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DSC01286There is an African saying that "a people without knowledge of their history is like a tree without roots."

Tree Without Roots, A: The Guide to Tracing… Paul Crooks: Books:

"Tree Without Roots, A: The Guide to Tracing African, Anglo and Asian Ancestry in the Caribbean (Paperback)
by Paul Crooks (Author)"

# Paperback: 256 pages
# Publisher: BLACKAMBER BOOKS; HIST edition (9 Oct 2008)
# Language English
# ISBN-10: 1905147813
# ISBN-13: 978-1905147816

Thursday, March 26, 2009

1930 United States Federal Census

1930 United States Federal Census -
"Exact Search Results - 1930 United States Federal Census
You searched for Lapham as a surname
All Census & Voter Lists Results total 1,725"

Last Name: lapham, Within: Census - US Federal 1930 - Footnote Search: "1,139 matches found in 446 items."
from Footnote - The place for original historical documents online

Cyndi's List - U.S. - 1930 Census - 1930 Enumerator Instructions

1940 Census Substitute

Ancestry new London records

Ancestry hunters' bonanza as London records go online - Yahoo! News UK

Some 77 million documents dating from the 16th to the 20th centuries and including the ancestors of David Beckham and Britney Spears are to go online, under a service launched Thursday.

New records on

Recent Genealogy Databases -

The archives from the London Historical Records feature details of around 165 million of the capital's citizens over the centuries, including head of state Oliver Cromwell and poet William Blake.

Around 250,000 records are currently available, with all 77 million uploaded by 2011.

The final collection will include parish and workhouse records, electoral rolls, wills, land tax records and school reports.

Tracing the family history has become an increasingly popular hobby in Britain, thanks to the availability of records online and television programmes showing celebrities discovering the quirks of their ancestry.

Besides Londoners, around 135 million people in countries like the United States, Canada, Australia and South Africa may be able to trace their forefathers.

"We estimate that half of Brits will be able to find an ancestor in this collection," said Josh Hanna, senior vice president of the website which is hosting the London records.

The collection "pre-dates civil registration and census, and documents the history of a great city and its people, their birth, poverty, fortunes, faith, education, marriage and death," he said

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

England and Wales 2011:census

Question and content recommendations for 2011: Office for National Statistics: "Ethnicity, National Identity, Language and Religious affiliation (EILR) question recommendations

Question recommendations for national identity, ethnicity, migration and religion are now available to download.
Further recommendations on other topics will be made available during 2009."

England and Wales Probate Admon and Wills

Publications - Guidance - Probate - Guide to obtaining copies of probate records: "The only place where there is a complete set of calendars [from 1858] available for public inspection is First Avenue House in London. Most District Probate Registries have calendars covering at least the last fifty years. If you intend to visit a Registry specifically to look at the records, you are recommended to contact the Registry beforehand [a list of addresses and telephone numbers appears overleaf] to check what is available."

from my email:-

John Briden HMCS (Her Majesty's Courts Service) is hoping to get the
Probate Calendar Indexes to Wills and Grants, issued since 1858 in England
and Wales online.

The index includes the full name and address of the deceased and date of

He has put together a short questionnaire and would like to receive as many
responses as possible by Friday 27th March. I realise that this is very
short notice but if you are able to help by responding to John it would be

Copy and paste the questions below into an email, add your answers and send
your responses to

Q1. If the probate calendar was available on the internet, would you use it?

Q2. If you would use it - how often would you use it?

Q3. What probate information would you be interested in seeing online, and
why that particular information?

Q4. Would you like to order copies online, and be prepared to pay for them

Q5. Would you prefer to access the calendar online, but order and pay for
copies by post, or by telephone?

Q6. Would you be prepared to pay a premium to the fee, in addition to the
normal cost for a more immediate service?

