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Homepage of Hugh Watkins and one new picture today
Registration Services - Certificate Ordering Service: "Welcome to the General Register Office for England and Wales online ordering service
The General Register Office (GRO) holds a central copy of all registrations for England and Wales. Local Register Offices also hold records of events registered in their area.

For recent events registered within the last 18 months, applications for certificates should be made to the Register Office in the district where the birth, death or marriage took place"

The Prince of Wales - About the Prince: "The Duchy of Cornwall is one of the largest and oldest landed estates in Britain. It was created in 1337 by Edward III for his son, Prince Edward (the Black Prince). A charter ruled that each future Duke of Cornwall would be the eldest surviving son of the monarch - and the heir to the throne."

My congratulations and good wishes to the lucky pair
seen on my tv as I blog

The Prince of Wales own home page

Welcome to Duchy of Cornwall Nursery: "The Duchy of Cornwall Nursery can realistically claim to be unique. The combination of its superb rural location, the range and quality of its plants and the expertise of its staff make a visit essential for every gardener and plant enthusiast.
The nursery offers for sale some 4000 varieties of plants, including many rarely available elsewhere. The majority are grown here on the nursery, from material obtained over the years from around the world. We also buy in material, usually young plants for growing on, from home and abroad.
Our aim is to offer gardeners not just a very wide choice, but more importantly a very good choice of the best garden plants currently available."

Google Search: duchy cornwall all about the organisation on official web sites

The Prince of Wales - News & Events
Duchy Originals is one of the UK’s leading brands of organic food and drink.

When The Prince of Wales created Duchy Originals in 1992 it was because of his belief in the clear advantages of organic farming: the production of natural and healthy foods and sound husbandry which helps to regenerate and protect the countryside.

Duchy Originals embodies The Prince of Wales’s commitment to the "virtuous circle" of providing natural, high quality food, while helping to protect and sustain the countryside and wildlife.

All of its profits are donated to The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation in the UK. The range of organic products includes biscuits, preserves, chocolates, bread, bread, bacon, sausages, milk and soft drinks.

The Prince of Wales said: “I established Duchy Originals with the aim of encouraging the wider adoption of organic farming and food production.

The Prince of Wales - News & Events: "Established by The Prince in 1979, The Prince of Wales's Charitable Foundation (UK) supports a wide range of charitable causes and projects. "

Family History parishes in LAK some useful english pages are turning up

Google Search: english finds english pages

Google Search: "family history"

if you read this the trouble with blogger and the blogthis button has been repaired

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GENEALOGY RESEARCH DENMARK: "List of Scandinavians who joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and emigrated with the saints to the U.S.A. "
Bath Marriages

Bath Births Marriages & Deaths Brilliantand more than a thousand volimes to index

Homepage of Hugh Watkins: "cascading style sheets " and now they work
Gale - Home

Thompson Gale are again offering free access to 30 of their databases,
including the Times Digital Archive, for National Library Week (10th April to 16th April) from a list

SoG Leaflet: The relevance of surnames

All our original ancestors used a one-part name, whether they were Celts, Anglo-Saxons, Scandinavians or Normans.
Certain people before the Norman conquest, and in growing numbers afterwards, had an additional 'byname', but these were not hereditary surnames in the modern sense as they did not pass from father to son.

Such names may appear in Domesday Book, but they have no relevance here. It was not until the early 12th century that surnames became hereditary among the nobility. They spread gradually amongst the ordinary people in the next century, from the town to the country and from the south of England to the north. Most people in England did not, however, have anything approaching an hereditary surname until the end of the 14th century.


The growing need for identification in mediaeval England had probably led the clerks to give people these additional names.
They might be those of their fathers (patronymics) or of some other relation, or the name of the place where they lived or from which they had come (locative surnames), or the names of their offices or occupations, or some descriptive or nick-name.

These additional names might vary considerably during a man's life, change from generation to generation, be changed at apprenticeship or be subject to translation by the clerks at their whim, so that the process by which they became fixed and passed from father to son was quite accidental.

