Saturday, April 28, 2007 - Slave Registers of former British Colonial Dependencies, 1812-1834 - Slave Registers of former British Colonial Dependencies, 1812-1834: "In 1807 The Abolition of Slave Trade Act came into force. The act made the trade in slaves from Africa to the British colonies illegal. To combat illicit transportation following this act many of the British Colonies began keeping registers of black slaves who had been so-called “lawfully enslaved”. In 1819 the Office for the Registry of Colonial Slaves was established in London and copies of the slave registers kept by the colonies were sent to this office. Registration generally occurred once every three years. The registers continue through to 1834 when slavery was officially abolished.

This database currently contains the slave registers from Barbados for 1834. Information available on these records includes:

* Name of owner
* Place of residence (name of Barbados parish)
* Name of slave (usually only a given name. If the slave had been baptized this may include the slave name and the Christian name)
* Gender of slave
* Age of slave
* Nationality of slave"

Friday, April 27, 2007

Genealogical indexes - Scotland

from a newsgroup:-

KinHelp - A listing of Gordon's Genealogical indices

I have been compiling new genealogical indexes to published source material for various towns and cities in Scotland. It is an ongoing project.
If you have access to the books themselves, then use the indexes - they are free. If you don't have access to the books, then I can provide photocopies or scans for a reasonable price to cover my costs.
The original books either had no index, or a pathetic attempt which only covered the "important" people!

The indexes are at:

Happy hunting!
Gordon Johnson.

Information for Transcribers

Information for Transcribers: "this page is intended for the use of persons contributing data to FreeREG. It provides links to a number of resources that a transcriber will need at some point in their work."

Counties and places included in the FreeREG Project: "This list is provides information on the people coordinating activities in specific counties. It also provides linkages to the coverage of the parishes within those counties. Please note that your main point of contact for activities within a county is the County Co-ordinator. These people provide some degree of 'central' guidance to the transcription activities going on and avoid the potential duplication inherent with lots of individuals 'doing their own thing'."

Badsey one-place study

Badsey, Worcestershire, England: "This website celebrates the history of Badsey in Worcestershire, England.
Badsey is a large, working village in the Vale of Evesham.
Within the same parish is the smaller village of Aldington.
For information about Badsey today see

A major new resource on the Badsey website:
an historical description of every single road, street and lane in the parishes of Badsey and Aldington (not forgetting Blackminster). With new articles, photographs, and links to the digitised Enclosure Map"

Queensland historical index search

Births, deaths and marriages homepage: "The Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages is responsible for the timely and accurate registration of all births, deaths, marriages and changes of name in Queensland Australia as well as the registration of Ministers of Religion and adoptions."

Queensland historical index search

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Top ten genealogy words

Anglo-Celtic Connections: "Here it is, a definitive list of the top words used by the genealogical community, counted down from ten to one. I searched the contents of 31,127,950 messages in the Rootsweb mailing list database using their archives search engine. You may find a surprise or two."

thanks to Genea-Musings: via Randy Seaver "a native San Diegan, a graduate of San Diego State University, a retired aerospace engineer, a genealogist and a family guy"

Genealogy Photos Service

Genealogy Photos Service: "This is a simple website to help amateur genealogists get in contact with amateur photographers in a certain area who have volunteered to take specific photographs of buildings, landmarks etc. As we are all volunteers, we do our best to get good quality pictures of what is wanted in a reasonable time, and please remember this when seeking help.
More help, hints and tips.

If you have a reasonable camera and would like to volunteer to help others (and especially if others have helped you), please click here to enter your details. All emails addresses are kept private - requests for your help are emailed from the website, and only when you decide to email back to a person requesting help, can they see your email address."

Soldiers of Gloucestershire

Soldiers of Gloucestershire: "The Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum is the only military museum in Gloucestershire and is based in the Custom House in Gloucester Docks, a renowned tourist destination in the ancient cathedral city of Gloucester.

