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but just closing Windows in MS IE 600 and reviewing the stuff

The China Experience: The origin of Chinese Surnames: "The Chinese have had surnames long before the period of the Three Emperors and Five Kings, that is, during the time when recognition was given only to one's mother and not one's father.

Hence, the Chinese character for surname is made up of two individual characters----one meaning woman and one meaning to give birth.

That is to say, the surnames of the early Chinese followed the maternal line.
Before the three dynasties of Xia, Shang and Zhou (2140-256 BC), the people in China were already having surnames (Xing) and clan-names (Shi).
The surnames originated from the name of the village in which one live or the family to which one belonged,

while the clan-name derived from the name of the territory or the title granted, sometimes posthumously, by the emperor to a noble for an achievement. Hence, only nobles had surnames as well as clan-names.

A man and a woman of the same clan-name could marry each other but they could not if they were of the same surname.

This is because the Chinese had discovered, long ago, that marriages of close relatives would be detrimental to future generations.

In any solemn ceremony or important celebration, the Chinese have their clan-names written on lanterns which are hung high in a prominent place, such as the main entrance of the house.

As a clan-name indicates the ancestral home, it is also carved on a man's tombstone to indicate a hope that he will return there."

38 minutes later
it's dark outside and I'm really really HUNGRY

Origin of the surname Yang, Young, Yeung, Yeo, Yong: "Origin of Yang*, Young*, Yeung*, Yeo*, Yong*

Famous People in History
see web page but now one more

The 6th most common last name in China. Yangs are the descendents of the Xi Zhou Dynasty.
The third son of Zhou Wu Wang, Tang Shu Yu was awarded the land of Jin.
His descent Jin Wu Gong was awarded the Yang city (Hong Dong of Shanxi Province) and bore the last name of Yang and Yang She (Goat Tongue).

Around 514 B.C., a rebellion took place, both the Yangs and the Yang She's were persecuted. They migrated south to Hong Nong Hua Yin.
About 90% of famous Yangs in the history came from Hong Nong Hua Yin. (Yang means willow).

Hometown: South of Ling Pao in HeNan Province"

BTW not my apostroph catastroph
Google Search: apostroph catastroph: "Did you mean: apostrophe catastrophe "


Google Search: apostrophe catastrophe: "The apostrophe is probably the most misused punctuation mark there is"

The Apostrophe Catastrophe [matt's cartoons]: "I'm not the first cartoonist to get picky about apostrophes, either. Check out Bob's Quick Guide to the Apostrophe, You Idiots for an excellent example. "


ooouucchhh grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Hugh Watkins

"China has now joined the elite club of space-faring nations.

The country's first astronaut, 38-year-old Yang Liwei, blasted into space last Wednesday morning, returning 21 hours later."


if you don't mind not Mr Liwei
Correspondents Report - China looks to the sky again: "But that was before 38-year-old Lieutenant Colonel Yang Liwei went into space, as China 's first astronaut.

He's actually the 241st human being to break the bonds of Earth.
Yang's not even the first Chinese, says former NASA Mission Control Officer and now space analyst, James Oberg.

JAMES OBERG: That's always a good trick question and the first one in fact was Dr Shannon Lucid, the American astronaut, who was born in a POW camp in occupied China during World War II."
Google News: "(CNN) -- The Arabic-language Al-Jazeera television network on Saturday broadcast what it says were two audio messages from al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. "
Zachary Kessin's Home page: "Pictures of Jerusalem, the city I now call home, including some of the view from my flat, the flat and other shots of the city "

and may he live in peace
My daughter flew home yesterday BHX to CPH


Weather Underground: Coleshill, United Kingdom Forecast: "Updated: 4:00 PM BST on October 18, 2003
Observed at Coleshill, United Kingdom
Temperature57 �F / 14 �C
Dew Point41 �F / 5 �C
WindENE at 9 mph / 14.5 km/h
Wind Gust-
Pressure30.03 in / 1017 hPa
ConditionsPartly Cloudy
Visibility14 miles / 23 kilometers "


Weather Underground: Copenhagen, Denmark Forecast: "Updated: 7:20 PM CEST on October 18, 2003
Observed at Copenhagen, Denmark
Temperature46 �F / 8 �C
Windchill42 �F / 6 �C "

I LOVE COOL WEATHER but my chest has reached its tolerance limit and I started coughing in the night so had to TURN ON THE CENTRAL HEATING .

