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What Family Tree ???

Genealogy Insider - Family Tree Who?: "I’ve gotta say, in an industry where everything is called family tree something-or-other, it’s hard to differentiate yourself.

At last month’s National Genealogical Society conference, I can’t tell you how many people came to Family Tree Magazine’s booth (that's us) asking questions about “our” Family Tree Maker software. We also sent some folks over to Family Tree DNA.

That’s life when product names that say “genealogy” are rare (family tree, family history, ancestry, roots, progeny, gene—all taken). We just hope if you don’t remember which “family tree” we are, you’ll recall that really cool genealogy magazine or Web site you saw once, and recognize it when you find it."

FamilySearch Labs

FamilySearch Labs: "Record Search is a quick and easy way to search millions of historical records for clues about your ancestors. Enter what you know about an ancestor, click search, and see matching records - all online. We're adding millions of new records so be sure to check back often.
(requires Adobe Flash Player)"

new url

some informative newsletters concerning family history and nFS:

Miles Meyer website
Gary Turner’s website
Don Snow’s handouts -
Ted Eastman’s newsletter
Renae’s Blog
Dear Myrtle Blog

my source
York County, Pennsylvania USGENWEN Project - Copyright FamilyHart 1996-2006: "York County, Pennsylvania, Genealogy USGENWEB"

Friday, June 20, 2008

Danish Church books

Statens Arkivers Arkivalieronline now has completed the latest phase of uploading parish register images to 1925 to 1930 for Denmark

One or two books that for example span 1908 to 1932 are not yet on line

In the autumn of 2008 work will begin on updating this site to about 1950

This is the organ of Civil Registration of danish vital records.
and the point of entry is the name of a parish and the date of an event because there is no all names index yet.
You will also need a danish to english glossary and to learn the paleography of old danish handwriting

Do not hesitate to email me if you are stuck

Statens Arkivers Arkivalieronline: "brugerråd"
- Per Agerbæk, DIS Danmark
- Arne Christiansen, DIS Danmark
- Hanne B. Stegemuüller, brugervalgt medlem
- Henry Ammitsbøl, Sammenslutningen af Lokalarkiver
- Brian Jessen, Statens Arkivers Filmningscenter
- Chr. R. Jansen, Statens Arkivers Filmningscenter (formand)

see REFERATER - minutes of the meetings of the user group for more news

Kirkebøger fra hele Danmark på til ca. 1925: "Statens Arkivers Filmningscenter har nået endnu en vigtig milepæl i arbejdet med at digitalisere kirkebøger og folketællinger, så de kan benyttes via internettet. Kirkebøger ældre end 1892, der er digitaliseret i sort/hvid efter mikrokort, har der været netadgang til siden efteråret 2006. Kirkebøgerne efter 1892, der er digitaliseret i gråtoner efter de originale kirkebøger, er løbende blevet lagt ud siden efteråret 2007.

Startåret varierer fra sogn til sogn, da de ældste bøger kan være brændt eller være gået til grunde på anden vis. Slutåret varierer også, da kirkebøger skal være udskrevet før 1925-1930 for at være lagt ud på Det har eksempelvis den konsekvens, at en kirkebog, der omfatter årene 1908-1932, ikke er medtaget.

I efteråret 2008 fortsætter udlægningen af kirkebøger med kirkebøger, der er udskrevet frem til 1950."

Efter sommerferien starter udlægningen af 1925-folketællingen.
Det kommer til at ske i etaper; i
første omgang købstæderne.
I øjeblikket scannes 1870-folketællingen for at blive lagt ud, når 1925-folketællingen er lagt ud.

Derefter kommer turen til 1901-folketællingen.
Der er i øvrigt taget fat på scanning af kirkebøger

Kulturministeriet har godkendt et nyt konserveringsfilmnings- og
digitaliseringsprojekt, der skal gennemføres 2008-2011

The Ancestry Insider: Generations Network files suit against Millenia

The Ancestry Insider: Generations Network files suit against Millenia: "The Ancestry Insider obtained a copy of the complaint from the U.S. District Court for the District of Utah. TGN alleges that BTH2 became a manufacturer, publisher and distributor for Legacy 7.0, redesigning the Legacy box to look remarkably similar to the design BTH2 did for TGN."

