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Welcome to GedLynk: "GedLynk is a free, open source tool for synchronizing and merging genealogy data between multiple remote data sources. It allows you to synchronize a local GEDCOM file with a remote data source such as New FamilySearch or a PhpGedView website.

GedLynk provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface that simplifies the management and synchronization of genealogy data with multiple data sources. It allows you to import a GEDCOM file and then synchronize it with the data in a remote data source. It currently supports the new FamilySearch API and the PhpGedView API.

The project is currently in an early beta stage, but feedback is encouraged and welcome. Visit the SourceForge community site for more information about the development efforts of the project."

LDS Tech: "Without using a NFS utility, a person has limited options for adding data to New FamilySearch. These include manually adding each individual record using the forms on the web site itself, searching for existing or duplicate data which represent the same individual, or uploading a GEDCOM file with this data included. By synchronizing data using an NFS utility, the selected record in your personal data file will be compared with the data available at NFS. New online information available can be downloaded and while missing online data can be uploaded to NFS. Utilities which can synchronize entire files of data will not be available for some time." - Publish and Share Your Family Tree: "is a community for publishing your family history.

* Publish and share your family tree files
* Create great looking charts and reports
* Embed your tree on any website or blog" - AboutUs Wiki Page:
"10520 Candlewood Ave
El Paso TX 79925 US "

DearMYRTLE's Genealogy Blog: FamilyLink & publishing: "* 100% FREE because YOU Own Your Content! is completely FREE. respects the hard work you’ve put into your family history and we’re not about to take that away from you. You can delete your file at any time, no questions asked.

* Share with the World. gives you more options than ever to share your family tree. We’re building the next-generation family tree community that helps your connect with other members in new and interesting ways - all the while, helping you find your ancestors. even enables you to embed your family tree into your own web site (if you have one).

Your content will also be searchable at"

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1926 Census, Ireland

1926 Census, Ireland - please sign online petition at petition spot
Council of Irish Genealogical Organisations (CIGO)

Both CIGO & the Genealogical Society of Ireland (GSI) have long called for
public access to the Republic's 1926 census returns. This policy is one
which CIGO has been actively pursuing over the past few years. GSI has now
announced the likely publication of a parliamentary Bill through which it
hopes access can be secured to the returns. You might also like to subscribe
to CIGO's on-line petition
calling for the early release of the 1926 census.

You can read more about this issue here.

London Times 1785-1820 on footnote

London Times 1785-1820 on footnote: "t began as 'The Daily Universal Register' in 1785, and became 'The Times' on January 1, 1788, reporting on events of global importance in political, social, and commercial arenas. These daily editions (Monday-Saturday) cover news and public opinion of Georgian Britain, including historic events in the new United States, the Napoleonic Wars, and 19th-century trends in banking, democracy, and public life. Later issues offer an overseas perspective of the US Civil War, and domestic coverage of The Great War."

why on earth make yet another version?

seen at
Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

Linux Genealogy CD 4.0 Ubuntu 8.04

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter: Linux Genealogy CD 4.0 Released: "The Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System, or GRAMPS, is a popular free genealogy program for use on Linux. It is powerful and easy to use and is released as one of the genealogy programs on a Linux 'Live CD.' That CD has now been updated to Version 4.0."

Linux Genealogy CD - GRAMPS: "The Linux Genealogy Desktop CD 4.0 has been released June 26, 2008.

This Live CD is based on Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) Desktop CD and, in addition to the regular Hardy, features pre-installed GRAMPS 3.0.1, GeneWeb, and LifeLines applications, as well as the GraphViz program to draw pretty graphs in GRAMPS. The CD is available only for the x86 architecture.

In addition to the Live Session, this disk also allows permanent installation of Linux and genealogical software on your computer's hard drive. This way you achieve adequate speed and the ability to save your data, and can do real work with your Linux software. Everything is similar to the Live Session, except that this is a permanent setup."

I will try it on Parallels on Mac OS 10.4.11 of course

Scottish Genealogy 2009

Scottish Genealogy News and Events: New Family History event to rival WDYTYA? LIVE: "For some time I have been hearing talk that the English based Family History Societies have been deeply unhappy about the high costs charged for stalls by the Who Do You Think You Are? Live event. A table at the Olympia event costs £400 plus VAT, though the FHSs do get a discount, but it is felt that this is still relatively high for many organisations constituted on a charitable basis. The high costs involved, and the moving of the date for the next event forward to February has deeply upset many people within the FHS movement, so much so that they have now decided to form their very own Rebel Alliance to do something about it!

A new event has now been organised, provisionally entitled The FH Event, booked for the first May Day bank holiday in 2009. It has its own website available, at which you can register for updates, at , and futher information can also be obtained from the organisers by calling 0844 4780410 (calls cost 5p a minute), by e-mail at or by post at PO Box 2420, Purley, Surrey, CR8 3DX.

This new event is not organised by the Federation of Family History Societies or any other umbrella body, it is very much a meeting of minds at the grass roots level with the emphasis on once again making it affordable for societies, though at this early stage some of these bodies have expressed an interest.

The venue has been confirmed in London, though details will not be released until final agreements are in place with the Borough Council involved. More news is expected within the next few weeks."

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Royal Aero Club History

Royal Aero Club History: "In 1901, three wealthy motorists, Frank Hedges Butler, his daughter Vera and the Hon Charles Rolls, had proposed a motor tour, but this was cancelled when Vera's Renault 4.5 caught fire. The lady arranged a balloon flight with the distinguished professional Stanley Spencer, as a distraction.

