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Monmouthshire look ups

MONFH ONLINE PARISH CLERKS has about 350 members world wide


Monmouthshire Yahoo Family History Group Join Here

Allen Wheatley

CEMETERIES Photographed in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Alaska, Colorado, Nebraska, North Dakota, Virginia, Iowa and the World: "These are exciting times in Genealogy. DNA and Family Trees are being combined into a unified system at Ancestry. Easily prove you are in the right tree with DNA-Genealogy testing"

Cemeteries Photographed by - Allen Wheatley
I started photographing just my relatives in their cemeteries but found I needed to go back often to get newly found cousins. So I switched to getting complete cemeteries. Now I rarely go to a cemetery because of relatives therein, I just enjoy getting all the pictures and sharing with you. Please copy any for your personal records but since you do not own them, please note that they came from if you republish them.

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Canadian grandmothers

CNW Group | ANCESTRY.CA | Do you know your grandmother's maiden name? One in four Canadians have no idea, according to survey:
"Canadians lack awareness about their family history, but want to learn more
TORONTO, Nov. 28 /CNW/ -,

Canada's largest online resource for family history, revealed the results of a national genealogy survey involving more than 1,000 respondents. The results show that a staggering 39 per cent of Canadians cannot trace their roots back more than 100 years, and 20 per cent don't know where their families came from before moving to Canada.

The survey, conducted by MarketTools, also reveals that a surprising 24 per cent of Canadians don't know the maiden name of any of their grandmothers and 22 per cent have no idea what any of their grandfathers did for a living.
'The survey results point to the fact that many Canadians are in the dark when it comes to essential questions about their past. Many people have come to this country for a new beginning, but they have left a lot of information behind, information that can go a long way in teaching them about who they are,' says Megan Smolenyak, chief family historian,"

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British Historic phonebooks

Historic phonebooks go online: "British phonebooks stretching back to the last century are going online to help people learn more about their ancestors. More than 1,780 BT phonebooks dating to 1880 have been digitised by The website says the project, which took more than two years to complete, will allow family researchers to trace where their ancestors lived at a given time and place. More than 280 million names and numbers are featured on the database, including one or two famous ones. Notable Britons having their phone numbers and address revealed include former prime ministers David Lloyd George and Harold Macmillan, suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst and novelist Evelyn Waugh. Simon Harper, managing director of, said that the project provided 'solid evidence' of where people's ancestors may have lived. 'It was an enormous undertaking to scan and index the 1,780 phone books, however we believe that this resource will be of great interest and use to people around the world,' he explained."

most useful as a census substiute after 1901
British Phone Books, 1880-1984 Releases 1-4 -

Source Information: British Phone Books, 1880-1984 Releases 1-4 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2007. Original data: British phone books 1880-1984 from the collection held by BT Archives. Images reproduced by courtesy of BT Archives, London, England.
About British Phone Books, 1880-1984 Releases 1-4
This collection contains British phone books published between 1880, the year after the public telephone service was introduced to the UK, and 1984, from the historic phone book collection held by BT Archives. The database currently contains 1780 phone...

For more information about this database, click here.
Please choose a year range:
To browse this collection, click on a link below.

Family Tree Maker 2008

Family Tree Maker Platinum Aus/NZ Version 17 - Google Search

Family Tree Maker 2008 update pages by

Family Tree Maker 2008 Program Updates

Service Pack 2 contains critical stability and performance enhancements. We strongly urge you to install this service pack at your earliest convenience.

The following updates are included in Service Pack 2:

  1. Re-introduced publishing features.
    • Publishing features include:
      • Genealogy Register Report
      • Genealogy Ahnentafel Report
      • Hourglass Chart
      • Vertical Ancestor Chart
      • Updates to all reports to better display facts and notes
      • Updates to exporting of reports to RTF and HTML
      • Resolved issues within reports when making changes
  2. Resolved issues related to speed, program stability and usability.
    • These include:
      • Fixes to Unhandled Exceptions
      • Fixes to memory management issues
      • Import fixes including importing:
        • Relationship notes
        • AKA
        • Source/Master Source media
        • Marriage status
      • Performance enhancements especially to import/export and upload
      • Enhancements to web merge and web clipping
      • Enhanced support of more image types
      • Better support and messaging of Windows Vista User Account Control
      • Resolved issues with updating display of data throughout program after data is changed
      • Resolved crashes due to Firefox being the default browser
      • Better support for high contrast
      • Added ability to rename media files within the program

Copenhagen City Archives

closed 7 December 2007

also open 27/12 og 28/12 at this time 10.00-14.00.
and closed d. 22., 29. og 31. december. and public holæidays

Hugh W

from my email:-

Julen nærmer sig og den er som bekendt en traditionernes tid.

