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1841 Scotland census Monthly Newsletter - June 2006

Even before the launch of the English and Welsh 1841 censuses at the end of April, Ancestry had been working hard on further UK census releases.

In addition to the complete 1841 censuses for England and Wales, Ancestry members can now also enjoy access to the all important 1841 Scottish census.

With around 2.6 million index names, the Scots 1841 holds similar significance to its English and Welsh counterparts as the first of the modern day censuses for Scotland.

The census is currently available in a fully transcribed index form, enabling members to search by names as well as address and occupation for possibly the first time. Ancestry is also currently trying to work with the General Register Office for Scotland to enable posting of the accompanying census images.

the newsletter will keep you updated on progress in due course.

The 1841 Census for Scotland was taken on the night of 6 June 1841. The following information was requested:

  • Place (name of village, street, square, close, etc.)
  • Name of each person that had spent the night in that household
  • Age*
  • Sex (indicated by which column the age is recorded in)
  • Profession or occupation
  • Where born**

*The ages of people over 15 years old were usually rounded down to the nearest 5 years. Therefore, someone who was actually 24 years would have their age listed as 20, and someone who was actually 27 years old would have their age listed as 25. If people lied about their ages, or if their real ages were not known or reported correctly, the gap between the rounded age recorded on the census and their actual age may be quite significant.

**The "Where Born" column only asked two questions - 1) whether born in same county, and 2) whether Foreigner or whether born in England or Ireland. Possible answers and abbreviations to question #1 include: Yes (Y), No, (N), or Not Known (NK). For question #2, the following abbreviations were used: England/Wales (E), Ireland (I), and Foreign Parts (F).


another good idea from the Ancestry Weekly Journal:-

After reminiscing with my sisters over the holiday weekend, several
memories of the "old days" came up. Maybe you had a similar
experience. This week, take a few minutes to record the memory of a
person, place, or event that is special to you. Create a file and do
this often. You'll be helping to preserve an important part of your
family history. Don't you wish your ancestors had done the same?

Juliana Smith, Editor

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sorry about the blog gap

well at leasty no one wrote and asked if I was alright

I am in Copenhagen for a couple of months and going to be working the danish archives from the point of view of military history
shows how with just a name and a date and county of birth I was able to get a long was into the genealogy of Rasmus Karl Therkelsen Gottlieb Hollywood screen name Karl Dane

See my Danish Archives FAQ
to see wee I will be LAK and RA mostlythat whole website is due for a major rebuild using this new computer, about which you may see my new blog

I have got Dreamweaver and Photoshop to learn so you may expect great things in about a year or after I have cleared up the question of census image copyright.

I also intend to learn how to make attractive original blog templates.
I am on line with a 10mb / 10mb WAN from
and Google mail is noticeably faster.

So far I have set up a new router (the owner had plugged the WAN cable in a LAN socket but I didn't check that first) and got a Sony digital camera bought in England to download 719 snaps to a bought in Germany laptop wih WinME in german . . . . .

To deal with the heat wave I am staying in for the afternooons and drinking lots of tap water precooled in my fridge, and after Le Tour on TV with the english commentary from on the computer is over, I then take a siesta - or an astronaut nap (about 45 minutes asleep)

I am doing my shopping in the mornings, and by phone, and taking lots of snbaps for my picture bank. The snaps blogs are really slow on dial-up so you really need broadband for the high graphics content..

I hope to get family Tree Maker running on the Macintosh soon - there are three possibilities as to how.
Reunion was highly recommended but I found thr GUI really irritating and out of date.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

monmouthshire wills

my grandfather Alfred Henry Watkins died 2 January 1935

will-ahw-19350102a.jpg View
will-ahw-19350102b.jpg View

his wife Blanche Eveline Watkins neé Blanche Eveline Jones died 5 July 1953

will-bej-bew-19530705a.jpg View
will-bej-bew-19530705b.jpg View

Her father the Raglan grocer Edward Jones died 18 July 1900


her grandfather Raglan grocer, and brick,tile and pipe works owner John Jones died 19 February 1887

will-jj-18870219d.jpg View
will-jj-18870219e.jpg View
will-jj-18870219f.jpg View
will-jj-18870219g.jpg View

this will of labourer John John of Llanttwit Major, Glamorgan, was sent to me in error (John ap John)
ill-jj-18870303.jpg View

and this Reverend John Jones of Llanelly, Carmarthenshire was a mistake too
will-jj-18870415.jpg View