These people themselves sometimes used different names from those by which they were known by the clerks. Thus no clue can be obtained from the surname alone as to the original nationality or racial origin of a family.
One-Step Webpages by Stephen P. Morse: fom Cyndis list by email this morning
anything by "Stephen P. Morse," grabs my attention.

famous for his contribution to the useability of the Elis Island images

he has created the best virtual microfilm readers on the web
Searching Ellis Island Database in One Step

"We acknowledge the work of Dr. Stephen Morse in creating this search tool,
with major contributions from Dr. Yves Goulnik. "

April 5, 2005
What's New on Cyndi's List?
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Varcoe's New Zealand Marriages Index

part of this study The Sites of Gender database was completed in late 1999
Quantitative Databases (Sites of Gender Research Area, University of Otago)

M A R V I N which turns out to be a Mac OS X server at the library University of Otago, New Zealand

He Minenga Whakatu Hua o Te Ao


Te Kaha te hikoi o Te Tangata is the journey of the Murihiku Mäori whänau.

The faith and influence they had with Papatuanuku.
The spiritual and holistic approach that shaped a hunter gatherer culture.
The requirement to change from a stone age people to a world that was monetary and industrial in a very short time frame.

How far have the whänau got to in their journey now?

Is there enough of an influence of our Tikanga on management processes and decision making within government local authorities etc.?
We have responsibility for the future care and management of Papatuanuku.
Datadocktor'n - din hjælp bland ettor o nollor

from my email

this message was sent from: Misc discussions.

Ooohhh thats really clever I will try thaton my friends new PEECEE when she
gets it.

Does it aslo works with Macintoss ?

NOW what on earth was that about?

Datadocktor'n - computer help page: "Hi and wälcomme to the internationally well know computerspecialist!

After my summer gonnaway with lots of diskswitchings and defragmentations im now back , now even bigger and better and more internationalised.
Choose a link to the left to get started.

And yes, when i have time (beetween all my expensive consultations) i'm going to translate all the other (in Swedish) tips to English, meanwhile take a look at the swedish pages and do as you do with other manuals/handbooks (Like Penthouse and Playboy) , look at the pictures!!!"

First step is to find a data washing establishment.

It's very easily happens that it gets a bit dirty when you do datawelding.


Can you add an English text ?

Well, as you finally can see, I have enabled my English babelfish graphic card to work on all the
interwebb so everyone can take part of my knowledge.

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Ships Passenger Lists: "Search for your ancestry on Olive Tree Genealogy! Free Ships' Passenger lists, Palatine Genealogy, Canadian Genealogy, USA Genealogy, Native American Genealogy, Huguenots, Mennonites, Almshouse Records, Orphan Records, church records, military muster rolls, census records, land records and much more will help you find that elusive ancestor."

one of the treasures of the internet
HistoryLink :: Welcome Washington State Public Schools
DESCRIPTION: A virtual library of historical information, documents, phographs and objects pertaining to the Washington State public schools.

The document collection contains images and text featuring yearbooks, diplomas, and county reports among other objects spanning the years 1897 to 1924.

examples rather than comprehensive at this stage

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Homepage of Hugh Watkins just been allocated free page space
yellow peril as an experiment using the page generator on line
Craftmatic Adjustable Bed - Craftmatic Organization Inc.
I just had one Daniel Tafe giving me a presentation of
the Craftmatic Adjustable Bed,
which I may buy when I can afford one.

I searched his name on the web and found his daughters wedding on
England and Wales Civil Registration Marriage Index: 1984-2000

only one entry in 1901 census

Daniel Tafe 14 years
Ardsley, Yorkshire, England Son Warden Northumberland
Source information: RG13/4826
Registration district: Hexham
Sub-registration district: Chollerton
ED, institution, or vessel: 11
Folio: 122
Page: 23 (click to see others on page)
Household schedule number: 133

and that father
John Tafe 50 Heath, Glamorgan, Wales Head
was driving a Steam Navvy with 3 sons in a crew of about 8 men

the neighbours were working in a freestone quarry

steam navvy at work
The steam navvy at work
While the hand-laborer starts digging from the surface downward, the scoop of the steam shovel attacks the trench from the bottom upward.

and in 1901 in Wales

John Tafe 60 Ruscombe, Ireland Lodger Barry Glamorgan

which ties in with what Daniel Tafe the father of
the Craftmatic Adjustable Bed representative told his son
about their irish connection.

the older spelling with a double f
found all these Census Records matches for Taffe with Glamorgan
601 total matches found in All Records Census Records

but then you have the River Taff which may confuse things

the irish connection appeared again on this german site
- - Mayerling: Die Personen: "Eduard Graf Taaffe "
twice prime minister of Austria and stated to be of irish descent.