Traditionen tro skal Stadsarkivet holde julefrokost, og det sker d. 7.. december
I den anledning lukker læsesalen den dag kl. 14.00.

Ligeså er læsesalen åbent mellem jul og nytår i dagene 27/12 og 28/12 i tidsrummet 10.00-14.00.
der således lukket d. 22., 29. og 31. december.

For de personer som har besøgt læsesalen i den sidste tid og oplevet vores læsesals-pc’ere,
kan jeg nu oplyse, at de nu skulle være lavet så de er pænt hurtige.

Læsesalens personale ønsker alle vore brugere en god jul og et godt nytår.

Venlig hilsen
Lars Peter Jørgensen

Lars Peter Jørgensen
Kultur- og Fritidsforvaltningen

1599 København V

33 66 23 99
33 66 70 39

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A page for every place in the world

UK Burials

Family Tree, Family History, Find Your Past, UK | "With millions of family history records online, Find My Past makes it easy to research your UK ancestry and create your family tree. Search census records and trace births, marriages and deaths to bring your family history to life."
Search the National Burial Index for England and Wales records for thousands of individuals as far back as 1538, drawn from Parish records, Catholic, Jewish and Non-Conformist registers.

it pre-dates the civil registration of deaths in England and Wales, which only came into effect on 1 July 1837, therefore enabling family history enthusiasts to delve even further back into their ancestors' pasts.

The details of over 10 million burials are contained in the database. It provides the full name, date of burial, age at death, (when given in the original source), name of the county, parish and the church or chapel where the burial took place.

The burial data brings together in one easy-to-search central place the disparate records from local parishes, which members of local family history societies have been compiling since 1994, under the guidance and encouragement of the Federation of Family History Societies (FFHS). It includes records from parish registers, non-conformist registers, Roman Catholic, Jewish and other registers as well as cemetery and cremation records. It will complement the Latter Day Saints' International Genealogical Index (IGI), which contains mainly baptisms and marriages.

Thanks to the cross-database search facility at, you will be able to search for your ancestor by surname across all the records on the site without needing to know where in the country they came from.

Previously some of these records were made available to the public by the Federation on CD ROM and at its own pay per view website but following a landmark agreement between the Federation and in September this year, burial records can now be searched online alongside's existing collection of over 550 million records. The records at will be transferred to the website in phases over the next few months.

A data update took place at 1 am 26th October. This added burial records for Woolwich and West Middlesex along with parish apprentices for Somerset and Dorset and other updates. About 108,000 records were added.

The NBI data records can be accessed as part of an Explorer subscription package or with pay-per-view units.

FFHS - Home Page: "The Federation of family History Societies (FFHS) is an educational charity in UK which exists to represent, advise and support its membership of family history societies and other genealogical organisations world-wide. Our principal aims are: to co-ordinate and assist the work of societies or other bodies interested in family history, genealogy and heraldry; to foster mutual co-operation and collaborative projects to help researches; and to represent the interests of our members, and family historians generally, especially in the preservation and availability of archival documents."

FFHS - Contacting our members

he Federation of Family History Societies has over 200 member societies, all helping their own members to research their ancestors in England, Wales and Ireland (Scotland has its own Scottish Association of Family History Societies).

The Federation strongly advises you to join the societies covering the areas of your research. Many societies issue a quarterly magazine and you will be able to benefit from the services they only offer to their members. If you join your local society, even if you are not researching the area, you will be able to attend meetings and gain from the experience of the other members.

This Directory will help you to contact any of our member societies by e-mail or by post. Most societies have an e-mail address but if contacting them by post please remember to enclose a S.A.E. (or two International Reply Coupons if overseas). Many societies have more detailed contact information on their website and also give details of services they provide. If in difficulty, please contact our Administrator: Maggie Loughran, FFHS Administrator, PO Box 2425, COVENTRY CV5 6YX or, by e-mail at

There are separate pages for the country or area which a society represents, and these are sub-divided where appropriate by county, state or province. This will make it easier for you to identify a society that specialises in an area you wish to research.

FFHS - Projects
have included:

1881 census CD rom set

1881 Census Project

In conjunction with the Genealogical Society of Utah and The National Archives.

