Saturday, September 09, 2006

google and deep web
searches archives of old newspaper
see deep web - Google Image Search

see the six year old concept bowtie

Figure 1 The web is a bow tie

A central core contains pages between which users can surf easily. Another large cluster, labelled 'in', contains pages that
link to the core but cannot be reached from it. These are often new pages that have not yet been linked to. A separate 'out'
cluster consists of pages that can be reached from the core but do not link to it, such as corporate websites containing only
internal links. Other groups of pages, called 'tendrils' and 'tubes', connect to either the in or out clusters, or both, but not to
the core, whereas some pages are completely unconnected. To illustrate this structure, the researchers picture the web as a
plot shaped like a bow tie with finger-like projections.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

ancestry freebie

Access the 1901 UK Census

because of BBC programme

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backlog of messages

from my email:-

Cyndi Howells
to CyndisList-List

Hello all -

The mailing list has been quiet since about the 18th due to technical
difficulties at RootsWeb. RW is the host for the mailing list.

They are currently changing all mailing lists (more than 28,000?) from
SmartList software to Mailman software. The migration from one
software to the other has been smooth for some mailing lists and
bumpy for others.

The CyndisList mailing list was one that had a bumpy ride. It has been rescheduled to be migrated later.

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Estonian Historical Archives

from my email:-

Finally cracked the estonian online archive, with the help of my new german friends/relatives and a Dansk-Estisk estisk-Dansk dictionary. For your information kohvikann is coffeepot. But that is one of the easier ones. Menighed, parish, is kogudus. Quite a challenge.

Hit Nimekiri (list) and first time: register, after that only user name and password

In genealogy you open one door and it leads to hundreds new.

The Estonian Historical Archives

3. Records of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church (EELK) archives containing personal data

This database contains information about records of different congregations of EELK containing personal data that are held in various repositories all over Estonia.
For a more detailed survey of the series of the records of Lutheran churches, see the article about the fonds of EELK, written by L. Pahtma.

estonian english dictionary - Google Search

Monday, September 04, 2006


Aurelia Clemons is an acredited genealogist and has been researching since 1967.

She has not used the extra characters in the Danish alphabet but uses ae = æ , aa = å, o = ø;

(=)for married, CH: = Child/Children/Børn, WIFE = Kone/Enke

Research Outline for Denmark with helpful hints and column headings of Parish Records, Census, and Military Levying Rolls.

List of Scandinavians who joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and emigrated with the saints to the U.S.A.
Emigration from Scandinavian Mission - LDS - 1852-1866
Emigration from Scandinavian Mission - LDS - 1867-1881

- PARISH to Estate Cross Reference Guide Lists - Parish, Herred it is in, then the Estate number that has holdings in the parish. This list is alphabetical by Parish and number corresponds to ESTATE file below.

Listing of Parishes within ESTATE Jurisdictions for Sjaelland Handbook for finding estate probates on the islands of Sjaelland, Samso and Mon. Each estate lists the parishes under its jurisdiction.



Happy Hunting!

All my EXTRACTED RECORDS are now included for searching. On error message click on MORE PROBATES.


Denmark: Church Records, Census, Probates
CURRENT PROJECT: Holbaek Probates Project
NOTE: for updates of Probates extracted for Sjaelland - search Listing of Parishes within Estate Jurisdictions for Sjaelland

England: Church Record

Norway: Church Records

Steve Irwin

Close friend explains the circumstances of Steve's death

Mr. Stainton believes that the poor weather experienced in the far north may have been, in part, the cause of Steve Irwin's death.

"One problem Steve had was that he couldn't sit still for five seconds and because the weather was bad today and for the last couple of days, he'd been like a caged lion because he hadn't really been able to do anything too much and he said 'look I might just go off and shoot some segments'... anything that would keep him moving and his adrenaline going and that's what happened... and the next thing I heard on the radio was that there was a medical emergency and the little dinghy was bringing him back with the crew... everyone tried absolutely tirelessly to revive him, to keep him alive."

"Steve decided to shoot a couple of segments for a new TV show that he's doing with his daughter Bindi and, with the cameramen, went out on to the reef at Batt Reef to do a little segment on stingrays. He came over the top of the stingray... and the stingray's barb went up and went into his chest and put a hole into his heart."

Mr. Stainton said the team responded quickly to get Steve back to his research vessel Croc 1 and then on to Low Isles where they were to meet an emergency rescue team.

"We were doing constant CPR trying to resuscitate him... when we got there it was probably ten to twelve and by twelve o'clock when the emergency crew arrived they pronounced him dead."

the poison of the stingray causes a drop in blood pressure too
stingray poison - Google Search

Sunday, September 03, 2006

the great fire of Copenhagen in October 1728

yellow on map 69 streets burned and 3650 families were made homeless

the Copenhagen University library, mss and archives
the town hall and its archives burned

astronomical instruments and great globe made by Tycho Brahe

the cultural loss is still felt today.

The University of Copenhagen library was without a doubt the greatest and the most frequently mentioned of such. 35,000 texts and a large archive of historical documents disappeared in the flames.[35] Original works from the historians Hans Svaning, Anders Sørensen Vedel, Niels Krag, and Arild Huitfeldt and the scientists Ole Worm, Ole Rømer, Tycho Brahe and the brothers Hans and Caspar Bartholin were lost.

Atlas Danicus by Hansen Resens and the archive of Zealand Diocese went up in flames as well. The archive of the diocese had been moved to the university library the very same day the fire started.

Several other book collections were lost as well. Professor Mathias Anchersen made the mistake of bringing his possessions to safety in Trinitatis Church.

Árni Magnússon lost all his books, notes and records, but did manage to rescue his valuable collection of handwritten Icelandic manuscripts

At Borchs Kollegium 3,150 volumes burned along with its Museum Rarirorum containing collections of zoological and botanical oddities.[36]

The burned out observatory in Rundetårn had contained instruments and records by Tycho Brahe and Ole Rømer.

The professors Horrebow, Steenbuch and the two Bartholins lost practically everything. And on top of all that

a large part of the city archive of records burnt along with city hall.

and from