Ellesmere to Wrexham Railway Bangor-on-Dee Section
photograph of a Steam Excavator (Navvy) of about 1890
during the construction of the Ellesmere to Wrexham Railway.

some cousins here
Boards 00 Surnames 00 Tafe

Teaf - Taffee - Tafee - Taaffe ancestors:

Thomas Taaffe born c.1832 in Ireland;
immigrated to U.S. before 1860, worked as a smelter in
the copper mines in Orange County, Vermont, and died c. 1864.

James TAFE who I believe was born around 1826 in Ireland.

James Taffe married Sarah Selina Hanlon in West Derby (near LIverpool)1884
James Tafe born 1855 France brother of Thpmas Tafe

James David Tafe - a living son

silly season !!
RootsWeb Message Boards - Message [ Ribe ] )It feels a bit incestious to blog my own stuff
but this is a good exmple of how I teach myself genealogy - and european political geography too - by trying to help as a volunteer.

this page is getting big and due for a revision and division into two pages Danish family history with Hugh

Genealogy is like police work,
you must use tested and tried procedures.

Research Guidance v2.0:
Step 1. Identify what you know about your family.
Step 2. Decide what you want to learn about your family.
Step 3. Select records to search .
Step 4. Obtain and search the record.
Step 5. Use the information.

Follow the money trail !

who paid for the child's maintenance ?
how did the ownership or soveriegnity of land change?
What were the consequences of the crime and of the punishment?
Slesvigske stednavne - Schleswigsche Ortsnamen: "Dansk - Deutsch - Frasch

you have to be careful about spellings

Dansk - Deutsch - Frasch
Danish- German - Friesian

Slesvig or Sønderjylland was danish to 1864.
1864-1920 german under the state of Prussia

From 1920 Nordslesvig is danish and Sydslesvig is german .
In Vestslesvig they speak friesian too

about friesian

all the place name exist in 2 or 3 or more languages and dialects
-*-*-*-**-*-*-*- portal for the danish minority in north Germany

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This website has been set up to provide information on the descendants of William Straker (pictured on the left) born in Holborn in 1744. At present we have not been able to trace the Straker family back past William.

It’s a bit basic but I wanted to get something on the internet as I’ve been in contact with a number of people via Genes Reunited and thought a website might make the exchange of information easier.
Andy Kelly

28 March 2005
from Google Groups : soc.genealogy.britain

It's been awful for the last two or three days, here in the UK. You couldn't
turn on the radio or TV news without a long report basically saying the Pope
hadn't died yet, and how various of his organs were or were not failing. You could sense a disappointment each time the reporter had to go on air without being able to give the momentous news. I think that robbed the Pope of some of his dignity, and at a very hard part of his life. They should have refrained from all those \'on the spot\' reports, and left the newsreader to give us a short summary.
I dread to think of what will happen when the Queen\'s time comes!

Cheers, Darren

News just coming out now. Pope John Paul II has died.

May he finally Rest In Peace.

== 3 of 4 ==
Date: Sun, Apr 3 2005 10:18 am
From: Peter Goodey

> Thanks Rob, and sorry Sharon for being a bit short with you.

I think your earlier message was spot on.

== 4 of 4 ==
Date: Sun, Apr 3 2005 3:47 am
From: "JAP"

"Peter Goodey"

> > Thanks Rob, and sorry Sharon for being a bit short with you.
> I think your earlier message was spot on.

hadn't died yet, and how various of his organs were or were not failing. You
could sense a disappointment each time the reporter had to go on air without
being able to give the momentous news.

I think that robbed the Pope of some of his dignity, and at a very hard part
of his life. They should have refrained from all those 'on the spot'
reports, and left the newsreader to give us a short summary.

I dread to think of what will happen when the Queen's time comes!