Hot drinks help too.
Going to have SOUP after a teen induced pause.
Hugh Watkins
ON NAMES and Chinese Genealogy and surfing around

The China Experience: The origin of Chinese Surnames: "As a clan-name indicates the ancestral home, it is also carved on a man's tombstone to indicate a hope that he will return there.

This went on for 800 years until the rule of Emperor Tang Tai Zong (627 AD). Gao Shi Lian, a government official, made a survey and found that there were a total of 593 different surnames.

He then wrote and published a book called 'Annal of Surnames' which became a reference for selecting qualified personnel as government officials and for arranging marriages.

The book, 'Surnames of a Hundred Families', which was popular in China during the old days, was written more than 1,000 years ago during the Northern Song Dynasty (960 AD).

It records 438 surnames of which 408 are single-word surnames and 30 were double-word surnames.

According to the latest statistics from China, Chinese with the surname Zhang alone number more than 100 million, making it probably the surname which the most number of the Chinese have.

<<<< and the most popular surname in the world ???? >>>>

Another set of statistics compiled in 1977 reveals that the number of the Chinese with the first 10 major surnames make up 40% of the Chinese population.

The 10 major Chinese surnames are:
Zhang, Wang, Li, Zhao, Chen, Yang, Wu, Liu, Huang and Zhou.

Below are the next 10 major surnames.
The Chinese with these surnames make up over 10% of the Chinese population: Xu, Zhu, Lin, Sun, Ma, Gao, Hu, Zheng, Guo and Xiao.

The number of the Chinese in the third category of 10 major surnames make up just about 10% of the population:
Xie, He, Xu, Song, Shen, Luo, Han, Deng, Liang and Ye.

The following 15 surnames form the fouth largest group of the Chinese surnames are:
Fang, Cui, Cheng, Pan, Cao, Feng, Wang, Cai, Yuan, Lu, Tang, Qian, Du, Pe"

WOW but the good news is some CLAN have MSS records in the Clan temple going back thousand (s) of years
which survived the teenagers and their CULTURAL REVOLUTION because they were buried i jars secretly hidden under house floors for example.

Makes Danish and Welsh patronymics look simple

Patronymic - Wikipedia: "A patronymic is a personal name based on the name of one's father."

a few Swedish matronymics seen
Google Search: Swedish matronymics: " Our family name comes from a 17th century Swedish homestead settlement in western Finland, called..."

place names, occupations, nicknames

what IS in a name ?

Google Search: All Jewish men were known by patronymics and all Jewish women had matronymics. new to me.

Jewish Names in the World of Medieval Islam: "This paper will attempt to analyze the form and function of the names of Jews in the medieval Islamic world and compare those naming practices to their Muslim neighbors. It will include an analysis of the elements of personal names, bynames, family names, and the grammar of these names.
In modern times the concept of a personal name has become very formalized. In English we expect to see one or more given names and then an inherited family name. Before modern times names were much more fluid in format and structure as I will show. "

"In addition to personal names many people also appear in the historical record with a byname that is a term of personal description. While many people appear with some form of descriptive byname many people do not. These names differ from surnames, in that a surname is something that is passed on from parent to child and identifies the family. A byname is an term of personal description that would often be applied to someone as an adult. However many surnames originated as some form of byname that became permanent over time. In Hebrew this tends to be done with the grammatical prefix ha- and in Arabic with the prefix al-. "

And I still think of them as NICKNAMES

now muttering -- byname BYNAME BYNAMES: "A Brief Introduction to Medieval Bynames. ... Bynames contrast with the inherited
surnames which are almost universal in the modern world."