TGN is doing a great job making publicity for

Legacy Family Tree Genealogy Software

Learn about Legacy Family Tree; The most comprehensive and easy-to-use genealogy/family history software you can buy.

they share the words "Family Tree" in Helvitica typeface and the number three (a group of photographs)

seen first at
All about genealogy - family roots » Blog Archive » The Generations Networks Sues Millinnia & BTH2 for a Cool $1,000,000.:

may be TGN needs a new corporate lawyer and better crisis management especially of FTM 2008

images from AMAZON

I will stick with FTM 16 until FTM 2009 or FTM 2010 is bug free

doubtful DNA Testing

California Pushes Back on DNA Testing: "
Is reading someone's genetic code the same thing as practicing medicine?

That issue has always loomed over the nascent direct-to-consumer genetic-testing industry, which includes such well-known names as 23andme, Navigenics, and DeCodeMe.
It has become very real now that California public-health officials have ordered 13 online companies to immediately stop offering their services in that state.

The companies offer genetic tests that look for DNA mutations associated with a higher risk of developing heart trouble, dementia, or other maladies. Some critics have said that the science behind some of these tests is relatively new and may be incomplete.

Others say the tests are dangerous because they can identify risk factors for some conditions that have no treatment, such as Alzheimer's disease.

The California Department of Public Health contends the services violate medical-testing rules that require a physician's involvement and proof that tests produce a valid medical result.

The real issue, however, may be as much about turf and how society will react to this new technology as patient safety."

one-name study seminar

The 2008 Seminar, on Family History Research, is
being held at 10am on Saturday 19th July 2008 at
Eastergate Village Hall, Eastergate, West Sussex.

The Halsted Trust - 2008 Seminar

The Halsted Trust will this year be holding its annual seminar on 19th July at Eastergate Village Hall, West Sussex.
The seminar is open to anyone and this year will be aimed at those who are past the first flush of their research into one-name studies. There will be six lectures and a buffet lunch is included at a cost of £7.50
Lectures in include Researching Abroad, Searching for Surnames at the SoG, Worship Weird & Wonderful and Memorials Monuments & Gravestones.

Speakers include the Guild President Derek Palgrave FSG,
Else Churchill Genealogy Officer at the SoG a
nd Guild former committee members
John Hanson FSG, Jeanne Bunting FSG, Geoff Riggs & Alec Tritton

Both Sussex Family History Group & Society of Genealogists bookstalls will be in attendance
For further information & a booking form please see

The Halsted Trust - Home Page:
"The Lewis-Jones Charity for the promotion of
HALSTED and other one-name studies
(Registered in England and Wales as Charity Number 1090907)"

A one-name study is the study of a particular surname (or surnames where it has variants), which researches and documents all persons bearing that surname, as distinct from researching all the ancestors or descendants of one person. A study can be confined to a country, or sometimes to a state, province or UK county, but surnames registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies are researched and documented on a worldwide basis.

The surname HALSTED and its variants were originally registered with the Guild in 1994 and subsequently transferred into the name of the Secretary of the Halsted Trust. Registration, as Member Number 4742, now covers the following surnames which include the known variants:


the following data is already viewable online, as part of the archival records on the Guild of One-Name Studies' web site.
  • Civil births in England and Wales, 1837 to 2006
  • Civil marriages in England and Wales, 1837 to 2005
  • Civil deaths in England and Wales, 1837 to 2006
  • Adoptions in England and Wales, 1926 to 1969
  • Civil births in Scotland, 1855 to 2006
  • Civil marriages in Scotland, 1855 to 1930
  • Civil deaths in Scotland, 1855 to 2006
  • Civil probate in England and Wales, 1858 to 1944
highly recommended

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nant-y-moel and Ogmore Vale photos, Bridgend, mid Glamorgan, south Wales, UK.

Nant-y-moel and Ogmore Vale photos, Bridgend, mid Glamorgan, south Wales, UK.: "On a cold and damp late December afternoon, we took a trip through Ogmore Vale into Nant-y-moel and then up on to Mynydd William Meyrick and Craig Ogwr.

It has to be said that the scenery gave us a heavy heart: both villages looked like they'd never recovered the loss of the mining industry in the eighties, and the heavy winter sky compounded the feeling of desolation."

