Saturday, May 06, 2006

Estonian genealogy

FRO: "Not all family registry offices can be visited for genealogical research. It differs from county to county. The materials held in these archives are births, marriages and deaths of the corresponding county since July 1, 1926 and personal registers for the years 1926-1940 (1949) for persons who lived in those years in this county. After 1940 (in some places 1949) the registers were not used and the births, marriages and deaths for all the county have to be researched to find any information.
In the central Family Registry Office there are family registers and metrics since 1830s until 1926 and all the materials that are held in local registry offices. Unfortunately research cannot be done in this archive." english - Google Search

Estonian Genealogical Society has eight local branches

Gothic handwriting was used in all records that were written in German in Estonia
site:ee genealogy - Google Search

site:ee genealoogia - Google Search
estonia genealogy - Google Search

Perekonnaajaloo foorum :: Index Estonian genealogy forum

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Family History Show 2006

more to come

hustle and bustle of packing and the security officer was keeping a very watchful eye on things - this is the time of day thieves drop in and grab laptops in Olympia and NEC

I was a late visitor to Phillimore & Co Ltd
and asked for a catalogue

looking for the last catalogue
thank you for the last one !

note THE BRISTOL AVON by Josephine Jeremiah a denizen of the Bristol_and_Somerset Rootsweb list
and and I must pass on a severe warning from the lady who was packing up "Do not pay more than our catalogue price on Amazon" - some silly prices are being asked for

"The Phillimore Atlas and Index of Parish Registers"
Cecil R. Humphrey-Smith; Hardcover; £47.50
up to £150

"The River Wye: a Pictorial History"
Josephine Jeremiah; Hardcover; £14.24

"The Bristol Avon: A Pictorial History"
Josephine Jeremiah; Hardcover; £15.19

all of which I just ordered on Amazon, together with the director's cut of Star Wars, from a couple of gifts I recieved from a researcher in USA I helped with danish stuff.

Guild of One-Name Studies stand was all packed up and ready to go home.

Barbara Harvey told me that LOVEROCK is her one-name study, and I see her Fernyhough One-Name Study profile page is an example of this new service by the Guild and there are 280 found here so far by google

not the easiest hall to get in and out of

"Hullo Hugh" said Roy Stockdill just as I was leaving

now we are in the way

Hurry up Hugh but there was no time for a beer this year

Society of Genealogists - Home Page:
"Royal Horticultural Society New Hall & Conference Centre,
Greycoat Street,
London SW1P 2PE.
? Saturday 29th April 2006 ?"

Monday, May 01, 2006

Fort Delaware on Pea Patch Island USA

Welcome to the Official Fort Delaware Society Webpage: "The Fort Delaware Society has been dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of Fort Delaware since 1950"

It is open on weekends only right now.. after May it will be open Wed thru Sun untill the end of July when it will be closing for some MUCH needed repairs. There will be special programs going on though

a virtual tour by Jayne from

who was there for the opening of this season on Sunday.

How the information on GENUKI is presented to the user

How the information is presented to the user: "The method of structuring that we have adopted is not one that we have arbitrarily invented for ourselves. Rather it is based closely on the method that has been developed and used by the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. This of course is by far the largest genealogy library in existence and one which many genealogists all over the world are familiar with through their use of the microfiche and the CD-ROM versions of the library's catalogue, and of the excellent Research Guides published by the Library."

Bristol Channel Pilots

Bristol Channel Pilots: "The Bristol channel is probably one of the most dangerous shipping lanes in the world.Over the centuries many ships have been lost whilst navigating it.The channel has one of the highest tidal ranges in the world and many dangerous sand bars and rocks.
If legend is to believed the first official Bristol Channel pilot was George James Ray.He was a barge master who was appointed by the Corporation of Bristol in May 1497 to pilot John Cabot's Matthew from Bristol to the open sea.There is no proof of this, but the name Ray has played a part in Bristol's maritime history.In 1837 Pilot George Ray guided the Great Western safely out to open sea.Then in 1844 William Ray piloted the larger Great Britain out to sea.
In 1611 the Corporation of Bristol delegated the control of pilotage to the Merchant Venturers of Bristol.They were to retain control for 250 years.The Bristol pilots were mainly based at Pill near the mouth of the river Avon. Bristol for many years was the main port on the Channel but as the Welsh ports grew larger due to the coal and iron exported, these ports needed to control their own pilots.Bristol tried to put a block on this and tried to keep it's monopoly.
Various acts were passed over the years and in 1861 the ports of Cardiff, Newport and Gloucester were granted the right to appoint their own pilots"

Sunday, April 30, 2006

after the show

American francophone genealogy

Le Centre de généalogie francophone d'Amérique /
found from

and the apparent owner of Your site for Quebec families genealogy

Scandinavian links page

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At the moment, much of our information is available only in Swedish. On this page we will provide links to the parts of our web that are available in English.

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