bit like learning to spell PATRONYMIC not PATRYNOMIC or PATRINOMIC

I need to concentrate

Google Search: PATRINOMIC: "Re: Greenlandic - can it be considered a North American language ...
... to be descend from Flemish mercenary soldiers Hugh W a popular Flemish name - Gwalter
Gwalterkin (pet name or diminutive) Gwatkinson (patrinomic) Watkins my ...
soc.culture.nordic - 18 Dec 1997 by Hugh Watkins "

now I know GW is a LATIN thing because W is not in the old LATIN alphabet which confuses U and V too

Google Search: gvalter leads to ITALY

Google Search: gvalter: " Is Gualter (or Gvalter) is neither a German nor a Swedish
name. Is it Scotish ? "

Google Search: gualter: "Gualter Family History
The Gualter family genealogy. (Brazil)
A genealogia da familia Gualter.
A maior parte da familia vive no Brasil. Gualter."

see !!!

from my bookmarks:-

Welsh Patronymics: "This page explains patronymic naming in the context of Welsh family history"

Virtually Virtual Iceland - Culture, history, travel, society, birds, landscapes, photos, electronic postcards: "Family names as such are not commonly used in Iceland,
and the question 'Do you know Eiríksson?'
is really meaningless, as the definition is missing. "

Google Search: icelandic patronymics: "Foreign nationals shall adopt an Icelandic first name when they acquire Icelandic
nationality and their descendants shall abide by the rule on patronymics"

National Library of Iceland - Icelandic National Bibliography
... section. It is important to note that Icelandic persons are entered
under their given names, not their surnames or patronymics.

Icelandic Culture: "Iceland was settled by Norsemen from Scandinavia and Celts from the British Isles. The ruling class was Nordic, so both the Icelandic language and culture were purely Scandinavian from the outset. Traces of Celtic influence are apparent, however, in some of the Eddaic poems, in present-day names and in the appearance of the Icelanders, who have a higher percentage of dark-haired people amongst them than any of the other Nordic nations. In or around the year 1100 the population, then entirely rural, is estimated to have numbered about 70-80,000 people. During the eighteenth century it sank below 40,000 on three separate occasions, but by the year 1900 had reached 78,000. "

"Only about 10% of Icelanders have surnames or family names. The rest use the system of patronymics, i.e. instead of a surname the first name of the father is used with "son" or "dóttir" added to it. Thus Magnússon means son of Magnús and Bjarnadóttir means daughter of Bjarni."

Surnames are actually forbidden unless in use before 1911 so survive as middle names

Genealogy: "Local Names
The hugely popular integrated database of Irish family names, now boasting over 7000 entries. We've had several success stories since the inception of Local Names almost two years ago, with many people making contact with long lost relatives and friends. Check the database for your family name - and best of luck! "

and FRENCH names too - in Ireland and Denmark

HUGUENOTS: "Huguenot is the name given to Protestants in France during the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. The Lutheran form of Protestantism entered France about 1520 and soon met with opposition from the Catholics. The work of John Calvin (1509-1564) greatly influenced and furthered the cause of French Protestantism which secured adherents chiefly from the middle class and the nobility. As the Protestant movement gained in strength, opposition to it likewise increased until, toward the end of the reign of Francis I (1497-1547), the Huguenots were being severely persecuted. The Protestants developed their organization as they increased in numbers, holding their first synod in 1559, at which time they adopted a code based on the doctrines of Calvinism.
Persecution of the Huguenots as heretics increased under Henry II, who reigned from 1547 to 1559. The members of the Guise family, which had grown in power during the reign of Francis I, were bitterly opposed to the Huguenots, whose cause was upheld by the powerful and influential Bourbons. Friction between the opposing factions increased until the first \civil war broke out in 1562, when the Guises seized the young king, Charles IX (1550-1574) and the Huguenots, under Prince de Conde and Admiral Colginy, took up arms against the Catholics.
A series of eight civil wars followed which lasted with intervals of peace, until the treaty of Vervins (q1598) brought the conflicts to an end. Queen-mother and regent for Cahrles IX, in her efforts to maintain herself in power, sometimes opposed and sometimes favored the cause of the Huguenots, depending upon what she considered at the time to be politically advantageous.

