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Google Gunpowder Plot
"400 years since a certain Guy Fawkes failed to blow up the Houses of Parliament "
Gunpowder Plot - Google Image Search - News - BLAST FROM THE PAST: "We started with a full-size replica of the 1605 House of Lords, built from 650 tonnes of concrete, at the Spadeadam RAF base on the Scottish border.
Then we got hold of a tonne of gunpowder, stored it in barrels of the same number and type that Guy Fawkes used 400 years ago and put it in exactly the same place he had - directly under the King as he sat on his throne.

The only difference was that whereas Guy was caught before he lit the fuse on November 5, 1605, we were going one step further.
In order to make the experiment as accurate as possible, we also had to find out as much as we could about the plot and Fawkes himself.
BORN in York, he witnessed religious persecution of his fellow Catholics from an early age. When he was 16, a local woman was 'pressed to death' for her religious beliefs."-the-past-name_page.html"> - News - BLAST FROM THE PAST

British Library digital news

British Library press reelase: "Microsoft and the British Library today announced a strategic partnership to digitise 25 million pages of content from the Library's collections in 2006, with a long term commitment to digitise still more in the future.
Microsoft and the British Library will work together to digitise around 100,000 out-of-copyright books and deliver search results for this content through the new MSN Book Search service help people find precisely what they're looking for on the web. MSN Search will launch an initial public beta offering next year. "

In Denmark this is seen as an ante-google tactical move

Google Print Library Project

Adopt a Book: "The British Library has the world's greatest collection of books, manuscripts, newspapers, maps, music, pictures and stamps. However, many of these items are deteriorating from age and overuse. Right now it would take us over 100 years just to cope with present conservation needs and each year this need grows. We must do something now to prevent our literary heritage from vanishing before our eyes. "
and the acid wood pulp paper is turning to dust

professional genealogists in London

The College of Arms is the official repository of the coats of arms and pedigrees of English, Welsh, Northern Irish and Commonwealth families and their descendants. Its records also include official copies of the records of Ulster King of Arms the originals of which remain in Dublin.

The Duchess of Cornwall has been granted a new coat of arms by Her Majesty The Queen to signify her position as wife of the heir apparent to the throne. Click here for an image of the arms and a full description and explanation.

The arms of Major Shand, used in the sinister half of the Duchess' shield, are blazoned as follows:
Azure a Boar's Head erased behind the ears Argent armed and langued Or on a Chief engrailed Argent between two Mullets Gules a Cross crosslet fitchy Sable.
The sinister supporter is blazoned as follows:
A Boar Azure armed and unguled Or langued Gules and gorged with a Coronet composed of crosses formy and fleurs-de-lys attached thereto a Chain reflexed over the back and ending in a ring all Or.

THE ARMORIAL OF HAITI a pdf for a forthcoming book. more news from the College

another example:-

Fraser & Fraser has been conducting world-class research for over 30 years. We developed from the traditions and experience of Mrs Gertrude Christensen, who formed a genealogical firm in 1923, and have dealt with over 7,000 inheritance cases. Since 1991 alone, we have enabled our clients to inherit over £100 million.

and world wide topics:-

Probate Research and Forensic Genealogy and Medical Genealogy

National Society of Genetic Counselors look for clusters of illness

also cluster genealogy

What's new in Family Tree Maker since version 4?

Answer: "a summary of the major new features that have been added since Family Tree Maker version 4."

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Friends Reunited.profile

Friends Reunited co uk

time to try something new just registering and their bot asks you to describe yourself I am writng in slightly uncouth english style aimed at the search engines, which even index my typos and I am following :- Hints & Tips: What to include in your Friends Reunited profile
Some people reading your profile may not be old friends so we recommend you don’t include specific personal details. Your privacy is our utmost concern and we never ever reveal your personal email address, date of birth or any other sensitive information.

single, divorced three times with 3 daughters and 2 grand daughters

Now I am a family historian, published writer, blogger,

8½ years British Army, Sapper, Royal Engineers, Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall, A1 trade, with clarinet, tenor trombone, saxophone, flute, oboe, bass drum, as second instruments

30 years as a professional musician, bassoon player, professional conductor and trainer of amateur brass band, symphony orchestra, military, community and concert band, recognised as a qualified teacher in schools

I played traditional jazz tuba, sousaphone, in the second New Orleans revival when at Loughborough College of Advanced Technology (today Loughborough University)

I taught music in Scandinavia then I retired and drove taxi - thus becoming a full time tourist and people watcher in Copenhagen, and learned colloquial danish.