Thomas Watkins of Highmead, Llanfair Kilgeddin was the father of Alfred Henry Watkins

will-tw-18790328a.jpg View
will-tw-18790328b.jpg View
will-tw-18790328c.jpg View
will-tw-18790328d.jpg View

William Morgan of Lodge Farm, Raglan died 4 November 1892

will-wm-18921104a.jpg View
will-wm-18921104b.jpg View
will-wm-18921104c.jpg View

What would you like to do today?

"What would you like to do today?"which is a line from Family Tree•Genealogy•Ancestor•Ancestry•Family History
AKA Genes Reunited

With very very modestly price I could to afford to experiment
Today's site statistics - 74,339,215 relations on Genes Reunited

I uploaded my tree as a gedcom
"You have 2517 individuals and 421 surnames in your tree so far. "

and I get one to four enquiries daily one that I am really interested im, a BLISS JONES from Raglan has not answered my first message.

meanwhile I linked an australian and a dane with great success with STETTIN in common
so it can pay to search on behalf of your friends

I have een very busy getting ready to fly to Copenhagen tommorrow so the blogs have been a bit erratic. . . . I always post my changes of address a litttle early.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

thank you martin

from my email:-

Store Heddinge ny kirkegård

  • Name: Jørgen (født Pedersen i 1911 købt) Strømsholt
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 20 JUL 1869 in Varpelev, Stevns, Præstø, Denmark
  • Death: 1957 in Store Heddinge Stevns Præstø (købt Strømsholt 23/12/1911 )
  • Name change 23 DEC 1911 Pedersen to Strømsholt ministri breve
  • He was the first Strømsholt
  • Name: Bolette (Marie) Sofie Rasmussen
  • Sex: F
  • Birth: 23 SEP 1874 in Atterup Overdrev, Øster Egede,
    Fakse, Præstø, Denmark
  • Death: 8 OCT 1924 in Rigshospitalet København

  • room for about six or eight people here

  • Name: Hansigne Elizabeth Olsen
  • Sex: F
  • ALIA: Signe /Olsen/
  • Birth: 24 NOV 1893 in Klippinge, Magleby Stevns, Præstø, Denmark
  • Death: 1972

  • Rasmussen, Bolette (Marie) Sofie
    23 SEP 1874 Atterup Overdrev, Øster Egede, Fakse, Præstø, Denmark
    8 OCT 1924 Rigshospitalet København
    WorldConnect database

    Father: Niels Jørgen Rasmussen
    Mother: Ane Kirstine Pedersen
    Spouse: Jørgen (født Pedersen i 1911 købt) Strømsholt

    more photos Stort billede: 1600 x 1200

    Hey there,

    I assume you remember the old cemetery, which is around the church. I don't think they use that anymore - most of the stones are old, and it looks like a museum.

    The "new" cemetery is a few hundred meters north of the old / the church. It has the chapel you see on one of the pics roughly in the middle. If I'd turned a bit more to the right, when I took the picture, you might have been able to see the entrance.

    I think I passed Richters gård when I rode on to Højerup on my bicycle.

    Martin V. Andersen

    Martin's homepage

    and the Lokalhistorisk Arkiv for Herfølge-Sædder Sogne site he maintains

    google maps of Denmark are a bit primitive but show a fascinating field pattern

    RootsWeb Review, 12 July 2006, Vol. 9, No. 28

    my regular readers must know that I subscribe to a lot of genealogical lists both specific to surnames and places and I often quote gems, but this issue so good, and all about breaking through brickwalls, that you really ought to read all of it:-


    Slaying Spelling Dragons
    By Myra Vanderpool Gormley, CG

    Dragons lay in wait for us as we venture forth into uncharted waters of
    genealogical research. The biggest one out there is the Old Spelling
    Dragon. He can gobble up your ancestors and sidetrack your research for
    years -- if you let him. . . . .

    - so good indeed written with great charm and style.
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    unsubscribe from this newsletter or to sign up for others),
    just visit our newsletter management center any time at:

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