The museum commemorates and displays the history of two famous regiments, one an infantry regiment of the regular army, The Gloucestershire Regiment (The Glorious Glosters), and a territorial cavalry regiment, The Royal Gloucestershire Hussars. Traditionally both have recruited from the County and the surrounding areas including Cheltenham, Cirencester, Stroud, Tewkesbury, The Forest of Dean and from Bristol. Indeed, there are few local families who over the generations have not been associated with either of these regiments."

Soldiers of Gloucestershire: "Fees for research are levied on a not-for-profit basis and used to fund the conservation and maintenance of the Museum and its Archives. The charge for an initial enquiry is £7.50, payable in advance. This is based on an half hour of research for relevant information and the preparation of a helpful and if possible informative response. If there is more information potentially available and therefore more time is needed, you will be told. This may result in a quotation for additional work."

Genealogy Quest

Oxford Co., Maine 1812 half-pay: "Statement of the Names etc. of the Heirs of non-commissioned Officers, Privates, etc. who died in the United States' service, who obtained five years' half-pay in lieu of bounty land, under the second section of the act of April 16, 1816, and who resided in the State of Maine."

Genealogical Research Assistance - Glossaries: "
Glossary of Terms

The study of Genealogy demands that a person become familiar with the precise terminology of other professions and ages, as well as the terminology of genealogy itself."


While not a glossary as such, this list of known epidemics that swept areas of the United States makes a handy reference when seeking out individuals whom disappear suddenly and seemingly without trace.

today to Holbæk art school again

an interesting junction station but dirty old DSB all the glass windows need washing
and locked toilets so customers urinate in the glass elevator

I went to Macdonalds to use the toilets
and there is a big photo blog in the pipeline

Kunsthøjskolen: "

the painters studio

Billedhuggeren Ulrika Marseen, som grundlagde Kunthøjskolen, talte i 1964 om sit (stadig aktuelle) sigte med skolen:


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

my best picture each day

I am continuing to blog my life in pictures too and SNAPS 3
is to be the vehicle for one "best" picture each day
as you see I am back on line thanks to COMX.DK

Wiltshire Wills online

Wiltshire County Council - Wiltshire Archive Catalogue: "The first stage of our on-line catalogue project provides access to a detailed catalogue of wills, 1540-1858, held in the Wiltshire and Swindon Archives (also known as Wiltshire and Swindon Record Office). The catalogue also contains (for about 25% of the wills) digital images of probate records.

We are grateful to the Heritage Lottery Fund and the other organisations who have made the Wiltshire wills project possible"

and my thanks to Mike John, famous for his Monmouthshire Family History site and YAHOO group monfh : Monmouthshire Family History, for the tip off.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

my picture of the day


US-based Indian entrepreneur Manish Arora has launched a social networking site that allows users to build and link family trees and share family and friends related photos, stories, scrapbooks, birthdays, anniversaries, interests, news and blogs.

“We've attempted to bridge the huge gap in the family social network scene and empower people feeling the pinch of geographic distance in relationships,” Manish Arora has said, adding, “Kincafe has HTML, Ajax and cool drag and drop based User Interface and current features are a starting point. We will continue to add more collaboration options with time.” is managed and run by Ingenuine Solutions Inc, which is based in San Jose, California. According to the company, Kincafe solves two big gaps in social networking scene. First, it facilitates collaboration for current generations to stay connected by taking advantage of newer Web technologies and goes beyond the offerings of conventional family (genealogy) sites.

Second, provides its users complete control over who can see their family’s content. With layering in of content sharing within one’s own family tree, Kincafe has made it easy to share and reach to cherished content without having to remember many different URLs or worrying about content privacy, the company has said.

I have refused to blog the site until the ownership became clear so a big thank you to Rajesh Barnwal who wrote the above
of course to experienced family historians there is nothing new about
lots of similar service aleady exist

BTW I am offline in Copenhagen except for my mobile phone and a friends machine so see
SNAPS THREE mobile blog for my picture of the day
later I will add some more slide shows on flickr as my photo diaries continue