I have a pension and divide my time between Solihull, UK and Copenhagen, Denmark and have also lived in Aldershot, Twickenham, Mytchett, Farnbough Hants, Widney Lane, Solihull, Usk, Chepstow, Tutshill, Wolverhanpton, Belfast, Dunmurry,

Abroad? Denmark, Faroe Islands, Klaksvik, Northern Ireland and as a musician or researcher Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Scotland, Wales, France, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czechoslovakia 1965

My spiritual journey has been long and happy and more important to me than material things (of which I have never lacked teh essentils) seeking wisdom through philosophy, and my love of our human kind.

(just adding some keywords in danish for the bots
Jeg kan godt snakke dansk - Danmark København Østerbro taxa Færøyene Føroyar Klaksvík )

I am a happy person in my third age, my economy is minimal but in order, I have reasonable health, and I live like a student often using libraries and archives and above all the internet and AOL, and my intellectual life is thriving.

After all I am living history and I remember World War 2 and the blitz on Birmingham and Coventry (heard from a safe distance and lucky to be alive) as an OAP pensioner, pensionist.

Friends - Find old friends, Online dating, Genealogy and family tree council

Klaksvik kommune
just click on the photographs to see why I love the place, and the people are even nicer

Personarkiver - private archives in Denamrk

Danmarks Nationale Privatarkivdatabase: "If you're wondering what this is all about, then take a look here!"

I like that link ! stylish

chat on AOL about Google Print

Google Print

the LDS Family History Library has announced that it has begun the process of digitizing and making available on the Internet all of the Family History books in their collection. These are primarily books in the "929.273Series" that are currently housed on the first floor of the� Family History Library (previously housed on the fourth floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building).

At the present time (September 2005), about 5000 books have been digitized and are available, and they have announced that they are adding about 100 titles a week to the on-line collection.

Go to the web site of the Harold B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University
on their home page, follow the links

"drop down menus
Find Other Materials/Electronic/On Line Collections at BYU".

Click on the "Text Collections" tab and select the "Family History Archive" from the list of collections that are displayed.

Participating Libraries:
Harold B. Lee Library
BYU Hawaii
BYU Idaho
LDS Business College
Family History Library
Church History Library

Heritage has the same set up with it's books and I find that really interesting to browse

One interesting sidelight is, when you are at the first web page for the Family History Archive (the page that lets you begin a search), click on the "Browse the Collection" button.
This will display every Family History book that has been digitized and is available in the collection.

Xfiremar: NYPL is going to do the same

German records in Denmark

Velkommen til Danmarks Elektroniske Forskningsbiblioteks hjemmeside

Velkommen til Danmarks Elektroniske Forskningsbiblioteks hjemmeside:

Danmarks Elektroniske Forskningsbibliotek (DEF) omfatter en række projekter og udviklingsopgaver inden for IT, forskning, uddannelse og biblioteksudvikling. Det overordnede formål med disse aktiviteter er at forbedre anvendelsen af IT med henblik på at understøtte forskning og uddannelse. De seks DEF Programområder er følgende:

The Peaceful Occupation of Denmark 1940-1943:
»Sie fühlten sich wie die Made im Speck,«
wrote the head of the Gestapo in Esbjerg of the German troops in the town. Danish historians of the German occupation of Denmark have also noted the comfortable life that the peculiar occupation regime in Denmark afforded the Wehrmacht compared to conditions in other occupied countries.

The present article provides a more complex picture of the Wehrmacht's situation on the so-called »whip cream front.« It focuses on conditions from the viewpoint of the German authorities charged with administering the occupation regime at both the local and national levels in cooperation with the Danish authorities.

