Saturday, November 24, 2007 2.0 beta - Create A Private Family Website To Share Photos And Stories: "Since 1998, has provided private family web sites to help millions of people stay connected with those who matter most. Continuing that tradition, 2.0 beta introduces a new generation of FREE family web sites for sharing photos, stories, news, and more."

Library and Archives Canada

Library and Archives Canada « the wee librarian: "Go LAC! They’re doing some neat things lately. There is a new show on CBC called Who Do You Think You Are? - they take Canadian celebs and trace their genealogy - and it’s presented in part by LAC! They also have recently launched a Goverment of Canada web archive. They’ve also been looking into Second Life. I’m sure they’re doing other neat and nifty stuff. It’s great to see our National Library doing some amazing things"

Voice to Family Histories Selects LignUp to Give Voice to Family Histories: "MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. --(Business Wire)-- LignUp Corporation, a provider of converged communications solutions, today announced that, the world's largest online family history resource, is implementing voice-over-IP (VoIP) enabled applications based on the LignUp Communications Application Server. is using the applications to enable site members to capture their oral histories and record memories about people or events in online family trees.
The availability of applications that combine voice with rich media will help to increase families' use of the site by creating a richer experience for members."

Denmark Census 1840 transcription completed

KIP-oversigt 23/11-2007 1845 looks good too
Dansk Demografisk Database Søg i flere amter advanced search in english

from my email:-

Det er i år lykkedes at få folketællingen 1840 tastet færdigt for selve kongeriget.

Det er vi alle meget glade for, og vi har derfor valgt at markere dette med en reception hos Dansk Data Arkiv og ved at udgive en cd-rom med denne folketælling.

Da du har bidraget til dette arbejde, vil vi hermed indbyde dig til receptionen onsdag den 5. december kl 14 - 16. DDA er vært ved et mindre traktement. Af hensyn til planlægningen vil vi sætte stor pris på en forhåndstilmelding. Dette kan ske på tlf. 66113010 eller ved at besvare denne mail.

Du kan læse mere på

Dansk Data Arkiv
Islandsgade 10
5000 Odense C
Tlf.: 66 11 30 10

whisky and weekly weigh in

National Gazetteer of Wales

The National Gazetteer of Wales - Home Page

The Gazetteer comprises several features:

gif Place Name Index of Wales: the most comprehensive place name index of Wales available online. It lists National Grid reference, County and administrative area information for over 6,000 places. It includes English/anglicised and Welsh versions of place-names.

gif Map of Wales: showing the Counties and the main towns and cities.

gif The Counties of Wales: description of each of the 13 Counties of Wales, noting places of special interest.

gif Administrative Wales: a comprehensive guide to the various administrative bodies and areas of Wales: including maps and links to relevant bodies. Includes details of parliamentary constituencies, the National Assembly for Wales, local government, the police service, the NHS in Wales, the fire service, the criminal justice system, the registration service, and the lieutenancies.

Welsh-English and English-Welsh Dictionary

Geiriadur ar-lein: "Learn Welsh in a Week (or Two) (at a residential course over Easter or in the Summer) For more details contact Morina Lloyd"

Friday, November 23, 2007


BBC NEWS | World | Europe | 'Mythical Roman cave' unearthed: "The cave believed to be the Lupercal was found near the ruins of Emperor Augustus' palace on the Palatine hill."

A camera probe sent into the cave revealed a ceiling covered in shells, mosaics and coloured marble and with a white eagle at the centre.

The Palatine hill is covered in palaces and other ancient monuments, from the 8th Century BC remains of Rome's first buildings to a mediaeval fortress and Renaissance villas.

After being closed for decades due to risk of collapse, parts of the hill will re-open to the public in February after a 12m-euro ($17.7m) restoration programme.

HMCS Haida

Parks Canada - Teacher's Corner - Teacher Resource Centre:

"Canada's Most Famous Warship

HMCS Haida 'HMCS Haida' © Department of National Defence BACKGROUND Twenty-seven Tribal Class destroyers were built for the British, Canadian and Australian Navies.
Thirteen Tribals were sunk during World War II, thirteen were scrapped and HMCS Haida is the only one that remains in existence. HMCS"

my father sailed in and died when HMS Somali sank.
Somali "Alfred Henry" Watkins 1942 - Google Search Somali/index.htm


India Office Records: " are the documentary archives of the administration in London of the pre-1947 government of India. They comprise the archives of the East India Company (1600-1858), of the Board of Control or Board of Commissioners for the Affairs of India (1784-1858), of the India Office (1858-1947), of the Burma Office (1937-1948), and of a number of related British agencies overseas. The India Office Records are administered by The British Library as part of the Public Records of the United Kingdom, and are open for public consultation."