"Another mailing list I belong to had a similar post from another of those
who assume that nobody else reads Internet news/ watches TV/ listens to the
radio, etc - notwithstanding saturation coverage of the final suffering of
the poor Pope."

The exchange there went like this:-

Poster 1
"El Papa Esta Muerto
2:37 P.M. East Coast U.S. Time Our Holy Father left us. Too Sad. "

[Incidentally, while - as here - it was anything but necessary to post the
information, it was clear from previous and subsequent correspondence that
the poster was seriously distressed about the death of the poor Pope. So a
little punctuation after the word 'time' might have helped]

Poster 2
"Yes, but he has done as much as any one celibate man can to ensure that the
human population will continue to grow for generations of genealogists to

Did any paper other than the Daily Mail carry a BMW advert which
declared that "By the end of 2007 you will not be allowed to use
a right-hand drive on the roads of mainland Europe

Not to mention that the cars would be "hands free" i.e. no steering wheel.
As mentioned by Charles, enquiries were to be directed to Herr Huhr-Huhr - I
see that there was also an interview with a Dr Bitt-Fischi.
Major Religions Ranked by Size: "The adherent counts presented in the list above are estimates of the number of people who have at least a minimal level of self-identification as adherents of the religion"

David B. Barrett's World Christian Encyclopedia(1994 update) gives an oft-cited figure of 1.9 billion Christians (or about 33% of the world population), and has projected that by the year 2000 there will be 2.1 billion Christians in the world. Regardless of the degree of accuracy of this figure, Christianity, if taken as a whole, is unarguably the largest world religion.

Google Search: World Christian Encyclopedia

Focus on Religion 2001 UK census

The 2001 Census identified 8.6 million people in Great Britain who said they had no religion. Christianity is the main religion, with 41 million people. Muslims were the largest non-Christian religious group – 1.6 million – and their profile shows a young, tightly clustered, but often disadvantaged, community.

Google Search: Christian denomination Membership statistics

The Families of Christianity

Branch - - Numbers
Catholic - - 968,000,000
Protestant - - 395,867,000
Other - - 275,583,000
Orthodox - - 217,948,000
Anglicans - - 70,530,000

(source: Encyclopedia Britannica)

Breaking these families down by "denomination," begins to uncover even greater diversity.

Branch - - Numbers
Catholic - - 1,050,000,000
Orthodox/Eastern Christian - - 240,000,000
African indigenous sects - - 110,000,000
Pentecostal - - 105,000,000
Reformed/Presbyterian/Congregational - - 75,000,000
Anglican - - 73,000,000
Baptist - - 70,000,000
Methodist - - 70,000,000
Lutheran - - 64,000,000
Jehovah's Witnesses 1 - - 4,800,000
Adventist - - 12,000,000
Latter Day Saints - - 11,500,000
Apostolic/New Apostolic 1 - - 0,000,000
Stone-Campbell ("Restoration Movement") - - 5,400,000
New Thought (Unity, Christian Science, etc.) - - 1,500,000
Brethren (incl. Plymouth) - - 1,500,000
Mennonite - - 1,250,000
Friends (Quakers) - - 300,000
The Holy See

situation vacant -- application by invitation only - appointment in secret by committee of old men

Vatican Secret Archives - Index but is all revealed?
many useful office copies of the stuff Luther was against contain genealogical data

Project Wittenberg SELECTED WORKS OF MARTIN LUTHER, 1483 - 1546 Google Search: "martin Luther " -martin-luther-king

Fans and official pages Google Search: pope
more pious nonsense Google Search: pope

from my email

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, April 02, 2005 8:57 PM
Subject: [B&S] Non-gen - Pope John Paul II

Forgive me for using this medium, but I wanted to extend my sympathies to
our Roman Catholic fellow researchers upon the death of His Holiness, Pope John
Paul the Second. This Anglican found much to inspire him in the work and
witness of the Pope, and the world will be a poorer place without him.

not often I write off list
he was a charismatic failure who failed to do anything for women:-
no female priests, bishops or cardinals,
no marriages allowed - maybe even leading some priests to sink into abuse of children
no contraception, abortion or divorce.

A disgrace to humanity, a wannebe actor and a failure as a religious leader.

Just another purveyer of superstition and irrationality
and prejudice against the homosexual minority too.

Hugh W