The main source for depicting these conditions is internal German correspondence, especially confidential messages to and from the commander of the German troops in Denmark, General Erich Lüdke. Some of these documents, used here for the first time, are essential for understanding how the so-called peaceful occupation was experienced and managed by the German authorities charged with its implementation. "

Denmark: "28 Apr 1929 - 4 May 1942 Thorvald August Marinus Stauning (s.a.) SP
(2nd time)
4 May 1942 - 10 Nov 1942 Vilhelm Buhl (1st time) (b. 1881 - d. 1954) SD
10 Nov 1942 - 5 May 1945� Erik Julius Christian Scavenius (b. 1877 - d. 1962) Non-party
5 May 1945 - 8 Nov 1945 Vilhelm Buhl (2nd time) (s.a.) SD
8 Nov 1945 - 13 Nov 1947 Knud Kristensen (b. 1880 - d. 1962) LP-V "

Christmas Møller (his son died inWWII) in England functioned as a government in exile and secured the recognition of Denmark as an ally by UK and USA but not USSR.

It was a busy day after by train and bus shopping for cheap vegetables at the cabbage king and taking them home to Brumleby

Next I rushed into town town and Rigsarkivar Johan Peter Noack told me that last my email tohim about the broken deep links on Danish parish registers and census online help ended in the spam again

I am starting to research the last month of the Besættelse at Rigsarkivet
May 1945

finding the handbooks, and guides to Bovrup-arkiv, som er arkivet efter Danmarks National-Socialistiske Arbejder Parti (DNSAP

quite a can or worms well explored already
but many secret files are closed for 80 years
Icaugh up with the vejledningsserie Rigsarkivet informerer. and got some new leaflets or research guides.

when RA closed at 16:00
I went to Det Kongelige Bibliotek West reading room, where I am starting to read the standard works of danish history on the open shelves

The big find was my couin's cousin Pilot Officer William Henry (Harry) James
b: 19 MAR 1920
d: 14 SEP 1943 in RAF killed in action
and crashed in the sea off Korsør, Denmark and listed in Faldne Allierede Flyvere 1939-1945 by Anders Bjørnvad. (Odense, 1978)

It recorded precisely where the aircraft crashed between Halsskov Rev and Sprogø
and gave me a better insight into the relationship between public, priests and occupiers.

I also learned how to use their computers better and to log on to the system using my cpr number off my library ticket

Next newspapers in 1945

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springtime in OZ

from Australia by email:-

Street Koala
In leafy Langwarrin yesterday people in McClelland Drive were surprised when this little fella was in the wrong lane

Cyndi's List?

Cyndi's List - What's New ?

As new links are submitted via the Submit a New Link form, they will temporarily be added to a page of uncategorized links for that month.
The links are added automatically by a computerized script that runs each night. They appear *exactly* as they were submitted by the visitor.

The links are also forwarded to the CyndisList Mailing List through the automated script.

Once these links are in their permanent home on various category pages on Cyndi's List, they will be removed them from these uncategorized pages.

Cyndi's List - FAQ - How to Submit a New Link to Cyndi's List: "If you know of a web site that isn't yet included on Cyndi's List, please make note of the address and send it"

English Monarchs

Kings and Queens of England but why make this site?

Census Finder -

Census Records Online
Census records are among one of the best and most often utilized tools for genealogy research. Many are recorded or transcribed online. Locating free census records online can present a challenge. With a bit of patience, you will find thousands of census links to free census transcriptions, census indexes and census images in our categorized directory.

Ccensus records for the U.S., United Kingdom and Canada have been categorized all the way down to the county level, enabling you to search for census data online quickly and easily


Lemmings chuck themselves on to PSP - PSP News - "As the trickle of releases for PSP quickly becomes a torrent, we're starting to notice some definite groupings. Alongside the original titles and the shrunken PS2 games, there's the old school classic that's been brought back from beyond the grave for some portable afterlife."

one of my few favourite games from about 1991
but I used to take it much too seriously

The LemNet Chronicles: "Lemmings is a strategy game, available for many different platforms.

The game goes like this: a number of blue & green creatures (lemmings) fall into a level, which consists of ground (rocks, wood, strange things), an entry (which the lemmings fall out of), an exit (which the lemmings must get to)
and sometimes interactive objects (in the game in the original style, these are traps, but in the other games they can be a lot of different things).