  • 300,000 births, baptisms, marriages, deaths and burials in the India Office Records

  • biographical notes from a variety of sources

  • for mainly British and European people in India c.1600-1949

  • for people in other countries connected with the history of the British in India

The India Office Records

The India Office Records is the custodian of the archives of
  • East India Company (1600-1858)
  • Board of Control (1784-1858)
  • India Office (1858-1947)
  • Burma Office (1937-1948 )
The India Office Records’ collections contain much information of great interest to family historians, mainly relating to European and Eurasian people. There are biographical sources for official and non-official inhabitants of the many overseas areas where the East India Company and India Office had influence, and also for home staff based in Britain The records include details for
  • civil servants
  • military personnel
  • mariners
  • medical staff
  • chaplains
  • railway workers
  • law officers
  • non-official inhabitants such as merchants and planters, free mariners, and missionaries.
The main British Library website includes details of all India Office Records, not just those of interest to family historians.

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Genealogy at

Genealogy for PA, NY, MA, CT, RI, VA, WV, OH, IN, IL, MO, all states at
During the past few years, I have found many ancestors by surfing the internet. I am grateful to all the web masters and submitters to web masters who have made this possible. Therefore, I am determined to return the favor by transcribing materials that are in my possession and placing them free on this the web site. Below is a list of those placed on this site so far. I truly hope they will assist many in finding their ancestors. Donna K. Clark, your guide."

ancestorspy org - Google Search - "Donna K. Clark" genealogy - Google Search - Google Search
LAGENWEB, - Google Search: and lots more

FamilySearch Labs

FamilySearch Labs: "FamilySearch Labs showcases new family history technologies that aren't ready for prime time. Your feedback will help us refine new ideas and bring them to market sooner. Have fun playing with these innovations and send your feedback directly to our development teams." - Google Search

FamilySearch Labs Blog:
"Research Wiki
26 Oct 2007 by Jim Greene

For many years we have been faced with the problem of how to get the expert knowledge about best methods and techniques to research family history from those who have it to those who need it. The process for publication into handouts and forms has been laborious, and as with everything in family history, as time goes on our knowledge of sources and new archives increases. . . ."

The FamilySearch Research Wiki forms a community of research experts and interested genealogists that share up to date information on how to research sources for information about your ancestors. The larger the community the more useful the data is, so come and be a part.

this looks like it may be a new home for some of my FAQ


Calendar! useful for findng dates over 10 000 years


STAGEGOLD TAKES ONLINE VIDEO CRAZE TO THE NEXT LEVEL: "A partnership between successful web entrepreneurs Alan Larsen (founder of Japan Works), Rob Adamson (founder of XMLAuthor) and Dan Taggart (founder of,, StageGold is an exciting new platform allowing users to play and retrieve videos anywhere on the web. �The video hosting space is booming right now, and there is plenty of room for innovation and competition,� said CEO Larsen. �We are only in the very early stage of defining this new and exciting space.�"
StageGold – Free video player, sharing and hosting site.

While StageGold offers all of the primary features found on YouTube, such as the ability to upload and play videos, StageGold offers many significant enhancements over competing services. One of those innovations is the exclusive Point and PlayTM technology built into the StageGold player that allows users to create virtual shortcuts to videos on many other websites . . .

so upload your memories for future generations to see in as many places as possible

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planning a vist to Raglan

Traveline Cymru's: " is one call for all your travel requirements, taking the strain out of travelling. We hope that you will never need to go anywhere else to get information about public transport. You can plan your journey from A to B with on our 'Journey Planner' page. Alternatively, you can use the 'Timetable' button if you're already aware of the service you need."

NP15 2BT


Walk Depart: 11:05* Walk to: Abergavenny Railway Stn (SE), Abergavenny, Monmouthshire

Bus Bus Depart: 11:10* Abergavenny Railway Stn (SE), Abergavenny, Monmouthshire Service Number: 83
Provider: Drakes Travel Services Ltd.