Monday, March 23, 2009

AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus and Security Software - Real-time protection against viruses, spyware and malicious websites
updating my WinXP sp3 virtual machine which I use for Family Tree Maker 16

Upgrade to new AVG 8.5

AVG helps you stay safe while you shop, bank online, watch videos, search or surf the web, download music, documents and pictures, and email or chat. Every document or file you download, every web page or link you click on, is scanned by AVG before you open it. Unlike other security products, we stop the threats before they reach your hard drive and become a problem. Safe internet surfing is now possible.

boroughs in Denmark.

The Urban Settlement of Denmark. -
article in danglis from about 1933


Af danske Byer vides 6 at have eksisteret før Aar 900. I den store Opgangstid i det 13. og Ib. Aarhundrede opstod en Række ny Købstæder, og i Aaret 1300 var deres Antal steget til 50. Omkring IbOO kom atter gode Tider med Dannelsen af nye Bysamfund, saaledes at Byernes Antal Aar 1500 var steget til 67. Herefter steg Antallet langsomt, og 1860 fandtes, i Danmark 82 Byer (og Handelspladser). Omkring 1850 begyndte en stærk Tilvækst af Befolkningen, og samtidig betingede de ny Agerbrugsmethoder og de tekniske Fremskridt i Industrien en Forandring i alle Erhverv, hvorved der skabtes Betingelser for Opstaaen af nye Byer i Mellemrummene mellem de gamle. Naar imidlertid Bykommunernes Antal i 1930 kun er steget til 87, giver dette intet Billede af Byernes virkelige Vækst i Antal. Begreberne By og Bykommune har aldrig dækket hinanden. Før Byerne fik deres Privilegier, har de næsten altid eksisteret nogen Tid som smaa Centre for Handel og Haandværk. I den sidste Menneskealder er næsten alle Byerne vokset ud over de kommunale Grænser. Af og til, naar Forstæderne indlemmes i Byen, faar Kommunen en pludselig Tilvækst, uden at Byen i geografisk Forstand er blevet for-"
Publish Post

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tiscali ISP problems

Tiscali shares suspended on titsup fears • The Register: "Shares in Tiscali have been suspended on the Italian stock exchange after tumbling almost 50 per cent this morning on news it failed to meet a debt repayment.

The group - whose UK ISP brands include Tiscali, Pipex, Freedom2Surf and Nildram - said over the weekend it would try to renegotiate its loan agreements. Tiscali owes banks about €500m.

The board had hoped a sale of UK assets would help meet the repayments, but a long-running auction failed to attract a buyer. Talks with BSkyB, the last remaining bidder, had become 'impossible to proceed', Tiscali told investors in a statement.

Tiscali had reportedly demanded £600m for its 1.77m UK subscribers, which make it the fifth largest broadband provider behind BT, Virgin Media, Carphone Warehouse and BSkyB. The latter refused to pay more than £450m, according to unconfirmed reports.
The impasse means Tiscali executives will be forced to ask banks for more generous loan terms. Meanwhile the potential for bankruptcy and loss of internet access is likely to spook the firm's already-dwindling UK customer base."

those were the days

Internet Genealogy - davblog: "In 1992 I started tracing my family history. The two main tools for amateur genealogists (at least until they get back to about 1840) are the indexes of registrations of births, deaths and marriages and the returns from the census which has been taken every ten years since 1841 (there are earlier censuses, but they don't record individual names).

Back when I started, accessing these records was a painfully manual process. The BMD indexes were held in large leather-bound volumes in St Catherine's House on the Aldwych. The members of the public were free to search these volumes looking for references to their ancestors. Once you had the reference numbers you needed, you could fill in a form, pay £5.50 and a week or so later a copy of the certificate would drop through your letterbox.

The census records were slightly easier to deal with. They had been scanned onto film and microfiche, so you had to go to the Public Record Office on Chancery Lane to spend hours searching for your ancestors' names - often written in a hard to read nineteenth century hand. And, of course, the records were ordered by parish, so if your ancestors moved it became a very hit and miss affair. I spent many days hunched over a microfiche reader or risking physical damage by lugging the oversized BMD indexes around and I still have piles of notebooks full of the notes I took over fifteen yars ago"