You are given a certain amount of skills (climber, floater, bomber, digger, basher, miner, builder, blocker) which you must use to help get as many lemmings as possible to the exit.

While this is easy on the first few levels, the levels can be VERY difficult indeed. "

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Get a map online

Darwin Awards

Darwin Awards: "This month I will be posting dozens of new stories in preparation for announcing the Annual Winners! I'm sorry, but the semi-annual awards have been long-delayed due to my personal circumstances."

We salute the improvement of the human genome
by honoring those who remove themselves from it in really stupid ways.
Of necessity, this honor is generally bestowed posthumously.

Bleak House 1851

Belfast Telegraph: "It is also to be chronicled by the first complete census of the British nation, undertaken on March 30 1851, a month before the Great Exhibition was officially opened.
For those watching BBC1's 15-part adaptation of Bleak House, directed by Andrew Davies, the census now provides another chance to delve into the story of 1851, because it has now been launched online by in conjunction with The National Archives.
The availability of the census fuels an apparently unquenchable desire to study family history. But it also provides a chance to examine a year in which a poor family would be forced to live in one room and where the unemployed and infirm eked out an existence in the workhouse, removing tar from ships' ropes in return for a bed and food. "

Halloween hauntings

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see my pictures

my snaps blog has got a lot more autumn scenes

this was an accident - but I liked the ivy invading the stairs

films on tv

schoensten-bahnstrecken - Google Image Search

these are my personal cult films, as an old retired train-spotter.
"We" are in Greece and I love to see the different landsacapes and townscapes.

SW Sound Whistle
This drive hits the horn frequently as there are a lot of unguarded level crossings and people use the railways as footpaths - Programm - Heute im Ersten

I am expeerimenting with holding the phone camera at arms lenghbut it tends to dip when I press the shutter button
Die schönsten Bahnstrecken Europas
Griechenland: Thessaloniki - Komotoni

Kiato Komatoni
Griechenland: Thessaloniki - Komotoni. 31.10.05 - 04:20, Die schönsten ... - TV-Programm: "04:15
Die schønsten Bahnstrecken Europas
Griechenland: Thessaloniki - Komotoni "

Der Eisenbahn Webkatalog - Eisenbahn im TV. Fernsehsendungen zum Thema Eisenbahn.

"schoensten Bahnstrecken" - Google Search

and this is the standard final screen with the phone number of the publisher

EK-Verlag, Postfach 500 111, 79027 Freiburg

next news - Tagesschau


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Dresden Celebrates Rebuilt Frauenkirche 29.10.2005: "Dresden's Frauenkirche, a symbol of the suffering of German civilians after its destruction in World War II bombing and now of reconciliation, will officially re-open Sunday after its long reconstruction. "
Live-Cams | MDR.DE

LIVE ON zdf tv


Thwart online scams

Microsoft Phishing Filter:
"57 million people in the United States alone claim to have been exposed to at least one online phishing scam. These scams typically attempt to lure you into visiting phony Web sites where your personal information or credit card information can be collected for criminal use.
Microsoft Phishing Filter helps provide dynamic protection against phishing scams as you visit Web sites in two ways. It scans and helps identify suspicious Web sites, and provides up-to-the-hour updates and reporting on known phishing sites. Microsoft Phishing Filter is available as an add-in for the MSN Search Toolbar at no cost, and will be also available in the upcoming Windows Internet Explorer 7. "

Internet Explorer 7: Now in beta testing for developers: "The first stage of the beta process for Internet Explorer 7 has begun�developer testing! The latest version of the world�s most popular Web browser has been released for technical evaluation, feedback, and testing by software and Web site developers.

The Beta 1 release signals that Internet Explorer 7 has reached an important milestone, with a number of key new features and improvements, and is ready for website and application compatibility testing. This release is specifically intended for developers to confirm that existing applications and websites will work well with Internet Explorer 7, and provides an opportunity for developers to give feedback directly to the development team. There will be further refinement between Beta 1 and the final version."

Download details: Internet Explorer 7 Beta 1 Technology Overview