The entire database of 30+ million names was published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) as a set of 25 CD-ROMs for the whole of Great Britain. These can be ordered via FamilySearch™ Online Distribution Centers. However, it can be accessed free on the FFHS website or the LDS website

Currently, member societies are encouraged to participate or continue with the following projects:

  • National Burial Index on a county and national basis by submitting new and checked records for inclusion in the Third Edition. This is an ongoing project, for which member societies would appreciate donations of data or volunteers to assist with recording further records. (See listing of member societies)
  • Monumental Inscriptions transcription for all church & chapel yards, and public cemeteries on a county basis - now in its 30th year!
  • National Strays Index preparations are well underway for the digital images to go live on FamilyHistoryOnline. Watch out for pages on this site for further details of this exciting new indexing project
  • National Inventory of War Memorials (in conjunction with the Imperial War Museum) on a county basis. FFHS has donated a massive amount of information towards the 53,000 total of memorials (including personal names). Work is still in progress to record the remaining memorials and, where appropriate, to update and verify the existing information. See
  • Marriage Indexes on a county basis, particularly for the period 1754-1837
  • Specialist Listings such as settlement and removal records, trades and occupations, school admission books, Wills. (See FamilyHistoryOnline)

St. George Family History Expo 2008

PROVO, UT, November 27, 2007— announced today its major sponsorship of the 2008 St. George Utah Genealogy and Family Heritage Jamboree to be held on February 8-9, 2008.

Family History Expo 2008, St. George Schedule of speakers

WorldVitalRecords Blog » Major Sponsor At 4th Annual St. George Family History Expo 2008:
"The expo will feature 101 presentations from well-known genealogists and speakers from all over the U.S, such as Richard Black from Godfrey Memorial Library, Myrt from DearMYRTLE, Kip Sperry from Brigham Young University, David Lifferth from, Leland Meitzler from Everton, Bruce Buzbee from RootsMagic, Inc., Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak from Roots Television, and Beau Sharbrough from

A complete list of all the speakers and their topics is available at “The Family History Expo is more than a local or regional conference, it is an international event, with speakers and vendors from all across the US, Canada, and England,” Savage said. “The lectures, variety of vendors in the exhibit hall, syllabus, and program booklet are superior to many events. Providing the syllabus on compact disc and also in a paper format is always appreciated by our attendees.”

My Ancestors Found and FamilySearch will host the Family History Expo in the St. George Dixie Convention Center. More than 50 vendors and exhibitions will also be featured, along with many prizes and drawings. will have an exhibit at the expo and will also present several classes on innovative tools to connect families."

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Find Answers

RootsWeb Newsroom: "Our new Help page is up and running!
November 26th, 2007 by Anna

We have worked hard over the past month to update our FAQs and familiarize our HelpDesk staff and volunteers with our new software so that we can provide better service to our many RootsWeb users. Today the Help page has a new look and feel. You will now see a Knowledge Base take the place of the old FAQ page" - Find Answers - (Page 1 of 11)

Customer Experience Software & Management: IVR, CRM, Sales Lead & Incident Management | RightNow Technologies: "RightNow CRM Software RightNow sells on demand CRM software to companies dedicated to improving the customer experience."

Dove Project

Just because it's digital doesn't mean it's safe - Telegraph: "The real reason it is being done, of course, is for the great ID card project. A few weeks ago, it was announced that the General Register Office is to be transferred to the Identity and Passport Agency from April so that the database can be used to double-check identity documents submitted with passport applications. Dead or alive, we are all becoming part of a giant interconnecting database. . . .

The service is operated by the Office for National Statistics, which has a statutory obligation to maintain a public accessible index to births, marriages and deaths. The ONS maintains this duty has been fulfilled by providing existing online images and the microfiche indexes. When the Dove project began, it was due to be completed by next year, but this has now been put back by at least 12 months. The earliest it will be ready is mid-2009.

The contract for the project was won by Siemens Business Services, which outsourced the work to India, where the records are being inputted. Information on all of us that would be valuable to ID thieves is being sent abroad, which is a bit alarming when you consider the loss of the child benefit records held on just two CDs."


If Only every American thought he or she was related to Elvis. Thanks to the discovery a few years back that the legendary rocker's forebears came from Lonmay, hundreds of...:
"Now delegates at a major conference in Aberdeen today were to discuss how the surge of interest in exploring family trees could prove a rich magnet for visitors to the North-east.

Ancestral tourism is already beginning to take off. But experts believe that with a concerted effort to encourage and develop it, the genealogy industry could end up generating millions of pounds for the area's economy.