On August 24, 1572, thousands of Protestants were killed in the Massacre of St. Bartholomew, but this only served to strengthen the cause of the Huguenots. King Henry IV "

sky blue ? AQUA ?
Which? Ltd: "Which? magazine gives you independent, unbiased advice to find the best products and services. Now you can find the same essential life support online"

I started with them in about 1960 and used to have the magazine from number one issue, and they have certainly been a great help with my major purchases.
Like a Ford Cortina Estate
new with 1500 ccengine in 1965

Google Image Result for "Welcome to smile -
the best Internet banking provider of 2003

It's not in our nature to boast, but it'd be mean not to remind you of all the great reasons to switch to smile
Get 3.04% AER (3% gross p.a.) on every penny in your current account
Plus a guaranteed £500 fee free overdraft"

WELL they mean what they say

I have just opened an account there and have closed both my accounts with NatWest which is owned by RBS

NatWest - About Us and Working for the Group: "NatWest is part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group. To find out more about The Royal Bank of Scotland Group including the history, structure, achievements, policies, Investor Relations and working for the Group, visit the website" RBS: Group Information: "The Royal Bank of Scotland Group is the second largest bank in the UK and in Europe and ranks fifth in the world."

closed those accounts long ago too when they charge £14 for paying a £16 direct debit out of a not agreed overdraft
it really is time to go. Being big they are very beaurocratic and the employees seem to be slaves of computer profiling of customers rather than able to back their own judgement.

NATWEST is just as bad and even though my family has been using them AKA National Provincial Bank
for at least a 100 years the same applied.

And having been abroad I did not fit any profile except BAD BAD BAD other returning ex pats report the same problem.

AOLwhen you log on offers lots of shopping offers see below ========= for some of today's crop - last week AOL had a banking questionaire based on WHICH banking survey

Google Search: which banking survey: "'which' is a very common word and was not included in your search" oops needs a PLUS sign +which

Google Search: :+which magazine banking survey

Guardian Unlimited Money | Saving and banks | 'Big four' fail customer test. Again: "The survey, among subscribers to Which? magazine, put Barclays, Lloyds TSB and NatWest in the bottom category for satisfaction, while HSBC was only average. Just 30% of Lloyds TSB customers were very satisfied with service compared with 80% among customers of internet bank Smile, part of the Co-op banking group. Barclays and NatWest rated 35% and 31% respectively. "

Lloyds TSB : " plc and Lloyds TSB Scotland plc are regulated by the Financial Services Authority."

even so they are going to be downgraded to my no 2 account. Always have two banks and keep one in credit just in case

so AOL Broadband : will be "free" for a year out of what I saved on this one deal and -
" No need for a second phone line. Phone and surf at the same time"

=========== AOL offers today ================
Buy from the Sanctuary range & get a free gift

Save 40% on
camisole and
shorty set
- now £19.20

28% off Nike Air Max trainers - now £75

Save £20 on
Element shirt - now £25

60% off case of Oz & NZ wine £49.99

AOL exclusive - Talking Telephone Teddy £25

Save £95 on TV, DVD, video package £629

Save £10 on
pack of 10 disposable cameras - £50

Spend £40 at & save 50% on DVD player

Friday, October 17, 2003

old and new

Statues and trades
The Chiltern Railways Website: "London Underground are carrying out long-term modernisation work on the escalators at Marylebone Underground Station, planned to be completed in September 2004.

Until then there will be NO ENTRY TO MARYLEBONE UNDERGROUND STATION between 0735 and 0930 on Mondays to Fridays.

At other times there will be no down escalator but you'll still be able to enter the station using the fixed staircase (122 steps down)."