Over a glass of champagne during the subsequent voyage, they agreed that an Aero Club should be formed and after landing this was done without delay. Due no doubt to the presence and personality of Vera Butler, it was uniquely - for the time - agreed that it be open 'equally to ladies and gentleman, subject to election

In May 1909, at the Aero Club's landing ground at Leysdown, JTC Moore-Brabazon, later Lord Brabazon of Tara, made a flight of 500 yards in his Voisin. This is officially recognised as the first flight by a British pilot in Britain.

Initially confined to ballooning, when heavier-than-air flight arrived, the Club embraced it with alacrity. The Club established its first flying ground at Muswell Manor near Leysdown on the Isle of Sheppey in 1909. Early contacts with the Wright brothers in America by Charles Rolls and the redoubtable Short brothers, balloon makers to the Club, led to the latter acquiring a Wright license and laying down the first aircraft production line in the world, at Leysdown, moving the next year to Eastchurch"

Royal Aero Club - Google Search

Great Britain, Royal Aero Club Aviators’ Certificates, 1910-1950 - "This database contains approximately 28,000 index cards and 34 photograph albums of aviators who were issued with their flying licences (certificates) by the Royal Aero Club from 1910-1950. These included the first military and naval personnel to become pilots. Information listed on the index cards about the pilots includes: name, birth date, birthplace, nationality, rank or profession, date and place of certificate, and certificate number."

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The Ancestry Insider

The Ancestry Insider: "the New FamilySearch (NFS) rollout has hit an important milestone. Let me explain. I'm dividing the United States rollout of NFS into 3 phases. The first phase consisted of rollouts to individual temples at the rate of about 1 per month. (That was a real phase that I didn't make up. See The Ancestry Insider: New FamilySearch Rollout Accidentally Announced.)

I'm calling the rollout to Utah and Idaho, which will occur last, phase 3. That leaves everything in between as phase 2. Now the exciting milestone. Look at the map and you'll see there are no more red dots in the United States outside Utah and Idaho! All other U.S. temples have already started using NFS or are in the 4 month window! Phase 2 is completely in-process. Wahoo!

In fact, the only red dot remaining north of the Rio Grande is Regina Saskatchewan. They could be in transition too and it could take several weeks for dog teams to get the word out, ay! (Just kidding. Please don't be offended!)"

Who Do You Think You Are? Live 2009 London UK

Who Do You Think You Are? Live - Show/Event - Home: "The event will take place next year at Olympia from 27th Feb - 1st March 2009 and will feature the Society of Genealogists Family History Show which takes place for the 17th consecutive year - full details will be available here soon!"

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Under this chart are some links to find out more about the epidemic's of the past."


WorldVitalRecords Blog » To Host New Online Edition of Everton’s Genealogical Helper: "LOGAN, Utah, June 12, 2008 –Genealogy Online, Inc., publisher of Everton’s Genealogical Helper, today, announced the publication of the Genealogical Helper in an Online Edition. The Online Edition is an identical copy of the 176-page paper edition – complete with hotlinks to the hundreds of website addresses found therein.

Launch Date – The new Online Edition will launch on July 1 – to coincide with the home delivery and newsstand date of the paper edition of the July-August issue."

Links Australia Queensland

Department of Justice and Attorney-General : Family history research: "Our registry can help you with researching your family history. You can search our online historical index for free or can buy copies of the Queensland Pioneers Index and the Queensland Federation Index.

Our Certificate Solutions service also provides genealogical research services to family tree historians and anyone seeking more information about their ancestors.

Search the historical indexes online.

Useful links "

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Find Your Folks

Find Your Folks: "Family History Research Process
Roots Television has a series of videos that cover the Five Step Research Process. The first in this series gives an overview of the five-step research process.

1. Write Down What You Know.
2. Decide What You Want To Learn About Your Family.
3. Choose A Source Of Information To Search.
4. Learn From The Source.
5. Use The Information."
Free Genealogy, Family History Videos on Roots Television

10 Simple Genealogy Tips by Hugh Watkins

Queensland Australia

Department of Justice and Attorney-General : Search the historical indexes: "Home > Births, deaths and marriages > Family history research > Search the historical indexes
Search the historical indexes
The registry offers a free online search tool.

You can search Queensland's historical births, deaths and marriges indexes for all:

* births that occured in Queensland between 1829 and 1914
* deaths that occured in Queensland between 1829 and 1929
* marriages that occured in Queensland between 1829 and 1929."

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Topics - Family History & Genealogy Message Boards -
"Obituaries Threads 111224 Messages 112425 29 May 2008
Admin Message - Obituaries - Family History & Genealogy Message Board - "Please go to Obituaries (2) as this board is now closed for further posting."

Obituaries [2] - Family History & Genealogy Message Board - "Threads: 3852 - Messages: 3855"

you should also search list archives and the other boards - especially those for surnames

Life at the Home20

Life at the Home20 - Genealogy: "This research began in 1986. It covers both my family and my husband's. Amazingly, we are both, so far, from southern families (Delaware and down) who originated mostly from the British isles. We were each told we have an American Indian line but neither can be proven at this point. Both families have been traced back several generations on most lines and there is but one line from France (tradition, but no proof) and no lines going back to Germany or Eastern Europe (although my grandmother swore otherwise). There is one possible Scandinavian line but I base that theory on the fact that the surname ends in 'son', no other reason. So while I ponder a few brick walls, I will try to share my findings here."

Life at the Home20 blog

Thompson Name Meaning and History

  1. English: patronymic from Thomas. Thompson is widely distributed throughout Britain, but is most common in northern England and northern Ireland.
  2. Americanized form of Thomsen.

Thomsen Name Meaning and History

Dutch, North German, Danish, and Norwegian: patronymic from a short form of Thomas.

Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4

thanks to Thompson Family Civil War Service -