Nantymoel - Google Search

"The Ogmore Valley Local History Society was formed in 1999 to carry out research into the history of the Ogmore Valley, to collect and collate documents, photographs and other historical evidence relating to the Ogmore Valley. The Society intends to preserve products of these studies in the form of appropriate publications, photographs, CD ROM`s, Videos, DVD`s and various electronic media.

For the purposes of the Society, the “Ogmore Valley” is deemed to include the habitations of Blackmill, Glyn Llan, Glynogwr, Lewistown, Nantymoel, Pricetown, Ogmore Vale, Pant-Yr-Awel and Wyndham, together with their environs. These districts fall within the ancient parishes of Llandyfodwg and Llangeinor. "

contact Huw
Secretary, OVLH&HS

or join RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists: Wales : WLS-OGMORE-VALLEY:
"Topic: Ogmore Valley, Bridgend (formerly Mid-Glamorgan), Wales"

one oif RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists: Wales

Free Introductory GenClass in August 2008

WorldVitalRecords Blog » Sign Up Begins June 20 For Free Introductory GenClass

As announced previously, has partnered with, Inc. to provide free courses to members. The first session of free courses in May was successful, and all 400 seats were filled within the first five days. members can begin registering on June 20th for August’s free courses providing genealogy basics. To sign up for these courses, click here. (Note: You must first log in to to to view this page.)

If the free genealogy classes get filled before you have time to register or if you wish to take a more advanced class, GenClass also provides 23 additional for-fee genealogy courses. These courses are taught by nine professional genealogists, including, Lisa Alzo, Barbara Benge, Schelly Talalay Dardashti, Linda Rakita, Micha Reisel, Cindy Rowzee, Pat Ryan, Sheena Tait, David Webster. Each four-week class includes a detailed course curriculum, online class meetings, and more for the low price of $34.50. Some of the topics include: Adoption Investigation, Canada, Eastern European, English, Family Tree Maker, Great Lakes, Jewish Genealogy, Jump Start Your Genealogy, Lost Friends & Family, Native American, Northeastern US, Scottish, Salt Lake City/FHL, Organizing Your Family History, and Write Your Family History. Visit for these paid classes, schedules, instructor info and easy online registration.

“Bravo! What a wonderful opportunity for you to learn from some of the most experienced instructors in the world of genealogy!” (Dear Myrtle, December 4, 2006)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Genea-Musings: Searching Genealogy Mailing List Archives

Genea-Musings: Searching Genealogy Mailing List Archives: "One of the most interesting genealogy tasks I pursue every year is to search the Rootsweb-sponsored and archived Mailing Lists. This used to be very difficult when you had to select a specific list and search it month-by-month.

Now, you can search one specific or all of the lists at Rootsweb using a search box at If you choose the Advanced Search tab, you can specify search terms that are in the body of a message, in a subject line, on a specific list or posted on a specific date (such as June 2005, 2005, or a range such as 2005-2007).

If you just input a surname in the "Body" section of the search box, you will receive a list of every post with the surname in the text of the posts, including the submitter of the post. If I just want, for personal vanity reasons (who me?), to find out how many mailing list posts I made in a specific time frame, I could put "Randy Seaver," or my email address, in the "From" line of the Search Box (I have made 21 posts in 2008 to date)."

missing Web Sites

Tips for Locating Web Sites That Have Moved: "As many of you are likely aware, a big group of USGenWeb sites formerly hosted on have moved in recent months to new servers. While most of these transitions went smoothly, it is inevitable that many links and bookmarks ended up broken along the way. In particular, I've had problems locating files located on the USGenWeb Archives. Of course, these aren't the only genealogy sites to turn up a 404 page when you click on a bookmark or a search result in Google. Genealogy sites are moved or shut down every day - which can be darn frustrating when you suspect the page may have held information on your ancestor!"

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Census form online for first time

BBC NEWS | Scotland | Highlands and Islands | Census form online for first time: "People in Scotland will have the chance to complete census questionnaires online for the first time in 2011."

NZ vital records

"In the year of Our Lord 2001, I had the New Zealand Herald delivered and I saved most of the family notices. They've been bundled up in an old filing cabinet and haven't seen the light of day for some time. They have got to go.

To kick it off, I've uploaded the proposals (engagments) and the anniversary notices which I had prepared way back. They are in month order. Someone might like to do an index.

95% of the birth notices are there, also unindexed.