OW OW OW my knee
and no lift
Bullring Birmingham - Travel in style on the Bullring Shopper Steam Special from Vintage Trains: "Save all the hassle of driving and parking by taking the BULLRING Shopper Steam Special from Stratford-upon-Avon to Birmingham Moor Street, where the original Edwardian station buildings have been recently magnificently restored and reopened for use. The station is just 'across the road' from BULLRING Birmingham and the train times should allow you up to 3½Bullring Birmingham - Travel in style on the Bullring Shopper Steam Special from Vintage Trains: "Save all the hassle of driving and parking by taking the BULLRING Shopper Steam Special from Stratford-upon-Avon to Birmingham Moor Street, where the original Edwardian station buildings have been recently magnificently restored and reopened for use. The station is just 'across the road' from BULLRING Birmingham and the train times should allow you up to 3� hours shopping time." hours shopping time."
Google Search: Reveille bugle call

Different countries have different versions

When our bugler overslept he played it out of the barrack room window still in his pyjamas.The Royal Engineers staff band Aldershot lived in Gibralter Barracks at first.

I am out of bed at 400 am again . . the moon high in the sky and the birds hardly beginning to sing, now that is early. Taking my daughter to BHX airport she is flying back to CPH newly equipped with more CDs clothes, shoes accesseries all purchased in the Bullring.

I really enjoy modern architecture Google Search: Bullring birmingham

Google Search: selfridges birmingham

a view from the coffee bar at the back of Borders bookshop
Birmingham Photographs - Selfridges from Bullring Market: "St Martin's Church with the Selfridges Department Store"

Welcome to Borders and Books etc: "Borders
Bullring Shopping Centre, Birmingham B5 4BE
Tel: 0121 616 1094
Mon - Sat 9am - 8pm
Sun 11am - 5pm"

what the Danes call a book cafe
chess boards on tables but no pieces, and no newspapers

BBC NEWS | England | West Midlands | Bullring beating expectations: "Other figures from the first week reveal that consumers drank more than 10,000 cups of coffee, bought more than 5,000 pairs of shoes and 10,000 sandwiches were sold every minute during peak periods. "

so the emphasis on moving customers through

Bullring: "Welcome to the Bullring job vacancies section. Here you will find a list of all the current Job Vacancies available from within the centre and our stores. This section is updated regularly."

a young and enthusiastic labour force

Ann SummersWelcome to Ann Summers: "Have a Scandalous Christmas! Click here for essential
XXXmas Xtras! "

needs a manager

Welcome to Ann Summers: "JELLY GREEN GIANT
8 inches of jelly joy! Multispeed vibrator. (2 xAA batteries not included)"

not in the shop window

just red and black lingerie

Welcome to Ann Summers

I can see when I go back I will be comparing with Copenhagen Istedgade

Ann Summers top 10 :

new words fascinate me "SHAGASAURUS":

owned by Welcome to The Gold Group
also the BLUES Birmingham City Official Site

New Scientist: "Overall, children given antibiotics in their first half-year were 2.6 times more likely to develop allergic asthma, the team told a meeting of the European Respiratory Society on Tuesday. With broad-spectrum antibiotics, which kill a wide range of bacteria, the risk was far higher: children were 8.9 times more likely to suffer from asthma."

I this why there is the outbreak of urban asthma ?

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Australasia Railway Project: "Darwin's position as a transport and logistics hub, supporting the mining, oil and gas, tourism, agribusiness and Defence industries. The Northern Territory Government sees the AustralAsia Railway as fundamental to the Territory's future development, as outlined in its Foundations For Our Future strategy released in 1999.
The railway will also complete a landbridge linking Adelaide and Melbourne with North Asia, providing an efficient and competitive link from Asian markets to the south of Australia."

