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Fromelles battle in the early evening of July 19 and the close of July 20 1916

First World War bodies to be identified - Telegraph: "People who believe relatives may lie in the pits will be asked to submit family trees before DNA samples are taken. The process of identification will be a long one: identity tags were removed from the bodies and dental records are non-existent.

'The discipline of excavating mass graves has developed from our experience in the Balkans,' says Miss Loe.

Caroline Barker, the lead anthropologist, who has worked in Croatia and Bosnia helping to identify victims of atrocities, says: 'We have found some young people, quite likely to be under age.'

But why go to so much trouble after so many years?

'It's about solving a conundrum. It's the living who need to know.'"

Who Do You Think You Are? BBC TV

Who Do You Think You Are? Kate Humble « The Wandering Genealogist: "Technically this episode was very much like the first episode featuring Davina McCall in that there was a strong focus on a few central individuals but not much actual family tree building. This time around I wasn’t so bothered.

I don’t know whether it was because I was caught up in the emotional story, or that the individuals were such strong characters of historical importance or just the charm and openness of Kate Humble. One thing is for certain, I think it is going to be a hard episode to beat. It seems that this series of WDYTYA just gets better and better with every episode."

Utah Valley PAF Users Group

Utah Valley PAF Users Group Home Page

An Overview

Click on the links to the left to explore the site. The first link is information about UVPAFUG and the special services we offer. These services include monthly meetings, a monthly newsletter, a blog, assistance in publishing your genealogical data on the web and a placement service for older computers. The next link has information about our meetings, where and when they are held as well as a link to a map to show you how to get to the meeting place. The speaker and topic for the next meeting are listed along with a link to a listing of past and future presentations. About one week before the monthly meeting the additional classes and teachers for that meeting are posted on this page. The following link provides access to class outlines for the weekday courses and some of class taught at the monthly meetings by the users group. This is followed by a membership information page that includes instructions for receiving a free sample copy of our newsletter and becoming a member of our group.

UVPAFUG publishes a newsletter, entitled PAFology, with valuable information for beginning and seasoned genealogists. Links to past articles of lasting value are included. The current officers and some of the volunteers of the group are listed with contact information as well as links to the published genealogical information of members of the group. Links to various Utah County resources including separate links to a frequently updated listing of Family History Centers within Utah County with their hours, equipment and special collections. There is a page of selected useful genealogy web sites. We have added a software page which includes some PAF helps. If you have found any great genealogy links to include, want to recommend a genealogy program, or need to contact us please visit the comments page. The Back to home page link will bring you back to this page.

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1911 census of England and Wales

Free access to 1911 census across England and Wales | The National Archives

28 July 2009

Thousands of people across England and Wales will soon get the opportunity to delve into their family history online for free.

The National Archives, in collaboration with UK-based family history website, is providing seven archives and libraries around England and Wales with free access to the recently completed online records of the 1911 census.

The census, available at, provides a snapshot of life in the early 20th century, showing the name, age, place of birth, marital status and occupation of every resident in every home, as well as their relationship to the head of the household.

Oliver Morley, Director of Customer and Business Development at The National Archives, said: 'The 1911 census has been hugely popular and we are excited to be able to help family historians across the country benefit from this fantastic resource.

'Digitising records allows a far greater audience to access them, and that is especially important with records like the census, which are extremely important for genealogists,' he added.

The seven institutions soon to launch free access to the census records are:

Before planning a trip, visitors are urged to contact the relevant institution to find out the when the service will be available.

Surname Suggestions

just released version 3.0 of the Surname Suggestion List

Surname Suggestion List Main Page: "I have developed a computer program for the genealogy community. This program, which runs under the Windows operating system, is intended to assist you in searching the web for information on your surnames and their variants. I call this program 'Surname Suggestion List'. After you enter in your surname, you click on the Search button, and it will create 3 lists of similar sounding surnames. The lists are based on how good a sound match the other surnames are to the one you entered. The lists are titled Excellent, Close, and Longshot."


Ólavsøka - Wikipedia: "Ólavsøka verður hátíðarhildin 28. og 29. juli og er tjóðarhátíð føroyinga."
Ólavsøka - Google Search: "Ólavsøka on 28/29 July is the National holiday of the Faroe Islands"

Ólavsøkan - Google Search - ólavsøku - Google Search: "about 56,800 for ólavsøku"

faroese case language - Google Search: "LANGUAGE Faroese, a member of the family of Germanic ... Whereas English lost its original case endings, inverted word order and genders, Faroese ..."

