der Königliche Mathematiker Johannes Friedrich Endersch hat 1755 in Elbing die geographische Karte des Bistums Ermland in Preußen, die Tabula Geographica

Braunsburg or Did you mean to search for: braunsberg
with a flag related to Teutonic Order (Germany) in Banderia Prutenorum manuscript
Deutscher Orden, Ordo Domus Sanctae Mariae Teutonicorum

Ignaz Kaspar Anton von Hanmann - I325 - Individual Information - - PhpGedView

Franz BUCHHOLZ, Beiträge zur Geschichte der ermländischen Familie von Hanmann, in: Zeitschrift für die Geschichte und Altertumskunde Ermlands (ZGAE)
Bd. 26, 1938 –38, 1976 26, 1936/38, S. 379-429

Dansk Data Arkiv gave me the Copenhageners below

Descendants of Johan Frederich Hanmann
1 Johan Frederich Hanmann b: Abt. 1818 in Altona, Germany
+Hanne Maria Kjøge b: Abt. 1819 in Copenhagen, Denmark

-- 2 Hanne Maria Hanmann b: Abt. 1843 in Copenhagen, Denmark
-- 2 Henriette Marie Loise Hanmann b: Abt. 1844 in Copenhagen, Denmark
-- 2 Luise Hinrijette Hanmann b: Abt. 1845 in Copenhagen, Denmark
-- 2 Johan Frederich Hanmann b: Abt. 1847 in Copenhagen, Denmark
-- +Hanne Maria -

--- 3 Johan Frederik Hanmann b: Abt. 1878 Kjøbenhavn
--- +Antonie Christensen

---- 4 Poul Frederik Hanmann b: 20 Sep 1915 in Copenhagen, Denmark d: 18 Jul 1981
---- +Inger Frimann Clausen b: 07 Nov 1918 in Stege, Møn, Denmark m: 19 Sep 1947

----- 5 Charlotte Hanmann b: 20 Jul 1950 in Copenhagen, Denmark
----- 5 Marianne Hoppe b: 1938
----- +Torben Grøndahl b: Abt. 1938

------ 6 Jens Christian Grøndahl b: 1959 6 Thomas Grøndahl b: Abt. 1961 in Kongens Lyngby, Denmark
------ 6 Pernille Grøndahl Hoppe b: Abt. 1963 in Kongens Lyngby, Denmark

---- 4 Carl Hanmann b: Abt. 1912
---- +Maja - b: Abt. 1912

-- 2 Maria Dorothea Hanmann b: Abt. 1849 in Copenhagen, Denmark

there are also a couple of HANMANN in USA
Barb Farnham's Guestbook #4
... My gg grandfather was Robert Gerecke and his wife was Johanna Maria Christine Hanmann They moved to Nebraska and than Kansas which is where our family

[PDF] Wiener Stadt- und Landesbibliothek Handschriftensammlung Nachlass ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
BOTSCHAFT Österreichische in den USA. 2 St., 1966 08 08-1967 02 04 ... BÜCHERWURM (Heinz Hanmann). 14 St., 1959 04 27-1970 05 08. BÜCHNER Eduard hs1/!LISTHS!weigel_korrespondenzen.pdf
and that is an interesting concept - a 1078 page pdf version of an mss card index

Mr Eckart Hannmann, Denkmalschutzamt, Hamburg

Eckart Hannmann aus Karlsruhe wird neuer Leiter des Hamburger Denkmalschutzamtes
Prof. Dr. Eckart Hannmann, Hauptkonservator und Leiter der Außenstelle Karlsruhe des Landesdenkmalamtes Baden-Württemberg, wird neuer Leiter des Hamburger Denkmalschutzamtes. Die Deputation der Kulturbehörde hat auf ihrer heutigen Sitzung einstimmig dem Personalvorschlag der Behördenleitung zugestimmt. Hannmann wird seine Arbeit in Hamburg Anfang 1999 aufnehmen.

Mr Eckart Hannmann
Imstedt 20
220 83 Hamburg
Phone: +49-40-42 863-27 33
Fax: +49-40-42 863-36 51

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the DISTAFF side

Finding Your Female Ancestors: "Everyone has an equal number of male and female ancestors... but it is much easier to find records that name the men. Even when you find a record that names the woman, it often gives only her married name. So it is harder to find the parents of your women ancestors than those of the men, just as it is more difficult to delve into the details of her life.