a couple of good outline maps of the project
The Inaugural Train : "The AustralAsia Railway Project was predicated on the provision of a competitive freight service that will deliver benefits to all Australians and ensure the ongoing viability of the line. It is with this in mind that the inaugural train arriving in Darwin will feature a FreighLink freight train arriving in Darwin on 17 January 2004, followed by GSR's The Ghan passenger train arriving in Darwin on 3 February 2004. "
Yawning my head off

shoppin yesterday in the bullring

more to follow
getting pictures from my couysin Anthony down under
the new North South railway
The dream of a railway linking the south
and the north of Australia has long been
cherished in the Northern Territory. Now
the AustralAsia Railway is a reality, with
construction on target for completion by
early 2004. This will create an AustralAsia
Trade Route, linking southern markets with
nations of the Asia Pacific region and beyond.
The project involves
• Constructing a 1420 kilometre standard
gauge railway between Alice Springs and
Darwin at a cost of $1.3 billion, to complete
the rail link between Darwin and Adelaide.
• Transferring the existing 830 kilometre
Tarcoola to Alice Springs line to the Asia
Pacific Transport Consortium.
• Integrating the line with Darwin’s East
>The dream of a railway linking the south
and the north of Australia has long been
cherished in the Northern Territory. Now
the AustralAsia Railway is a reality, with
construction on target for completion by
early 2004. This will create an AustralAsia
Trade Route, linking southern markets with
nations of the Asia Pacific region and beyond.
The project involves
• Constructing a 1420 kilometre standard
gauge railway between Alice Springs and
Darwin at a cost of $1.3 billion, to complete
the rail link between Darwin and Adelaide.
• Transferring the existing 830 kilometre
Tarcoola to Alice Springs line to the Asia
Pacific Transport Consortium.
• Integrating the line with Darwin’s East<<

Trans-Australian Passenger Train : "
The Trans-Australian Passenger train ran between Port Augusta and Kalgoorlie. It began in 1917 and was eventually cancelled in 1991 following poor patronage and a severe cut back in the frequency of the service. "


"Tarcoola to Alice Springs Railway (T.A.S.):

Tarcoola to Alice Springs Railway. Work commenced 12 April 1975 on a replacement for the narrow gauge track from Marree to Alice Springs. The new route, via Tarcoola, was opened in 1980. It is standard gauge."


AustralAsia Railway Corporation


Google Search: "AustralAsia Railway"

put it in quotes of course as a googlephrase or googlestring

Google Search: "AustralAsia Railway"

railway construction progress map: " Note: This page is not designed to be printed. Follow the links below to print from Acrobat Reader v 5 or Word"

"Photo Library (High Quality)":

Track laying machine

23 September 2003 got to lay the last sleeper in DARWIN

I'm crazy about maps so this is eye candy to me : "Map Index "

I like BIG BIG jpg s too

and the astonishing theatrical nature of the dramatic tropical light.

it looks like stage lighting
the sun is so high and the shadows so sharp

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Google Search: houshould: "Did you mean: household ? "


the old spelling takes me into transcriptions of old documents

and LATIN The Lucasta Poems - Ausonius Lib. Epig.: "Englished.
The Cynicks narrow houshould stuffe of crutch,
A stool and dish, was lumber thought too much:
For whilst a hind drinks out on's palms o' th' strand
He flings his dish: cries: I've one in my hand! "


Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the State of Virginia: ch. 22: "I should estimate the whole taxable property of this state at an hundred millions of dollars, or thirty millions of pounds our money. One per cent on this, compared with any thing we ever yet paid, would be deemed a very heavy tax. Yet I think that those who manage well, and use reasonable ;oeconomy, could pay one and a half per cent, and maintain their houshould comfortably in the mean time, without aliening any part of their principal, and that the people would submit to this willingly for the purpose of supporting their present contest. We may say then, that we could raise, and ought to raise, from one million to one million and a half of dollars annually, that is from three hundred to four hundred and fifty thousand pounds, Virginia money.
Of our expences it is equally difficult to give an exact state, and for the same reason. They are mostly stated in paper money, which varying continually, the legislature endeavours at every session, by new corrections, to adapt the nominal sums to the value it is wished they should bear. I will state them therefore in real coin, at the point at which they endeavour to keep them.

same problems today as Google Search: california governor: "California Governor-Elect Arnold Schwarzenegger "

Gallery: "Ironbridge in Autumn"

Further up the Severn Valley the first Iron bridge ever made

Google Search: ironbridge

ironbridge: "Ironbridge Power Station"

the Danes send the surplus hot water round their towns as a heat source, in England it goes to waste in these beautiful cooling towers.