Arrive: 11:34* West Lea (SE), Raglan, Monmouthshire
Walk Walk Arrive: 11:48* Walk to: NP152BT, RAGLAN CASTLE, RAGLAN, USK

Walk, Bus


Walk Depart: 9:34* NEWPORT (S. WALES) (rail)

Arrive: 9:42* Newport Bus Station 9, Newport, Newport

Bus Bus Depart: 10:05 Newport Bus Station 9, Newport, Newport Service Number: 60
Provider: H & H Coaches Ltd

Arrive: 10:43* Willcae Terrace (NE), Raglan, Monmouthshire
Arrive: 11:01* Walk to: NP152BT, RAGLAN CASTLE, RAGLAN, USK

TheTrainLine: train times, book tickets, reserve seats for mainland UK trains

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Antiquarian Books and libraries

Antiquarian Books :: ILAB-LILA :: International League of Antiquarian Booksellers:

"The International League of Antiquarian Booksellers federates 20 National Associations of Antiquarian Booksellers. It speaks for 20 national associations, 30 countries, and nearly 2000 leading booksellers throughout the world. Its emblem stands for integrity and professionalism in the rare book trade. The League publishes and upholds a code of ethics based on the wide experience of all its national associations."

after "John Cheese" Watkins - Google Search I found:-

J.C. Watkins.:; Autograph note signed to an unnamed bookseller.: "Abergavenny, 9 March 1802. John Cheese Watkins, bookseller. Two pages, 8vo, ragged edges (perhaps some loss), text readable. ' of the within being forwarded at a certainty [inserted phrase ] by the Coach from the - which leaves London either on Friday night or Saturday morning early --- & which will greatly oblige . . .' On verso a list: '[tick] A new Common Place Book properly ruled throughout, with a complete Skeleton Index--2nd edn p[r?]ice 6/-/ [not ticked] The Insolvent Poor Act-- (not ye Debtors')/ [tick] 2 Melroes Cookery --1/6 ed--/ [tick] Peakes' [sic] Law of Evidence --/ [tick] Houles' [sic] Tassos Jerusalem [superscript] 12mo or 8vo--/[tick] 4 Monthly Reviews for Feby--/ [tick] Do -- Do Jany--/ [tick] 1 Anti-Jacobin -- Feby [underlined]/ [tick] 1 British Critic -- Jany [underlined]/ [tick] 1 Lady's Mage -- Do [Jany]/ [tick] 1 Evangelical Jany, Feby--Mar--/ [tick] 1<> for Jany [underlined]/ [tick] Do ------March [underlined]/ [tick] No 2& 3 - Halls' [sic] Encyclopaedia/ [not ticked] 3 Setts of Cooke's Don Quizote 6d Nos [underlined from '6'].' Second and last not ticked i.e not supplied prob."

Watkins' Circulating Library 1801 Abergavenny, Monouthshire
[John Cheese Watkins] 1801-38.

Deaths Dec 1838
WATKINS John Cheese Abergavenny 26 3
in 1841 census a farmer:-
Deaths Dec 1873
Watkins John Cheese 72 Pontypool 11a 114
FreeBMD - Search
and see
Home Page of THE PERSONAL WEBSITE OF Robin Alston:

"The Library History Database should have been transferred last summer to the Institute of English Studies in the School of Advanced Study, University of London. Delays due to building works at Senate House mean that the transfer will not now take place until 2007. In the mean time I am, as usual, happy to incorporate amendments and additions.

I started this database in my spare time while I was still Director of the School of Library & Information Studies at University College. It began life as a tool for my students in Historical Bibliography, and developed while setting up the History of the Book M.A. at London University, now a successful and thriving program within the Institute of English Studies.

When the Cambridge University Press responded warmly to my suggestion that there ought to be a Cambridge History of Libraries in Britain and Ireland I laboured for two years to make the database a really useful tool for library historians for the period up to 1850.
There will a multi-volume history of libraries in Britain and Ireland, under the general editorship of Peter Hoare, who I invited to become Editor many years ago. The three volumes were published together in December 2006. I am currently engaged on a substantial review article for The Library on this much-awaited publishing project.

The pressure of completing my Bibliography of the English Language
by the year 2008 has made it increasingly difficult to devote the time needed to keep the database updated: since 1997 I have had many hundreds of emails and letters requiring extensive additions to be made to the LHD; and every time a new book on library history is published its contents must be scanned and incorporated. I will, therefore, hand over the responsibility for keeping the LHD updated to the Institute of English Studies sometime in 2006. The date of the transfer, when known, will be noted on this page and the appropriate link provided on the LHD Home Page.

