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Content Viewer - "Coming soon, our new enhanced image page will show you the image of the historical document as well as the indexed information for each record on the same page, making it easier than ever to find your ancestors. You’ll also be able to add alternative information for several data points, view source information and see what other members have said about the image."

Member Letter - "A special note to members about improvements on"

Specifically, we want to be a place where you can:
  • Be notified of other members who are researching your ancestors, connect with them, share data and photos, and see when they add new information. Learn more
  • More easily find your ancestors in historical record images and edit their index information if you think something is incorrect. Learn more
  • Navigate and find the information in your family tree more quickly and easily. Learn more
I do not think this effort will sell more subscriptions, and changes will annoy long term subscribers

looking for women - Family History Bulletin: "Researching your elusive female ancestor can be difficult. Surname changes at marriage and the seemingly lack of records documenting the lives of women can make it difficult to conduct research in the same way you would for a male ancestor.

Newspapers are a rich source of genealogical information. They document a community on a daily or weekly basis. While they do contain the old genealogical standby, the obituary, they also contain so much more. Women can be found in all parts of the newspaper including feature articles, the society pages, advertisements, and more. Newspapers record weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and other celebrations. They also document the tougher times like divorces, court cases, crime and deaths."

and my thanks for the link to:-

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter: Finding Your Female Ancestor in the Newspaper

more ideas in:-
ShoeString Genealogy: "ShoeString Genealogy provides Family Historians with information about how to research their ancestors both on the Internet and in libraries and other repositories. Besides how, we will show you where—locations for information and the relative value of each.

Here you will find useful, free Genealogy Charts and some free Genealogy Forms. And there are free Presentations on Genealogy Topics; Tips and Techniques; new Developments and Resources; and diversions such as Trivia Quizzes and Crossword Puzzles.

ShoeString Genealogy focuses on lowering the costs of research whilst raising the quality of information obtained. Although not all online resources are free, many are. Same for many repositories. We'll show you an abundance of excellent resources that are quite inexpensive, too."

Eastern Washington Genealogical Society

Eastern Washington Genealogical Society, Spokane, Washington: "EWGS was founded in 1935 with six interested people and a handful of books. In 2005, EWGS celebrated its 70th anniversary, now counting 270 folks and partnered with the Spokane Public Library to house a collection numbering over a thousand items.
The Society meets the first Saturday of the month in February, March, April, May, November and December. Meetings for January and June are usually luncheon meetings, held in different locations. There are no meetings held in July and August, and the September meeting can sometimes be the second Saturday, depending on how Labor Day falls. The first Saturday in October is the Annual Fall Workshop, held at different sites. The regular meetings officially begin at 1:00pm, but the 'Coffee, Cookies & Conversation' part of the meetings begins at 12:30. The Society also tries to have a Spring Seminar (usually in April). All those interested in genealogy are welcome at any meeting."

Man’s grave marker is a piece of history | | Jul 23, 2009: "The stone marking the site where Benjamin Patrick Brierley was buried in 1935 might have forever gone unnoticed were it not for the notation stating that he was the grandson of Sgt. Patrick Gass. Gass was the carpenter on the Lewis and Clark Expedition, the man whose journal was the first published work about the famed expedition to and through the western territories of America in the early 1800s.

Brierley is a direct link to this important piece of history courtesy of his grandfather. Not much is known about Benjamin Brierley, but what is known was discovered by Donna Potter Phillips, a member of the Eastern Washington Genealogical Society, when her group embarked on a service project to help clean up that section of the cemetery about five years ago. When she discovered the marker, she began her research into the man’s background."


DIS-Forum: "AneEfterlysning

Her kan du efterlyse aner, som du selv har opgivet at finde. Husk at læse indlægget Vigtig: Til nye brugere af AneEfterlysning, inden du går i gang. Og husk, at det primært drejer sig om afdøde slægtninge! Vær forsigtig med oplysninger om personer, der stadig kan være levende"

DIS-Forum :: Find your relatives in Denmark :: Hints and errata from the author of LAViewer:

DIS-Forum :: Find your relatives in Denmark
"In this forum, family history researchers who do not speak Danish can ask for help, either to find information about their ancestors or to get in contact with relatives or descendants in Denmark."

Friday, July 24, 2009

Moyles' Who Do You Think You Are? slumps to 4.7m | News | Broadcast

Moyles' Who Do You Think You Are? slumps to 4.7m | News | Broadcast: "The audience for BBC1’s Who Do You Think You Are? profiling DJ Chris Moyles took a hefty knock last night as just 4.7m people (20.2% share) tuned in at 9pm, the show’s third worst performance ever on the channel."

Essential Denmark Genealogical Databases

Essential Denmark Family History Databases: "It's easier than ever to learn about your ancestors from Denmark, even if you can't go to Denmark thanks to many volunteers and the Danish National Archives, and the LDS church. Below are listed the most important databases which cover the whole country of Denmark Some are in Danish, with limited English instructions; however, we've added some additional hints to this site. And, Denmark email list members are always willing to help with any question about Denmark."

Denmark Rootsweb list

Welcome to the Denmark Rootsweb list FAQ site!: "The Denmark list is mostly meant to help English-speaking descendants of Danish emigrants to learn how to research their Danish origins. We talk about Danish culture, history, language, and of course Danish family history research. We don't do your family history research for you, but we do try to provide information and guidance in your research."