One of the key speakers at today's Marcliffe at Pitfodels conference was to be ancestral tourism consultant Cameron Taylor, a 49-year-old Aberdeen University history graduate now based in Forres.
He said: 'Researching genealogy and family history is probably now the most popular hobby in the world and certainly the fastest growing. 'The internet and e-mail have made a huge difference to accessing details about ancestors. And, because the Scots have historically been such excellent record-keepers, the documents we have are among the best and most detailed in the world.
'Combine that with the fact there are between 28 to 100 million people of Scots descent in the world today and you can see the huge potential for ancestral tourism.'"

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Monmouthshire: Abercarn: Johns Newport Directory 1930:

"Abercarn is an important and flourishing parish and Urban District, 10 miles northwest from Newport on the Western Valleys branch of the G.W. railway about mid-way between Newport and Ebbw Vale, and is intercepted by the river Ebbw, that part on the western side being known as the West End. It is in the Abertillery division of the county, hundred of Wentloog, petty sessional division of Bedwellty, county court district of Newport, rural deanery of Bassalleg, archdeaconry of Newport and diocese of Monmouth. At the Prince of Wales Colliery a terrible explosion occurred on September 11th, 1878, in which no less than 268 lives were lost."


"the OGRE project provides free genealogy research material on-line.

The OGRE has grown out of a need to see an accessible, easy to use genealogy resource to catalogue gravestone monumental inscriptions and memorials in Wales, UK. This project involves photographing all headstones prior to 1930 in every graveyard in South Wales (currently working in Monmouthshire and Glamorgan). It is free to all researchers, although some of the data sets are now available for sale to help with the running costs of the site. You can find these items on the Parish Chest, or on my Lulu store for immediate download. This site also provides parish registers and records of births deaths and marriages and the 1873 Returns of Owners of Land 1873 for Wales, Ireland and Scotland."

speaking welsh

Short courses - University of Wales Lampeter - Department of Welsh: "The course will be held in the University of Wales, Lampeter. Welsh has been taught at the university since 1822 and we have been judged to do it rather well. The Welsh Department is the winner of the Partnership Trust European Language Award awarded annually to teachers in Higher Education who have achieved success in innovation, course design, content and structure. The award is made to institutions judged to raise the communication skills of students."

from my email:-
Annwyl Huw Watkins

Thank you for your interest in the courses we run here at Lampeter.

We run two residential courses every year, one in the spring and one during the summer. Next year the course dates will be:-

Spring Course 7 - 11 April 2008

Summer Course 9 - 13 June 2008

The cost is £256 for members of the European Union. The above fee is the full fee. Automatic bursaries are available for anyone who is 100% self-financing. This will reduce the actual cost to £110.
These courses have classes suitable for all levels of learners.

The residential courses are very well attended. We can also arrange accommodation on the University campus. Accommodation costs are extra. Further details can be found at:

In the meantime I would suggest that you take a look at the Department's web-site which contains information on all the courses that are available on-line,

Les Serv@ncnautes

Les Serv@ncnautes: "Les Serv@nc'nautes ont été créés le 1er décembre 1999 avec un noyau de 20 personnes environ, composé de généalogistes amateurs cherchant essentiellement sur les Vosges Saônoises (Nord-Est de la Haute-Saône en Franche-Comté). L'idée m'est venue dans le seul but de faire communiquer dynamiquement et interactivement tous les chercheurs passionnés de cette région très fouillée, et ayant des ancêtres communs, donc parfois cousin(e)s. Mais également dans le but d'échanger et de faire découvrir géographiquement, historiquement et linguistiquement ce terroir..."

This website, in French, contains databases for towns
in the department of Haute Saône, region of Franche Comté in France.

There is information from over 500,000 acts of birth, marriage and death
and some additional tables of names for 10 year periods. These tables
have been photographed and are available on the site.

Welcome to FamilySearch

Welcome to the new FamilySearch -

If I'm not a member of the Church, can I register?
This release of the new FamilySearch is a limited release for Church members only

New FamilySearch: What's new in new FamilySearch?

. . . . Claim Information That You Contributed before the New FamilySearch

You can now claim information that you submitted to Ancestral File, to the Pedigree Resource File, and for temple ordinances. Then you will be able to correct any errors in this information, and all temple cards previously printed will be assigned to you.
To claim your information:

  • Find where contributors are listed (see Individual Details pages).
  • Click your contributor name. Or click the Multiple link, and then click your contributor name.
  • Click the Declare This Legacy Contributor as Yourself link. Then follow the instructions given.