Friends (and well-wishers) throughout the world write to me for news as to what makes my life “tick” after all the years spent in so many occupations. I have therefore added a section to this website called “BITS & PIECES”. Of course we all know what a bit is … Notwithstanding the pleasant mixture of work, challenge, and fun which I now enjoy in this little bit of paradise, my work continues to supply me with fascinating discoveries.

I am trying to arrange a celebration of the completion of the Bibliography on midsummer day – June 21 - in 2010. I am hoping that a personal celebration with invited guests will take place in the Wren Library at Trinity College, which is where, in a very real sense, it all began in earnest. Three supporters – and subsequently great friends – gathered in the Wren on midsummer day 1961 to consider how best to provide this enterprise with what is commonly called a “kick start”. This homely jargon does little justice to the wonderful support I got from John Oates, Tim Munby, and Herbert Adams who opened doors on three continents as if by magic. I am hoping that the private celebration might be part of a larger even to review the past and suggest directions for the future of English language studies.

The three volumes of The Cambridge History of Libraries in Britain – which I started a long time ago – finally appeared late in 2006. I am working my way through the 2000+ pages and hoping to incorporate new material for the Library History Database which urgently needs updating since the proposal to mount and take care of it in the Institute of English Studies at London University has had to be postponed yet again because of building work in Senate House. I have a huge backlog of material to incorporate! I am a little disappointed that not a single contributor to Volumes I and II (covering the period to 1850) has mentioned the LHD! Still … several hundred scholars on five continents have used it regularly, so it can’t be all that useless! My review of the three published volumes appeared in The Library, Volume 8, Number 1, September 2007, pp. [325]-336.

John Jolliffe on Stone Age Thinking at the Speed of Light.

Courtesy of David Helliwell (Bodleian Library) I published the text of a paper given by John Jolliffe in America at Terry Belanger’s Book Arts Press on March 17, 1983. John’s widow (Beryl) has given permission for this lecture to be reproduced on this website. John’s title (mischievous as always) was: “Stone Age thinking at the speed of light.” For those who feel that computers and libraries are not entirely a good thing, it makes refreshing reading. It is reproduced in Bits and Pieces..

CURRICULUM VITAE of Robin Carfrae Alston: "Born: Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, West Indies. 29/01/33. . . .
Since retiring from London University in 1998 completed research on the history of libraries in the British Isles to 1850, incorporated in a large Website entitled The Library History Database, with evidence for the existence of over 27,000 public and private libraries.
The database is consulted in numerous countries and is the largest resource of its kind available on the Web. [Address:].

Volume XIII of the Bibliography of the English Language was published in April 1999,
Volume XIV in April 2000;
Volume XV in April 2001;
Volume XVI (two volumes) in April 2002.
Volume XVII (two volumes) in 2003;
Volume XVIII (in 9 volumes) 2004-2006;
Volume XIX (two volumes) 2007.
Volumes XX-XXII in preparation.

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RootsWeb: WORLD-OBITS-L Archives:
starteed - January 2001 - with 8 messages

then it took off with Peter_McCrae after:-
December 20041 messages
March 2005640 messages
April 20052305 messages

Genealogy Resources on the Internet - Cemeteries/Monuments/Obituaries Mailing Lists

Peter_McCrae - Google Search

Public Profile - "My name is Peter McCrae. I was born in Gosforth, Northumberland, England in 1936 and after a period of several years living with my parents in the south of England, having been married with a family, I now live in West Cumbria, in the North West of England.
I am now Retired.
I have been researching the MCCRAE scottish line from Ayr in Ayrshire, Scotland. I have living relations that I am in contact with in Canada, USA, and New Zealand."

Obituaries - Family History & Genealogy Message Board -
"Threads: 97105 - Messages: 98205"

Message Boards -

Message Boards -

"The world's largest online genealogy community with over 17 Million posts on more than 161,000 boards."

Using RootsWeb:

Posting Data on RootsWeb Message Boards and Mailing Lists
By Joan Young

Are you aware that in addition to being great places for posting
queries, RootsWeb mailing lists and message boards are the perfect
places to post data? This data can be easily located in the future
through the mailing list archives or through conducting a global
search of the message boards. Let's examine when and where we should
consider posting data to the RootsWeb mailing lists and message

When you read a query and have access to a book or other resource that
includes the information the poster is seeking, consider taking the
time to post the data.

For instance, the answer to a question about an ancestor's date of
birth might be contained in a book you own listing baptismal records.
Death information might be found in cemetery listings in your

Take inventory of your available publications and research materials
and have them at the ready to answer queries.