Faroese grammar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Faroese is an inflected language with three grammatical genders and four cases: nominative, accusative, dative and genitive.

African American Marriages Macon County

African American Marriages Macon County: "African American Marriages
Macon County, Alabama

Clayton and Camelot

index: "'Distant moons ago,' General Cole, a freedman and carpenter by trade came to Clayton, Alabama to help build the county courthouse. There he fell in love with a slave named Georgia Tompkins. He bought her freedom for her and they were subsequently married. After the courthouse was completed, the Coles remained in Clayton. Georgia worked as a seamstress and General continued to work as a carpenter, He built many homes in the city including one for his family which grew to include eight children: Floyd, Lewis, Stratton, Luke, Lenora, Tommy, Janie and Huey. General and Georgia's granddaughter, Ann Lowe, was also born their Parish Avenue home in 1896.
Shortly after Ann's birth, Jack and Janie Lowe moved to Montgomery, Alabama. Janie Lowe, was also a talented seamstress. As she made clothing for her primarily wealthy clientele, which included the first lady of Alabama, she taught young Ann to sew as well."

Genealogy Industry

Genealogy Industry Metrics - Metrics and Tracking of the Genealogy Industry: "*Does not include Blogspot URLS or other URLs that can't be Quantified"

Obituary in USA

Obituaries | Death Notices | Newspaper Obituaries | Online Obituaries | Newspaper Death Notices | Online Death Notices: " and its newspaper affiliates publish obituaries for 2 of 3 people who die in the U.S. – updated continuously throughout each day – as well as government records for all U.S. deaths. Find an obituary, sign a Guest Book or build an interactive memorial. Get directions to a funeral home, order flowers or donate to charity. Read advice from experts or participate in online discussions. Thanks for visiting – Where life stories live on. We welcome your feedback."

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Bangor Civic Society | Historic Sources: "Caernarvonshire,Wales


arcalife :::: Your Memories and Family History

Investor Early Stages: UK vs. North America | Business Resource: "Since returning to the UK to begin the 3rd round of funding for his family tree site arcalife, CEO Paul Taylor had a number of investor meetings through contacts and friends of friends. “There is a definite difference in attitude on this side of the pond as far as VC’s, angels and also investors more generally are concerned.”, says Paul.

Clearly the particularly bad state of the economy doesn’t help the situation, but it’s more than that. The UK generally seems more risk averse when it comes to tech investment, especially in the early stage. It makes sense now that almost none of the world’s large social networks started in the UK. This matches with some of the early experience arcalife had with PR in the UK market. While they had had plenty of traction and then some since the UK launch at Who Do You Think You Are Live, it’s certainly more challenging to make your voice heard in England.

It seems, in general, that more groundwork needs to be laid in the UK, as a matter of course, in both the investment and PR spaces – there is not much shooting from the hip going on by these people. It’s not a lack of innovative spirit that drives this. It’s more down to greater caution; on account of the complexity/density of the market and the competition in the UK. Still, if you are self dubbed ‘North American Entrepreneur’ the approach seems over-cautious, perhaps even a little ‘nay saying’.

It definitely seems a bit strange to go all the way back to the UK to leverage an extensive network… only to end up with many of the follow-ups being on the west coast of North America. Why does North America have a different risk reward tolerance? How has the UK ended up in a position where its’ banks will invest in unsound liabilities and yet it’s early stage investors are few and far between?"

Lastname lapham - your Memories and Family History: "The following people are on They are either created inside a Family Tree or directly as a life archive. You can also use our Family History to research and find those lost family members. To drill down further and see first names select your firstname of choice. Use to create and share your family tree, research your family history and capture a living history today of your own memories, stories and experiences as well as the life of history of family members. Pass your family digital estate to future generations and secure your place in history."

Life Profile of Joseph Lapham - your Memories and Family History: "This is the arcalife of Joseph Lapham. Depending on your permissions, you can either View or Edit Joseph's Memories, Experiences, Family Tree, Life Cubes, Timeline or Photo Moments."