As we search for our women ancestors, we will be interested not just in their names and dates, but of the society in which they lived.

How did the laws affect them?

How common was it for them to work outside the home?

What was home life like during the time they lived?

Can we find letters or diaries kept by them or their relatives or neighbors?

Is there mention of them in the local newspapers?

Research Aids for Local and Family Historians

Original Indexes was established in July 1996 to meet the growing demand among local and family historians for indexes to primary sources in a cheap and convenient format - microfiche. Our policy of publishing a minumum of twelve new titles each quarter means we now have the largest catalogue of its kind in the north-east of England. Standard histories also feature on our catalogue. Originally on microfiche, these are now available on CD-ROM at a fraction of their antiquarian value.

Though based in the north-east of England, our catalogue reflects a range of interests, regional, national and international - as you will gather from browsing the pages on this site. Most reflect our regional base; they are based on the 1911 census returns for the ecclesiastical parishes of the counties of Durham and Northumberland. Others highlight our private passions and the threads of our own research. They are constantly being updated, so don't take your eyes off them!

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The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation Inc.

Ellis Island Passenger Arrivals : American Family Immigration History Center

In 1892 Annie Moore, a thirteen year old girl from Ireland, was the first immigrant to enter the newly opened Ellis Island Immigration Station.

Preview Issue of "Internet Genealogy"

special 24-page preview issue of Internet Genealogy in PDF format
Download Internet Genealogy Preview Issue

a new magazineto be published sixtimes annually by the publishers of Family Chronicle and History Magazine.

Introductory Subscriptions for Ancestry Daily Readers: "Download a free preview issue in PDF format. Use your browser's button to return to this page after downloading, or re-enter from your original e-mail message containing this link if you wish to subscribe at the special rate detailed below.

For a limited time, the publisher of Internet Genealogy is offering a special Introductory Subscription Rate of $20 US or $23 CDN for one year (six issues).
This is a significant saving off the regular newsstand price of $5.95 US or $6.95 CDN. The regular subscription rate for one year will be $28 US or $32 CDN. This special rate is only available on orders from the US or Canada.
We are also offering a special introductory rate for our online edition (PDF format): $15 "

Contents of First (April/May 2006) Issue:
Net Notes: 100,000 Canadian Home Children, Shaw's Dublin City Directory for 1850, Boston Passenger Manifests 1848-91

Genealogical Googling: Dan Lynch tells us how to get the best out of this important search engine

The Irish Census: Marc Skulnick looks at the imminent arrival of the 1911 Irish census online
ArchiveGrid: Martha L. Brogan describes a new database that shows great promise

Case Study: William Pennington: Rick Crume explores an 18th-century colonist's origins and his family ties

Linkpendium: Lisa Alzo looks at a website with over three million genealogical links

What You Should Know: Halvor Moorshead gives a crash course for those new to genealogy
Successful Searching Strategies: Marc Skulnick consults the experts on getting the most out of the ‘net
Top Places to Start Your Research: Janice Nickerson describes some essential websites

Top 10 Websites for Polish Genealogy: Donna J. Pointkouski looks at several sites for those exploring Polish roots

Ancestry's Canadian Records: Elizabeth Lapointe takes a look at this recently launched service

Newspapers Online: Marc Skulnick looks at the ever-increasing availability of online newspapers

Genealogy Freebies: Maureen Taylor points us to some great free resources on the Internet

The Family History Library Catalog: Emily Croom describes a really useful tool for the genealogist

A2A: Access to Archives: Susan Bogan introduces an under-publicized database

llinois State Archives: Diane Richard tells us about one of the better state websites

Google Book Search: Victoria King checks out the latest on one of Google's loftier projects

Welcome to the Ogre blog spot

The OGRE blog about the welsh memorial inscription project

The OGRE website at is, amongst other things, the publication of a project to photograph and catalogue gravestone inscriptions prior to 1930 in South Wales, UK.

The site provides images of all the headstones and an inscription where possible, subject to damage and illegibility.

It is provided as a free genealogical research tool for users worldwide,

other free resources, for example, the 1873 Landowners Returns for Wales.

Richard Hopkins created this blog to provide a forum for users of the OGRE website to provide feedback and comments on the site, and also as an area where he can provide information on upcoming graveyards, and the progress of the transcription of the graveyards.