There are a few Public Trust notices.

I typed up most of the death notices into excel spreadsheets.

I've also got a few papers stashed away from down the line, I'll see about them too.

Hopefully, in twelve months time, this site will contain even more useful information.

Lyn 15th June 2008"

Monday, June 16, 2008

Who Do You Think You Are? Live 2009

Who Do You Think You Are? Live - Show/Event - Home: "Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE will take place next year at Olympia from 27th Feb - 1st March 2009 - full details will be available soon!"

Genealogy POLAND

Polish Genealogical Society of Michigan: "PGSM is dedicated to promoting and encouraging research in Polish genealogy, as well as preserving historical materials which would aid in researching Polish family histories."

2008 Annual Polish Research Seminar - October 18th
Annual Seminar with Noted Speakers:
American Polish Cultural Center -Hall #2
2975 E. Maple Rd. (15 Mile Rd)
Troy, Michigan 48083
(use Dequindre entrance)
2008 Polish Research Seminar Registration

On Saturday, October 18th the Speakers are Lukasz Bielecki, Ph.D. and Thaddeus Radzilowski, Ph.D.
Registration:8:30 AM, Seminar: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Includes a Delicious Polish-Style Lunch
**First 100 registrants receive a free workshop packet

Poznan Project: "Przeszukiwanie bazy małżeństw
Would you prefer an English / German / French / Portuguese interface? Please register here."

Lukasz Bielecki /Poznan Project/ - Google Search

PolishRoots - Projects

Poznan/Posen Marriage Records Indexing

The goal of the POZNAN PROJECT is to create a database comprising the most important information extracted from the 19th century Catholic and Lutheran marriage records of the Province of Poznan (Posen). The searchable database will be publicly available at the PolishRoots server. We still need many volunteers to join this effort and index data from parishes!



The test version of the database including data so far acquired for a number of parishes (both Catholic and Lutheran) is already available!


As it is commonly known, immigrants from the then-Prussian (now Polish) province of Poznan (Posen in German) typically declared just 'Posen' as their place of origin. All too often this leads their descendants into believing that they were referring to the city of Posen/Poznan. In fact, their home could have been any place within the larger province. Thus, numerous families no longer know the actual place of origin of their ancestors - and their surname alone is rarely a sufficient hint.

Researchers have tried various strategies to pinpoint the actual town or parish of origin of their ancestors. Examining the lengthy records of parish after parish is like seeking a 'needle in a haystack', yielding a low rate of success for those willing to attempt it while discouraging others from even trying. The objective of the POZNAN PROJECT is to provide researchers with a means of locating that needle in a haystack by indexing all recorded marriages from the entire 'Posen' territory. When completed, the database will not only identify your ancestors' marriage within the province, but will also identify all Poznan parishes where the surname appeared in a marriage record.
More information on the history and genealogy of the Poznan/Posen province (Wielkopolska)

Gwatkin One-Name Study

Gwatkin One-Name Study: "The earliest use of Gwatkin and its variants that I have found is in 1428, when Thomas ap Gwatkyn is described as living at or owning land known as Tyre Nest in the area of Woluesnewton, Usk, Monmouthshire (Badminton Deeds, National Library of Wales).

Surnames, in the sense in which we use them now, came into use gradually in Wales and the Welsh border counties over the course of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The first use of Gwatkin that resembles the use of a surname that I have identified is in 1543 in Monmouthshire, when, on the 21st of April, a prenuptial agreement was made before the marriage of William Herbert of Monmouthshire and Jane ap Gwatkin, daughter of John Thomas ap John of Langattoke iuxta Veke, gent. and widow of James ap Gwatkin of Lanthewy Rothergh (Milborne Manuscripts, National Library of Wales)."

Tennessee Roots USA

Tennessee Roots Index: "Tennessee Roots and a little bit of Georgia!"

Sunday, June 15, 2008

news letter from Germany

Computergenealogie/2008/06 − GenWiki



* Neues in der DigiBib
* Projekt-Info Historische Adressbücher
* Ahnenforschung in der Presse
* Digitales Archiv von Rheinland-Pfalz gestartet

* Aus AHNENWIN wird Ahnix

* Termine

Viel Spass beim Lesen!
Klaus-Peter Wessel
1. Vorsitzender Verein für Computergenealogie e.V.