Tuesday, May 05, 2009

this blogger is on holiday

I have been invited to visit the Faeroe Islands for a concert on thursday, where GHM, Klaksvíkar Hornorkestur, Havnar Hornorkestur and Tvøroyrar Hornorkestur will play for me.

On Friday school orchestras and on Saturday the annual Music festival

I expect to be back on line in 8 or 9 days on thursday or friday

Monday, May 04, 2009

Edinburgh's Dark Side

Edinburgh's Dark Side: "Monday, January 19, 2009
The Gentleman Swindler

In 1833, the Gentleman Swindler, whose real name was Mr Smith...or Dickson...though possibly it was Galloway...or Johnston, Jardine, Cathcart or McKenzie. Or Ferguson...

Anyway...the Gentleman Swindler was finally caught and taken into police custody.

Edinburgh's New Town residents had been conned by him time and time again. Dressed in a white hat, blue jacket and white or blue pantaloons, he was charming and attractive, with excellent manners, and would approach his victims in the street. Having found out a little about their family history, he would take on their surname, convince them he was a long-lost relative and weave a sorry tale about recent hard times. The victim would part with anything from £1 to as much as £8 (a fortune then), and he'd be on his merry way . . . .."

Forensic Genealogy

Interview With Forensic Genealogist Colleen Fitzpatrick, Ph.D. » The Genetic Genealogist: "Colleen Fitzpatrick, Ph.D. is one of the most recognizable names in the field of forensic genealogy. She has authored two books entitled Forensic Genealogy and DNA & Genealogy, and continues to make headlines in this fascinating field. Here is just an excerpt from her biography, located at her website:

“Colleen Fitzpatrick, Ph.D., is the author of two of the best-selling books in genealogy. Forensic Genealogy has been widely recognized for its innovative forensic science approach to genealogical research. She has been featured on NPR’s Talk of the Nation radio program (July 2005), and has written cover articles for Internet Genealogy (June 2006), Family Tree Magazine (April 2006) and Family Chronicle (October 2005). Colleen writes a regular column for Ancestry magazine.”"

Forensic Genealogist Colleen Fitzpatrick - Google Search

Eastern Washington Genealogical Society Blog: Reminder: Get Your Registration In to Hear Colleen Fitzpatrick: "Kootenai County Genealogical Society & The Family History Store
Colleen Fitzpatrick, PhD - Forensic Genealogist

Come join us - May 30, 2009

Friends Church
251 West Miles Avenue - Hayden, Idaho"

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Capital Punishment UK

Capital Punishment UK:
"The resource site for the history of capital punishment in Britain.

Execution methods explained.
Listing of all U.K. executions from 1735 - 1964.
site search of www.capitalpunishmentuk.org - EG smith - Google Search

Places of execution
Individual capital cases examined.
Histories of English “hanging” prisons.

The death penalty in the USA and other countries
Monthly worldwide execution update"

Home ‎(freecensus)‎

Home ‎(freecensus)‎: "covering all FREE UK CENSUS DATA"

FreeCEN - UK Census Online Project: "'Bringing YOUR ancestors to YOU, free of charge!'

Have YOU ever thought of the benefit of the U.K. Census data being centrally available on ONE database, and being able to trace your ancestors from 1841 to 1891?"