Saturday, October 21, 2006

re-entry - my new blog

re-entry is going to be more of a personal diary blog

I am starting to blog on the new blogger beta server

Genealogy and Family History will remain here of course

photographs and walks is now where most of my videophone and handicam photos are going, and I am going to mix cameras from now on on the same blog.

The new technology seems to be more reliable and is certainly much better for newbies.

Email me with YOUR URLS if you want me to look at your blog or web pages or post in a comment in the usual way

Blogger beta: Create your Blog Now -- FREE
Blogger beta
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welsh parish registers

SNAPS 3: history is being made
and filming and imaging has started

mini machine

AlphaSmart™, a Renaissance Learning™ Brand—The Better Laptop for Schools—and the Perfect Writing Tool: "
Designed specifically for students, Neo is the affordable, portable, easy-to-use laptop that is ideal for writing, keyboarding, quizzing, and more."

Sun Microsystems Inc

Project Blackbox: "'When everyone was racing to build the smallest rackmount servers, we asked a contrarian question: 'What is the biggest computer we could build?' We realized the answer had better not be bigger than a shipping container if we wanted to transport it easily,'

Papadopoulos explained. 'This turned into Project Blackbox, which includes unique design features to optimize efficiency and performance. Five patents are currently pending on the general system and installed rack designs, various aspects of the highly efficient cooling systems, and the environmental monitoring system. We are very exicted about it.'" [SIC]
About Sun

Top Software Downloads
Sun Download Manager 1.3
Sun Download Manager is a small Java application that makes downloading large software packages from the Sun Download Center fast, easy, and more reliable than ever before.

StarOffice 8 Software Comprehensive, easy to use office suite that reads and edits MS Office files, runs on Solaris, Windows and Linux, has a built-in PDF export and supports the OpenDocument file format.

Amazon UK Price: £54.99 & this item Delivered FREE in the UK
Windows 95 / NT / 2000 / 98 / Me, Linux, Unix
I have been using this since it was a freebie version 4 or 5 and I highly recommend it.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Factbites search engine with a built in encyclopedia

Factbites: Where results make sense

Factbites was created by Rapid Intelligence, a content technology company based in Sydney, Australia.

The focus is upon computational linguistics, data mining, data warehousing and artificial intelligence. These competencies are demonstrated on Factbites, a search engine more interested in content analysis than link popularity.

Other credits of ours include AskTheBrain and NationMaster, a free educational resource and the world’s largest statistical database on comparing counties.

If you are interested in their technology or have any queries at all, please contact them.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

vote for Bits of Blue and Gray

Bits of Blue and Gray

If you enjoy

An American Civil War Notebook

This month we're sharing with you some books reviews chatters from the AOL Civil War chat rooms have sent to us.

We have had over 76,000 visitors to the site!!! THANK YOU to each and everyone of you who has visited.

Jayne'd appreciate it if you would go vote for it.... There is link for voting just below the buttons on the left side of my page... when you click on the VOTE link another window will open up, just click on "vote for bits of blue and gray" That's all you need to do.... after you vote, a window with the list of the top sites will come up... you can scroll thru it, or you can just go ahead and close it

ask a librarian

On line services from England's public libraries

Patron Enquire instantly connects you to someone who is trained to help you find the answers to your questios.

Session Guidelines

We are prepared to answer reference questions and provide brief information about your local library. A session is usually less that 15 minutes. The librarian can either give you the answer, or show you how to find the answer yourself.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

WorldCat update

OCLC welcomes new member libraries including:-

Fiske Genealogical Library
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
OCLC Network: OCLC Western Service Center

WorldCat is the world’s most comprehensive bibliographic database.

Updated at a rate of nearly one new record every 10 seconds, WorldCat contains more than 73 million bibliographic records and 1 billion holdings contributed by more than 9,000 libraries around the world.

and my friend Hedvig in Denmark has found some rare pre-revolution russian books in a library in Scotland and she will apply to the Royal Library in Copenhagen to borrow them for her to read in that library for her to search the ancestry of a russian general

Monday, October 16, 2006

Internet Genealogy - magazine in USA

Genealogy - world wide top sites

vote for ShoeString Genealogy

ShoeString Genealogy
Host for M&H and GENTREK Genealogy Chats
Internet GENTREK - GENTREK room Thurs - 10 PM ET
RAOGK Volunteer - Tarrant County, Texas
NARA Research Specialist

from my email:-
Scroll down to the bottom of the left column, and you will see where to click: "Vote for ShoeString Genealogy." This will bring up another message from WWTG "WorldWideTopsites," and a place to click to vote for the ShoeString Genealogy banner.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I have resubscribed
as they say in the advertisements:-
Millions of Records, Millions of Answers. - Click here

You are licensed to use the Content only for personal or professional family history research, and may download Content only as search results relevant to that research.
The download of the whole or material parts of any work or database is prohibited.
Resale of a work or database or portion thereof, except as specific results relevant to specific research for an individual, is prohibited

which implies that look ups are fine

the terms and conditions seem to have been tailored for the UK market with handy phone numbers too - Click here

Last night I just needed the 1861 England Census to sort out my LAPHAM in Bath and my one-name study.

I wanted the big one, World Deluxe, but have chosen Monthly U.K. Deluxe Membership and in fact if I only use it 6 months a year it becomes very affordable and only two days notice of cancellation is required - I will be also doing Danish genealogy in the archives and on line - all parish registers and census before 1892 are on line with very much of the folketælling indexed but not linked to images.