DearMYRTLE's Genealogy Blog

DearMYRTLE's Genealogy Blog: Brickwalls chat in Second Life - 6pm tonight: "DearREADERS,
Tonight's the night for our monthly Brick Walls discussion around the fire pit at Just Genealogy in Second Life. We begin at 6pm SLT (Second Life time, which is the same as US Pacific, daylight where applicable.) It's easy to sign up for a free SL account. Just follow Ol' Myrt's directions in the blog entry titled INTERESTED in actually joining Second Life?"

Internet-Genealogy Blog: Family newsletters: " Moorshead Magazines Ltd., 505 Consumers Road, Suite 312, Toronto, ON, M2J 4V8 Canada, Tel (416) 491-3699 , Fax (416) 491-3996, Toll Free 1(888) 326-2476 Publisher: Blogger:"

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Tracey's Family History)

Home ‎(Tracey's Family History)‎: "This site is dedicated to my family tree research. I love to hear from new people who share this tree with me"

Google Sites: "Thinking of creating a website?
Google Sites is a free and easy way to create and share webpages"

this is the first genealogy page I have seen made using the new GOOGLE SITES

USA National Archives in Washington, D.C

Week-long convention had valuable information - Las Vegas Sun: "Staff archivists help researchers navigate paths through finding aids to locate such items as pension files, service records, and court-martial case files from various wars, records of the New Deal, and homestead case files. The institute offers an incomparable learning opportunity for researchers to utilize records stored in our nation’s premier repository; the institute also allows participants of different backgrounds to renew old friendships and form new ones."


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All Wales Lookup Exchange

All Wales Lookup Exchange: "Welcome to the new look Welsh Lookup Exchange pages. Although designed to cater for all Wales, there is at present no Lookup Exchange for the counties of North Wales (Anglesey, Caernarvonshire, Denbighshire and Flintshire). The Monmouthshire pages are also listed for completeness, though are hosted separately.

This database contains a list of reference works/books which volunteers are willing to search for specific entries. Despite its name you aren't required to 'exchange' anything and it's free. To ask for a look-up, please click on the volunteer's name next to the item. Requests should be specific: give as much detail as you can. Abuses of the kindness of volunteers may cause them to withdraw their names so please don't ask for all references to a common name, or for time-consuming research. If there are two volunteers against any item then only one should be approached at a time."

History Ireland

About Us / "1-1
The first issue of History Ireland

History Ireland magazine has now been in production for nearly 17 years. Since 2004 it has been going from strength to strength, with a changeover to a full-colour format, a layout revamp and a move to bi-monthly publication in 2005.

Each issue of History Ireland covers a wide variety of topics, from the earliest times to the present day, in an effort to give the reader a sense of the distant past but also to offer a contemporary edge. Every article is illustrated with photographs, maps or paintings to provide a vivid impression of the topic."

History Ireland: "We are continuing to make our online archive available over the coming days"

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Canada Headstone Photos

Canadian Headstone Photo Project: "We are currently seeking volunteers to help take and upload photos for many areas of Canada. We, also, require volunteers to assist the webmaster by acting as coordinators. If you have an interest in volunteering for this rewarding part-time activity, please contact us.

The Headstone Photo Project would be an excellent project for your genealogy or history group. It could also become a church congregational project to create a permanent, up-datable, searchable photographic record of your cemetery."


Expert: Medieval Map Showing America May Be Real - Science News | Science & Technology | Technology News - "Cartographer Rene Larsen of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts told an international conference in Copenhagen on Friday that the Vinland Map, thought to have been drawn about 1440, doesn't look like a fake."

Monday, July 20, 2009

Soldiers in Later Medieval England

The Soldier in Later Medieval England: "The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) has awarded a Research Grant worth just under £500,000 to Dr Adrian Bell of the ICMA Centre and Professor Anne Curry of the University of Southampton to challenge assumptions about the emergence of professional soldiery between 1369 and 1453.

The project has an innovative methodological approach and will be producing an on-line searchable resource for public use of immense value and interest to genealogists as well as social, political and military historians. The project employs two Research Assistants over three years and also includes one Doctoral Research Studentship - all of whom began work on 1st October 2006. The whole team is working on a jointly authored book, conference papers, and articles."

Anthony Lambert

Certificates in 5 Days: "C5D (Certificates in 5 Days)
52 The Ladysmith,
Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire
England OL6 9AR:
E Mail:
Fax Number: +44 161 367 8092

A Personal Service not just a Certificate Supplier.

C5D (Certificates in 5 Days) has been around almost eleven years now and during that time has established a reputation for being reliable and efficient as well as easy and friendly to deal with. Besides supplying your certificates, I'd be happy to look at any brickwalls that might need knocking down, although I can't promise to do that.

Certificates in 5 Days. Obviously I can't get them to your letter box in that time, but I can scan or transcribe them to the <in box> of your e mail address, so if speed of information appeals to you, then read on !

The Service:
Certificates are obtained and scanned to you.
Certificates are obtained from the ONS unless 'original copies' including signatures are usually supplied from the local office.
On receipt by me, they are scanned or a transcription e mailed to you. It's your choice. The default option is a scan.
The entries are then posted by air mail to you.

Other services may appear cheaper, but often exclude fees for postage and packing, and most will not scan the certificates as they come through. If you'd care to compare prices, just click on one of the adverts below."

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New Genealogy Blogs

New Genealogy Blogs July 18 2009 | GeneaBloggers: "This week we offer a record 27 new genealogy and family-history related blogs. We now list over 489 in our blog list! We are also trying to categorize blogs to give readers an idea of the focus of each blog – there is now a “blog type” notation right under the new blog’s URL."