More Easily Combine Duplicate Records
The combining duplicate records process has been redesigned. To try it, from an Individual Details page, click the Possible Duplicates link and follow the instructions on the screen.

Quick Process to Combine Duplicate Spouses, Fathers, and Mothers

  • On the Family Pedigree, click the Asterisk for duplicate parents or Couple symbol for duplicate fathers or motherssymbols to see duplicate spouses, fathers, or mothers.
  • Then click one of these tabs:
    • Resolve Duplicate Fathers
    • Resolve Duplicate Mothers
    • Resolve Duplicate Spouses
  • Follow the instructions, and start combining duplicate records in your family pedigree.

Restrictions on GEDCOM Files
The new FamilySearch will no longer accept GEDCOM files that have been directly downloaded from Ancestral File, Pedigree Resource File, and the International Genealogical Index. This will help reduce duplication. Users will be notified why their file was rejected.

for the rest of us is business as usual.

Brittany France

Le portail de la généalogie et de l'histoire des familles de Bretagne: "Centre régional de généalogie et d'histoire des familles situé à Rennes (35). Il coordonne et centralise les actions réalisées dans ses domaines de compétences à l'échelon régional et dans les départements : d'Ille et Vilaine (35), des Côtes du Nord ou d'Armor (22), du Morbihan (56), de Loire Inférieure ou Atlantique (44), du Finistère (29), dans les pays, dans les villes et les communes bretonnes."

Brittany France genealogy - Google Search

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Bristol Workhouse Stapleton

from my email:-

I recently obtained the death certificate of my great grandfather Henry Ford who died in 1902 at the Bristol Workhouse, Stapleton. I noted that his cause of death was certified by Robert H Norgate and ‘Googled’ his name. I came across your tree.

The reason I am writing, from Australia, is to ask if you know much about Bristol Workhouse in 1902. My great grandfather, a french polisher, appears on the 1901, with his wife Christiana and their family, living at 2 Avon Park Avonvale Road. I am curious why he died in the workhouse in 1902. I’m not sure if he’d done something wrong, or was in fact ill. Do you know by any chance what the workhouse was used for in 1920?

Thank you for your time.

Most of my writing about genealogy is in response to enquiries on usenet, rootsweb and other notices or lists. I prefer group work because our collective knowledge is greater than my own.

Robert H Norgate Bristol workhouse - Google Search

which takes me to my own RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: WATKINS LAPHAM updated 2007

Census 1901 Medical Officer of Workhouse The Lilacs Manor Road Stapleton Bristol RG13/2397 f36 p10

and the link which is one of my sources which now has a redirect to - The Workhouse Web Site


  • Bristol Record Office, 'B' Bond Warehouse, Smeaton Road, Bristol BS1 6XN. Bristol workhouse records were virtually all destroyed by enemy action in 1940.


  • Large, David (1995) Bristol and the New Poor Law (Bristol Branch of the Historical Association)
  • Summers, Marian & Bowman, Sue (1995) Of Poor Law, Patients and Professionals... A History of Bristol's Southmead Hospital
from my family tree researches:-

Father: Frank B. Norgate b: ABT 1826 in Great Ashfield, Suffolk, England
Mother: Anna Marie - b: ABT 1840 in St Neots, Huntingdon, England

Marriage 1 Mary Elizabeth (Lily) Evans b: 1876 in St Philips Bristol (my great aunt and my Bristolian grandmother's sister)
  1. Has No Children Josephine D. (José) Norgate b: 7 SEP 1898 in Fishponds Gloucester
who was both a cousin and a life long friend of my mother.
The workhouses evolved into a free hospitals . . . . typically my correspondant does not give the full data on her certificate . . . the cause of death will be the main clue.

So she better join
Bristol_and_Somerset Bristol and Somerset County
and or the splinter list
BRISTOL_AND_DISTRICTThe Bristol_and_District mailing list
both part of - Genealogy mailing lists

and search those list archives
Searching for: +(+bristol +workhouse) gives 1,463 matches from 32,489,968 documents

Ancestry subscribers may enjoy
this: Search > Census > UK Census Collection > 1901 England Census > Gloucestershire > Bristol > Stapleton > District Bristol Workhouse and do not forget to View description of enumeration district

The first pages list the resident staff which gives further evicence about the kind of inmates cared for.

1901 England Census - Keyword(s) search:- Bristol workhouse Stapleton gives about 1100 hits for staff and inmates

but there were at least four workhouses in and around Bristol