However, you don't need to wait until someone asks a question to post
data you have collected.

My second great-grandfather, Joseph ROBINSON, bought and sold land in
Salem County, New Jersey, on numerous occasions during his lifetime.
Since I have not learned Joseph's mother's maiden name, I decided that
obtaining copies of all of the deeds, transcribing them, studying the
names of the people listed in the transactions, and posting the data
might be productive.

I posted the deeds on the Salem County Message Board, which is
gatewayed to a corresponding mailing list. Therefore, each deed was
copied onto the mailing list and into the mailing list archives as

If posting the deeds helps other researchers looking for the ROBINSONs
or other people listed in the deeds now or in the future, that is
wonderful. I receive a feeling of accomplishment when I provide
information needed by others. But, I wasn't being entirely altruistic
when I posted the deeds. Researchers who find the data in the future
may be able to add to my knowledge.

In addition, transcribing the documents meant carefully examining
every word and noticing details that had previously escaped my
attention. And, I can now refer to the deeds on the board even if I'm
accessing the Internet from a library or on a trip away from home and
I do not have my personal research materials with me.

So, posting data without anyone asking for the information is
beneficial to all concerned.

Most types of data, such as wills, deeds, marriage records, family
Bible entries, birth/baptismal records, tombstone transcriptions,
obituaries from older newspapers, and pension information are in the
public domain. These may be freely posted by anyone. While you may
post data in the public domain without attributing a source to it, I
advise you to list your source to explain where you obtained the

And remember, not all data is in the public domain. Be careful to post
only information that is in the public domain, or copyrighted
information that you created yourself or have permission to post. In
the latter situation, include the fact that you have obtained
permission from the copyright holder.

Generally, anything published before 1923 is in the public domain;
however, recent obituaries or biographies, newspaper clippings, or
even scanned images could be under copyright. A helpful website for
determining when a copyrighted work from the U.S. enters the public
domain can be found here:

If in doubt, you can always abstract the factual data instead of
copying something from a work verbatim. An obituary or a biography
contains names, dates, and places that you may freely use in your
post. Facts are not copyrightable.

You can used the Advanced Search feature on the message boards to
search the boards by classification (categories include "Bible,"
"Biography," "Birth," "Cemetery," "Census," "Death," "Deed," etc.). If
you are posting data, remember to select the proper classification to
help future researchers locate it.

You cannot search a RootsWeb mailing list by classification, but the
mailing list archive is globally searchable. In other words, you can
search the entire content of all archived messages.

Remember that no snippet of data is so small or so insignificant that
it might not be of importance to another genealogist researching his
or her family history. By posting a single obituary or family Bible
entry, you might be providing just the puzzle piece someone out there
has long been seeking.

[RootsWeb Review Editor's Note: Although posting unsolicited data to a message board
or a mailing list is acceptable, use discretion in the type and amount
of material you post. Excess information posted at random can clutter
boards and lists, irritate readers, and take up valuable server space.
Make sure the data you post is relevant and useful. Individual message
board and mailing list administrators may also choose to filter
material they deem irrelevant.]
RootsWeb Review: RootsWeb's Weekly E-zine
7 November 2007, Vol. 10, No. 45

Each issue of the RootsWeb Review newsletter includes information about additions and/or changes to (such as new databases, mailing lists, and websites), plus tips on using, genealogical research, humor, readers' stories and tips, and other articles of interest to family historians around the world.

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The Generations Network Jobs

The Generations Network Jobs: New Media/Internet careers - Yahoo! HotJobs: "

What’s The Generations Network?
The Generations Network, Inc., previously, is a leading network of family-focused interactive properties which include,,, and Family Tree Maker. The Generations Network is a global team of hardworking people passionate about connecting families across distance and time. Why? Because life’s more meaningful when you know who you are. And our identities are forever tied to those of our families, present and past.

The Generations Network Jobs 5 total (View all The Generations Network Jobs)
Jobs 1-5 of 5 | First | Previous | Next | Last
Job TitleJob LocationDate
Senior I.T. Help Desk Technician / Team Lead Provo, UT Nov 09
Reposted Nov 16
Oracle Analyst / Developer Provo, UT Nov 09
Reposted Nov 16
Tax Manager Provo, UT Nov 09
Reposted Nov 16
Associate Software Engineer - DPS Assembly Team Provo, UT Nov 09
Reposted Nov 16
Reposted Nov 16
a good way of keeping in touch with what is going on in Provo - - and other places