Saturday, October 07, 2006

serious voodoo

after my last log on on my old PC Vaio notebook
I shut it all down and added an old 10mb 5 port ethernet switch between it the TalkTalk adsl modem and connected the mac by ethernet

still would not work so I used the TalkTalk network installer again
and got it working

Then I started the Mac
and I deleted lots of internet settings on the mac and used the network assistant so now it all works as it should

I am blogging this from my virtual PC running OEM WinXP sp3 in Danish network bridged through the mac

so I will post this now and view in Firefox on the mac

on line at last

shopping then this morning
a struggle with talktalk ISP
could not get the new modem to work with the mac but OK with the pc

two great days in Bath Record Office thanks to Colin Johnston and the transcriptions there

A brief visit to Gloucester RO was fun for an hour on the way home on thursday evening

And sight seeing by train,
I visited Chepstow Bridge last Saturday, and yesterday Paddington station and walked past St Mary's hospital where Fleming discovered penicillin and on to Marylebone staion and home by 11:00 pm

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

more expeditions

going to Bath Record office tomorrow and Gloucester RO on Friday to search for LAPHAM and BALL in Parish Registers

I have two tickets left on the rail pass I purchased at Copenhagen CPH airport as an outgoing tourist

The filming of Monmouthshire parish registers is going well 21 done by GSU LDS out of about 110 at the Gwent record Office
The work should be done by about November 2006 and sent to Utah

An index of all welsh parish registers is going to be made by LDS in USA and supplied to the National Library of Wales too so I wonder if we shall see a welsh edition of the Scotlands people web site in order to create a revenuse stream for the public purse

I am still off line at home so next blog may be Saturday at a library - this is being written at Solihull Central library

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

moved testing another machine

next I caught the bus to Solihull

I am now at
Solihull Website - Libraries
Based at Solihull Central Library, the Heritage & Local Studies Service is the first port of call for anyone interested in local or family history

In Touchwood one of the get your family coat of arms people had a stall on the Mall selling decorative objects. complain to Touchwood Information Desk

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter: Beware of "Your Family's ...
Indeed, anything sold to you as "your family's coat of arms" has been misrepresented. ... families and their descendants do not have such a thing see

College of Arms
There is no such thing as a 'coat of arms for a surname'.
Many people of the same surname will have differenty arms or none.

Q. Can the College of Arms tell me what my clan badge is?

OK end of test

2006 September 30 2006 Warwick Arms, Clutton, Somerset

Click on the photo of the Warwick Arms to see the 2006 'Bunfight' photos
my own snaps are all a bit blurred (I should have used the flash on the videophone) and they are on a computer without internet access.

I have excellent blog stuff of the journey I took via Oxford and Reading which I look forward to posting in the future, and afterwards using my one day rail pass I spent an hour in Wales visitng Chepstow Bridge

There is a nice picture of the top of my head here
I dropped the red shirt this year better this picture
see the lot by clicking on the arrows
- blogging briefly because I have got 180 Bristol_and_Somerset list emails to catch up on

back in Chelmsley Wood library

Chelmsley Wood Library
and on computer number 14 with the KID GLOVE keyboard
which really suits my 70 year old eyes and two finger typing.

Just posted the above without problems - and now editing - last time I was pretty fed up about losing a blog which took 50 minutes to write so I posted on a complaints form on the Solihull Intranet about my problems with and security and the wysiwyg editor.
Much to my surprise on the next day I received three back up home telephone calls to my home number from the support team.

Of course the lost post was my own silly fault for not saving a draft of the html code in google mail before trying to post. So all is well now thanks to you guys on the staff !!

The sage of my new adsl isp drags on and TALKTALK will soon be renamed WAITWAIT . I am not posting about that until the problem is resolved and I have test driven the new connection.