Danish district heating reduces local air pollution and the fjernvarme specialist work sells electricity as a BY PRODUCT to the net which gíves a wicked thermal efficiency.

Google Search: fjernvarme

Blåbjerg Biogas - Forside
this place is fermenting the sewage from pigs, poultry and cattle and other biological waste to produce methane gas usably for heating and electricity generation.

The pictures show the stages

From the cow stall
by tanker to storage "ripening" or "rottening" tanks

lokale kraft-varmeværk

the local power station and heat works burns the gas

When the dung has no more gas to give it is cleaned and used as fertiliser on the fields to grow the greens tuff to feed the cow

Bit of a change from the DUNG HEAP of olden days

Job on the Dung Heap (Getty Museum)
and the Old Testament

and back to Genealogy

Google Groups: View Thread "Heaps of Dung": "I've just come across a 1692 probate inventory which lists (among other

Itm Butter Cheese flesh with other houshould stuf 0-12-0
Itm A dung hill 0-15-4
tot: 35-11-0

I've read a fair number of probate inventories but I can't remember a dung
hill being listed before.

No reason, I suppose, why it shouldn't be. What I'm wondering is whether the
inclusion here indicates that the farmer was selling manure (or any other
by-product from a dung heap?) rather than just being an internal resource on
the farm. Any thoughts?"

Welcome to Severn Valley Railway

Planned on visiting this today but the teen has been sleeping for 13 hours. Autumn colours are just beginning and it woul be really beautiful by the River Severn

One of my wicked google tricks is a site search for jpg

Google Search: jpg

this produces a picture album

Google Search: "severn valley"
Brass Bands - Humour - 6: "A note left for a pianist from his wife: Gone Chopin, (have Liszt), Bach in a Minuet"

OOPS that one's for Hedvig but it was meant to go in the BLOOG
see HUGH's BLOOG with the silly LRU-URL
Guardian Unlimited Books | By genre | Review: The Boy by Germaine Greer: "Boy oh boy

Germaine Greer's examination of young men, The Boy, isn't as iconoclastic as it's made out to be, says Natasha Walter

Saturday October 11, 2003
The Guardian

The Boy
by Germaine Greer
256pp, Thames & Hudson, £29.95
The first thing that strikes you about Germaine Greer's new book is just how lovely it is; page after page of sheeny illustrations of fine, languid boys as seen by artists from Praxiteles to Annie Leibovitz. But this is much more than a great coffee table book. In it, Greer is asking us to celebrate the evanescent loveliness of boys, but to do so in a very serious way. "

And wouldn't she just - from writing the Female Eunuch card by academic card, she has apparently sunk to a picture book - well I'm doing what the Sunday paper readers do in England, talking as if I had read the book when I have only seen the write up. A shameful local habit, as I am unlikely to be sent a review copy, I will glance at a copy on the pile at Waterstondes and form my own opinion.
You ran a basic search on "lapham" restricted to reference(s): WO.
I am not certain if that link will work - it may be session thingy.

If not PROCAT: Reader is the organ which looks at the English national archive

Start here and enter LAPHAM to question one

I'm looking for Robert Thomas Lapham my gg grandfather

RootsWeb Message Boards

RootsWeb Message Boards - Message Scotland Lapham

RootsWeb: Bristol_and_Somerset-L Robert Thomas LAPHAM was he a bigamist or a same namer ?

well I don't know why the message board version is missing did the moderator censor it or was it a technical glitche?

The scenario I have in mind is that Robert Thomas Lapham had one family in Bristol from which I am descended, ran away and served with the British Army and was discharged as a Chelsea pensioner then married the Scottish lady starting his second family.

There is a discrepancy of estimated age, but I for one look young for my 67 years and have twice married ladies much younger than myself being young in mind too.

No evidence only a hypothesis so I have two Robert Thomas LAPHAM in my records until more evidence turns up - if ever.

Try FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service
You searched for: Robert thomas Lapham [refine search]
Exact Spelling: Off
Matches: All Sources - 68
Ancestral File etc etc

no obvious hits